Gloves Essential For Every Men

Winter has always been the most experimental and interesting of fashion seasons for men. The range of accessories appropriate for the harsh weather conditions include gloves – a staple item that now comes in a huge array of designs and styles. Each season, designers are finding new and interesting ways to incorporate the glove into a must have item, integral to any rakish gent’s winter wardrobe.

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Gloves are largely defined into two categories – leather and knitted.

The Leather Glove

Leather always epitomises luxury and the leather glove certainly does this. Despite what many may think, it is not necessary to match your gloves to the other leathers that you are wearing like your belt and shoes. Recent collections from designers like Burberry have seen the leather glove as a key trend on the catwalk, as with these statement gloves.

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The Knitted Glove

The feel of a knitted glove will be incredibly different than a leather one. Warm and comfortable, you are also likely to find that style wise the choices are endless when it comes to knitted gloves. They really are a very versatile addition to your wardrobe.

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The best thing about a great pair of gloves is that if you invest in the right pair they will go with everything you own and more importantly, they will give you warm. Designers, brands and the high street are all doing gloves in different designs now so it should be no problem to find a pair that suits you. They are a great way to show your individuality and flair for style.

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