The Iconic ‘KANGOL’ SS17 Collection – Timeless & Trendy Hats

Today MenStyleFashion teamed up with, the iconic brand ‘Kangol‘. Kangol is known for its timeless & trendy line of clothing and more famously its hats! These hats became famous when movie star Samuel L Jackson began modeling them. Kangol’s showcase items for SS17 are super slick and trendy, some of my personal favourites are the casual caps, trilby style boat hats and of course the Kangol famous bucket hats. Whilst driving through Holland reviewing the Jaguar F-Pace Model S. We thought we would showcase some of the SS17 collection in typical Dutch scenery. As far as the hats go, we can’t get enough of the different looks, let alone the brilliant quality and attention to detail, that is what Kangol is famous for. Enjoy the ride.

The Cut Up

The Cut Up 507 is an oversized jacquard knit combining diagonal & straight lines dissecting the entire cap. The 507 is a modern Kangol cap shape that follows the shape of the head. It’s made from Tropic yarn so the hat is lightweight & comfortable.

Multi Stripe

 The Multi Stripe 507 is a modern & sleek Kangol cap shape that has a similar fit to a baseball. The clean 2 colour stripes are placed vertically on the cap. It’s seamless, knitted and blocked construction allow the stripes to follow the curve of the cap.

Knit Chain Casual

Never drop your hat again with the Knit Chain Bermuda Casual. We have taken our original icon that rocks the beach as well as the dance floor and added a lightweight chunky chain. The Casual shape in our textured Bermuda material is a timeless classic. LL Cool J take notice.

Mix Tape Reversible Bucket

The Mix Tape Bucket is a fully reversible hat with a custom designed print, reminding you of glorious summer days listening to a compilation of tunes given to you by a special someone. On the solid colour reverse side is a Kangol cassette embroidery.

Tropic 504

The 504 cap gets its name from the number assigned to the original block shape that it is made on. The Tropic yarn means that the hat is both lightweight and comfortable.

Indigo Mowbray

The Indigo Mowbray uses high quality indigo dyed cotton yarn, the Indigo pigments only permeate the surface giving each hat a unique appearance after washing. The details are inspired by classic selvedge jeans, with gold stitch and stripe knit sweatband.

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