Celebrations are special days that are celebrated throughout the world. Each culture has its own set of celebrations that follow its traditional practices and customs. Celebrations have an extreme influence on the fashion industry in terms of dressing styles, theme decoration and so many other factors.

The influence of celebrations is seen throughout the year, but most during festival time when activities are more than normal. Most people dress according to what is associated with the celebrations whether for religious or cultural purposes. Different kinds of clothes can be worn depending on the nature of the celebration they are meant for e.g., long dresses for weddings while shorts, real chrome hearts hoodie and jeans may be worn at a party nightclub gathering. This shows how much celebrations influence the fashion industry.

In addition, during times of celebrations, there’s a lot of dressing up and decorating done by people to make the day more meaningful. For instance, for Christmas, it is customary to wear festive dresses such as Santa dresses for girls and boys while celebrating with family members or going to church. This shows how much festivals influence the fashion industry since most people tend to dress up well during those days.

Celebrations have a great effect on businesses, companies and other profitable organizations. The most profitable organizations usually set aside a special fund dedicated to advertising their products in order to create awareness about them beforehand so as they can be sold during the period of celebration e.g., many companies advertise different presents during Christmas and Valentine days. This will interest and motivate individuals to dress up well and buy what is advertised.

In addition, “affluent socialites love being seen at the most fashionable party” making celebrations a great influence on the fashion industry since it leads to increased purchasing of designer clothes for different occasions during holidays, especially those that are related to the celebration tradition such as Easter, Thanksgiving etc.

Celebrations have a lot of effects on the business sector. There’s a lot of spending within this period which leads to increased revenue generation among different companies associated with manufacturing activities such as clothing companies who sell readymade dresses or design them according to customer preferences before purchase.

Celebrations also lead to increased sales of specialized products meant for specific events. For instance, during Christmas shopping in malls are usually visited by people looking for presents that will give value to the celebration period. This boosts employees’ motivation leading to higher productivity levels in businesses.

There’s also a lot of decorating done on the outside and inside of companies during special times such as Golden harvest season among African countries where company houses are decorated with maize cobs, which attract customers who want to purchase anti social social club hoodie at cheap rates. This has a positive impact on business since it increases revenue generation through the selling of maize since farmers still think there is high demand for their produce.


In summary, celebrations influence the fashion industry in many ways such as:

  • Dressing up and decorating homes, cars etc.
  • Advertising by companies to generate awareness for their products beforehand so that they can be sold during special times.
  • Increased sales through customer spending.
  • Decorating is done on the outside and inside of business sectors especially during life events such as the Christmas period among the Christian community where companies are decorated with the cutlasses of Jesus Christ. This boosts employees’ motivation towards work leading to increased productivity levels in businesses.