ME Madrid Reina Victoria Hotel – Me For You

ME Madrid Reina Victoria Hotel – Me For You

For those who have not been to Madrid there are two important rules to understand in this city. The first is Madrid is the party city of the world. There are so many bars, restaurants and shops to explore. The second rule is, when staying here it is a very competitive when it comes to accommodation, therefore choosing a hotel in this city can be overwhelming. It’s my first time to be hosted by the ME by Meila brand. The brand prides itself on what they deem is important to their clients. “ME FOR YOU” Three little words for one huge idea that banishes limitations and informs the essence of ME.

ME is a brand expanding globally to capture a different market when it comes to Luxury lifestyle. For me it certainly represents my definition of luxury. The ME Madrid Reina Victoria is right in the heart of Spain’s capital close to dining, nightlife, art & culture, shopping. It is near to museums  such as Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofía. It is a stones throw away from main tourist attractions, such as  Retiro Park, Puerta del Sol and the Royal Palace. For those coming here for work it is next to commercial and business areas. It is only 16 km to the airport and 2 km to main station Atocha, which connects you to any major city in Spain.


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MODE Room view of Plaza Santa Ana

ME Madrid Reception

Built on a historic 100 years aged building located on Plaza Santa Ana, from the outside this hotel dominates this beautiful square. The white building oozes history and to be honest on first appearances it does not look like a hotel at all. The entrance is deceptive because it’s small but that makes it more intriguing because this ME Madrid is like a tardars. An exploration that gets better and better when you start walking through the building.

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Rooftop Bar  –  The City View

Madrid is a city that offers so much party spaces to many different clients. I’ve been around the world many times and understand rooftop views. Me Madrid’s rooftop space can hold easily up to 350 people. This unique rooftop is so popular that in summer there are people willing to line up for hours to get this access. One of the main reasons is that Madrid gets so hot in summer that the only place you can remain outside and stay cool is on a rooftop.

The views are breathtaking and it’s certainly a perfect place to showcase your style let alone impressing your business clients. It is often booked out for private functions or weddings. There is a VIP section that can be exclusively booked for you to wine and dine your mates let alone your business clientele. The Meila brand is currently spending a few million to refurbish this amazing rooftop. On a Sunday night there is a DJ to get you into that full on party mode. I was given some amazing unique cocktails that can only be described as heaven literally from a rooftop point of view. Ask for a cocktail called the optimist, the core ingredient is gin, basil and chocolate. The rest I won’t share, you just have to try it.

Mode Room

I stayed at the 25 m2 fashion room which had a prime view of the Plaza Santa Ana and Plaza del Angel. When you walk in the first experience is the smell which is specifically to Me Madrid Reina Victoria. The hotel prides itself on the psychology of smells. This makes sense especially if you travel a lot too. I was given a candle, which is burning right now as a write this review reminding me that this is a hotel I will return to.

The next unusual greeting is the music, yes you have your own stereo which will allow you to tune into your own music and instantly get into the Madrid party atmosphere. The next unusual object that instantly captures your eye, is the massive purple mini bar. There is nothing mini about this bar. Very retro in looks, you can’t but help to explore what this mini bar has to offer. ME Madrid is all about tailoring objects that capture the very essence of the city itself. Fun, feel good factor and the reasons you came to Madrid for: fiesta, party and food.

My room was lovely, the sun in the afternoon and morning was so relaxing. The bed, the linen, the unique feather duvets and the luxurious oversized pillows were fantastic, especially because I had a dislocated shoulder. The space was the perfect opportunity to kick back and enjoy my room with a view.



The Me Madrid hotel has teamed up with Santa Ana restaurant, therefore the breakfast is another experience. The interior design and ambiance is very inviting. Many customers eating here are not even part of this hotel and many locals are even having breakfast here. This reinforces how good this place is. The wide selection of food on offer is amazing and there are plenty of healthy options. It’s a perfect way to start off your day in Madrid.

The Santa Ana restaurant is the new gastronomic adventure of Compañía de Lobos, a company created by Tomas Tarruella, co-founder of Tragaluz group. Here he presents a new kitchen concept based on superior products and of family and traditional recipes prepared with a distinctive note of innovation. The design of the restaurant, designed by Tomás Tarruella and Perico Cortés, revolves around the recreation of known and familiar spaces like the living room of a house, the local bar, the favorite restaurant or refreshing garden. The spaces are linked together, creating a welcoming environment suitable for all types and all times.

SkinC Supplement Bar

I’ve traveled through Asia extensively and I understand the magnificent experiences when its comes to facials. Whilst at Me Madrid I tried  a facial at SkinC which was part of the hotel. I liked how the products were on clear show in the reception area. It got my attention and guys, the great thing about these product is you do not have to shave let alone shave that beard off to get the cleansing results for a deep facial treatment. The treatment is an unusual experience regarding the technology used. Ice cold water spraying on your face is certainly different and smelling the salt water was great. My skin felt refreshed and not sticky at all. SkinC is the first Supplement Bar in the world that offers highly concentrated facial care.

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ME Madrid Reina Victoria is very much about you or in my case ME. The hotel is always seeking out new and innovative ways to make your stay a memorable one. It’s aware that the only way to build a reputation is about you sharing with others how good your stay was. Madrid is a fantastic party city and at times you need to just chill and have some time out. For me it is a hotel that has unique rooftop and rooms that capture Madrid itself. If time is limited or in my case I was in a lot of pain due to my dislocated shoulder, then it is a place you can stay in, not feel forced to explore the city and still have a unique time in Madrid. The rooms and facilities allows youto create your own fun. It is down to Me or in this case You.

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  • Room reviewed: Mode Room from €190.49 breakfast for 2 included.
  • Website:
  • Address: Plaza de Santa Ana, 14, 28012 Madrid, Spain
  • Phone: +34 902 14 44 40

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