Momentus Atlantis Dive Watch – Honest Review

Momentus Atlantis Dive Watch – Honest Review

The Momentus AT500B-04RO Men’s Atlantis Ana-Digi Interchangeable Strap Chrono Dive Watch has probably the longest name of any watch in the world. Today, I’m going to be the first person in the world to review it!


I’ll start by saying that the packaging is pretty epic for this watch. Originally designed for deep sea divers, the packaging completely reflects this. Take a look at the images below.

Momentus AT500B-04RO - MenStyleFashion  Momentus AT500B-04RO - MenStyleFashion

The box almost looks like one of those deep sea diving helmets you see now only in cartoons. I thought the packaging was brilliant and almost had an Apple-type feeling to it when opening. The packaging was extremely well thought through and really added to the experience of unboxing.


As I took the watch out of the box, I realised that it came with two straps; one orange and one black. I used the watch with both color straps and found a clear favourite in my eyes. The black strap really seemed to suit the watch a whole lot better as a consumer wearing the watch on the street. I think that wearing this while diving would probably look cooler if the orange strap is attached. It’s basically all about the environment in which the watch is worn.

Momentus AT500B-04RO - MenStyleFashion Momentus AT500B-04RO - MenStyleFashion Momentus AT500B-04RO - MenStyleFashion

Apart form the strap, the face itself has a lot going on. The tiny details on the face and casing culminate to create a watch that people want to look at. It just looks super cool!


Material Quality

As always, quality is at the forefront of my mind when reviewing an item; especially a watch! Quality is literally something you can experience with all your senses.

To Feel – The silicone strap is smooth and silky under the finger and on the wrist. The strength of the silicon can be gauged by a simple bend and pinch and was found to be extremely tough and hard-wearing. Something that very important to mention is the sheer weight of it. Weighing in at 112g, this watch is by far the heaviest one I’ve worn. In a way though, it added to the feel and style of the watch.

Momentus AT500B-04RO - MenStyleFashion

To Smell – I know, smelling a watch!? I don’t know how much method there is in this madness, but never the less, the watch smells almost scentless with a hint of that metallic manliness we all enjoy. (This works better with leather!)

To Hear – One concern for me when reviewing a watch is if I will be kept awake by it when I’m trying to sleep. I sleep with my arm under the pillow and with almost every watch I have ever owned, I have been able to hear and often kept awake by the watch movement. This watch is no exception on that front however I did feel like the ticking sound was duller than most others.

To See – For a visual critique of quality, I often look underneath the watch casing to see the smaller details and grains of the metal. I could clearly see that this watch was one of, if not THE highest quality watch that I had reviewed so far with MenStyleFashion.

Momentus AT500B-04RO - MenStyleFashion

To Taste – Don’t be silly! I’m not about to eat it!

Ease of Use

Being able to function the watch ranges in importance. If you’re like me and you don’t dive or at least have never dived to a point where you actually need some of the features of this watch, you don’t really need to do anything to use the watch apart from glancing down to see the time! For those of you like me, the watch has your standard timer dial which can be rotated around the rim to act as a guide as to how much time has past since setting it. To be quite honest, that’s all you need to know! The rest is already done for you!

Changeable straps are something that has hit the world by storm since newer tech watches came out. Now, almost every watch you find has the capability to change with ease. This watch is no different and actually comes with a handy tool to remove the band and place a new one in. This is super easy to use and actually made me feel like a watch-maker for about 10 seconds.

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