Motorbike Jackets – Update Your Biker Leather Image

Motorbike Jackets – Update Your Biker Leather Image

Motorbike Jackets

Whilst in Barcelona and Hamburg I happened to stumble across so many men on their motorbikes. Unbeknown to me it was a yearly re-union of 20,000 men on bikes. It then dawned on me since the epic movie The Dark Knight, the design of motorbikes has evolved. More so now they are just a powerful looking machine. In fact, the image of motorbikes and their latest designs just look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. However, it seems up and till now the fashion style of the biker has a long way to go. So much so out of so many thousands of gorgeous men on their bikes, I was not impressed with how they all looked.

Obviously, the top labels thought the same thing. Ewin McGregor’s latest interview with top label Belstaff highlighted that he rides a motorbike every day. He told Belstaff that he had always loved Belstaff clothes, that he wore them himself and that it totally represented him in a fashion way. In a nutshell, Ewin has always been very aware of his motorbike image.

No use owning the most wicked looking bike if your biker wear is dated.

How to choose the biker jacket for you?

Here are 7 tips to buy the right biker jacket for you.

1. Make sure it fits

Sounds obvious, but it’s quite easy to get wrong. You have to remember that you’re buying this jacket, first and foremost, to protect you should you ever have the misfortune to come off your bike. Make sure it’s a snug fit with your usual clothes worn underneath. The arms should not be pinched at any point. What’s important to remember is that the leather in your jacket will ‘give’ slightly with use, the best jackets becoming almost like a second skin, forming to your own unique contours.

2. Look for armour

CE-approved armour is often present in a leather jacket; its purpose is to absorb some initial shock from a crash and to reduce the chances of skin and tissue damage from abrasion if you find yourself sliding down the road. Check that none of the armour digs into you when you move your arms. If it annoys you in the showroom, it’s sure as hell going to get on your wick on the open road.

3. Check the stitching

Overlaid or triple stitching at the seams is less likely to burst open on impact.

4. Check the number of panels

Similarly to the point on stitching (above), the more different panels of leather that make up your jacket, the more chance there is of one of them bursting at the seams when presented with a shock.

5. Check for zips

Most leather jackets these days have a full length (or at least half-length) zip running along the circumference of the waist area. This is to allow you to zip it to a pair of leather trousers. If you’re buying both at the same time, make sure the pair of garments have compatible zips. If you’re buying both from the same manufacturer, they’re odds-on to be a perfect match. But do try them on together, all the same.

6. Buy the right jacket for your bike

Some sportier jackets are cut into a ‘race crouch’ position, with pre-curved arms and seams. If your bike has an upright riding position, you’ll be crippled by this kind of jacket. If you can, ask the salesperson if you can sit on your bike (if you have it with you) with the jacket on.

7. Try as many as you can

Different manufacturers’ jackets seem to fit different sized people. And, as we’re not talking about pocket money here, it makes sound financial sense to make sure you’re buying something that fits, looks good and is going to protect you when you need it to.


balmain-2012-fall-winter-down-biker-jacket-1 -

Crafted out of a cotton/nylon blend, Parisian designer label Balmain readies for biting winds with their Fall 2012 Biker Down Jacket. Presented like a classic rider’s jacket, the use of materials makes it much more suited for blustery conditions and everyday wear than its leather counterpart with similar silhouette and accenting.


Balmain’s Zipped Padded Leather Biker Jacket.  Made in France from 100% lambskin leather, Balmain’s take on the biker jacket adds stylish detailing like padded panels on the arms and shoulders to the traditionally badass leather jacket look of bold zippers and snap closures.  Wear it with a white t-shirt and dark washed jeans for effortlessly cool casual style.

belstaff,-biker-jacket - Copy

Ewin McGregor loves Belstaff latest motorbike Image and their jackets


Gucci embraces a more traditional style but how sleek does this look?


Zara men 2012 embracing motorbike fashion

hermes, motobike jacket 2012

Hermes 2012 also embracing motorbike fashion

Yellow-Winter-Collection-2012,harely davidson


Belstaff and Ewin Mcgregor wearing-motorbike crocodile leather jacket worth £80,000

harley Davdison, custo barcelona -

Now Custo Dalmau is a real motor fan and in his early years as a designer, he traveled often on his Harley-Davidson in the United States. These journeys were a true inspiration for his first designs. The Harley Custo is a real artwork of more than two and a half metres and shows a unique harmony between the design and the lines of the motorcycle. Custo and Harley-Davidson started the project more than a year ago. It took four months of intense devotion to the engine, which is only two months worked to hand-painting of the Night Rod Special. Numerous adjustments led to the eventual Harley Custo.

victory Judge 2013 motorbike

Victory Motorcycles, who has established a reputation for itself by changing the perception of what an American V-Twin cruiser should be, seeks to capitalize on this movement as it draws upon styling cues of the past for its 2012 Victory High-Ball.

mens-leather, biker jacket

Motorbike fashion has never looked so hot. Update your jacket and us women will be noticing.

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