The Quilon does carefully crafted experimental variations of home-style Indian food and seafood in a elegant hotel. This restaurant is located less than a 10 min walk from Buckingham Palace. Quilon is an award wining, Michelin starred Restaurant. London is famous for its Indian cuisines but on this occasion I was experiencing, south-west coastal Indian cuisines. Winning a Michelin star in 2008, which they have retained ever since, is an example of how brilliant the food here is.

The menu embodies a unique blend of ethnic and progressive dishes with seafood at its heart but also offering meat, poultry and vegetarian dishes, mostly designed for sharing. This is why I would encourage to bring friends, family or business mates along here.

Division Bell

Due to its popularity with Lords, Ladies, Ministers and Members of Parliament, Quilon is one of the few Michelin starred restaurants with its own division bell. When a division is imminent, members are alerted by a bell that rings throughout parliamentary buildings, summoning members of parliament to the division lobbies.

A division bell is rung in the immediate vicinity of the palace of Westminster to signal there is eight minutes before a vote. Division Bell is also the name of Pink Floyd’s fourteenth album.

Commissioned Artworks

When entering Quilon, the decor and artwork set the tome to what I was about to eat. Quilon features specially commissioned artworks from the highly acclaimed Indian artist Paresh Maity, who in a short but prolific career was in 2014 awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India – the fourth highest civilian award. He says “water colours are my heart & soul” perfectly complementing Quilon’s love affair with South-west coastal cuisine.


We were hosted by Benny, who on this occasion I thought I would trust his judgement and allowed him to choose our menu. Generous portions and more than enough to appreciate this fabulous cuisine. I was amazed with the drink that I had called Rasam, which was delicious. I could not believe the taste, let alone after asking for a second one. But the best thing was that it completely healed my sore throat, my voice was in fine form once again.

These poppadom flavours were going to set the standard. Unlike any other Indian I have had so far. I was on my way to Goa.

I am a big fan of mango juices and decided to opt for this during my meal.

First Course

Fisherman’s catch – crab cake, char-grilled scallops, halibut cafreal, pepper shrimps

Stuffed quail legs, mini masala dosa, mango ginger chicken

There was a great selection of beer, just ask the experts to guide you. Be adventurous here and enjoy the journey.

Second Course

The pan seared stone bass, braised lamb shank was just delicious and something I had not experienced regarding flavours before.

Pan seared stone bass, braised lamb shank

Once again delving into usual dishes even when it comes to  tomato rice. Light and fluffy and just fabulous.

Tomato rice

Cauliflower with sesame.

I am a big fan of potatoes, so the Malabar roast potatoes were just a unique treat and very lovely indeed.

Malabar roast potatoes

This was just amazing, asparagus and snow peas with coconut and mustard. Again new to my palette.

asparagus and snow peas with coconut and mustard

As the dishes kept coming, Benny kept impressing my pallet with cuisines I have never ever tasted before. Malabar paratha, pomegranate and pineapple pachadi, it all was just mind blowing.

Malabar paratha, pomegranate and pineapple pachadi


Normally Indian desserts are not my cup of tea but on this occasion the pistachio cake with sesame fondant and pistachio ice cream and coconut, baked yogurt (mango, palm jaggery, lychee), was why I will be coming back. They were fresh, well presented and tasted fantastic.

coconut, baked yogurt (mango, palm jaggery, lychee).

Pistachio cake with sesame fondant and pistachio ice cream


Benny and his team were so giving in their time and their food. I know Benny would have kept bringing out more fabulous food, if my belly could tolerate it.  This was one of the best Indian experience I’ve had in my life. The unfamiliar dishes is why I would encourage anyone to ditch Brick Lane let alone any other Indian cuisines and come to Quilon. If only for a day to delve and explore the South West Coastal Indian Cuisine, here in central London. Thanks for a great meal.


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  • Address: 41 Buckingham Gate, Westminster, London SW1E 6AF, UK
  • Phone: +44(0)20 7821 1899

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