Comfort and relaxation are essential parts of your working day and everyday life. An integral aspect of this idea is wearing relaxing clothing that lets you remove the weight of the world from your shoulders each day. Whether you’re seeking a good night’s sleep or merely lounging around the house, your apparel matters. Nobody wants to relax in their suit or a pair of jeans. Loungewear and pajamas are the ideal apparel for just kicking back and enjoying your day or night. Different types and styles of loungewear work better for different settings. If it’s cold, you might want a pajama set, for instance. If it’s hot outside, a graphic tee and some sleep shorts might be the ideal pairing. Just because a return to wearing normal pants might be around the corner doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy more relaxing clothes. Loungewear is so versatile and can be readily mixed and matched to create the ultimate experience in comfort. The right fabric will provide maximum comfort. Here’s a short guide to pajamas and loungewear to get you started on your own comfort journey today:

Sleepshirts (Graphic T-shirts)

What it is: Sleepshirts—not to be confused with those long, gown-like nightshirts you’ve probably seen in old cartoons—are actually just a T-shirt in which you sleep. There’s nothing more casual than a T-shirt. With the advent and increase of screen printing in the 1960s, graphic t-shirts started popping up a graphic tee is merely a cozy t-shirt emblazoned with a graphic of some kind

Perfect for: showing off your personality, relaxing by yourself or with the family, getting a cozier night’s rest on a colder night.

Designs and Styles

There are many designs and styles available when it comes to sleepshirts/graphic t-shirts. Here are the most common and widely available:

  • Crew neck (round neckline w/no collar)
  • Tanktop (a sleeveless shirt)
  • Ribbed collar (the type of knitting used on the collar)
  • Henley shirt (no collar, buttons around neckline)
  • Polo shirt
  • Short sleeves
  • Long sleeves
  • Classic fit (designed to fit comfortably)
  • Slim fit (bodyshaping)
  • Brand logos
  • Band t-shirts
  • Irreverent graphics

Pros and Cons

Most graphic tees are made with 100% cotton and are machine washable. They can be warm and comfortable or cool and cozy depending on the season and short style. On the downside, they might wear out quicker with extended use or fade over the course of several washings.

Cool graphic t-shirts

Lounge Pants

What it is: lounge pants are essentially any comfortable/relaxing pants made of typically lightweight, breathable materials, usually featuring an elastic waistband.

Perfect for: casually hanging around the house, watching TV, playing video games, relaxing with a good book, or just kicking back.

Designs and Styles

Lounge pants – occasionally known as sleep separate – are available in a couple of different well-known styles. These are:

  • Joggers (lightweight and comfortable with a drawstring)
  • Track pants ( constructed of polyester and typically remain wrinkle-free)
  • Sweat pants (usually stretchy and made of flannel)
  • Pajama bottoms
  • With or without pockets

Pros and Cons

As one of the most popular types or loungewear for men, lounge pants are one of the most versatile, inexpensive, and cosy clothing options available. They’re easy to clean, fun to wear, and don’t require much additional accessorizing. Sleep shorts may occasionally cling to your body and without regular washing, most lounge pants might develop an odor. These are minor disadvantages, however, that are easily attenuated by regular care and maintenance.

Bamigo Hugo Sweatpants

Bamigo Hugo Sweatpants

Pajama Sets

What it is: a matched set of pajamas is a soft set of loose fitting clothes specifically intended for sleeping.

Perfect for: getting a cozy, restful night’s sleep or kicking back after work to enjoy a night of reading and a cup of tea. If you’re feeling very relaxed, you can wear them all day for any activity.

Designs and Styles

Pajamas come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials, and combinations. Fabric is the most crucial consideration when it comes to pajamas. All of these feature some variation of the matching shirt and trousers scheme of a pajama set:

  • Cotton pajamas
  • Fleece pajamas
  • Satin pajamas
  • Silk pajamas
  • Linen pajamas
  • Footie pajamas (like the ones you probably wore as a kid)
  • Pajamas with graphic designs (pop culture, music, etc…)

Pros and Cons

Pajamas are super comfy and wearing them at home is a great way to relax while getting things done or maintain a sense of calm throughout your day. On the other hand, some people may feel wearing them all day might lower your productivity due to just how relaxing they can be, not to mention certain materials may make you feel warmer than others.

pajama set


What it is: a long, flowing outer garment with sleeves made of different materials like cotton, silk, or fleece.

Perfect for: bathing, cooking, meeting someone at the door, staying warm on a cool night, relaxing with your favourite book and beverage, and more.

Designs and Styles

Robes are another article of clothing that feature extensive variety:

  • Classic Bathrobes (made with Linen, Terry cloth, cotton, or fleece. They usually have a shawl collar and a tie for the waist)
  • Kimono robes (lightweight and suited)
  • Silk robes
  • Velour robes
  • Micro plush robes

Pros and Cons

Robes provide a sense of luxury and additional comfort for any lounge wear ensemble. Bathrobes are especially useful for covering up after a bath or shower or keeping you warm when worn over pajamas. Robes can be a bit bulky and overflowing at times.

Lounge robe Asos
Lounge Shorts

What it is: shorts made with lightweight, breathable materials, usually double-stitched with a long inseam. They may sometimes feature a drawstring.

Perfect for: just hanging out, lounging around the house or pool, running errands, playing sports, or other low-key physical activity.

Designs and Styles

While lounge shorts are a specific kind of apparel, they also represent a loungewear   category, usually consisting of the following:

  • Lounge shorts (thinner material for enhanced comfort)
  • Basketball shorts (longer, thinner material)
  • Sleep shorts (made with incredibly soft fabric to enhance sleep)
  • Sweat shorts
  • Biking shorts
  • Gym shorts

Pros and Cons

Like all the garments on this list, shorts are comfortable and loose-fitting to the point of being a cosy alternative to dressing up and going out. They don’t provide much protection from the elements, however, but can definitely give you an edge in your pursuit of relaxation.

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