Once the dust has settled on the Christmas table for another year and the inevitable New Year cheer remnants have been consigned to the recycling bin its time to resolve to tidy up your image and start the New Year with a sartorial bang!

Never underestimate the suede. Formerly ignored by those in the know, the last few seasons have seen a well-deserved turn around for smoothie suede. You name the product it’s now been respectively recovered in a bold and highly desirable project to per-suede you to accessorize and you’ll find the texture not just warm and inviting, but available in a whole host of seasonal colors.

Don’t Lose Your Shirt

Whatever your budget for this most versatile of clothing, ensure you take care of it and maximize its life so that its always ready for work or playtime. Here are some tips for your top. Wear once and wash; don’t let dirt and sweat build up. Recommended temperature for washing is 40 c, but always follow the label. Guide For the newbies, wash whites separately, better safe than sorry. If ironing use a fine tepid cloth such as linen placed between shirt and iron

Keep those loose buttons in check, particularly for designer and expensive shirts, replacements can be at best difficult to source and at worst non existent.

Mix It Up

The last 18 months have seen a caution to the win approach to gents’ fashion. The sport luxe look is seeing tapered joggers defiantly matched with derby shoes and classy white trainers with even classier suits. So whatever you resolve to do this year promise yourself some experimentation by mixing it up in the wardrobe department, you might just like the new refreshed you!

Accessories Are King


Accessorize and be Damned!

If you own the holy trinity of black, blue and grey in your wardrobe resolve to brighten them up with your own individual style. There are patterned scarves in abundance out there and zap up a plain shirt with pins, cufflinks and collar bars. Don’t forget to treat yourself with all that surplus gift money and embellish those seasonally tired hands with good quality moisturizer and a cheeky bright metal traditional Roman numeral watch.