The Fashion Get it Right when a Man Get it Right!

Adam would have never even dreamt of myriads of clothing choices that a man has in the 21st century. This year is a wakeup call for every woman who thinks that only they can get the fashion right. Plethora of designers in the fashion industry is now focused on men’s wear and every year come up with multiple clothing lines. These designs are a definite eye turner that enthrals every onlooker. Ranging from winter to spring collection man has always embraced every style with élan. Different seasons mean different style, which means a colorful wardrobe.

Knowing the latest trend always makes you stand out of the crowd. Moreover, making your own style statement will give you an extra edge over your peers. Then, why look average when you can look stunning! Read on to grab that last attention and let your friends envy your style.


This spring make your own style statement!

Out of all other seasons, spring is the most beautiful and pleasant season that brings life to every surrounding. Shedding that extra layer of clothes and embracing the warmth of the sun gives you a spiritual boost and having the right clothes on your body will add that extra zing to your life. Spring is the time when your wardrobe blooms with blooming flowers and you come out of hibernation along with those hibernating creatures. Then why not mesmerize others with our new style? The following set of apparels will give you an insight into latest trend from spring-summer collection. Club them in your unique style and set your own style statement. You have to be a step ahead to make a style statement. For that, you can follow sites like FashionEdits Fashion Industry Network which keeps you informed about the latest fashion trends before they come down the runway.

Denim and T-shirt:

Denims are the must have for any season. You can play it casual yet traditional clubbing it with tribal print t-shirts.


Linen suits:

Professional Guy? No Problem. You look dapper in Linen suits. Make that impression on your boss with trendy linen suits. Floral Prints and Polka dot Shirts: Floral prints and polka dots are popping up again. Anything with polka dots and floral prints is must have in the list of your clothing. So, what are you waiting for? Go and flaunt your polka dot or floral print shirts on those balmy days.

Bermuda shorts: Men look stylish in Bermuda especially. This spring-summer collection of 2014 offers a wide range of stylish Bermudas. These shorts are suitable for any occasion be it a walk on the beach or the outing with your friends. The level of comfort they provide has made them the favorite of every man.

Double Breasted Blazers: These blazers are officially back; grab yours, today!

Dubai  @Velsvoir mariascard photographer Fashion Forward (89) - Copy

Men accessories are getting all the more chic!

Be it a chic bag or stylish wallet, this spring man has myriad of choices to choose from. The top brands are launching new line of bags such as stylish satchels etc. Satchel has become the most favored choice among other types of bags.

This season neon colors are the new colors; create some space for neon trainers as well, as you won’t like to miss on these neon trendy shoes.

Therefore, this spring season experiment with colors and with the addition of neon colors to the list you get number of color choices to explore. Nevertheless, do not compromise with the quality of fabric you wear. The fabric used for the clothing should be breathable; all-cotton fabrics make an ideal choice. Stay away from thick and heavy fabric. Last but not the least; winters always turn to spring and so does your wardrobe. Mesmerize every girl out there with your own style statement!