Your phone matters just as much to your style as any other accessory, but when the leading phones are determined virtually before they even become available to buy, a little more personalisation can go a long way. Your choice of an iPhone colour may not define you, but the apps that you carry around on your smart device most definitely can – or they can at least make your life a heck of a lot easier! Today, we present ten apps that cast definition aside, and are simply great additions to any mobile device for any modern man!


1. Guides by Lonely Planet

The truly modern man needs to be in more than one place at any one time, taking in the culture, experiencing local events or, unfortunately, sometimes even travelling for work. Nobody wants to feel like a stranger when they reach their destination and Lonely Planet has been the home of the local lowdown for longer than iPhones have been available. They are still going strong as the definitive way to feel like you have been anywhere before, and most of their guides are free into the bargain too!

2. 7 Minute Workout Challenge

Some men spend the whole of winter in the gym, getting ready for summer. For most modern men, however, anything more than the basics for keeping in shape is out of the question. Many fitness apps have come and gone on the various app stores, but one that continues to stick around is 7 Minute Workout Challenge. Put simply, if you have time to read this feature, you have time to get in what amounts to a very decent workout using this app, and the only slight downside is a small initial investment – although we feel that it is worth every penny.

3. William Hill Casino

The casino is still one of the most stylish places that you can be, and we probably have James Bond to thank for much of the allure. With the William Hill Casino app, you can give the local Grosvenor a miss and get into blackjack, roulette and much more, all with a few taps. While Apple allows such apps, you will not find proper casino apps on the Play Store, but that is just a case of adding a link to the home screen. More proper Casino Apps like William Hill can be found here.

4. Sleep Cycle

We have had this app on our iPhone since the start, and it says a lot that it is still there right now. We can vouch for the quality of this app too as a hectic schedule requires optimal sleep when you get the chance to get some and whatever trickery this app employs, we can say without a doubt that it works. There is a fully functional free version of the app too, although there is always the opportunity for some added extras if you go for the premium version.

5. Sky Sports Score Centre

Now, not every man is into football, but if you are then the Score Centre App from Sky is absolutely essential. Check out match highlights of your favourite team, receive goal notifications and check out all of the latest news around the football world. There are loads of football apps out there, but if you want the premium experience then this is definitely the app on which to find it – although we will give a special mention to Flash Scores too for those that like to be clued in on the latest goings on.

6. Shpock

You have probably heard of Shpock already. We can say with all certainty that we have seen the television adverts often enough and dismissed the app based on the name alone. Then, for whatever reason, we decided to give it a try and if you haven’t already, you really should. Think eBay, but where all of the sellers and their items are a ten-minute drive away at most. This app has reached a point where there are enough sellers on board to find just about anything and the ratings system seems particularly robust too.

7. Hearthstone

William Hill aside, no smartphone is complete without a good old-fashioned game and they do not come much older than card games. With more depth than your conventional mobile gaming fare and no real limitations on how much you can play or for how long, it beats out just about anything with ‘Gods’, ‘Strike’ or ‘Saga’ in the name for sheer enjoyability.

8. Focus Keeper

If we’re going to have time for games, we need to make sure that we get the most out of working hours, and Focus Keeper is virtually the definition of being simple but effective. It uses the much-vaunted Pomodoro Technique and keeps things simple in doing so, breaking down the day and giving you a reason to beat out those distractions that are keeping you from getting things done. It is perhaps the simplest app on this list, but sometimes that’s all you need!

9. SAS Survival Guide

We thought everyone knew about this app already, but clearly that is not the case. Regardless of all of the planning tools and calendars that you will find on your phone by default, let alone the extras on your app store of choice, things do not always go to plan. When an emergency next happens, by all means reach for your phone, but rather than looking to film the strange occurrence, find out exactly what you should be doing. From the local like urban and first aid problems to surviving by the sea and even in polar conditions, this app is the closest that you can get right now to having an expert military force backing you up.

10. Pocket

We have come full circle to finish off the feature, and we are back on the travel theme – although not as you might expect. We are keen readers, as most keen writers are, and there are fewer more lonely feelings than sitting on a long flight with no internet access. We are so used to getting on whenever and wherever we like that a pub without a Wi-Fi hotspot feels like a time warp. Pocket lets you stay live, as long as you put in a little work first, by saving pages, videos and just about anything else for offline viewing. It’s like the internet without the internet! Sure, there is nothing live, so no football scores or chatting, but reading something that you’re interested in probably beats whatever passes for in-flight entertainment on your carrier of choice!