Tesla Model 3 Reviewed – Still Leading In Electric Cars

Tesla Model 3 Reviewed – Still Leading In Electric Cars

I have reviewed and experienced all the Teslas besides the early model roadster, and Model 3 has to be my favorite by far. Why is Tesla leading in range anxiety? Why is the software so advanced and user-friendly? Why did I want to run away with the Tesla Model 3?

I am press and this review is all about introducing young and old to the world of electric and all the challenges I encountered. To put it in perspective I chose to drive, back to back the Jaguar I-PACE and Audi E-Tron. Who is the best electric user-friendly electric car brand so far?

Where are we regarding range anxiety in the UK right now? How fast can you really charge your Tesla around the UK? I am not referring to those that own a Tesla and have a dedicated charger installed outside their home!

In the UK there are now more than 9,300 public charging points (PCPs) –more than petrol station forecourts (8,400) But the charging challenges are other issues.

As press or let’s say I chose to rent a Tesla how user friendly are charging stations around the UK? This review is all about charging station reliability within the UK. The frustrations of how long and rediculously complicated it is right now. I am refering to just paying for charge.

And what was my favourite new technology in the Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2) Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2)

Tesla Model 3 key Card

There are two ways of accessing the Tesla Model 3 by a Tesla App or the new access is a black Tesla key card it is the same size as a credit card.

To lock or unlock, tap your Model 3 key card on the center of the pillar to the right of the driver’s window. To start your Model 3, tap your key card behind the cup holders and place your foot on the brake pedal to start.

You simply touch the door with a specific sensor and it opens the car. Very different and attention-seeking.

On numerous occasions, I could not find my black Tesla Model 3 key Card. I had three bags to play with, met many people and I am getting older which means more forgetful. So with this key card keep it in a safe spot. That is harder than you think.

As I have black credit cards too on many occasions I tried to pay for food with my tesla card. I thought this was actually super cool.

My top tip just for back up. Take this backup key card with you everywhere.  To use in case of an emergency.  I could not access my Tesla with my app late Sunday night and I was glad I had the Key Card. The card sat tidily in my wallet, so I kept it there.

Tesla  Model 3 key Card Tesla  Model 3 key Card

Tesla Model 3 App

When the car was handed over, I sadly had no access to the Tesla App. So for the next 2 hours, I focused on my Tesla Model 3 driving to Brighton soaking up the new additions.

Unlike most cars, the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have a key.  So to get the car awake, the key had to be placed right near the coffee cup holders. This was weird but made sense after awhile. I loved this because where in the world does any other car have this technology?

Why is the app so important? You can open and close the car with the app. You can also see how much charge is happening whilst having a coffee. You can open and close the boot with the app and if you can’t remember where you parked the app is fabulous. I could also control my climate. Having no access to the app is like being keyless.

I was tired and this can be dangerous driving. I will explain later about how Tesla Model 3 kept me alert and safe whilst driving to Brighton.

tesla model 3 app

While the Model S and Model X are equipped with a 17-inch screen in portrait mode,  the Model 3 has a 15-inch display in landscape model centrally mounted on the dashboard. The video playback capacity is locked to only work for the rear camera feed and cannot play any other video content. I loved this screen and how simply the Model Tesla 3 is. The screen was easy to use and very funky indeed.  Again what car has this? Welcome to technology and electric cars. Well actually this is dedicated to Tesla only.

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2) Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2)

Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is the biggest stress for any new customer buying into the world of electric cars. I get asked so many times about this. Electric cars are still such a new concept. So many people in the UK, don’t understand how the car works and how to charge it. They don’t understand the importance of charging station apps.

The common question I got asked. What happens if you run out of charge? Unless you don’t understand the charging station apps then it will happen. o be honest understanding the app and how it works in the car takes a little mindset change.

The GPS has all the charging details of where to charge your Tesla. You simply press on that station even when you are driving and it will take you to the nearest charging station. It is overwhelming and can be frustrating. But like anything new, it is a learning curve. I had to trust the technology but could I trust the UK electric charging infrastructure?

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2) Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2)

Understanding The Charging Technology

Now I was heading down to East and West Sussex. Brighton is known to be London by the sea. Lots of wealthy people here with double income people and no kids.

I reviewed Tesla a year ago and drove in the same area, and I am sad to report there are hardly any fast chargers or let alone Tesla Super Chargers in this town. When you live and can charge at home it is not so much of an issue, but for me that takes a press car and tours around it is a different story.

I review luxury hotel’s I like to drive without range anxiety.

For a town with such a green agenda and council, I find it strange I can find only one fast speed chargers (50kw or more, as per Zap-Map.com) in Brighton. Around the UK I tried to stay at hotels with chargers, only to find out that staff do not know how to operate them or if they work they are very slow chargers, the 3kw type that takes 48 hours to fully charge the car. After 15hours I amnaged to get a whopping 3miles.

I  hope one day to look forward to a Tesla Super Charging station in Brighton.

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2)

How To Find Electric Charging Stations.

Welcome to range anxiety in the UK. The United Kingdom infrastructure when it comes to charging stations is at its infancy and growing.

It is small when you compare it to Shenzhen’s in China the city with the biggest charging stations in the world. We have experienced this first hand. 

Tesla has the beauty of its own charging network where speeds can be 50kw, 120kw or 150kw. When you are lucky and have the 150kw charger you can charge from 0 to 80% in about 20 minutes. Outside the Tesla network, there are not many 150 kW chargers yet and on average I had to settle for  50 kW chargers that take about 60 minutes to get from 0 to 80% full.

Tesla own app will guide you to charging points and there is also a great third party app called zap-map.com. Polar is another network which is really good but you actaually ahve to register and buy the card. How user friendly is that for press people like me?

Electric car companies love to boast about the charging speeds, but for now, the infrastructure has to catch up. The Porsche Taycan boast it can use 350kw chargers, but there are only four in the whole of the UK. So this boasting of fast charging is still irrelevant for now.

I charged an Audi E-Tron with a Tesla charger in the Cotswolds. Super slow by the way. But at least the hotel had one and I had a lovely complimentry lunch.

Charging electric cars 2019 the challenges Tesla BMW and Audi Etron (2)

Electric cars will bring out the worse in you regarding patience. Especially when your GPS takes you to a charging station that simply does not work. This worked in my favor. There is an emergency number you can call. They virtually hack into the system and get you charged. I asked all the time for a free charge for the inconvenience. The simple reason it added 15min to my charging time to sort out.  If I had to be somewhere this would have made me late. So allow extra charging time for unforeseen obstacles when you own an electric car.

Ask and you shall recieve, seek and you shall find electrc free charging.

What is involved regarding finding a third party charging station? When you do figure all this out give yourself plenty of time to download the app before you can charge. I don’t understand why this is needed, can’t I just pay with a credit card and get charged.

I am sure when you own a Model 3 you will eventually have all the apps on your phone and you will work out where the most reliable charging stations are and ones to avoid.

Charge Stations In The United Kingdom

Electric cars are a whole new learning curve and it will test your patience. The only way to learn is simply by trusting the software and going for it. Other electric car users are very helpful and don’t be shy in asking for help. Ask for help it is a lot quicker and very sociable.

The community spirit at charging stations is refreshing and good for business opportunities too. I met so many nice people whilst waiting.

That is what we all need to understand. The car companies like Audi, Porsche and Mercedes can boast about mileage range and how fast it takes to charge. But on average 50kw charging station are only available in the United Kingdom. At hotels you can forget it, three-pin plugs are all that is on offer in the five hotels I stayed all over the UK,  15 hours later my car was not even charged.

My mobile charger is faster. I just visited the two most prestige hotels in London. The Savoy London and The Ritz London they don’t even have a 50kw charge. Yes, you’ve got to be kidding, a three-pin plug.

Here London harps on about emissions. They need to insist on major hotels to invest in superchargers.

Charging electric cars 2019 the challenges Tesla BMW and Audi Etron (2)

The reality is there are hardly any 150kw chargers in the UK? On the motorway, there are charging stations and I am surprised that the EV signs are not displayed. I found this at Beaconsfield service station where there is a Costa, KFC, Marks, And Spencer but no EV sign.

I drove around for 10 minutes to find it and when I did, it was out of order.

I am happy to be part of pioneering obstacles regarding charging stations. I am confident that in a years time it will be more accessible, easy to use and can be found in lots of places around the UK. Including dedicated Tesla chargers at major hotels in London and Brighton.

Driving Whilst Tired

I don’t live in the UK and fly into test drive cars, hotels and everything else. We all do it drive when we are not so alert. Why was I so tired? To get to my flight to Barcelona, I actually had to drive through the night.  I had to fly into Heathrow so I could pick up my Tesla.

As I drove down to Brighton on the M23 I noticed it was time to test out autopilot. The Tesla Model 3 seems to be more sturdy and quiet compared to the other Teslá’s whilst driving.

This was brilliant because I could relax and let the car drive me. When I was driving I noticed that when I began to lose my concentration somehow the technology recognized I need some wake-up calls. The Tesla Model 3 never allowed me to daydream or drift the sounds and steering wheel vibrations were enough to alert my brain to snap out of drifting mode.

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2)

Tesla Model Three Design

Tesla Model 3 is smaller and it looks very feminine. The front boot design is smaller but ample enough for my boots and some shaver technology. The back boot space is large enough, easy to access and I found all of this very useful at Goodwood Revival.

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2) Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2)

To avoid traffic jams I decided to leave early around 6:30 am at the press park the car and get dressed for Goodwood Revival. About 150 cars were already pulling up to park. I loved getting chnaged in a car park, as I just threw all my clothes etc anywhere I liked. The Tesla Model 3 is a great spacious car for this. Nice to dress and undress in whilst listening to spotify. Oh by the way google is always there at your fingertips. I liked reading the news whilst getting ready.

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2)

Putting makeup on is tricky in cars. So I would like to see an app for a virtual mirror so I could use the Model 3 has a 15-inch display as a fabulous makeup mirror. The white seating interior is lovely and is full leather which felt gorgeous. I spilled make-up and drinks and it wiped off easily.

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2) Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2)

Easter Egg Updates

One of my favorite Easter Egg apps was the fireplace. This Super fun software Easter egg is coming to all Tesla and allowed me to have virtual fire on the screen with heat coming out of the dashboard. I imagine winters where I am stuck in a traffic jam and this is a nice way to keep me warm and calm.

The gaming app is super cool. So I got fourteen-year-old kids to get behind the steering wheel which was the joystick and foot on the accelerator to move the virtual car around the games. It is funny when pulling up for a Tesla charge and seeing grown men gaming.

To date I have never met a women at a charging station?

It looks really odd watching people moving the steering wheel whilst charging, but I like the idea. Good time-wasting for charging.

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2) Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (2)

How To Reboot Your Tesla Model 3

Whilst gaming the software of the Tesla Model 3 got frozen. This is why I love this technology so much. What do you do when your Tesla freezes on you? Where is the equivalent to control, alt and delete button? Simply hold your thumbs on the toggles on the steering wheel simultaneously until the car shuts down and reboots. It is simple as saying ABC.

We were all back up ready to play with the pink cushion which farts on each seat  Ichoose. You can also activate your indicators to make farting sounds or jingle-bell sounds, this is different and entertaining.

Whoppie Cushion Easter egg Tesla model 3 (2) Whoppie Cushion Easter egg Tesla model 3 (2)


Tesla Model 3 is my favorite electric car. The design is all about the simplicity of the screen. It is a keyless car which is great. The app is fabulous for this reason. So my favorite technology on Tesla is this. How do you find your car in the biggest car show in the UK? I am getting older and more forgetful. I parked my car at 7 am and came back at 7 pm.

At Goodwood Revival, there were literally thousands of cars and lots of people walking around trying to remember where they parked the car. With my Tesla App, there was a horn option. I didn’t see my car but I certainly heard it. That was stress-free and very empowering to show off to others who after an hour were still trying to find their car.

I am getting older and with technology, there are simply pressures I want to eliminate.

The Tesla Model 3 for me is the best looking Tesla and it looks posh and is super comfortable to sit in and easy to use. The whopping range of 325 miles for the performance version makes range anxiety a lot less stressing.

When there is a Tesla Supercharger available then charging is fast and easy, I just wish more would be around?

It is a personal opinion but this week  I had five people ask me. Who is leading? Of all of the electric cars out there on the market, Tesla is still leading the way on every level.

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