How many of us buy jeans and are not happy with how they fit. The jeans are tight, feel uncomfortable and when you bend down you show off your boxers or even worse your butt to the outside world. However we all love our sweat pants for how comfortable they are, but we wish they were more stylish or even had the good looks of a pair of jeans. Robb & Hugo have found a solution and it’s called The Smart Jean. The designers behind this brand have created a jean that combines the look of a jean with the feel of your favorite sweat pants. These jeans are super comfortable but look just like denim jeans and the waistband and knees do not stretch out. The back waist does not pull down, so no more showing off your boxers. Best of all the Smart Jean can be worn by men of all different ages.

The Smart Jean Concept

Watch the following video to get an idea of the Smart Jean concept.

The Smart Jean Versatility

The Smart Jean idea has never been done before. Therefore the look of denim jean feels like wearing your favorite sweat pants. As a result the overall look gives a dressy casual appearance. You can dress them up or dress them down. This is perfect for when you are stepping out of the office straight into a guys night out. Yes for most men it’s about fast, practical fashion with the best results.

The Smart Jean is available in the following three colors: Indigo Denim, Solid Black and Solid Khaki. The Smart Jean fits many body types because the fabric is heavy knit and it allows your body to move in more ways comfortably without the rigidness of regular jeans. Waist sizes available are from 29″ to 36″, length size 32″ & 34″

Robb & Hugo

Robb & Hugo was started in 2008 by Robert and Angela Kim. They are a rising power couple in fashion with 15 years of experience in design and pattern-making. Robert handles the business side, overseeing photography and production. Their women’s jeans have been worn by celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Bia Ling.


Where To Get The Smart Jean

The Smart Jean project will start by using a crowd funding site called Kickstarter, with the project kicking of on the 2nd of April 2014. Early backers get the chance to own a pair of these revolutionary Smart Jeans for less than $69. You can see the kickstarter project here.

The Smart Jean 2014 by Hugo & Robb

The Smart Jean – Indigo Denim

The Smart Jean 2014

The Smart Jean – Solid Black

The Smart Jean 2014 (1)

The Smart Jean – Solid Khaki