In the world of music and sports, it can often be what the player wears off the stage or field – as well as what he or she does on it – that can make the headlines. Fashion and style itself can often be a very powerful branding tool for a celebrity or sports star. They can strongly associate themselves with a particular look and unique styles throughout their career which helps make them stand out and can even reflect their personalities.

Incorporating a chic, effortless style can be just as important as portraying an over the top or flamboyant one. Music stars, in particular, can invariably get away with these off-the-wall and unusual styles. But simply making consistent appearances in smart and unassuming outfits outside of the creative or sporting field that you work in can also have a huge influence on others and can still draw in necessary attention.

Lady Gaga

Just take a look at Stefani Germanotta, better known by her stage name Lady Gaga. Despite her toe-tapping tunes and her obvious all-around musical talent, what really draws attention to this gifted solo artist is her unique and eccentric fashion style. Her jaw-dropping fashion choices are often what highlight this musical icon the most. Of course, above all she wants people to listen and enjoy her music and for those that don’t, she has most definitely found a way to still draw them to her career.

The singer/songwriter has no shortage of shocking and peculiar outfits hanging in her wardrobe and is always confident and daring enough to venture out to various public events to show off her eccentric side. Some of her most famous attire to date includes a sexy latex see-through nun outfit, a mirrored disco ball dress with a Madonna-like bra and even a full-on red latex number for her royal performance for the Queen. She even managed to nun things up once again at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New York which saw her sport a white nun-like outfit that was topped off by the artist wearing a large cubed head-piece.



Pharrell Williams

There are a number of other famous artists that rely heavily on their sense of style to ensure that they stand out against their peers and become the center of attention everywhere they are seen. But not all musicians, celebrities and sporting champions require such in-your-face attention. Music maestro Pharrell Williams is a good example of a more understated yet still popular fashion icon. Williams has a timeless and effortless sense of style. He consistently sports a preppy, smart and casual look that not only reflects his personality but also echoes his musical styling as well.


Conor McGregor

MMA superstar Conor McGregor is a talented Irish mixed martial artist who brings grit, determination, strength and pure brute force to his competitive life. In his professional life, he often appears in just some tight fitting underwear and little else, but in his personal time and away from the hard training and competitive contests, he often dresses to impress. McGregor can always be spotted in his downtime wearing a smart tailored two-piece or three-piece suit as well as a stylish shirt and matching tie or dickey bow. It’s not the instant image you’d necessarily associate with a mixed martial artist and is a wonderful example of a contradictory fashion trend.


Bertrand Grospellier

French poker professional Bertrand Grospellier is probably the player that stands out most frequently at the tables. Better known by his nickname, PokerStars Pro ElkY’s unusual yet eye-grabbing sense of style has made him one of the most unconventional poker pros in the gaming world. He showed up at last year’s European Poker Tour in Deauville dressed head to toe as the hooded Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the lead character from historical fiction action-adventure video game Assassin’s Creed.

ElkY has always been one to stand out on in the poker community and has always been happy to get noticed along the way during his career. His unique geek and eccentric approach to fashion has certainly accomplished this and also helped him become a leading and popular figure on the professional circuit. Most famously it was his appearance at 2008’s Asia Pacific Poker Tour in Macau that drew the most attention. The flamboyant player showed up at the tables dressed as the Joker from Batman, sporting both his newly green-dyed hair as well his bright white face make-up.

Even though his unconventional style choices are not as showy as they once were the 33-year old is still mindful of trends and continues to wear fashionable attire. Thankfully we now live in a culture that is wholly accepting of the term ‘geek’ and the fashion and lifestyle choices that relate to the retro styling. ElkY continues to show up at events and tournaments dressed in designer jeans, rhinestone-encrusted T-shirts and typically sports a new and noticeable hairstyle each time he appears.


Lacey Jones

Lacey Jones, often hailed as one of the hottest poker players to ever grace the professional game, is also a notable fashion icon. Of course, her effortless style can be attributed to her other successful day job as a professional fashion model. The sexy model, poker player and international TV host draws plenty of attention when she plays in various tournaments, and not only can she play but she knows just how to present herself. Lacey has the fortunate advantage of being able to couple her poker playing skills with her stunning good looks and style that not only help draw attention to her from a sponsorship perspective but almost certainly help distract the more unfocused male players around her.