Do you know what you are getting your wife or girlfriend for Christmas this year? Flowers and chocolates make a lovely gift, but you might want to get her something really memorable. A gift she knows you’ve put some thought into and makes her feel special.  

So, what are you going to get? Here are a few ideas to inspire you: 


You know what they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, do you know what’s even more special when purchasing jewellery – showing that you’ve put some real thought into it. You can buy a cute charm bracelet that has a special meaning or it might be her favourite flower or birthstone on a necklace or ring.

Swarovski Lucky goddess Charms Bracelet

Personalised Vinyl

If you have a vinyl player then this is the perfect gift. You can choose between one and six songs to be included and then personalise the cover with your names and a message. Pick your song – perhaps the first dance from your wedding or one that reminds you of each other along with any others that you both love. Then, you can sit and listen to them whenever you like – especially on date night or when celebrating anniversaries. 

Spa Day

Let her know that you appreciate her and how much she does by giving her the opportunity to relax and unwind for a few hours. Make sure it includes a massage, facial and afternoon tea with a glass of bubbly, so she can really pamper herself. It doesn’t have to be a spa day – there are plenty of experiences to choose from – perhaps you could wine and dine her at a fancy restaurant instead? 

Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping

Men Style Fashion enjoying the Spa at Bailifscourt Hotel.

Bespoke Print

Choose a photo – perhaps it’s of your wedding day or while on holiday. Maybe it’s with your pet or outside the new home you’ve just bought together. Then, commission an artist to turn it into a print. You’ll find all different styles to choose from on Etsy. She’ll be grateful for the thought you put into it, plus she’ll have a lovely and unique way to display a favourite memory. 

bespoke prints

Metallic Star Map

There is something so magical about the stars – and you can make them even more special by recreating them from a night that has meaning to you. You can pick any date and location – perhaps it’s your first date, the night you proposed, while on your honeymoon or a special holiday.

Personalised Metallic Star Map

Memory Book

Create a memory book – perhaps that details your relationship together so far or maybe it’s of a particularly special time for the two of you. Personalise the front cover and then inside you could just add photos or you might want to write a few memories in too to give some context to each one. You might also want to include other items such as tickets, if relevant. Not only will it be lovely to look through on Christmas Day, but it’ll also be something she can treasure and look back on whenever she wants.

Memory book

Date Night Cards

Life is so busy it can start to feel like we don’t actually spend any quality time with our partners. So, this Christmas, get her some date night cards – these will be once a week for a year and include date ideas for during the day and in the evening, that you can do inside and outside the home. These will ensure you do spend time together – which is what makes them so thoughtful. 

Date night cards

Reasons Why I Love You Box

Your significant other knows you love her but do you ever tell her why? Make her feel very special this Christmas with a box filled with the reasons why you love her engraved on hearts. A lovely keepsake that will mean a lot and make her feel very loved. 

Reasons Why I Love You

Now you’ve got some ideas, how are you going to make the most important lady in your life feel special this Christmas?