There was a time   in the dim and distant past, when you switched on your black and white television and through the murky 405 lines and press flashbulbs, every Hollywood celebrity would decant from the B.O.A.C. Turboprop wearing the standard issue Bausch & Lomb Wayfarer sunglasses.

So for decades that are the way it was, the stars came and went but the classic American dream shades sat unmoved on the surgically altered nose bridges of the great and the good. Sadly the brand fell into the doldrums before being sold to Italian Brand Luxottica reinvigorating the brand through canny product placement on movies and television programmes such as ‘Miami Vice’ where the real crime was not wearing a pair of cool wayfarers. The re birth was successful and once again modern celebrities know its cool to look cool with Luxottica reimaging the classic model in a variety of styles for the discerning hipster.

Lets remember though they are not the only kids that have moved into the neighborhood so lets take a thermonuclear protected look at what other stunning shades are out there.

Serengeti Eyewear  24 Hours of Le Mans Edition Panarea

We are heading to Le Mans 24 this week, thanks to Serengeti Eyewear. Serengeti’s special 24 Hours of Le Mans Edition Panarea was crafted for action. The contemporary temple keeps you looking sleek while the hidden double flex spring hinge makes sure you feel comfortable.  A great compromise between cost and style as you celebrate summer and lets face it, after an afternoons partying in the sun will you look at em’ close enough to care?

They don’t just look good, the clarity of vision is absolutely superb!

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