Off-road adventure requires not only great skills and nerves but also the right equipment. From ensuring visibility to storing essential gear, the right tools can make your off-road journey even better. Among the various brands available, Clearview accessories are a top choice for most experienced off-road enthusiasts.

The brand offers a wide range of high-performing adventure essentials designed to enhance the experience and safety of your off-road ventures. Here are the top five must-have Clearview accessories that every off-road adventurer should have.

Towing Mirrors

One of the first Clearview accessories that should make it onto your must-have list is the Clearview Towing Mirrors. These mirrors are explicitly designed for off-roaders and caravanners to enhance their visibility.

Towwing mirrors

They extend your field of view, providing a clear glimpse of your vehicle’s rear aspects and your towing object. Unlike typical towing mirrors, Clearview mirrors are robustly made to handle severe off-road conditions. Moreover, they fold inward or outward to avoid potential damage from vegetation or obstacles.


An off-road adventure is not complete without a heartening meal. Clearview Pantry/Kitchens are designed for that exact purpose — to make preparing and cooking your meals in the great outdoors a breeze. They feature a workspace, storage compartments, and even a cooktop and wash basin in some models. These compact yet comprehensive kitchens ensure you feel at home, even when you’re miles away.

Fridge Slides

When it comes to storing food and drinks for your adventure, Clearview Fridge Slides are essential. This Clearview accessory provides easy access to your portable fridge or cooler, thanks to its smooth sliding mechanism. It also keeps the fridge secure during the ride. The heavy-duty fridge slides are built to withstand intense off-road travel, protecting your food storage from potential bumps and damages.

Fridge slide

Expanda Slides

Organization is critical when it comes to off-roading, and that’s where the Clearview Expanda Slides come in. This practical accessory allows you to store and retrieve gear easily. Regardless of the items’ size, these slides provide a clear view of all stored objects, making it quick and convenient to find what you need.

The fully extended slide creates additional working or loading space. It’s a handy and robust addition to any off-road vehicle.

Easy Slide

Lastly, many off-road enthusiasts find the Clearview Easy Slide to be an invaluable addition to their gear. The Easy Slide is a drop-down fridge slide that facilitates easy access to the fridge contents. It’s a game-changer for those who frequently reach out for a cold drink during their travels.

The tray lowers the fridge to a more accessible height, ensuring you don’t strain your body reaching for your drinks or food.

How Clearview Towing Mirrors Improve Safety

When dealing with off-road trails, safety is paramount. The Clearview Towing Mirrors serve this very purpose by offering a more comprehensive field of vision compared to standard vehicle mirrors. They help drivers keep an eye on hard-to-see areas, particularly when towing trailers or caravans.

The clearer rearward view enables quick and correct judgment, preventing potential accidents and mishaps. Additionally, their sturdy build ensures the mirrors withstand external factors such as dust, winds and impact, enhancing their longevity.

The Home Kitchen Experience with Clearview Pantry/Kitchen

Food is an essential aspect of any journey, and it should not be compromised while on an off-road adventure. Clearview Pantry/Kitchen brings out the joy of preparing your food in the wilderness, offering a kitchen-style workspace complete with essential amenities.

Organizing utensils and ingredients becomes effortless, making cooking a delightful experience rather than a hectic task. Also, the sturdy construction of these kitchens ensures they endure the harsh conditions outdoors, promising durability and permanence.

Going the Distance with Clearview Fridge Slides

With Clearview Fridge Slides, the bulky burden of food storage becomes convenient and easy. These slides are designed to hold your portable fridge or cooler and offer easy pull-out functionality.

They ensure a secure fit for the fridge during bumpy rides and stabilize it to prevent food spillage or damage. Moreover, they grant quick access to meals or drinks without disturbing the trip’s momentum. The solid construct makes the slides withstand the rough off-road environment, operating optimally in different conditions.

Organizational Efficiency with Clearview Expanda Slides

Clearview Expanda Slides promotes harmony within your off-road vehicle by solving space-related issues. Keeping the equipment, tools, and other materials organized can be a tedious task, but these slides bring an intelligent solution.

Their extendable design gives a clear view and easy access to all the stored items. With this, you can avoid unnecessary hassles and enjoy improved efficiency during your trip.

The Comfort Edge with Clearview Easy Slide

Accessing your cooler or fridge on the go becomes incredibly convenient with the Clearview Easy Slide. This unique slide lowers the attached fridge or cooler, making it easier and strain-free to reach out for a chilled drink or an ice cream. It prevents unnecessary bending of the body and adds a flowing sense of luxury to your adventure.


In the world of off-roading, the right accessories can truly accelerate your experience. Amongst the plethora of brands available to cater to your outdoor needs, Clearview accessories stand out. With their top-notch quality, high functionality and dependable durability, these accessories are indeed must-haves for any off-road enthusiast looking to boost their adventure.

Remember, while off-roading is about the drive, the destination, and the sense of freedom, it also comes with its fair share of logistical challenges. Equip yourself with the right tools like Clearview accessories, and enjoy your off-road adventure to the fullest.