Buy Wines By The Case

Many wine retailers offer wines at discounted rates when you buy 12 bottles.

Avoid paying delivery costs for wine by always ordering the minimum for free delivery whether it be a minimum spend per order or a minimum number of bottles ordered. Online wine retailer Rude Wines offer free delivery on 12 bottles or more and even on some of their pre-selected six-bottle cases.

Pre-selected mixed cases are also a good idea as you’ll be trying wines you’ve not tried before and may find some new favourites.

A great introduction to quality red wines, Good Red Wine Choices Case from Rude Wines is just £90.75 including free delivery. This works out at just £7.56 per bottle for some stellar wine finds. Remember these are wines from quality winemakers, not your everyday supermarket plonk.

Try a mixed case of six rather than twelve if you’re feeling more cautious. How about Rude Wines’ ‘Rude Family Six Bottle Case’ at just £49.99 including free delivery. This works out at just £8.33 per bottle for some really top-notch hand-made wines.

Buy Wines By The Case


Buy Bin Ends

Many wine retailers reduce the price of the old vintage of a wine when they get the new vintage into stock.  The older bottles are known as ‘bin ends’. These wines are not in any way inferior, in fact, they could be even better than the new vintage as they’ve had time to mature and improve in bottle.  Good wine retailers will always check their bin ends are still in optimum condition by tasting a bottle or two. It’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it!

Keep Notes On Your Wine

Get a wine journal and make a note of the bottles you drink at home, giving each a score out of ten. This way you’ll remember the ones to buy again and the ones to avoid in future!

Buy Wines By The Case


Drink Less But drink Better

If you spend more per bottle you’re likely to get a better overall quality of wine and in the end, your palate will be more refined. This can result in you savouring the wine you drink rather than quaffing it down. If a wine is really good you will want to savour each mouthful and hopefully end up drinking less wine overall.