Jewellery – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Thu, 20 Sep 2018 08:28:40 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 How To Get The Perfect Engagement Ring For Less Wed, 14 Feb 2018 11:59:12 +0000 Every man wants to sweep his bride-to-be off her feet with the perfect ring. But, if you’ve only got a limited budget to work with, then finding ‘the one’ can be quite intimidating. And, given that the average cost of a wedding is at an all-time high (Hitched), you might be better off saving that money for the big day, instead.

But, there’s no need to let money stresses overshadow your big proposal. Even if your partner has her heart set on a particular style or gemstone, there are still plenty of ways to get the ideal ring for less. Here, we’ve shared our top tips to help you find the best sparkler for your budget, without compromising on style or quality. Just read on to learn more.

Work Out Her Priorities

Before you start shopping, it’s important to figure out what your partner wants from their engagement ring: do they have any ideas in mind, and how set are they on getting the materials they want? For instance, does it need to be a diamond, or are they open to a different gemstone? Do they have their heart set on a platinum band, or are they less concerned with a pricey band than a big diamond?

It’s likely that your intended will have a few ideas in mind — she’ll have to wear it for the rest of her life, after all. So, you’ll want to have a conversation with your partner about her preferences (or you could ask her friends, if you want the proposal to be a surprise). This will help you to work out which elements of the ring you need to spend a bit more money on, and which aspects you can compromise on. For example, a diamond set in a more affordable band could skim a few hundred pounds off the overall cost of your ring, so it’s well worth investigating which elements you could substitute for less pricey materials.

Find Pre-owned Styles

It’s still possible to get top-quality diamonds and designer rings without the hefty price tags. Pre-owned jewellery is often much cheaper than brand new designs, despite often being in top condition, and they’re often undistinguishable from new styles to the untrained eye. If your fiancé has a taste for more expensive materials, then this is a great way to get the real deal for a fraction of the cost. With so many high-quality styles on offer, chances are that no one — including your bride-to-be — will ever know the difference.

When shopping for pre-owned jewellery, look for specialists who carefully inspect their stock to make sure everything is genuine and in good condition. This selection of pre-owned engagement rings from Est.1897 includes rings which come with certificates of authenticity from an independent inspector, so you can be sure of their quality and value.

Keep It In The Family

Family heirlooms are a brilliant way to propose on a budget, so it’s definitely worth asking around to see if any of your female relatives have old rings they’d be willing to pass down. Not only can this mean you don’t have to buy a new ring, but it’s also a great way to make your fiancé feel welcomed into the family. And, as vintage styles are highly sought-after at the moment, it’s a great choice if your bride prefers retro rings to modern pieces.

If you’re planning to save up and buy a ring after the wedding, then a family antique is also a good placeholder, so you’ll still have something special to propose to your partner with. Don’t worry if your heirloom doesn’t fit your bride’s ring size, as you can most rings can be resized easily and affordably at any good jewellers.

Consider Alternative Gemstones And Materials

Unless your partner has heart set on the traditional diamond set engagement rings, then a ring featuring a more unusual stone could be a more affordable alternative. Amethyst, morganite, emerald and sapphire all tend to be more affordable than diamonds, but they’re still hardwearing, highly desirable gems.  If your bride likes to stand out from the crowd, then a unique, colourful sparkler is likely to go down a treat: try choosing one in her favourite colour for a more personal touch.

The band the gems are set in can also have a dramatic effect on the overall price, so see what you could save by opting for a less popular precious metal. While gold tends to be the most popular choice for an engagement ring, rose gold is currently a budget-friendly (and highly fashionable) alternative. If your partner would prefer a white metal, then avoid pricey platinum, and instead opt for more affordable metals such as palladium, titanium, and sterling silver.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right ring can be stressful at the best of times, but there’s no need to let money worries take the sparkle out of your proposal. As long as you learn about your partner’s priorities, and investigate all of your options thoroughly, then you should have no problem finding a swoon-worthy engagement ring that won’t break the bank.

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Wedding Bands – Some Popular Metal Choices Wed, 07 Jun 2017 12:54:44 +0000 Deciding the right metal for your wedding band is certainly a very important aspect of choosing men’s wedding bands. Today, the wedding jewelry scene is flooded with numerous options in wedding bands, engagement rings, and so on. There are many traditional as well as contemporary metals to choose from while conceptualizing your wedding band or engagement ring. Platinum and gold are pretty common but there are several other metal choices that are available to you.

Today, there has been a noticeable shift towards the contemporary metals as opposed to the usual precious metals. Each and every metal is known for its distinct looks, its distinctive properties, cost, and advantages. Here are some prominent metal options to choose from for your wedding band. Choose a metal that complements and enhances your personality and overall style.


Gold has been the standard metal for crafting both engagement rings and also the wedding bands. Gold has been the preferred metal so far for its beautiful luster and stunning golden yellow hue. Gold engagement rings and wedding bands are regarded as timeless and romantic.

You could use yellow gold that is a blend of pure gold with copper and silver. White gold could also be used for stunning wedding bands. White gold is a combination of pure gold with silver and palladium. Rhodium plating is effective in enhancing brightness and boosting durability. Green gold is a magical mix of silver plus pure gold. Rose and pink gold are created from a blend of copper plus gold. The greater the amount of copper in the mix, the redder it would look. Remember to clean your gold jewelry with a soft cloth for keeping the bands smooth and shiny.


Platinum has been a hot favorite for its durability and robustness. Added to these wonderful attributes, platinum is widely used in the jewelry industry thanks to its beauty and sheen. In the last two decades or so, platinum has emerged as the prime choice for wedding bands and engagement rings apart from other jewelry. It possesses a whitish hue and is a rare metal. It never oxidizes or tarnishes with time. Thanks to its hardness, it helps in highlighting the intricate engravings or embellishments on your jewelry. Your platinum jewelry could get scratched over time but those marks could be removed by getting your jewelry polished by your jeweler.

Sterling Silver

Silver is supposed to be the most affordable metal among all other known precious metals. Sterling silver is a magical blend of pure silver with copper for making it more long-lasting. Even though sterling silver is harder as compared to pure silver, it is quite soft and could get scratched easily. Sterling silver looks grayish to bright white and could be having a shiny or a matte finish. Sterling silver jewelry would be getting tarnished with time so it is a good idea to store them safely in a tarnish-preventive pouch in a really cool and dry place. You must not use paper towels or tissue paper for drying as they would end up scratching sterling silver.


Some Popular & Frequently Used Alternative Metals


Though titanium is used predominantly in industries, today it has become quite popular in the world of jewelry. Titanium wedding bands are quite a craze among the contemporary men. It is known for being extremely lightweight hence; titanium wedding bands for men are very comfortable to wear. Titanium rings stand out from the traditional gold and platinum rings because of their unique style and innovative designs.

Today you could easily have access to silver, gray, and black titanium rings that come with inlays of some other metals and have satin or polished finishes. Titanium wedding bands do not have alloys and so they are hypoallergenic. Titanium is very strong and scratch-resistant.


This is a beautiful silvery metal that seems to be almost four times harder as compared to titanium. Tungsten wedding bands come with a brilliant sheen. Tungsten is hypoallergenic as it comes as a pure element. Tungsten wedding bands cannot be sized. They are very strong and robust and require very little maintenance.


Now you know about the different metals and their distinctive features. Choose a wedding band made from a metal of your choice. All you need to do then is to pick your distinctive style and go on to complete the entire look with a sparkling diamond or any other gorgeous gemstone of your preference.

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How to Buy Exquisite Diamond Rings? Thu, 11 May 2017 13:12:44 +0000 Wedding and engagement rings are available in a wide range of styles. While purchasing the wedding and engagement rings some couples believe in shopping together so that they know each other’s preferences and taste. You cannot, however, undermine the role of factors such as price tag and lifestyle in determining the right kind of diamond ring for your sweetheart. You could prioritize the 4Cs. Everyone is obsessed with diamond rings when it comes to buying an engagement ring or a wedding ring. You could treat this as a good investment for your future. A diamond ring would perfectly express and exemplify your relationship.

Determine Your Budget

You would come across a host of choices. You must decide on your budget and determine a price range before going to the jewelry shop. You must select the engagement or the wedding ring with precise parameters that would be assisting your jeweler to show you the right rings.

Do a Thorough Research

You must devote time to learn about the diamonds. You need to do a thorough research about the diamonds based on the 4Cs such as the clarity, color, carat weight and cut. You have to familiarize with every aspect of diamonds. Find out how the 4 Cs help to determine the precise value and price of a diamond ring. You have to decide what the specific requirements are and the things that you could be compromising for getting a ring within your set budget.

The 4Cs

While buying exquisite diamond rings, you must consider the 4Cs namely cut, color, carat, and clarity. The cut determines the brilliance of the diamond. The clarity would be referring to the surface imperfections. You must find out the carat weight and choose the color that your beloved loves. If you are able to locate a diamond ring that caters to all your specifications in these particular four areas, rest assured you have got the right choice.

Her Preferences & Fascination for Jewelry

You should observe the type of jewelry she usually wears. Does she prefer the classical types or the modern and contemporary styles? What does she wear more, yellow gold or the white metals? If she loves to wear delicate jewelry, you must not deviate from them. Do not end up buying chunky pieces for her. Would she prefer ornate or delicate ones? Keep these preferences on top of your mind while shopping. You would never go wrong if you buy stuff that she loves or has a fascination for.

Pick a Metal

Diamond engagement rings are built to last for an eternity and beyond and are hence paired with durable metals like platinum or gold. You could choose the color of the metal used according to personal preference. There are a lot more options with gold, like yellow, white, or rose. This is a consideration you should make carefully because the metal color is likely to also affect the diamond’s appearance. It is a good idea to ask your jeweler to show you how your selected diamond looks with different metals of different colors.

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Apple Watch Band – How To Choose One Tue, 28 Mar 2017 12:19:45 +0000 The Apple watch took the world of watches to the next level. The fitness mad can use it to easily track their progress and stamina. It is equally convenient for business types and those with busy lifestyles as you can check your emails and texts without having to take out your phone. It’s a handy piece of tech, and excitingly you can customise the band to suit your mood, outfit and individual needs. But how do you know which strap is best for you? Here’s a few tips to help you choose a stylish watch band for your Apple watch.

Make sure it is compatible and comfortable

 The Apple watch comes in two sizes, 38mm and the larger 42mm,unfortunately the straps are not interchangeable so before you buy make sure the watch band size is the same as your watch. If you are buying online then this will be in the spec so check to avoid disappointment. You are probably going to wear your watch for long periods of time. Some people only use their watch during exercise while others have there’s on all day but either way you will want it to be comfortable otherwise it will be more of annoyance than an asset. Measure you wrist size and leave enough room so you don’t cut off your circulation. Ideally, you should be able to fit your finger inside the strap when it is fastened and it should not mark your skin. But it should not be so loose that it moves around your arm.


Consider the way you will use your watch

 This is an important factor because it will influence the material you choose, the style and the colour. If you are using your smart watch during sports and for long periods are have a very active lifestyle then you will need a watch band that is durable. If this sounds like you, opt for a strap that protects your Apple watch from all sides while still allowing accessibility to the buttons. Silicone or plastic straps tend to be more practical for sporty or active people. If your smartwatch is mainly used as a business accessory then you will probably prefer something that looks more corporate than sporty. A leather or stainless steel watch band will give the watch a more professional and executive look.You can buy them in a choice of colours so it is easy to match it to your outfit. Some of the stainless steel straps are even available with magnet closure so even if you are in a rush you can easily slip on your watch and go.

It is also important to consider whether you want your watch to be a statement piece or if you simply want it to subtly coordinate with the rest of your look. Bold colours and luxurious materials will make it stand out while darker tones will blend in with your outfit.

 What if you have are both sporty and professional?

If you have a very mixed lifestyle or a bit of a fashionista then it is worth getting a few different straps. This will help you to mix and match your look to suit your mood or the situation.




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Iconic Watches and the World of Celebrity Wed, 22 Mar 2017 09:52:27 +0000 More than most other men’s accessories, including cuff links, ties, wallets and hats, the marketing of watches has always taken place within the framework of celebrity status. From brand ambassadors to sightings of popular watches in the world of cinema, regardless of the context, having a celebrity on board seems to be the lucrative solution.

Although watches can range in price from next to nothing all the way up to seven figures, few products have dominated the world of luxury as much as watches have. While the concept of the time-keeping device was originally born out of something so simple, there is now more meaning attached to which watch you wear on your wrist than ever before.

With online marketplaces like this one, buying your dream watch has never been easier. Of course, by definition, luxury watches still aren’t cheap, but they are now far more accessible than they were. This makes the power of celebrity watch endorsements even more potent, since the target market has expanded. This also allows for the spontaneity involved with taking a fancy to a certain celebrity brand and buying a watch instantly.

Developing Trust

The psychology behind using celebrities for watch branding mostly lies in the trust we place in them and the regard we hold them in. When spending so much money on one small item, what better way to convey trust than to associate with a highly revered celebrity? George Clooney’s endorsement of Omega is a great example of this. The respect we have for a certain celebrity is then immediately transferred to the brand as a whole, making it more credible and trustworthy.

This cuts both ways, though. For instance, Tiger Woods was allegedly dropped from a number of lucrative endorsements, including Nike and Tag Heuer, following his marital infidelity scandal. Overnight, the star’s reputation went from being a sporting role model to untrustworthy, and the brands he had sponsorship deals with clearly felt that reflected badly on them.

Remembering A Brand

Celebrity endorsements play a large role in helping us remember a brand. The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, Tag Heuer, has really transformed its celebrity endorsements into an art. It is one of the few brands that has a frequent changeover of celebrities, as opposed to the likes of Rolex’s long-term relationship with Roger Federer. Tag Heuer also has a tendency to choose world class athletes such as Maria Sharapova, Tom Brady and Christiano Ronaldo – this merges together the celebrity’s brand and the watch brand in our minds and therefore has a long-lasting impact.

Matching the celebrity to the brand correctly is a very important factor in remembering adverts, but funnily enough, mismatches also tend to stick in our minds too. Tag Heuer’s recent choice of brand ambassador Cara Delevingne, caused quite a lot of hype. She is possibly one of the youngest ambassadors to date, and veers away from their usual connection with the sport and film world. This unusual juxtaposition sent waves amongst the fashion industry.


The World Of Cinema

Since the beginning of cinema, watches have been subtly cropping up on screen and have had a far bigger effect than we realize. This method of product placement relies on a similar concept as celebrity endorsements do except has more of a subliminal effect on the audience. Take a look below for some of the best instances of men’s watches in film:

  • Pulp Fiction: The Lancet belonging to Butch

  • Back to the Future: Marty McFly’s Casio

  • James Bond: Sean Connery wearing the Rolex Submariner

  • American Psycho: Patrick Bateman’s Rolex

  • 2001 Space Odyssey: The Hamilton clock

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How to Make A Unique Ring Choice Thu, 02 Feb 2017 05:44:35 +0000 It’s hard to say if it’s the nostalgic qualities of Christmas, the mistletoe, time with friends and family or it’s just plain down to the drink, but the festive season remains one of the top times in the year to pledge your troth, or in less flowery language get engaged. Although the drink helps at such times, careful planning can make it an occasion to remember and rightly so. Now before your eyes sink in the west with all of Aldi’s finest, let’s go with a little planning to make you the grooviest potential groom in the neighborhood.

Be A Diamond

Having firstly used your charm and sophisticated repartee to find the ideal mate, the reality will soon permeate through and after the elation subsides it will be time to formally seal the deal with a visit to the local rock emporium.

If you’re planning on surprising your partner a clandestine mission to their jewelry box can be an informed help in preparation; but there is plenty of guidance on the internet and some printable ring seizers out there to help you in the search and a sneaky hour coach surfing will give you some basic guidance while the better half is out window shopping/wine bar with bestie

Regarding the rock itself, well there are 4 C’s of diamonds that even the local apprentice has to learn and it’s as well to familiarize yourself with the basics.


  • Colour: A high quality diamond has no cast or hue and should have mirror like transparency.


  • Cut: Sparkle is all with multi-faced diamonds having superb light refraction.


  • Clarity: A quality diamond will have no marks, flaws, and blemishes of any kind.


  • Carat Weight: The heavier the rock and carat weight the better and more expensive the diamond and setting.


Whatever ring your partner chooses, prices will range from a few weeks salary to wallet busting thousands and although colored gemstones are on trend, diamonds, rubies and sapphires are still the stones of choice and sentiment for discerning couples. Colored diamonds can be very attractive as a long-term purchase but are ultimately more expensive because of their rarity, but choosing a lesser grade white diamond can still be a canny move and can be up to a third cheaper than yellow cut diamonds. Research will reveal some popular and up and coming brands out there ;Nirav Modi,Polly Wales and names such as Andrew Geoghegan and Kataoka are popular  quality driven brands and will seldom fail to please .


Customize The Relationship

 There are as many jewelers out there as stars in the sky and all are eager to sell their wares, but for some lucky partners there is another option to explore, that’s the custom made ring. Depending on the jeweler bespoke products can start at around £2000 with many real crafts persons keen to please by literally undercutting the big boys of the trade. Many will rely on word of mouth and will be happy to show you examples of their work. Remember you’re paying for the craftsperson’s time and individual attention sometimes designing or with a consultant designer  to ensure the partner’s specific requirements are met.

Bespoke designers have more control over the source material and if ethically sourced products are you’re thing then this could be the choice for you and not be as wallet busting as you imagine. Whatever you decide may you’re journeys be fruitful and mines a large G&T!


platinum-0-50ct-brilliant-diamond-ring-p10469-15335_zoom (1) (1)

colour (1)

diamond-by-appointment-18ct-rose-gold-0-34ct-round-brilliant-cut-diamond-ring-p9632-13268_zoom (1)

platinum-0-70ct-e-vs2-marquise-cut-diamond-ring-p10941-16477_zoom (1)

platinum-1-01ct-heart-brilliant-cut-diamond-ring-p11701-17882_zoom (2)


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Engagement Rings – Celebrity Trends For Men Wed, 01 Feb 2017 12:09:46 +0000 Over time, we have always seen ladies flaunt their engagement rings with aplomb. From Elizabeth Taylor’s dazzling 33-carat diamond to the Duchess of Cambridge’s blue sapphire, these diamond rings have gone on to make headlines!

But, what about the men?

If recent trends are anything to go by, then it definitely looks like the management ring is here to stay. In fact, most modern men are wasting no time in showing off their new committed status by proudly wearing these rings! So, before the man engagement ring becomes common and loses its novelty, let’s talk about a few male celebrities who’ve pioneered this trend and rocked it!

Of course we are looking for some style inspiration too, from these dapper men and their striking engagement rings.

David Otunga and His Platinum Band

They are the ideal couple and have a wonderful son together. We are talking about our very own Harvard-educated, David Otunga and the gorgeous, talented singer, Jennifer Hudson. This pair gives couple goals to every twosome.

Just another way of doing this was Otunga sporting a man-gagement ring. Hudson gifted him a beautiful, solid platinum ring to declare her love and announce that he is taken. The ring is classy, sturdy and sexy, pretty much like Otunga himself.

Otunga is always seen sporting his ring, and there is an overwhelming consensus that this attorney, actor, and professional wrestler makes every man want to wear an engagement ring!

Michael Buble Follows Argentinian Tradition and Wears the Engagement Ring

 While we see Michael Buble and Luisiana Lopilato be brave and pray for their cancer-stricken three year old son, one cannot help but admire this couple and the high standards they set. When Buble was engaged to Luisiana who is from Argentina, he embraced the Argentinian tradition of men wearing engagement rings. He wears his silver band with tremendous élan and was cool enough to joke about it at a concert too: ‘The boy also wears the engagement ring (in Argentina). That’s what she tells me anyway.’

Quite the committed man, and quite the trendsetter!

Johnny Depp and His Diamonds

 It was the fairy-tale love story, until all hell broke loose and Amber Heard accused Depp of brutally assaulting her. Nonetheless, it can’t be denied that Johnny Depp gave a whole new twist to the man-gagement ring. Depp bought a stunning solitaire for his then fiancée, Amber Heard. When the ring did not fit her finger, instead of resizing it, he started wearing it himself and called it the chick ring. He sparked a trend  and showed how dainty diamonds can look oh-so-good on a man’s hand too. While not everyone can pull off delicate solitaires like Depp did, you can always have a few small diamonds encrusted on your engagement ring for a dash of bling and class.

Osi Umenyiora Goes All Out with Bling

 They are happily married now, and were captured bringing in their one-year anniversary in Thailand last year. When engaged, the stunning pair wore equally stunning engagement rings. Not one to cut down on the bling factor, Umenyiora wore a gold band lined with a bunch of dazzling diamonds. Kudos to the man and his now wife, Leila Lopes who went on to post on Instagram, “Yes I put a ring on him too.”

Charlie Sheen’s Unique Engagement Ring

It came as a real surprise to many when the bad boy of Hollywood showed off a ring on his engagement finger. Charlie Sheen was captured wearing an engagement ring when he was with Brett Rossi. It looked like an unadorned wedding band, and was neither in gold or silver. The paparazzi suspected it to be brass. While the engagement didn’t last, Sheen definitely turned a lot of heads with that ring and further flamed the man-gagement ring trend.


Finally, Here’s Our Take on the Man Engagement Ring Trend

A man-gagement ring is as much a symbol of commitment for a man as it is for the woman who gives it to him. Besides it’s high time men are made to feel special during the engagement phase too, and the ring is the perfect symbol to indicate permanence and commitment. We think this is going to be one trend that will come of age in 2017! And it looks so suave, we are definitely not complaining!




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Engagement Rings – Ring In Your Changes Mon, 05 Dec 2016 03:06:05 +0000 There are probably more troths pledged at Christmas than bad sweaters returned at New Year. Maybe the sometimes claustrophobic bosom of the family at this time makes us yearn for someone else’s; either way official or otherwise, those hardy individuals determined to make two become as one makes the festive season the most popular time for flashing the box containing that all important symbol of love the engagement ring.

If you’re planning an impromptu occasion or methodically planning the event like a savant, let’s explore some of the procedures that you need to observe to help the plan go like a well oiled machine and not just a well oiled individual jumping the gun.



It´s All About The Preparation

Prep School

If you’re planning on springing a surprise, then it’s always best to try and clandestinely check out your partners ring size. Short of breaking into the jewelry box or swiping a spare ring off the dresser, there are several site dotted around the internet that will allow you to print off ring sizing sheets that will at least allow you to secretly compare one of your partners right ring finger rings and give you a good guesstimate of size before you part with the readies. Even if you get it badly wrong don’t despair, as the friendly jeweler will adjust the offending item to a comfortable band size.


Diamond Geezer

If you don’t already know or been living under a non precious rock for millennia, diamonds really are a girls best friend and its important to know a little about this highly pressure created rock. The trade knows it as the four ‘C’s’ and you should be aware of it as well if you intend parting with a large slab of well-earned moolar.

  • Cut: A really good diamond will have plenty of light refraction through its crystal lattice.
  • Clarity: A quality diamond will be totally clear, no opaqueness, marked or blemished crystal.
  • Carat: This is the perceived Carat Weight of the diamond with bigger and better rocks costing more.
  • Coulour:  Colours pure diamond has no tone or hue and should be completely clear. They don’t call diamonds ‘Ice’ in the movies for nothing!


The Other ‘C’ Word

Ok, we’ve skirted around the issue so far, but brace you, what about the cost? Well the sky’s the limit from a couple of weeks salary to hundreds of thousands if you wished to spend that way .For variety there are colored gemstones available such is the perking order of the seasonal favorites and if you cannot reach the heady financial heights of colored diamonds there are also the old favorites of sapphire and ruby, but for the extra brownie points buy the best possible diamond the budget will allow including options such as the classic white .Brand names to look out for are Polly Wales and  Nirav Modi  and for up and coming suppliers seek out Kataoka and Andrew Geoghan.



engagement-rings-menstylefashion-2 engagement-rings-menstylefashion-3

Custom Classics

Undoubtedly, although you and your wallet will be spoilt for choice and if you want something specific, then consider the custom made ring. This need not be as expensive as you think with jewelers falling over themselves to offer a bespoke service of handmade ring fare from around £2,000; which is little more than a reasonable second hand vehicle and will last a lot longer if its cherished .The bespoke approach does have the benefit of design, stone preparation and setting and of course several consultations with the prospective happy couple to get things just right. Whatever you choose, enjoy the experience, make memories and see you at the altar!


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Luxury Watch – How To Spot A Fake? Mon, 03 Oct 2016 09:31:18 +0000 Time-Design was started in 2012 by two friends with a passion for watches. The two friends are James Lopez and Steve Jones. They met in Steve’s shop and over a period of time became friends, whilst discovering their common interest in watches. Both avid enthusiasts sharing a personal varied collection of quality watches. The real deal watches and there is nothing worse than hvaing customers turn up all upset as they have been take for a joy ride. Sold what we call a fake or my personal favourite word for a fake is “Jekyll” (snide) Cockney rhyming slang  “Jekyll and Hyde”…….. Snide.

Steve Jones, “I think watches are” jewellery”, for men in particular!

Having been in retail for many years we truly understand the expectations of our customers, mainly honesty, reliability , excellent service and communication. We are the distributors for Zeno watches, a Swiss watch company with a collection of over 1000 different models. We also represent Schaumburg , a German  company, producing handmade quality watches. We have an in-house watchmaker which is a real benefit.

As well as supplying new watches we also deal with pre owned pieces such as Rolex, Cartier, Jaeger Lecoultre, Breitling, in fact any quality watch. We have worldwide contacts and can usually source any brand. Now my brand is precious and we sell the real thing otherwise we are dead in the water.

I have been asked many times by many people. Hey Steve,  “How do you spot a fake?”


How To Spot A Fake Watch

What do I mean about the word “Fake”

A forgery, counterfeit, copy,  imposter, Knock off,  and so on.

My personal favourite word for a fake is “Jekyll” (snide) Cockney rhyming slang  “Jekyll and Hyde”…….. Snide.

“Just bought a watch down the market turns out it’s a Jekyll”

Just about everything on the planet has been faked, from cars to cigars, boose to shoes, a good Scotch to a designer watch, handbags and the glad rags.

You name its been done.

Faking Things Is A Multi Billion Pound Business

As with all desirable brands there is a price structure, the same goes for fakes. The watch you buy on a market stall in Bangkok, an obvious fake is just for fun and a bit of bling, not fooling anyone. They only last a year and if you’re unlucky one month. You get what you paid for after all.

Then there is the serious fake, meant to fool you and others. Some Rolex are actually faked using real gold. It could be the right weight, look right  and feel right then the watchmaker removes the back to reveal a movement not meant to be there, the only real way to tell.

With watches, as with most things, the more you handle the real thing the more you become aware of a fake. If unsure buy from a reputable source.  If its too good to be true, then most of the times that is your message right there.  Also go with your gut instinct and take a mate who knows how to spot one.


MSF Instagram

Don’t forget to share your NOT FAKE, luxury watch on our instagram

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TraxNYC: A Fusion of Pop Culture and Luxury Jewelry Sat, 04 Jun 2016 08:23:12 +0000 Nowadays, more men are wearing jewellery, beyond just the traditional Rolex and wedding band. Men’s gold chains and diamond jewellery have really taken off as of late, as they bring individual style, elegance, and prestige into a man’s look.

One of the biggest men’s gold and diamond jewellery makers in the industry is TraxNYC. Situated in New York City’s Diamond District, TraxNYC offers a massive selection of jewellery from the world’s top jewellery designers and also creates custom pieces in-house. The company has created custom jewellery for a variety of big-name celebrities, including Ringo Star, Pharrell Williams, Busta Rhymes and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, as well as for TV shows, movies and theatre performances, including Showtime’s The Big C.

Founded by Maksud Agadjani in September 2004, TraxNYC began with an initial investment of $800 that Agadjani had collected on his birthday. From those humble beginnings, the company has grown to have an annual sales volume of over 9 million. Agadjani attributes this success to riding the ecommerce wave, as it had begun to surge in the retail market, along with the high quality design and craftsmanship of their jewellery.TraxNYC Mens Gold Chain (84.8kb)

“Over the course of 12 years we have experienced a large variety of business opportunities, encountered interesting personalities, and created many unique pieces of jewellery,” Agadjani said. He continued, “The jewellery industry is a competitive and difficult business that does not fair too well in uncertain economic times. However it has its romantic and adventurous moments. Building a business in the diamond district, which itself is in heart of midtown Manhattan, has been a character building experience that pulls back the curtain on the value of luxury goods, raw materials and shrewd business decisions. ”

Here are some of the unique jewellery pieces TraxNYC has created

Ringo Star Piece Sign

Ringo Star’s Custom Silver and Enamel Peace Sign Pendant TraxNYC created this silver and enamel peace sign pendant worn by Ringo Star on the cover Rolling Stone.

Ringo Star Peace Sign Pendant (54.6kb)

Custom Tongue Ring for Showtime’s The Big C

Though TraxNYC’s primary clientele is men, the company also creates custom pieces for women. TraxNYC created this custom tongue ring for Showtime’s The Big C for its advertising campaign for the show’s new season. The advertisement featuring TraxNYC’s custom piece has been used on Showtime’s website and in various magazines and billboards across the country.

Custom Notorious B.I.G. Pendant for P. Diddy

BIG Diddy Custom Pendant (68kb)

TraxNYC made this custom pendant of The Notorious B.I.G. for P. Diddy. The iconic photo of Biggie, photographed by Barron Claiborne, was used as the basis for this elaborate piece. Agadjani says a pendant this detailed can take up to 8 months to perfect, as replicating the human face is an intricate and time-consuming process.

Diamond Hourglass

In addition to the numerous pieces TraxNYC has created for celebrities, one special piece that stands out in Agadjani’s mind was a white gold and diamond hourglass. Created several years ago, the piece contained the ashes of the customer’s deceased relative. The ashes were sent to TraxNYC via FedEx and remained in their office until the hourglass was designed.

“It was a strange thing for a jeweller to handle, but it was a very sentimental piece and a project we are proud to have been involved in,” said Agadjani.

Custom-Hour-Glass-Pendant-32734-Diamond-Pendants (50.5kb)

To learn more about TraxNYC and view their one-of-a-kind designs, visit

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The CABLE™ Bracelet: Jewellery To Last More Than A Lifetime Tue, 26 Apr 2016 14:37:34 +0000 Launched on THURSDAY 14th APRIL on Kickstarter, Bailey of Sheffield is an exciting new start-up exploding onto the jewellery scene and is set to make waves with its unique and masculine modular collection. Forged in Sheffield, the home of stainless steel, Bailey of Sheffield’s original CABLE bracelet offered with a more than lifetime guarantee, can be uniquely customised with interchangeable beads and colour options for the clasps and cables. Bailey of Sheffield brings a fresh look to personalising your style.


Fusing traditional jewellery techniques, the latest precision engineering, and a thoughtful and sincere approach to design, Bailey of Sheffield’s range is unlike anything currently available. Offered in various striking colours and finishes, with a host of ergonomically aesthetic beads, the looks can be endless; wear your three favourite beads for drinks with friends, one bead for date night and by itself to the office. Sleek, sophisticated and striking; the perfect edgy addition to any outfit. Asked about his enthusiasm and the thought-process behind the brand’s originality, Scott Bailey, Founder, commented: “My inspiration comes from a search for an enduring and yet enticing piece of jewellery. The CABLE bracelet was born from a desire to create a piece that was as highly designed as it was durable and long lasting. Invented, designed, manufactured and hand assembled here in Sheffield, the pieces are crafted from the highest quality steel with style in mind.”


A visualisation of the wearer’s identity, the CABLE Bracelet which combine cables, clasps and beads, has been launched on the Kickstarter website this April, where it will campaign for 33 days, fundraising for final prototyping and production.


Kickstarter, an enormous global community built around creativity, has seen over 9 million people, from every continent on earth, having backed a Kickstarter project. The platform, which exists to help bring ingenious projects to life, has been chosen by Bailey of Sheffield to pitch its unique and beautifully designed idea on a global level, in anticipation of a product with a soon to be world-wide availability.


When production commences, each CABLE bracelet will be accompanied by it’s own unique Bailey of Sheffield signature bead and set of two stoppers. With the ability to be additionally stacked from a collection of cutting edge beads designed to allow the wearer to mix and match any style they choose, Bailey of Sheffield is bringing personalisation without compromising on style.

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The Male Jewellery Jury – How To Be Guilty Of Good Taste Mon, 25 Apr 2016 07:50:12 +0000 Keep It Elegant – Keep It Simple

The golden rule with jewellery is if you are in doubt, keep it simple. Start with a classic leather strapped silver watch. If you regularly wear a watch and can afford it, then you may wish to purchase a sportier diving watch with a stainless steel band. Only then, should you extend out to tie accessories and cufflinks. Once you’re comfortable wearing these everyday pieces, then you can start to introduce other jewellery pieces like bracelets, if you choose.

Put Like With Like

Most men’s jewellery is metallic with gold and silver tones being the most common. Your outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time (although there is a trend today to have bi-metallic pieces such as Cartier feature in abundance).

Gold is a warmer colour and reads, predictably, like a yellow accent in terms of the colour wheel. It goes well with browns and other earth tones, as well as with deep hues like royal blue or hunter green. Watch for varying tones if you’re buying several pieces of gold jewellery. Gold comes in a huge range of tones and you may end up with pieces that don’t match or complement each other.

Silver and silver tone metals like polished stainless steel or chrome have neutral colours. They appear as greys which mean they don’t clash too sharply with anything, but also don’t provide the same eye catching contrasts that well worn gold can. You can pair silver jewellery with black or dark grey clothing for a sleek, timeless look, or you can wear it with lighter colours in the summer without the fear of it overpowering your clothing.

Copper and bronze are orange hued metals and should be treated as such. They’re bolder than gold or silver and need to be worn with restraint. You’ll see copper tone jewellery in more casual outfits and special pieces such as an heirloom copper ring or antique curiosity pieces.

Precious stones need to be kept to a real minimum. No matter how egalitarian you want to get about it, they’re still feminine to many people. A single colour of stone on a ring or a single coloured ear stud is the limit. Anything beyond that is either flaunting your wealth in an obnoxious way or just plain vulgar.

Leather is an unusual choice for anyone who isn’t a teenager or a rebel. If you’re going to wear it, make sure it’s in natural earth tones, not dyed black and never with eye catching oversized metal studs.

Wooden pieces are starting to show up more and more in men’s jewellery, often in reference to today’s various ethnic styles. If you’re going to wear unusual materials like that then it needs to stand out a bit to really work.

The general relaxations for colour matching are wedding bands and heirloom pieces. A man can always wear his wedding band and if it doesn’t go with your other metal pieces, don’t worry. It’ll just draw a bit of attention and there’s nothing wrong with having people notice the visible symbol of your commitment.

Remember That Jewellery Is Symbolic

You should apply a real caution when wearing jewellery pieces outside the normal style. It’s easy to appear flashy when you start including bespoke jewellery in your daily aesthetic. However, jewellery can add a helpful bit of colour and uniqueness to an outfit. So how does a well-dressed man balance it? Well, the most obvious rules are by avoiding ostentatious styles and trying to keep everything metallic small and sleek.

Other items that have meaning might include a fraternal insignia, a military service pin, or an athletic ring or necklace which can be conversation starters and also meaningful within the situation. (You should also know when to wear these pieces.) Save your best pieces for the big occasions in life, when you can pull out your watch and cufflinks for that added feel good factor.



Obey Your Dress Codes And Surroundings

In the business world, company dress codes can and will restrict male jewellery. This will often be phrased in a politically correct tone such as, “Men should only wear tasteful pieces of jewellery,” you’ll find in practice that this mean conforming to the status quo. Businesses that request “modest” or “appropriate” jewellery, or other words along those lines, prefer things be limited to the traditional “masculine” styles of jewellery. This includes tie accents, watches, cuff-links, wedding bands, and lapel pins. Over the last decade many companies have expanded this to include bracelets, earrings, and ethnic jewellery as well, but subtly.

Even still today, piercings other than earrings are still risky even in casual settings. If your office or social circles are comfortable with nose or lip piercings, that’s progressive, but it’s still going to seem off putting to some people that you interact with, so try to take this into consideration when you’re completing your accessorised look in the morning.



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The Perfect Engagement – The ‘7 Cs’ Behind The Right Ring Tue, 07 Jul 2015 10:24:45 +0000 The Perfect Engagement: the ‘7 Cs’ Behind The Right Ring

So you’ve found your soul mate, but you’re now stuck on what engagement ring to get.  Everyone is always at a loss when it comes to figuring out where to start with buying an engagement ring. From the band colour, the size, the jewel type and all the information in between, the choices can be overwhelming. To ease the pressure, here are some tips to help.

Will It Be Costly

Everyone says it costs three months’ salary for a ring, but it is better to be realistic with what you can afford. Start with four to six weeks’ worth of saving first.

Be Prepared

Ask your partner’s nearest and dearest (those you can trust!) about whether they have hinted at any favourites; metal types, cut, diamond  or colour.

Don’t Go In Blind

Educate yourself on the ‘Rules of the Rock’; it’s always good to know exactly what you’re paying for and how to get more for your money. It’s for this reason that the team at 77 Diamonds has developed a useful infographic detailing the famous ‘7 Cs’ to choosing a diamond – the carat, colour, clarity, cut, certification, contour and cost.

With an in-depth look into one of the most important decisions of your life, 77 Diamonds has also created a helpful printable ring size chart to use before you part with your cash.



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Diesel Men’s Baby Daddy Chronograph Watch DZ7258 – Review Tue, 16 Jun 2015 10:24:45 +0000 Diesel Baby Daddy Chronograph Watch Review

I have always liked Diesel watches, and I started buying my first one about 15 years ago. This brand always stood with its designs which are bold, loud and funky. Nothing about traditional and heritage that you see with most of the Swiss time pieces. Looking at the current range of Diesel watches you come across names like “Diesel Gents Super Bad Ass Fashion Watch” I think that says it all. One of the best selling watch lines for Diesel are the Mr Daddy and Baby Daddy ranges. The Mr Daddy range is a monstrosity, it is huge, it is the Hummer of watches, I have never seen anything this big. It is a watch for the gangster that needs to know the time in 4 different time zones as it has 4 clocks on the face. As I have a very small wrist. I decided to go for the Baby Daddy range, don’t get me wrong there is nothing baby about this one as it is still big with a case size of 61 mm x 51 mm. I settled down on the gun metal looking Baby Daddy Chronograph watch the DZ7258.


The watch arrived in a nice white leather style box with a big Diesel Logo on it. Diesel always have very cool watch boxes each season. Inside was a leather style cushion with the watch strapped around it and a booklet with instructions. The instructions seems to be for a whole range of watches but it does not include this model. This could be a case of wrong booklet going with the wrong watch, no big deal as the watch was easy to operate. The watch looks huge in the box but it does not feel as heavy as I expected.


Using The Diesel Babby Daddy Watch DZ7258

It took me about 2 minutes to work out how this watch was working without the instructions. This watch is a statement piece, it has a gun metal coloured face plate with black printed numbers. The watch has 2 clocks on it. The first clock is a conventional one which has the date (the only thing in white) and 3 small dials on the face. The top of the small dial is a 24 hour dial, handy to know if it is day or night. The other 2 dials are for the chronograph which is operated by 2 push buttons on the right, the top one for stop / start and the bottom one for reset. The second watch is a rotating disc with 12 hours on it. It is a bit harder to read the exact time, it was more made to give you an idea of what time it is regarding other time zones.


I love the 4 screws that are on the front of the watch which give it a though look, fitting well with the overall bold and loud look. The side of the watch has a very nice texture which integrates well with the texture of the face plate. The back of the watch has the Diesel logo on it with the tag line Only The Brave. The strap is made of brown genuine leather and has a buckle at the end with the Diesel logo printed on it. Overall the watch has lots of different tones of grey and black, this makes reading the time a bit harder than usual, however you don’t wear this type of watch because you want to see the time quickly, or you are running and want to record your lap your time. This Baby Daddy is all about looks, and to me this looks like a Glock gun. This watch you wear because you want it to get noticed and after a few days of wearing it I have certainly received lots of attention.


More Details

Now here are more details of the Diesel Baby Daddy:

  • Case Size: 61 mm x 51 mm
  • Case Thickness: 13 mm
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Dial Colour: Grey Gun Metal
  • Strap: Brown leather strap
  • Chronograph: Yes
  • Glass: Sapphire crystal
  • Warranty: 2 years

This Diesel Baby Daddy can be purchased from TheWacthHut together with the whole range of Diesel watches for men.

Diesel-Baby-Daddy-chronogrpah-watch-7 Diesel-Baby-Daddy-chronogrpah-watch-6 Diesel-Baby-Daddy-chronogrpah-watch-5 Diesel-Baby-Daddy-chronogrpah-watch-4 Diesel-Baby-Daddy-chronogrpah-watch-3



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Swagger Toolbox – Combining Suit Accessories With Multi Tools – Kickstarter Fri, 29 May 2015 15:59:08 +0000 Swagger Toolbox—Combining Suit Accessories with Multi-tools

Men around the world love to adorn their tuxes and suits with the finest formalwear accessories.  While gentlemen’s accessories—such as tie tacks, collar stays, and cufflinks—provide necessary functions, they also give guys the opportunity to infuse a little flair into their style and make a bold fashion statement.  But sometimes…don’t you wish that these accessories could go a bit further?

Fashion With A Purpose

Now, they can!  Kickstarter’s newest formalwear accessories project, the Swagger Toolbox, revolutionizes traditional formalwear accessories by redesigning them to stylishly conceal modern multi-tools!  Crafted out of durable stainless steel, each Swagger Toolbox is compromised of a set of cufflinks, collar stays, and a tie tack, all of which incorporate practical tools into each accessory’s design.


Meet The Multi-tools

Each cufflink is equipped with a wire stripper, protractor, and screwdrivers, while the collar stays have 10-different hex wrench sizes.  The tie tack conceals a seatbelt cutter and a bottle opener cleverly in its design.   With a variety of color combinations available, the Swagger Toolbox can be easily coordinated with any style.


Created By Trendy Fashion Tool Designer

Swagger Toolbox is a live project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and was created by trendy fashion tool designers Chris Frederick and Jeff Morin.  Having run several successful Kickstarter campaigns for stylish multi-tools, the pair has decided to take on the venture of fusing functional multi-tools with men’s fashion accessories.

Kickstart The Swagger Toolbox

Whether you want to be like James Bond at your next formal event, or are looking for a unique stylish gift for your groomsmen, the Swagger Toolbox is for you.  To check out more on about the Swagger Toolbox collection, please visit the Kickstarter page:









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