Stores – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Mon, 20 Aug 2018 12:16:13 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Funky Bunny Bangkok – Bespoke Zip T-Shirts & Long Sleeves Sun, 18 Feb 2018 09:03:44 +0000 Bangkok is one of most the vibrant cities in the world when it comes to trend setting fashion. In my ten years of visiting Bangkok I am always intrigued and blown away regarding new and innovative fashion items. One of my favourite markets to explore here in Bangkok is the Chatuchak market. This is the world’s largest weekend market and between its 8,000 stalls there are so many options in regards to buying lifestyle and fashion items.

Funky Bunny

There is a section that caters for fashion and whilst exploring I came across a shop called Funky Bunny, what caught my eye was the zip inspired, t-shirt and long sleeve shirt design. I am a lover of chunky zips and zips in general. As I explored the shop more and more I fell in love with the concept. I have never come across such designs as with Funky Bunny. The shirts they sell are unisex which mean they can be worn by anyone. It is the perfect travel item as it is very versatile and looks great on any occasion.

Each zip design takes roughly two hours to sew on and over all the finish is very funky. I own several items now and every time my partner or I choose to wear it, we get many comments.

In speaking both to the designer and the owner they have now many bulk orders from Dubai and Europe. As I chatted, many people were buying the items as they thought the whole concept was very different.

Create Your Own Design

At the moment there is a bulk order only option and if there is a design that I would like to create as my very own I have to order in bulk. So you can discuss with the owner your options. I just noticed a bulk order of over one thousand T-shirts were been shipped to Dubai and the design was very culturally cool.

Today I decided to opt for four items that are hugely popular. The skeleton is their best seller and it’s a real edgy t-shirt that looks fabulous with denim, chinos, shorts and leather.

The 2018 new addition is the Eagle which I can relate too. For the simple reason, as growing this brand I have had to soar alone and create my own niche as a female in a man’s world.

The reindeer I chose to get as it’s Christmas and as far as a funky item to wear during the festive season, this is one of the coolest reindeer t shirt out there. I can team this with almost anything.

Finally the long sleeve white shirt with a wolf design is a reflection of how I feel in winter. Fast, powerful and beautiful. 2017 has been one of the most adventurous years for me.

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The Best Online Stores for Men Tue, 13 Feb 2018 20:33:50 +0000 While some men love the thought of wiling away time browsing the high-street shops, a large portion of men will avoid this at all costs. With more and more online stores cropping up, no matter where we are in the world, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to our online shopping habits. There are online stores that specialise in just about anything from hats to customised hoodies.

With an abundance of online stores, we’ve narrowed it down to a select few to make sure you’re not toiling away hours online. Once you find your own personal favourites, you’ll have your shopping routine down to a T in no time.

The Obvious – ASOS

Although ASOS is the obvious choice, it is an excellent option for something quick and easy. With its superb refund policy, some people even purchase a few different sizes, and return those that aren’t the perfect fit. Opt for ASOS for the basics – jeans, shoes, jumpers, etc. – and for the statement pieces, take your business elsewhere.

The Punctual – Chrono24

Buying a luxury watch online can be a bit daunting: it is a large amount of money to handover online. However, this online watch store has a trusted checkout system, an SSL certificate, buyer protection and authenticity guarantee. Shoppers can get great deals on a specific make of watches – take this line of Seiko models for instance.

The Trendy – Hund Hund

Hund Hund has quickly made a name for itself in Europe. The Berlin-based label specialises in eco-fashion (for men and women) and dogs. It features a very classic style with beautifully tailored staple pieces. What makes Hund Hund stand out from the rest is its use of natural materials – a reaction to today’s fast fashion that we have become familiar with. Their trousers, knit jumpers and clean-cut shirts are all very well done.

The Designer – Farfetch

This online luxury shopping platform has really made itself known recently. Farfetch features hundreds of designers and boutiques all across the world and offers express worldwide delivery. The selection of boutiques and contemporary designers is carefully curated and claims to provide shoppers a variety of fashion that they would not find elsewhere.

The High-Fashion – Mr Porter

Mr Porter has been a serious player on the men’s online fashion scene for quite some time. It has an excellent selection of brands and a very well presented array of editorial content that will fill shoppers with inspiration.

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Avana Vietnam – Unique Clothing & Shopping Experience In Hoi An & Da Nang Sun, 14 Jan 2018 04:48:34 +0000 I am staying in Hoi An which is a city on Vietnam’s central coast known for its well-preserved Ancient Town, cut through with canals. The former port city’s melting-pot history is reflected in its architecture, a mix of eras and styles from wooden Chinese shop houses and temples to colorful French colonial buildings, ornate Vietnamese tube houses and the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge with its pagoda.

Hoi An is also famous for endless amounts of tailors that can create what ever you like. Saturated with the same same outfits, being bought by tourists. In my observation, I can truly see the demand tourists crave here for very cheap bespoke tailoring. I can see that the international tourists love the experience which is still strong no matter what the quality let alone outcome is when the clothes are fitted.

However that has never ever been me when it comes to the love of clothing. Clothing for me is a lifestyle and an endless passion of communication in an art form. It is for this very reason that in 2018, I am going to continue to trend that less is more and quality, individual clothing can have an impact in business. – Gracie Opulanza

As the years go on and my journey of marketing and promoting fashion designers continues. There has been one consistent passion I have always trended and wanted to communicate to my readers. Is that, I have always loved the hunt and the adventure of connecting with unique and very exclusive one off pieces of clothing created by the hidden jewels of fashion designers.

Aldegonde Van Alsenoy

I love searching and learning from fashion designers why they work so hard to create what they do. For this reason let me introduce you to designer called Aldegonde Van Alsenoy who trained in the city of Antwerp and is now residing in Hoi An Vietnam for many years. Most successful Antwerp designers decide to remain in Antwerp however Aldegonde is an adventurous woman who wanted to be a designer in her own right.

Aldegonde’s passion for fashion is to create one off pieces. In her boutiques both in Hoi An and Da Nang all of her collections are unique and once bought no two are the same. This is rare to find in a saturated market as fashion. However it is the core essence and the key to her success.

To be able to create designs, from start to beginning, using local produces and sellers of fabrics. I love that I am in control as the designer and it’s the core essence in creating clothing that customers from around the globe continue to return. I am very committed in preserving the art of what is left here in Vietnam regarding skilled craftsmanship. Supporting the local community in regards to weaving techniques. A room full of empty looms, leaves me with an empty heart! – Aldegonde

Avana Concept Store Da Nang

So committed to local craftsmanship, Aldegonde decided to team with artist Nguyen Quoc Dan. Together they began a journey and spent pain staking months scouting, collecting empty looms and recycled wood from Vietnam to create a unique and well thought out concept store in an up and coming area of Da Nang. In fact it’s such a rare store that has not seen anything like this anywhere else in Vietnam. It is more like an art museum than a boutique. The attention to detail using recycled goods from around the country is why the Avana Concept Store is so unique.

Life and business always comes with risks. Showcasing my one off pieces in an inspiring room of art is all about the buying experience. Who am I to dictate what a man or a women should wear. My collections offer the freedom for the buyer to buy into what I call a gender neutral era world of fashion. In my store, time is no factor my customers can have a local beer or coffee and play dress ups. In that freedom of exploration, my clothing comes to life. – Aldegonde

Environmental Message

Here in Vietnam Aldegonde has the control to choose from end of change fabrics, found in the factories. Aldegonde also travels around the globe to source the finest fabrics. From South East Asia, Europe or Africa nothing limits her to her commitment to the world of fashion. Aldegonde lives the lifestyle by embracing the culture of weaving and textiles around the globe. This is fun and exciting as the fabrics are luxury and high quality, therefore nothing is wasted and the quality of fabrics are not compromised. She caters for a niche market and is loyal to her customers.

Tribe Collection

It is one of the most interesting creative stores I have seen here in South East Asia, right here in Da Nang, Vietnam. If I had to describe Aldegonde Van Alsenoy in an interior art form this is it. The shopping experience here is just fabulous, edgy and chic. A collision of fashion and art, the AVANA Da Nang store is the result of a rich collaboration between the Belgian designer and renowned Vietnamese artist Dan Quoc Nguyen. Drawing inspiration from the Co Tu tribes of the Central Highlands, Ava and Dan have created a masterpiece of fashion, wood, art and craft.

I loved the rhythmic tribal carvings that formed the perfect backdrop for Aldegonde’s singular pieces, crafted from the finest handmade fabrics and brocades to create unique and sustainable fashion. The clothes are also hang on beautifully wooden carved coat hangers which is how meticulous Aldegonde is when it comes to her Avana boutique.

The whole exploration as a customer is relaxed and the store allows me to search at my own leisure. The more I delve into the world of Avana, the more I realise that these one off pieces, stand alone in this world of saturated fashion.

Don’t limit yourself, my clothing are a universal shape for men and women. I don’t work in sizes, I create being lead by fabrics and textiles around the globe, it’s gender neutral. – Aldegonde


Hoi An Store

  • Address: 57 Lê Lợi, Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam 560000, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0235 3911 611

Da Nang Store

  • 260 Đường Trần Phú, Phước Ninh, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0236 3525 260
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LAS8 Paris – Haute French Leather Couture Made to Measure Tue, 24 Nov 2015 10:53:04 +0000 LAS8 paris french leather haute couture featured

The Origin of LAS8

LAS8 is pronounced “LaSuite”, or the next thing, referencing the continuity of its collections. This is also why the “8” becomes an infinity symbol in its emblem. The fashion house reaffirms its commitment to producing designs at the fore front of latest fashion trends.


The founders of LAS8 Paris, Philippe Anton and Fabien Paludetto, became close friends whilst studying in France. A few years on and they have collaborated to realise their dream of creating a unique and stylish line of luxury  clothing. They have combined passion, determination and hard work to launch their first collection this year. Lovers of fine materials including exotic leathers, they place quality and refinement at the heart of their thinking.
Curious, selective,and driven by attention todetail, Philippe Anton and Fabien Paludetto believe each of their creations form part of a wider piece.

The Style

The style of its Men’s collection shows fitted and aggressive cuts. For both women and men, the LAS8 Paris cuts are modern and classy. All its pieces are thought with interplays of rare and sumptuous leathers. Revealing a noble and dominating caracter, leathers and exotic skins are valuable and fascinating working basis for LAS8 and an intarissable inspiring source.

Confection – French Expertise

LAS8 Paris is a fashion house located in the heart of the fashion capital. Each model must be synonymous with prestige and fashioning is an extremely delicate step, in order to ensure an exceptional quality. For this reason, the manufacturing of its collections is made exclusively in France. The natural individuality of each leather hide is celebrated rather than disguised and each garment is designed and made to show case the character of the skin from which it has been crafted. Thus, each piece is hand crafted by highly skilled professionals. All the garments are designed, cut and made in ateliers in Paris. From start to finish, an individual Fashioning is a step performed in constant collaboration with its specialised workshops in which we ensure a continuous quality control. The expertise of these workshops that work with famous fashion houses gives a true meaning to “Made in France”.

Production in the heart of commitments – Leather Selection

To ensure the quality and uniqueness of each piece, LAS8 Paris selects drastically the best leathers and furs in the world. The depth of colour, the touch, the shine and the nobility of each skin, no detail should escape the control of the fashion House in order to use only exclusive skins. Lining 100% silk and plunged lamb skins come exclusively from France, in collaboration with recognized professionals. Skins are drum dyed and LAS8 eschews any artificial finish, preferring instead that the skins retain their natural qualities and original handle. The exotic leathers and furs, that LAS8 Paris enhances in its creations come from the most serious tanneries in the industry and meet the Washington Convention

The LAS8 Paris fashion house has partnered with many reputable tanneries, to offer the finest leathers. For example, all its python leathers come from the Hermes tannery, which is able to customise each skin according to its requirements and demands of its customers. The crocodile leather comes from several tanneries and different farms, that it works with, according to the period of the year, in order to offer its customers the most unique skins. Agreements have been established with breeding farms in order to identify the finest specimens before the treatment of raw hides called the “crust”. Its stingray leathers come from Thailand and are available in three finishes (plain, soft, super soft) and various sizes.

All the plunged Lamb skins come from France. LAS8 Paris strives to offer its customers the best quality in terms of how the leather looks like and how it behaves once it has been sewed. All skins are treated and waterproofed before cutting. Skins are drum dyed and LAS8 eschews any artificial finish, preferring instead that the skins retain their natural qualities and original handle.

A New vision of “Sur Mesure”

Each creation can be made with the leather chosen by the client. Upstream LAS8 Paris selects the finest skins to submit only a “luxury” choice in its showroom.

  • Stingray
  • Crocodile : Porosus/ Niloticus/ New Guinea/Alligator
  • Python : Back cut/ Front cut
  • Ostrich
  • Plunged Lamb Skins
  • Furs: Fox/Orylag
  • Zip finishing Selection: Gold/chrome/ canon de fusil /mat

Its creations can be adjustable and modified according to the clients:

  • Collar selection
  • Sleeves selection
  • Colour selection
  • Measurements

All of these services are proposed to its private clients and to the retailers.


LAS8 Offers personalisation of your of work of art with 22 carat gold initials or message via its gild on leather service.

LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 1LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 2LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 3LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 4LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 5LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 6LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 7LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 8LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 9


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T.M. Lewin Opens A New Store on Oxford Street Mon, 22 Dec 2014 20:24:27 +0000 TM Lewin Store Front

Jermyn Street’s famous shirt maker and tailor opens for business on London’s most famous shopping street.


T.M.Lewin is opening its new flagship store on London’s Oxford Street, just in time to catch all the last minute festive gift hunters on London’s busiest and most famous shopping street.

Launching as a pop up in the week before Christmas, the new-look T.M.Lewin, Oxford Street will become a permanent fixture in the new year, when the fully refitted store launches officially.

Designed to compliment the 100 year-old brand’s ever-evolving collection of formal shirts, tailoring, casualwear, accessories and womenswear, the latest Lewin store is packed with new contemporary fittings and fixtures, giving London’s latest shopping destination a very fresh modern-classic feel. The launch on Oxford Street marks the latest exciting development for the British multichannel retailer, who now operates 90 stores across the UK, a thriving online business and over 60 stores internationally.

No doubt this would also have been a proud moment for Lewin Founder, Thomas Mayes Lewin, who opened his modest Jermyn Street shop in 1898, selling pioneering coat shirts to the discerning Victorian gentleman. This sartorial breakthrough marked the arrival of a whole new generation of shirts with buttons down the front – like those still worn all over the world today.

‘Recent research suggests that good quality shirts, accessories and tailoring are still very much in demand. So there really couldn’t be a better time for us to open on the world’s most famous shopping street. ‘ – Geoff Quinn T.M.Lewin CEO

T.M.Lewin Oxford Street opens Christmas Week.

Connect with T.M. Lewin

www-icon facebook-icon twitter-icon


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Cheap Monday – Jeans Geniuses Sun, 12 Oct 2014 13:29:40 +0000 Cheap Monday – Jeans Geniuses

I think we would all agree that a key item in any man’s wardrobe is a good pair of jeans.  Jeans are one of the most versatile items of clothing; they can be partnered with anything to create both formal and casual looks.

With jeans being such a staple in men’s fashion it is surprising how many brands do not get it right. I pose this question to you, how many of you have purchased a pair of jeans that felt and looked OK in the store, only for them to look ill-fitting and cheap in the not too distant future?

Cheap MOnday Jeans (1)

Cheap Monday – Quality Denim

A problem I have encountered myself, I had started to become frustrated and generally accepted that I would constantly be purchasing new pairs of jeans every couple of months. That was until I discovered Cheap Monday. The Scandinavian brand is still a relatively new brand, launched as a brand in 2005, Cheap Monday has gone from being stocked in the owners Weekday store, to being stocked in Flagship stores around the globe, including London, Paris, Beijing and Copenhagen.

I came across the brand on a trip to Copenhagen in the first store Cheap Monday ever opened. Browsing the array of fits and colours I found the jeans I was looking for, these were then altered slightly on the leg (free of charge) to create the perfect fit. The staff were clearly knowledgeable about their products, how to care for them and what sizes and fits each person should opt for.

An affordable and long lasting, Cheap Monday is definitely a brand I will opt for again in the future when purchasing jeans amongst other fashion staples.

Cheap MOnday Jeans (2)


They do some great eye-wear as well. Everyone loves the ones Gracie Opulanza wears.


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Camden Lock – Scorpion Shoes That Are Savvy In Style Thu, 17 Jul 2014 15:55:44 +0000 The Scorpion King Of Shoes

London is famous for many things. Big Ben, Pubs and red buses. The jewel in the crown of this regal city however is the mecca of shopping that it affords its visitors. In no other area is this more apparent than the world famous Camden district.

Nestled to the North side of London, Camden or Camden Lock, is the place to go for alternative, street, retro, funky or vintage apparel. Camden is a destination known for its effervescent and bohemian vibe. For the last 40 years it has retained its richness of musical heritage, venues, canal side bars and of course the markets. It is still one of the very few places where independent businesses thrive in a world of retail corporate chains.

Numerous celebrities flock to Camden to acquire a second hand bargain or to develop their own style (From Russell Brand and his vintage tailored waistcoats through to Kate Moss re-igniting the trend for Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots.)

Having recently celebrated their 10th anniversary on July, Scorpion Shoes is a must see for any fashion savvy style hunter. Located in Camden High Street and Chalk Farm Road, Scorpion Shoes is an independent footwear retailer which have been trading since 1999 and attracting visitors and tourists from all over the world.

 ¨Being an independent shop we buy what we like and we wear what we sell! We are always looking for the next hot trend and being independent means we can provide styles that the larger chains quite simply cannot offer.¨

From Adidas to Fred Perry and New Balance to Vans (with some of the London fashion staples like Converse and Diesel thrown in), all the most current trends and styles from London City can be acquired here.

Camden Lock - Scorpion Shoes That Are Savvy In Style

Camden Lock - Scorpion Shoes That Are Savvy In Style


These days, it seems you can’t throw a pebble in the street without hitting a slip-on sneaker or two, and luckily our favourite street style stars are providing outstanding outfit examples of how to wear this surprisingly chic shoe trend. Ignited last year by Karl´s couture offering, Jay Z´s personalised set (and the resurgence of Lilly Allen´s London look) the sneaker has once again put its foot firmly on the ground. Being simultaneously comfortable and stylish tops the list of ideal scenarios for us.

Camden Lock - Scorpion Shoes That Are Savvy In Style

Camden Lock - Scorpion Shoes That Are Savvy In Style


Showcasing the current trend and styling potential of sneakers for this season, its summer look book and style blog has been well received, additionally allowing customers and fashion addicts alike to tag themselves and their shoes all around the world with #SCORPIONARRIVESIN  for a chance to win a free pair of shoes.

 So, next time you’re out an about in Camden town to pop into Scorpion. With such a selection of tends, you´ll  be sure not to put a foot wrong.

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Favorite Son – Exclusive Designer Clothing Thu, 24 Apr 2014 11:05:48 +0000 Favorite Son – Exclusive Designer Clothing

Favorite Son is an online menswear fashion retailer specialising in the latest must have designer brands. Established in 2013 Favorite Son began searching high and low to find the latest designer brands. It has helped revolutionise the way people shop with a great selection of clothing to choose from, including worldwide delivery.

Here are some of the exclusive designer clothing brands that you may not have heard of but you can buy at Favorite Son.

Sik Silk

Just about everyone clued up in the men’s fashion world will now have heard of Sik Silk. Sik Silk began in 2012 and slowly gained a following via Twitter. By the end of the year and throughout 2013 the brand had grown into a monster with over 34,000 followers on Twitter and a huge celebrity following. The Sik Silk range includes Baseball Jersey’s, Basketball Vest’s, Joggers, T-Shirts and Hoodies all of which can be found here at Favorite Son

Sik Silk

Sik Silk – Red NFL Jersey

Sik Silk Baseball Jersey

Sik Silk Baseball Jersey

Fresh Ego Kid

Fresh Ego Kid is a street wear brand and the brain child of Plymouth Argyle footballer Marvin Morgan. Fresh Ego Kid focuses on modern street wear from the hugely popular snapbacks to the new basketball vests. Established in 2010 Fresh Ego Kid became a firm favourite among celebrities such as JLS, The Janoskians, Ariana Grande and now the Beckhams. Visit the Latest Fresh Ego Kid range at Favorite Son

Fresh Ego Kid - Menswear Collection (2)

Visit the entire Favorite Son clothing range at

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Belstaff – Classic Buying Experience Is Priceless Wed, 20 Nov 2013 16:21:04 +0000 BELSTAFF - NEW BOND STREET CROCODILE LEATHER JACKET


I’ve been running around the streets of London after men their style and fashion. For over a year I have been writing about the stylish rider. Men don’t buy into fashion and style, they buy into their hobbies. So if you are a man that adores anything regarding motorbikes or cars then this is your store. For me Belstaff is all about riding, driving and capturing the very essence of a man. As you know I am a leather girl. And for me it’s got to look, feel and be designed impeccably. So after the recent opening of this luxury brand in New Bond Street, I thought  I would go and check it all out. For all you guys out there, I have noticed a rapid change among stores within the high street regarding their buying experiences for men. Men love to experience shopping at their own leisure. It has to be calm, and it has to have a strong purpose. So when you decide to come into Belstaff, make sure you allow plenty of time. For I guarantee you one thing, you won’t leave this shop empty handed.

The Buying Experience

As you enter the store, there is a smell that hits you, warm and welcoming. The shop has a real mystiqueness about it. Get ready guys, it’s time to explore the world of leather at its very best. The staff are warm, European by nature and know how to style a man. There is a cloak room which is more like a mini castle. Once you’ve settled in with your personal shopper you are also given a welcome drink. Yes your not going anywhere in a hurry. The stylists engages with you and asks, what you are looking for. This is priceless because over the course of a few minutes they know exactly the outfits that will define you as the stylish rider let alone driver.


photo’s by @al_exb

Get Ready Get Set – Let Me Style You


Fabulous array of leather jackets for style and also proper protective leather for motorbikes.

Luxury What Money Can Buy

David Beckham - BELSTAFF - New Bond Street London

The most expensive leather jacket I’ve ever seen and felt. Who best to represent the brand right now. David Beckham.



The price roughly £36,000

Men’s Style Icon Steve McQueen Black Racing Waxed Jacket

Men's S.Icon Steve McQueen Black Racing Waxed Jacket 19844

Men's S.Icon Steve McQueen Black Racing Waxed Jacket 19844

The most popular jacket that is a continuously flying off the shelf is the Steve McQueen Black Racing Waxed Jacket. In fact three went whilst I was there in not even 30 minutes.

Men's S.Icon Steve McQueen Black Racing Waxed Jacket 19844


The Boots made from calf skin are soft are durable amazing and very stylish indeed. Perfect for any man wanting to blow his mind and ride that motorbike


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Fashion Forward Thinking – The Legacy of Jules B Wed, 13 Nov 2013 17:55:15 +0000 Fashion Forward Thinking - The Legacy of Jules B

The Legacy of Jules B

The legacy of Jules B began in 1984 when husband and wife team Julian and Rhona Blades opened their first boutique fashion store in the North East of England. In the years that followed, the company have gone from strength to strength and now boast bricks and mortar locations in some of the UK’s most desirable locations, including the Newcastle suburb of Jesmond, North Yorkshire’s Yarm and the historic market town of Kendal.

Jules B - Kendal Store


Jules B - Newcastle Store


Jules B - Yarm Store

Not one to fall behind the times, the success of their online store has moved at a similar pace and in their commitment to providing the ultimate personalised shopping experience for their ever expanding clientele, have made their unique brand of luxury available wherever you are in the world.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as winning the Drapers Magazine award for ‘Best Independent Fashion Store’ four times and being named in Vogue’s ‘Best 100 Stores Outside London’ has solidified their status as a fashion front runner.

The menswear offered both in-store and online caters to every style palette, with appearances from outerwear specialists Canada Goose, laid back luxe brand Armani Jeans and some of Britain’s most iconic fashion houses, including the distinct tailoring of Paul Smith and the quintessentially British footwear of Jeffery West.

A quarter of a century in the industry has provided Jules B with the ideal opportunity and well-established platform to launch their very own self-titled collection that- in its success- has proven just as popular as its high fashion contemporaries.

Check out some of the most striking pieces from their new season collections below.

Jules B - Cufflinks

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Unruly Blue – Tailored Clothing For Young Children Fri, 14 Jun 2013 08:04:15 +0000 Unruly Blue Boys Suits Selfridges

Brooklyn and David.  Jaden and Will.  Stylish men have stylish children.  However, dressing boys is a challenge for fashionable parents everywhere.

“Is it impossible to find a suit for an eight-year-old boy?” The Creative Director of Unruly Blue overheard this cry for help from a frustrated father on the kidswear floor of London’s premiere department store, Selfridges & Co. She sent an urgent message to UB’s designer: “Selfridges needs us.”

You Need Unruly Blue

Designer and founder Samantha J. Taylor believes that everyone needs Unruly Blue. In 2011 Samantha set out to meet the demand for elegant, impeccably tailored clothing for young men. Clothing painstakingly designed; clothing made to exacting standards with superior materials; clothing that dignifies children. Melding the spirit of youth and whimsy with timeless refined details, UB disposes of the idea that clothing is disposable.  In the world of UB, ‘polyester’ is a dirty word. From their three-piece suits, to their cotton formal shirts, to their 100% cashmere sweaters, UB refuses to compromise on quality.

Owned and operated by a team of talented friends from diverse professional backgrounds, UB is dedicated to producing boyswear that combines fashion with function—and, of course, with fun. The company manufactures its suits exclusively in the UK. Samantha explains: “Making the clothes in Britain is important to me. Artisans should receive a fair wage for making beautiful clothes, and I want to make sure that that happens.”

 Demand For High-end Formalwear For Boys

But many labels are beginning to design high-end formalwear for boys, so what makes UB unique? “We try not to use blue,” says Samantha. “There are so many other colors for boys to wear. Blue is boring. We take an Unruly approach to our designs for boys.”  UB sources a colorful array of natural textiles from premium mills around the world, including Art Fabrics from the legendary Liberty of London, and classic Harris Tweed.

Parents and stores want in on the UB revolution. Unruly Blue makes its London debut in the Selfridges & Co. flagship store on Oxford Street, which will present its next collection (Autumn/Winter 2013) in November 2013.

Thanks to Unruly Blue, no fashion-conscious father will ever again trouble heaven to demand a suit for an eight-year-old boy.

For more information on stockist and products, please send an email to or visit their website at


Unruly Blue Boys Suits Selfridges - Tailored clothing for young children

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Operation Wardrobe – Suit Collection Made for you Alone Wed, 12 Jun 2013 10:34:45 +0000 Operational Wardrobe - Shoreditch - Hackney High Street
Fashion companies are always tailoring their business to the ever evolving pace of men’s daily working demands. Have you got suits in your wardrobe that are of vintage heritage, well loved but never worn. You hold onto  your suits because the quality, style or design of the fabrics are too much to let go. But you not so sure what to do with it? Well Operation Wardrobe states what it says. Yes imagine your treasured suits re designed to fit you, bespoke and all. You will own your very own suit made for you but with a twist. Is that possible for 2013. Yes it is.

The Suit Reconstruction

Operation Wardrobe is all about bringing the value back to clothing and redefining the term luxury. Through deconstruct and reconstruct methods, both vintage and excess stocks are handcrafted by skilled surgeons to create beautiful quality pieces, providing a unique and sustainable reinterpretation of the classic shapes that you already know, with a slight twist. An operation piece can be worn anywhere and on any occasion, together as a set or stand alone strong. There really is only one of what we make. There really is only one of you. Get the design first, then dine out on the sustainable style.

Fast Fashion Versus Individuality

Why get your own personalised suit? In this tough economic times where jobs are scarce it’s a brilliant to take the risk and wear something considered your own. Also for some men the normal tailored suit is just too boring and getting a design which shows your personal taste is a risk worth taking. There are some fabrics that money just can’t buy any more. So if you have your own suit worth re- styling then Operation Wardrobe is the place to head. Be inspired by Garry and listen to what he has to say about being an individual. Don’t panic Kerry and Garry know what they are doing. They will have you rocking in your suit in no time at all.

[youtube id=”tvaumTPQG-0″ width=”100%” height=”400px”]

Operational Wardrobe - Pinstripe Jacket

Operational Wardrobe - Redesigning your suit

Garry wearing Cape 2013 Collection


[youtube id=”WRLIOWQSkCw” width=”100%” height=”400px”]


Operational Wardrobe - Redesigning your suit

Operational Wardrobe - Redesigning your suit

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Gresham Blake – Suit Choices That Stand Out Sun, 09 Sep 2012 20:27:36 +0000 gresham-blake,-ties

Gresham Blake

How do you create an image that is more out and about than most men? Where do you get dressed in some absolute top notch attire? Gresham Blake certainly fits the bill and creates the right image for you.

Gresham Blake is an innovative contemporary designer-tailor, specialising in bespoke and made to measure suits with ready to wear collections for men and women. The have stores in London and Brighton as well as an online shop. In visiting the Brighton store their faithful customers flocking in are mainly men. This is a reflection on the good quality of products and services Gresham Blake offers.

Why get a suit that is made to fit?

Simple because the experts know what they are doing. There is an undeniable difference in men that wear a suit and a suit that wears a man. It looks very unflattering when a man wears a suit that is far too big.  It’s even more displeasing to the eye when a man wears a suit that has the wrong colour or design choice. I was talking to Jack  from the Brighton store and he is a great example when it comes to showing you how a man should look when it comes to wearing the right suit.

Why own a suit?

An individually tailored suit, made to fit your frame, style and budget, whether a wedding suit, dress suit or work suit, makes you feel a million dollars without costing the earth. In a nut shell the right suit looks amazing.

Need something in a hurry? Gresham Blakes range carries classic suits, limited edition suits, classic shirts and designer shirts. Combined with a full range of accessories from unique cufflinks, funky ties,bow ties, classic ties braces, wool and dress scarves to contemporary wallets, credit card holders and key rings. They can dress you to impress from head to toe. All these items can be bought online and from their London and Brighton stores.


They stock very alternative shirts

matthew-morrison-gerard-butler,gresham blake

Matthew Morrison wearing Gresham Blake

gresham blake jubillee blazer



You can never match having a suit made for specifically for you

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Harrods London – Head Down To The Men’s Lab Tue, 17 Jul 2012 07:30:42 +0000 Harrods, Men's Lab

Harrods London is exclusively reknowned for marketing and selling luxury goods on a level one could only imagine to buy. However Harrods has unveiled the new Men’s Lab department. Created with a young, fashion-conscious male in mind, Men’s Lab fuses urban style with a polished aesthetic to create a trend-led offering like never before.

The new Lower Ground Floor space will showcase the very best picks of contemporary lifestyle brands, including G-Star, Topman, Lee, Levi’s, Superdry and Adidas Originals, as well as exclusives from Topman, 7 For All Mankind, Lee, Diesel and Maharishi. Truly a one-stop shop for all fashion-forward fellows.

Why Should I Shop There?

Nothing can match excellent customer service. I find every-time I head down to the Men’s Lab, the guys dress in different styles that will inspire you how to dress the latest trends. The layout is very male friendly and there is always breathing space to browse at your own leisure. If something does not quite fit then the sales team have enough added resources at your fingers tips to make sure your clothes fit. I know how you men love convenience when shopping.

Male Grooming – A Must Experience

The Refinery is a private space and a form of beautification area yet masculine area that offers shaving, massages, waxing, hair styling and barbering – pretty much every man that enters The Refinery will leave feeling like a KING. This is the place to embrace male grooming.

Tip for Women: The male grooming is a perfect place to dump your man for a while so you can shop in calm. When you pick them up, be careful they will come out unrecognisable.

Harrods Exclusive Stock

Harrods stocks high street label pieces that are only exclusively sold at Harrods. I awlays love heading to their jean collection. I find it offers a wide range of brands you don’t find on the high street. Most importantly, you end up walking out with the iconic Harrods bag that you know displays one thing when you shop, you shop in style.

With the London Olympic’s is literally around the corner and if you want to look fashionably chic, you know where to head.

Harrods Men’s Lab Video

 Harrods Men’s Lab in Pictures

Harrods Male Grooming

Male grooming at Harrods



Bentley, pink at Harrods

You’ll never know what will turn up outside at Harrods




Harrods always offers limited collections for you to embrace


Harrods, Men's Lab

Men’s Lab department

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Oscar H.Grand – Men’s Bespoke Suits, El Born, Barcelona Thu, 05 Jul 2012 06:15:28 +0000 oscar-h-grand

Oscar H. Grand’s collection simply is about made to measure. The one thing I love about Europe specifically in this case Barcelona, is that city chic living is about being bang, not on trend. The men here are sexy, they stand out and damn right look fashionably different. Hence why, Oscar H. Grands fits in perfectly for the creative man.

This tailor certainly pays detail attention to the fashion conscious man. Image heading in and getting a suit made for you. Everything to colour choice, the cut,  the style, represents you. The end result being  and  looking dashingly like Bond. His versatiliy is refreshing and if you have a suit that you have out grown, bring it along and they will make another one your size.

Clothes are about the feel good factor  having  a suit that suits your personality and created by you, well that’s not that easily found these days. Having this done is worth every penny. You get something that belongs to you.





oscar-h-grand-blue mens shorts









Website: Oscar H Grand

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