Hairstyles – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Mon, 20 Aug 2018 12:16:13 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Long Hair – 5 Easy Ways To Style Sat, 28 Jul 2018 00:13:58 +0000 There are tons of misconceptions about men and long hair, but the truth is, they can look just as good and professional even if they sport their locks longer than other men. Beyond that, they can choose different styles and because of the versatility of long hair, they are not bound to just one normal look.

If you are unsure how long hair will look on you, you can ask during your appointment with your favorite salon like Rakis on Collins. At the same time, you can get advice on whether long hair looks great on you or not before you spend so much time trying to grow your hair longer.

Once you have finally achieved the length of hair you have been trying to get, the next step is to think about hairstyles. While men do not have as many different kinds of hairstyles as women, they still have a pretty decent list of ways to style and maintain long hair.

Below are some hairstyles men with long locks can try out.

Man Bun

That twisted knot is no longer just a passing phase or trend. In fact, they are here to stay and if not, they can be adjusted based on the looks and preferences of the customer. In fact, it has already established itself as a staple and the best part is, there are quite a number of man bun styles out there. This means you do not have to be a clone of other people and instead, you can find a different hairstyle for a change. If you have a bit more time to do a proper bun on your head or if you want to be a bit bolder, you will find the right style for you.


The simple ponytail has to be the easiest and the most classic hairstyle of all time. The best thing about it is that both men and women can rock this look. While it is many times less complicated than other women hairstyles, for example, it is a clean-cut and sophisticated look for men with straight hair. Men who are sporting long hair and have to attend business or more formal events can opt for a classic ponytail.

Perm Curl

Because you almost never see men in the salon getting a perm, it is normal to conclude that this is the reason why so few men have this hairstyle. However, popular men are starting to rock this look and enjoy their new curls. The only main difference is that women can leave it looking messy and unkept whereas this would not be a respectable look for a man. It is important for them to use top shampoo, gel or wax in order to nourish, moisturize but also to manage their new curls. Don’t worry, they will still look wild enough, having something like a “just-woke-up” kind of hair.

Shoulder Length

The beauty of male long hairstyles is that they do not need tons of time and work. Sometimes, a simple step can already deliver a great look. The shoulder length is one of these. By simply parting your hair on the side for that side-swept look and letting it fall naturally, you can already look edgy and mysterious.

Extra Long Hair

Another great long hairstyle for men is the extra-long hair, which simply means letting it grow out. It looks best if your hair has texture and a little bit of wave because very straight hair looks quite blunt. Another possible disadvantage of this style is that you would need to take care of it so it doesn’t look messy and it doesn’t tangle.

Tips For Styling Long Hair For Men

Men who are resistant to styling and adding products to their hair should be aware that most long hairstyles will require it, otherwise, it will look unkempt or even get tangled up. In order to sport that long hair look perfectly, your hair has to be in top condition. Having the right shampoo and conditioner is key, and the kind depends on the texture of the hair. For example, curly hair needs sulfate-free products, thin hair does best with volumizing shampoos and conditioners, while thick and frizzy hair needs moisturizing ones.

Other products you should have at home include wax to tame any flyaway hair and if your hair is longer, mousse or a texturizing salt spray will add some wave. While you would not need as many paraphernalia as women, a comb is quite important.

Long hair is a great look for men who want to stand out and in reality, there are men who truly make this look incredibly sexy and manly. However, having this kind of hairstyle requires a bit of work and attention in order to make it look great and not unruly. Moreover, long hair is delicate so you would need to take care of it. Other than that, do not forget to bring on the attitude to match your hairstyle.

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Why Men Choose To Dye Their Hair Fri, 22 Sep 2017 12:53:29 +0000 It seems every year there are new hairstyles to try out. In 2017, pompadours, fades, and undercuts are gaining in popularity. However, something that rarely gets discussed among men is hair dye. Is it because men are ashamed to admit they dye their hair? Or is it because they think it’s only something that women do?

Whatever the reason, you’ll find that men are now starting to discuss their explanations for choosing to dye their hair, and they are actually incredibly varied. Awareness of how to do it correctly is important when it comes to using hair coloring for the first time, but it’s also significant to break preconceived conceptions of using hair dye in general.

A fairly recent BuzzFeed video caught our attention, as it was the story of four young men who had never tried dyeing their hair before, but all had valid reasons for doing so. Let’s discuss the motives and results.

Don’t lack confidence With His Former Blonde Hair

The first man, Edward, appeared to lack confidence with his former blonde hair, but also believed that having that particular colour meant he was commonly judged a certain way by the public. Edward thought that young men were simply not meant to colour their hair like women do, but was excited to smash that stigma. Choosing to go for a darker look, Edward’s spirit was boosted almost immediately.

Richardson was the second man to make a change with his hair. He explained that in his culture, it was highly unusual to dye your hair, as it was perceived to be unprofessional. He also said that he thought he was the “boring” one in his circle of friends, and that was making him afraid of a big switch. Going from jet black hair to bleach blonde took Richardson a moment to get used to it, but before long he was completely satisfied with the change. He was happy to get some attention and felt like a new man.

Next up, Luis was simply bored of his colour. He didn’t think hair had to be either light or dark, but could be something else entirely. He said that he wanted a try out a new trend of bright hair dyes, and chose purple because of it being his favourite colour. After the transformation, Luis said that the bright colour better matched his fun personality and made him feel like he stood out from the crowd.

Never forget ????#whitehairdontcare

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Yoshi Sudarso (@yoshi_sudarso) am

Lastly, Yoshi perhaps had the biggest alteration of them all. Having thick dark hair all the way past his shoulders, Yoshi said he was interested in trying out the gray hair trend and prove that grey hair doesn’t have to be embarrassing, but a cool look. In the end, Yoshi’s makeover to silver grey hair made him look almost unrecognisable, but something that he was cheerful about, as he wanted to experiment with his hair even more. His intention was to look like someone from a video game, and he certainly achieved that.


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5 New Hairstyles for Men in 2017 Thu, 13 Jul 2017 22:42:37 +0000 We have entered into a world of creative ideas and experiments where all genders highlight a colorful array of outfits and hairstyles, each of which speaks volumes about personality. Of course, for someone, it could be a real life goal being able to tell your barber how to cut your hair instead of “just a trim”. And when you find a barber that knows how to cut your hair just right and shave you as well – hell yeah, we are happy for you! But in case you are looking for something new and going to meet your new barber soon, don’t miss this post and check the trendiest hairstyles for men in 2017.

Clearly, the “long at the top short on the sides” style is not going anywhere but there have been some updates. These top five haircuts for men look smoking hot, and there is certainly something for everyone whether your type is coiffured, curly or edgy.

Top Haircuts From Quiffs to Fades

Today, you can find different haircuts for men. Undoubtedly, medium or long haircut is a fine decoration of man. However, due to the popularity of old-school vintage barbering, short hairstyles for men are massive nowadays and remain sleek and attractive, especially for guys with beards or mustaches.

What we have here is some inspiration and guidance to the cutting-edge haircut trends for this year and styles that stay around forever.


It is amazing how hairstyles make their way back around. A pompadour worked pretty well for Elvis despite the fact the style was initially designed for women. However, the pompadour cut is becoming more mainstream right now, so we decided to include it on our list. You can scroll down lots of websites and see about 80 different ways how to rock pompadour, varying from the classy cut to wavy lines. This jazzy haircut looks nice on all men despite nationality, and lots of celebrities are on board with it.

The hair will be shaved short on the back and sides, and the top is about four to six inches in length. The pomp makes the hairstyle unique and natural thanks to a large volume of hair, but still looking very slick and sharp. So if your hair gets any more volume, end up with the pompadour.


Nowadays, visits to barber shops are always about a treat – the whiskey bar or green tea in addition to a free Wi-Fi while waiting, the barber shops offer a haircutting experience with all the modern trims. And one of such modern trimmings is the Fade haircut. All the trendy men wear this version of the undercut. A fade gradually shortens or “fades” in length with your longest hair at the top and shortest hair at the bottom. It really looks good: short hair and low maintenance.

Though, this hairstyle is not just one cut. It can be simple or it can depend on your preferences. There are many kinds of fade; some of them are high and tight, low fades, and mid fades. As well, an urban request can include low-grade fade combined with sharpened finish beard trim for a standout style.


An undercut is a more classical style with trimmed sides and at least two to three inches long hair in the front. It maintains proper shaved back. The hairstyle is recommended for people who like not too extravagant just simple basic styles. If you have limited hair styling skills you will love the undercut. It starts with having the right product – you just need a bit of wax or hair gel to keep it tamed and with a retro touch. Sure, it also depends on the style you choose, whether it’s a side-swept undercut or slicked back, or disconnected brush-up.


If you have got a newly styled quiff, waxed mustache, long beard and a fully tattooed sleeve – it’s the new hotness hipster replacement for 2017. The quiff is edgy 90’s-inspired style that gives volume, and high shine. The hair looks great and is so beautiful when it is greasy, brushed back, messy or ruffled. To be fair the rockabilly quiff is quite memorable due to its cute and sexy-symbiosis style.

To make a quiff, you will need:

  • No less than three to six inches of hair on top (when it comes to quiff, the longer the better).
  • Apply some styling product to reach the proper volume, height, and texture.
  • Use a blending shear when cutting and detailing around.
  • Complete with a dryer.

When you don’t have any hair product, you can run your fingers through the locks to make a nice voluminous or beautiful messy quiff.

Man Bun

 Probably, you mentioned a lot of runners and men in a gym have a little man bun or so called the “hun” or the half-bun. It isn’t just a guy’s’ hairstyle that has become very popular this year, it’s a perfect mix of the casual and comfortable haircut. The half-bun is to be the best trend in a long while and it looks great when guys keep their long curls. It works staggeringly with coiffed locks. Sure, strong natural and curly hair can be so difficult to maintain, especially when you spend months growing it out. However, to make a proper one, you have to go for the next approach:

  •  Grow your hair out long enough to make a hun;
  • Use the right shampoo and conditioner to maximize the volume;
  • Apply a mousse or hair gel to reach the desired weight and height;
  • Put hair a little bit up and twist the hair by the bubble;
  • And instead of wearing all of your hair long, try shaving some sections.

One last point: the hair is what makes a man attractive. And if you would like to change your style to any — save a photo you like from therighthairstyles and show it to your hairdresser or stylist. It’s really a noteworthy help as it gives a reference point and maps out how you want your new hairstyle to look.

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RED7 – Deluxe Gentlemen’s Pamper Experience Wed, 12 Jul 2017 02:18:29 +0000 I was recently asked to join up with a herd of gentlemen whom I have never met before for a stag party (sound familiar?) organised by Red7 who are an events management company based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Red7 is group activity expert which can organize a good old shindig for just about anything ranging from stag dos, lad dos or weekend birthday benders.

On this occasion I was invited to experience Red7’s all new Deluxe Gentlemen’s Pamper Experience which entailed a multitude of treatments designed for the “modern gent”. Personally I think it is a great idea especially if you have been far too busy to keep on top of your grooming regime before the big away day to spend one last time partying hard with the soon-to-be-married stag.

The order of the day was just how a gentleman would want it – simple and stress free. Anyone who knows Brighton well enough will know that you will almost certainly meet people from all walks of life and you are always guaranteed to meet the nicest people ever.

The first stop was a beer tasting experience at a small bottleshop called Bison Beer which stocks a wide range of beers from around the world. They also stock their own homebrew which uses a state of the art counter-pressure filling system to ensure the beer remains fresh and carbonated. The samples on offer for the day were a selection from their homebrew and each named according to their taste. “Fierce” was an easy shift session pale beer which was lighter in colour and mild on the taste buds. “Vibrant Forrest”, a mosaic pale beer which was bitter on the tip of your tongue yet somehow refreshing at the same time – I’d say this was my personal favourite. “Brew By Numbers” was quite a strong tasting blonde beer that was not too dissimilar to the well-established Leffe Beer. The final taster on the list for the day and the most bizarre was “Alphabet” which was a cola weisse beer and as the detail suggests it tasted much like beer and cola mixed together. Quite an interesting concoction if I don’t say so myself.

Lipstick & Gunpowder

On arrival at the boutique hair salon, Lipstick & Gunpowder, we were met with a welcome beer (yes more beer!) by the friendly and enthusiastic staff just to set the tone going forward. Lipstick & Gunpowder is based in the South Lanes of Brighton where all the hustle and bustle is. The salon is owned and run by the technicians who work there so you can safely bet that you are in good hands. As you enter the salon you are faced with a row of chairs and mirrors to your left and enough work space for the technicians to do their thing. The basement area downstairs is where you’ll go to get your manly locks of hair washed. The decor inside the salon reminded me of a classic 80’s style chic whilst still being able to pull off with a modern feel. With the music blaring and the beers on hand it’s a sure fire way to get you in the mood for partying.

My first treatment was a hair wash followed by a scalp massage in the basement area by a lovely young person by the name of Harley. Harley was very attentive and thorough when washing my hair and then followed up with an immensely relaxing ten minute scalp massage. Literally my eyeballs were rolling so far in to the back of my head!

After my hair wash and incredible scalp massage I made my way back upstairs in a trance like state and was seated in the salon area and plied with another beer by another lovely staff member by the name of Rhian, the resident make-up guru, who also kept me company and chatted with me till the hair technician was ready to work some magic.

My hair technician was an immaculately presented lady by the name of Maria, who is the owner of Lipstick & Gunpowder with over 27 years of experience in her profession. Maria made sure to ask me how I usually liked to have my hair cut but I could tell straight away by her confidence that she knew her profession inside-out so I was that instantly put at ease. “I want you to cut my hair how you think it should look” I blurted out as I imagined when you say something like that to a technician they appreciate the trust you put in them to just do their own thing. Maria explained in her most diplomatic manner that I should have my hair shorter at the front to help reduce the appearance of my high hair line – I call it that as I cannot admit to myself that my hair line might be receding. By the end of the cut Maria’s expertise, experience and recommendations did me every bit of justice and even made me look slightly younger with illusion.

After the hair cut we all made our way across the road to the Pitcher & Piano bar where there was a much needed healthy supply of fruity cocktails and food platters with just about everything a man would need. By now I had a fresh hair do, a full stomach and I was roaring to go and hit the clubs courtesy of Red7, VIP style of course!


For a company that has been in the industry for 32 years and have arranged over 300,000 parties and 100 other activities to choose from you are left in no doubt that Red7 can pull of their Deluxe Gentlemen’s Pamper Experience. I will definitely be looking these guys up should I ever have be granted the prestigious title of Best Man. For more information please check out the Red7 website.

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Step Out In Style with the Coolest Men’s Haircuts Fri, 07 Jul 2017 00:51:37 +0000 A bad haircut can ruin both your social and professional life. It can easily turn you into a hermit only venturing out when the damage has lessened. Truth be told, many men would like to do something about their hair but the effort that comes with finding tailored services is too much. Ask most men and they will tell you they have stuck to the old barbershop they were introduced to by their old folks.

Tune Up Your Look with a Super Haircut

Well, you can now turn your dull hair into the latest hairstyle by visiting a modern salon in your area. You can now dazzle with a super haircut prepared by a qualified hair stylist at a modern salon. If you are wary about getting your old haircut messed up, no need to worry. You will receive tailored services to suit your look perfectly. These salons dedicated for men’s facial and hair care are stylish and you will have a highly trained and certified stylist working with you.

Unlike any other ordinary salon in the neighborhood, the services offered at this salon are not only hygienic but also more effective. As a client, your needs come first and there is no one-fits-all package. The salon environment is exquisitely decorated to create a welcoming atmosphere. The moment you walk in, you will feel relaxed, which is exactly what a good salon atmosphere is supposed to do to you.

Finding the Right Salon for your Haircut

Getting a haircut has never been this exciting. If you have just searched using the phrase ‘men’s haircut near me, you need to know what to look for in your salon of choice. Of course, there are hundreds of salons in every city and to find the best, you need to take time to do some research. Among the things to consider include:

  1. Licensing of the salon: Look for a salon that is licensed and registered to do business. Such establishments go to extra lengths to provide exquisite services. They are well maintained and comply with all health and safety standards.
  2. Convenient location: Look for a place that is easily accessible whenever you need a haircut. Some salons might have excellent services but their poor location makes them a no-no.
  3. Expertise: Does the salon employ only the most qualified stylists? Take time to read the profile of the employees working at the salon. The best establishment will have a team of experienced hair experts.
  4. Range of men grooming services: The best salon offers a wide range of services including the classic haircut, cool kid cuts, college cuts, father and son haircuts, face and scalp treatments, shaves, nail treatments, grooming and bachelor party preparations among others. If you need a tailored haircut, your stylist should be ready to offer one.
  5. Easy booking: Online booking must be available at your salon. This makes things easier for you and you don’t have to suffer the inconvenience of waiting in the line.

Still stuck with that old haircut from college? Why not spice your look with a professional stylish haircut done by the experts? It boosts your self-esteem and makes both your social ad professional life easier.

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Ten Popular Celebrity Hairstyles for Men Wed, 24 May 2017 07:53:06 +0000 The key to choosing a hairstyle is to make sure that it works with the angles of your face and highlights your features. Celebrities tend to be more liberal when it comes to hair styling. They love to experiment with looks and at the same time open new horizons of creativity for their fans. To make the selection easy for you, we have compiled some popular hairstyles adopted by superstars like David Beckham, Brad Pit, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more.

Popular Celebrity Hairstyles

It’s always great to go through the top celebrity hairstyles and then decide one for yourself.  Here are some of the hottest celebrity hairstyles that are getting popular in 2017;

Tapered And Tidy

This style is an excellent example of a neat, tapered and chic comb over. In styling this cut, you have to finger-comb the hair up and slightly forward. To keep the distinctiveness, subtly spiked hair is valued over pompadour.

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A Guide To Hair-Styling Products Fri, 31 Mar 2017 10:36:20 +0000 Men are spending more on grooming than they have done historically, however this can be a lottery. Tesco, Boots and Superdrug may have rows and rows of brightl coloured inexpensive male grooming products on their shelves but try asking anyone instore to give you advice on razor burn or a dry flaky scalp. A good stylist could/should almost be prescriptive. Winter can raise all kinds of challenges for the well-groomed man and his freshly acquired hairstyle. Your style has to be durable to get through the days of wind and rain.

Avoid the glued look

A firm hold style is harder to maintain but try a more flexi-hold messy look that will sustain being blown around a bit! Recent research conducted in the US which surveyed men around the world affirmed two things. They want dry hands after applying product and for their hair not to be left feeling sticky or stiff. men-ü has developed a revolutionary styling product LIQUIFFLEX that is great for almost all modern styles. Because the product is so well dispersed through the hair, hands are left dry to the touch and because of the flexi-hold, the hair is not stiff or sticky.

Eden Park UK – Shop the collection

Don’t weigh the hair down

Products such as traditional pomades will weigh the hair down and flatten to your head, exposing more scalp, as well as losing that strong masculine shape. Invest time in finding a professional product range, this is as important as researching a good qualified stylist. Non-professional products on the lower end of the scale can have a one size fits all approach. But also beware of overpriced miracle cures which often lead to disappointment.

Shop the collection Eden Park UK

Invest in Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner is often the most overlooked process of a man’s grooming routine but can have the biggest impact. Hair washing is essential to stronger and healthier hair growth. In a nutshell, it’s all about the scalp. The sebaceous glands beneath the scalp secrete oil onto the surface, denying the hair shaft a clean healthy environment to grow and flourish. The hair shaft becomes weaker, eventually snapping off, in technical terms this is known as shedding. The way to avoid this is by using a quality shampoo and conditioner, professional is the key word, such as men-ü daily refresh shampoo and daily moisturising conditioner, the products are developed and designed specifically to combat the issues that directly affect men. If you feel your hair is beginning to thin and you want to do everything possible to promote healthy hair and scalp to prevent ‘shedding’ in the future, avoid cheap generic mass produce product. This will have no desirable effect on your hair and scalp and could even make matters worse.  Years ago we were told not to wash our hair too often as we believed the oil was good for our hair. Now, we have learnt that unless we cleanse the scalp, at least once a day and preferably twice then the oil can cause far more problems than good.

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Top 10 Cool Hairstyles For Men Tue, 07 Mar 2017 14:23:34 +0000 Top 10 Cool Hairstyles For Men

What do the undercut, quiff, pompadour, and slicked back have in common? All these men’s hairstyles continue to be among the trendiest and classiest haircuts for guys. And, unless you are already styling your hair with these modern trends in mind, it’s time you change things up.

With descriptions of all the top hairstyles of recent years, this list is the place to start if you’re looking for a trendy haircut to keep your look up-to-date. Modern men don’t want to be limited, so we’ve included styles ranging from the undercut to the crew cut. Most of the hairstyles leave room for some kind of versatility, which means you can tailor your hairstyle to suit both personal style and business requirements.

Best Haircuts For Men

A good hairstyle for guys will essentially do two things – flatter a range of face shapes and reflect the latest trends in hairstyling. Despite the fact that these two requirements seem simple, finding the right men’s hairstyle can be a daunting and difficult task.

This list is inspired by and their new graphic on cool hairstyles for men in 2017. Some of the cuts are new styles, while others just continue to be popular trends.


The fade, also known as the taper, involves the hair being cut so that the shortest hairs are at the bottom, while the hair towards the top of the head becomes progressively longer. Exhibiting an unrivalled combination of practicality and style, this popular men’s haircut can be made to suit most face shapes with just a little tweaking.

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Winter Hair Styling Tips For Longer Hair Thu, 02 Feb 2017 13:38:45 +0000 Winter can raise all kinds of challenges for the well-groomed man and his freshly acquired hairstyle. Your style has to be durable to get through the days of wind and rain.

Keep it Long

As stylists we’re often asked by the client, “what is the best hairstyle for the winter months”? The obvious answer to this is long and thick. If it only it were that simple!

During the winter we tend to see a shift to longer hair around the sides and back, this is great news for both the stylist and client as it gives us the opportunity to create more interesting shapes and styles on the head. Product plays an important role at this time of year. If you’re creating gravity defying hairstyle then you’re going to need a very strong product to maintain it in the wind and rain!

Make it Square

A fuller, squarer lengthier cut is the answer to durable hair. Building weight up along the upper sides where the head begins to round off to allow the hair to sit square and full.

Add to this increased length around the sides and back and an extra inch or two on the top and we can create strong masculine looking shapes that look fuller and thicker without the need for temporary scaffolding or super strong super glue type product to achieve lift and height. We let the hair and the right product do it for us.

Apply product when hair is damp

The challenge with this more durable longer hair is it is difficult to defy gravity! I suggest a routine where after leaving the shower with freshly washed and conditioned hair, towel dry, leaving the hair only slightly damp.  Use a light product with a medium hold.  Style roughly with your fingers and hands and allow to dry naturally whilst you eat breakfast and are still in the comfort and warmth of the house.

Just before you leave the house, that’s the time to style your now dried hair. Apply your product to the palms of your hand and rub vigorously to create an even distribution of product. Apply the product to the entire area of your head, concentrating on the roots, the mid lengths and the ends will take care of themselves. This process should replicate washing your hair, you should be concentrating on the scalp and roots. Once the product has dispersed evenly and everything is standing up, use your hands or a wide toothed brush to shape.

This process with the right length haircut will be less inclined to be affected by the winter elements.

Be ahead of the trend

This is about thinking smart and listening to your stylist. Right now, we are seeing the trend of dismantling the large heavy blocked quiffs that have dominated the industry for the past 5 years.

This is showing itself in two ways. Firstly, guys have a lot of length on the top, versus what they have on the sides, we are seeing a lot of elastic band type haircuts (You know who you are!). The elastic band is guaranteed to damage your hair shaft, often without chance of repair. It goes without saying this is not recommended. However, on the flip side, the longer lengths on the top are showing some great 80’s style flicks and wedges, hair that covers the whole head and not just the very top.

Clients are also asking us to add more texture to the hair by deconstructing the top into manageable but quirky haircuts with movement. Couple this with the removal of the big beard and it looks like 007 has brought back that clean, suave but ultimately very stylish look with a shorter and more balanced haircut. As the elements get worse, these haircuts become more popular as today’s man looks for stylish but versatile hair with low maintenance.

Avoid the glued look

A firm hold style is harder to maintain against the elements. Try a more flexi- hold messy look that will sustain being blown around a bit! Recent research conducted in the US which surveyed men around the world affirmed two things. They wanted dry hands after applying product and for their hair not to be left feeling sticky or stiff.  There are products out there that are well dispersed through the hair. Therefore your hands are left dry to the touch and because of the flexi-hold, the hair is not stiff or sticky.

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Movember – Grow And Share Your Moustache Mon, 07 Nov 2016 04:03:46 +0000 Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches to raise awareness of various cancers, such as prostate. It is very important for guys to be aware of the physical symptoms regarding prostate cancer.

Why do guys grow their beards in November?

The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.


Grow And Share

MenStyleFashion Social Media is very powerful and it is an opportunity for you to Grow and Share your Movember moments with us. We understand that some of you may think sharing your moment is not important, but to us it is. This is all about sharing via social media, the challenges you’re facing whilst growing you moustache.

To help you be inspired, we have informative interviews regarding  male grooming.  Regarding shaving advice here are some tips for you this month. It is never to late to start growing your moustache.

Tweet, Instagram or Facebook

Don’r rush your photo moment either. Look at our examples and this is the standard we are after.

Grow and Share, your image via e-mail, twitter,  instagram or  facebook.

If you are suffering prostate cancer, our thoughts and prayers are with you during the month of Movember.

Grow and Share you moustache moment with us this month.

Movember #prostate Cancer MenStyleFashion (1) Movember #prostate Cancer MenStyleFashion (2)

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Brandon Kirk Messinger – Avant Garde Hairdresser Wed, 26 Oct 2016 13:46:24 +0000 British born Brandon Kirk Messinger is enjoying some serious scissor success. The 31 year old ignited his hairdressing vocation by training with some of the top hair talents in London. His experience and dedication quickly allowed him to quickly hone his skills and perfect his craft to critical industrial acclaim.


Since then, Brandon has gone on to covet a host of awards and industrial recognitions such as the 2014 PRO Hair Magazine barber of the year and Hairdressers Journal barber of the year awards within twelve months. We took some time out to chat to Brandon about life in his newly adopted East Yorkshire and why his current role with Rick Roberts Beverley salon is inspiring him like never before.


How did you start off in Hairdressing?

In my early years, I initially started off working with John Frieda in his London salon before moving onto join Nicky Clarke in his Mayfair base. To be fair, I have worked in a lot of salons across London to get a broad range of experience, although with some of the larger franchises you don´t get much exposure to the creative side as it´s mostly spent cleaning up. I count myself very lucky as I have trained in some of London´s most prestigious salons. I´m so passionate about my craft and I have always felt that I can achieve the right things in the right salon with the right guidance. If I don’t have the opportunities then I go, but if I do – you have my loyalty.


What’s your speciality within the hairdressing field?

In short, it´s precision haircuts and barbering. On the more editorial side, I am recognised for my work in the more refined ´hair-up´s´ and Avant Garde aesthetics; It´s for these skills that I want to be recognised.

Tell me about your typical day, do you spend it in salons or on photoshoots?

If it´s between competitions, runways or the salon then I prefer to be much more salon based. This is where I like to showcase my skills in precision cutting and the development of my trademark short, geometric cuts (which, since I have moved up North, have become much more popular thanks to my clients openness to creativity).

In order to showcase your skills on professional platforms, you must attend a lot of industry events?

Absolutely, I have showcased for the higher end brands such as Hobbs, Aveda, L’Oréal and Wella in the past few years. I recently appeared at the Salon International event with Rick Roberts where I performed live on stage. With regards to other events such as fashion weeks, I do get requests to attend but these normally end up with stylists re-working a designers vision of the pony tail which isn´t exactly my niche as my craft is much more intricate and expressive. I don´t draw very much inspiration from the fashion industry to be honest.


Have you entered into any competitions recently?

Literally two weeks ago, I won the Style Supreme competition and a vote based social media competition by Sam Villa hair which gave me my ´15 minutes of fame´ on-line. These competitions mean a lot to me as people take the time to vote for me and it gets my name out there into a new potential client base. I do still prefer the more industrial competitions however as they really push my skills and reactions.


You have worked with a lot of salons but which hairdresser do you admire the most?

It has to be Rick Roberts; he inspires me a lot because he is an amazing friend and mentor. Unlike previous experiences with management, he doesn’t dismiss me and he is keen to teach me and transfer his passion and creativity on a one-to-one basis. This is something I can really relate to and respect both personally and professionally.

¨ Quite simply, you can´t beat a good haircut. Short hair is getting more popular and less one-dimensional. A skilled hairdresser can use techniques such as disconnection and texture to sow together a quality, seamless haircut which pays homage to the trend as well as flattering the client.¨ – Brandon Kirk Messinger


Give me some trade tips, what´s your favourite product to use and why?

I love dry shampoo´s because they make it so easy to create messy and undone looks as well as introducing some real texture and interest into the hair. I am also a big fan of mousse, I use it pretty much all my clients because when you blow dry it through; it promotes great volume and root lift.


What’s your opinion on current hair trends; from Mermaid colours to Hipster-cuts?

Well, Hipster cuts and beards are no longer an emerging trend anymore.


I think that within this movement you will start to see some more classic, contemporary takes on gents haircuts. With regards to female trends – long hair is great, natural healthy long hair. I hate extensions and everything about them, especially working with them.

Am I correct in saying that there are a lot of style variations across Europe just now?

Yes, for the most part hair fashion trends are mainly spread across Paris and Italy, but for me the home of hair ingenuity is undoubtedly the UK.

Which celebrities do you consider to have the best and worst hair?

I am not a fan of celebrity culture at all, I don´t follow it and it doesn´t interest me. I do wonder however what Donald Trump is thinking with his candyfloss comb-over.


What´s the most expensive product or equipment you ever bought?

Hands down, they have to be my scissors; they cost £1400 and are manufactured from sterling silver Japanese miracle steel. The techniques I specialise in blunt the scissors quickly, so I need dependable equipment that is hard, durable and can withstand demanding techniques.

Professionally, you have come so far in the past five years. What´s Brandon´s plans for the next five?

My main goals are to concentrate on growing the Rick Roberts brand where I can also develop my own techniques and Avant Garde looks. I would like to enter into more industry level competitions such as the Visionary Awards at the Alternative Hair Show and the Hairdressers Journal Barber of the Year awards. These events are UK based, but I would not be opposed to entering into European or International based heats in the future. My future goal is to open my own salon and with all the experience and mentoring I am achieving, I hope to achieve this one day.


And finally, a closing piece of hair and salon advice from a recognised professional?

Always keep your stylist appointments! Great hair is not going to happen with appointments once or twice a year. Hairdressing is a two way process of communication and understanding between the client and their hairdresser; with your wish and their experience, great hair can be a reality for everyone.

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Five Football Hairstyles For Summer Sat, 02 Jul 2016 07:22:19 +0000 Daniel Johnson is the VIP hairstylist to some of the world’s most famous footballers and sports stars, including Jamie Vardy, Gareth Bale, Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney. Johnson gives us the low down on the hairstyles his clients are switching to this summer, along with some how to videos from his series #STYLE on Makers Channel, which follows his life as he grooms and grills the world’s most talented players. Most of my customers tend to give their hairstyle a refresh from winter, to spring to summer. In the winter, the trend is stubble or a fuller beard with longer styles on top, moving to cleaner, closer shaves and cuts as temperatures rise.

This season many of my customers have been changing their hairstyles completely.  Currently UEFA Euro 2016 is on and everyone is watching one of the most influential sports in the world but,  not only for it’s game but also for it’s hairstyle trend setters. Here are the five popular styles to keep an eye out for.

 The Side Mohawk Skin Fade

Time: 30 – 45mins, depending on length

Best for: Round shaped faces

This hair style is a favourite when paired with a low V tee shirt, ripped jeans, trainers and topping off a body of tattoo art.  The style is shaven around the hairline, with the length graduated into the top like a semi mohawk but all taking place at the side of the head, not straight down the middle. The trimming should leave the highest point in the centre if the mohawk, followed by a skin fade around the sides and a scissor finish. Who better to set the trend than Neymar himself.


Summer Man Bun

Time: 20 – 30mins

Best for: Any face shape, very versatile

I’m not the biggest fan of man buns I have to admit, but the trend really has taken off. Lots of players have tried it. Gareth Bale’s got it now inspired by his relocation to Spain I suppose, and Andy Carroll who should have dodged the braiding I think. Those who wear a man bun currently should give it a summer trim, and update it for the hotter months. Leave the length the same, with just a little snip to even it out. The long section is then pinned up to and the sides are shaven with a skin or a number one.


The Sharp Danny Simpson

Time: 45mins

Best for: Oval shaped faces

Danny’s cut has been extremely popular since the lads started looking set to win the Premiere League and all eyes were on them. This style is intricate and so suits active people with a more flashy sense of style, as it needs to be done once a week and then touched up again three of four days later. The style features shaven sides, a shaven front and curls left on top with a sloping front. This still works with straight hair. The graduation from the neck up needs to be perfectly blended from 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 into the curls. This takes a lot of time, but its worth it as it is a very sharp look.

Danny-Simpson Danny-Simpson-2

Ryan Babel’s Designer

Time: 20 – 30mins

Best for: Any face shape, very versatile

This is a very ‘on show’ style and by that I mean it leaves nothing to hide behind – so make sure you’re happy with everything you have on show – face, ears, clothes – as this is a minimal style! For this, we do a 1.5 all over, shaving the sides with the razor to get the lines sharp. We then shape up the front and back. At the back of the neck we’ll give it a natural look, blending from skin to 1.5 so there’s no harshness to it. We’ll then give the beard a number one so it’s just a dark shadow and shape it up so there’s a defined line around all the edges.

Ryan-Babel-1 Ryan-Babel-2

The Traditional Vardy-hawk

Time: 45mins

Best for: Oval face

This is the style I gave Jamie Vardy for his wedding. It really suits the gentleman style – so slim fit shirts, rolled up jeans or trousers, loafers and a blazer. Like the side mohawk, but this mohawk remain straight, with shaven sides and a finish with scissors. The front has to be shaped nicely, and the mohawk goes from short to long then back to short at the front.




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HeadBlade – The Revolutionary Way To Shave Your Head Thu, 30 Jun 2016 03:55:51 +0000 When most men think about shaving it is mainly the facial shaving routine that we are thinking of. However what if you want to shave your head when your hear start really thinning. Can you use a conventional shaving blade for this or do you need someone to help you with the shave, especially on the back of your head. HeadBlade is a company that specializes in head shaves and came with a revolutionary concept which is The Headblade ATX All Terrain Razor. Yes we are talking razors here not cars. If you look up close it looks a bit like a ride-on lawnmower it has two wheels on the front and replaceable blades at the back.


Headblade ATX

It took over a decade of market research and feedback for the design process of the HeadBlade ATX. The first edition HeadBlade was designed back in 1997 by Todd Greene who had been shaving his head almost daily since 1992, he created an ergonomic handle that was compatible with standard razor cartridges. The Headblade ATX All Terrain Razor hit the market in 2012.

There is a unique spring action in the ATX where the blade is attached which should give you a smooth shaving experience as you navigate your head with the Headblade ATX. When you buy the HeadBlade it comes with the HB4 four-bladed cartridge. There is also an option to go for the HB6 which features six blades.

For head shaver the main reason to put the HeadBlade to the test is because of its commitment to the cause. You can use the ATX to shave hair on any part of the body, however the design is specifically made to shave your head, it is this in where it excels. It is the greater mission of HeadBlade. As with a lot of grooming products the ATX requires a little education, HeadBlade has some great instructional videos explaining you the whole process form shaving and how to hold the ATX, to changing the cartridges.

How To Shave Your Head With  HeadBlade ATX 101

Grooming Products

HeadBlade also has a range of grooming products to take care of the shave and after the shave.

  • HeadSlick Shave cream – this cream is formulated to give the smoothest shave possible. Special lubricants allow blades to glide effortlessly along the skin. HeadSlick is water soluble, so blades rinse easily. And because HeadSlick is mentholated your skin will feel cool and refreshed after shaving.
  • HeadShed Scrub – an exfoliating scrub specially formulated for your head.
  • ClearHead Bump Treatment – This is used after shaving and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Headblade has a whole range of grooming products.

The grooming range is a lot larger then the three products shown here.

Shaving Plan

Headblade has a great automatic delivery service where you select your time interval and blades and creams will be delivered to your door. The best part about the plan is that shipping is always FREE. You will get notified via email 1 week before your order ships. This shaving plan is for US residents only.

Your head is different as it is hard and not soft like the skin on your cheeks. HeadBlade is a company that has designed a revolutionary way to shave your head, with huge range of complimentary products. If you are a head shaver you should your head and check it out.

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Top Trending Men’s Hair Styles For Spring 2016 Thu, 12 May 2016 11:15:28 +0000 For Spring 2016, men´s hair trends will display a collective revival of vintage inspired hairstyles with redefined dimensions and modern re-interpretations. There will be style to suit everyone with their wide array of hair looks and featured trends that can be reproduced and restyled for different hair types, colours and lengths. Looking sharp on the street has never been easier, thanks to a multitude of classical styles and cuts. Even the Spring 2016 runways from Paris and Milan displayed these trends; from revived pompadours to redefined fringes, you hair can now be the most distinguished accompaniment for your spring and summer looks.


Fifties Slick

A distinctive fifties hair reference was the order of the day for design dynasties like Louis Vuitton and Lanvin. So just what is required to achieve the fifties slick hair trend?  Well, a good quality hair gel or a mousse will add deep shine and final sleekness for a worthy update to this decade. Keep things plain and elegant with a shiny slicked back look (Downtown Abbey) or add dimension with fifties partings that will register edgy and voluminous (Think Happy Days). Once your hair is dry, simply comb through lightly to add a bit of complimentary texture.



Modernised Side Partings

For decades before, both on and off the catwalk, the classic side parting has been a permanent fixture in the male aesthetic. Newer interpretations of this style announce reinvented takes of this traditionalist trend. . This style can be very easily harnessed for men with all hair types – from poker straight to tight and tousled. One key trick is to make sure that you blow-dry your hair after a good quality matte or mousse product has been worked in. Try out different hair parting positions for your own personal reinvented version of this hair trend to keep things more bespoke.


The Pompadours

Thanks to a shift in sartorial style, the pompadour is enjoying a comeback. Newer interpretations of this hair trend are portraying it in a more textured form. Obeying the classical rules of keeping the sides of your hair intensely short and not being afraid to add longer and more voluminous dimensions on the top for an edgier re-take. For men with curlier hair, you can easily add dimension with a strategic technical trim that will give a better proportion to your layers and length. If you are lucky enough to sport straighter hair naturally, then you can very easily harness the natural hair type in a side swept pompadour for an alternative re-take on this time-served look.


Redefined Fringes

Alongside their female counterparts, male fringes featured strongly in many spring runways. Dior Homme presented a refined and sleek blow dried offering in a nineties aesthetic whilst other designers like Calvin Klein focused on texture and dimension. Fringe options work better with straighter hair types (as well as those with longer lengths). Choosing the right product plays a big role here as a versatile hair mousse or pomade will go a long way for good control when adapting this hair trend.


Textured Curls

If you have very curly or wavy hair, then this is a perfect option for you. As seem from New York fashion week, designers and hair dressers loved featuring textured curls in their latest spring offerings. Taking inspiration from the volumised versions of this hair trend which was all the rage in its full natural glory at Valentino, and dressed down with a baseball cap at Salvatore Ferragamo, gave the model armies a classical yet modern look. If you desire to re-interpret this look at home, then start by detailing what kind of curls you naturally possess. If your hair is wavy then apply matte hair mousse for extra kick and for curly hair, caress with pomade to add more distinction to your overall look.



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Wigs To Wax – A History of Men’s Hairstyles Sat, 30 Apr 2016 12:50:50 +0000 With hairstyling, like in so many areas of fashion, men tend to be overlooked. Beyond references to a short back and sides, comb-overs, Beatles mops and bowl cuts, men’s hairstyles tend to be something of an afterthought. But looking through history that really isn’t the case; men have been setting the hair styling trend for millennia…

Earliest Recorded Evidence of Hairstyling

It is true that the earliest recorded evidence of hairstyling, dating from the Palaeolithic era, shows it as being the province of women. The Woman of Willendorf can be seen wearing her hair in a braided style. But quickly we move on and see that fashion and hair style became markers of class. In the Vedic age, your social status denoted how you could wear your hair. While women of a higher caste were permitted to adorn their hair with jewels, the fashion for men was to shave their head completely, apart from a thick strand at the back or side. The trend for head shaving continued among the Ancient Egyptians, although once the head was shaved, it was then covered with a wig and a false beard, made either from real hair or wool.


There were two schools of thought in the classical world. During the Ancient Greek times, the trend was to go natural. Men wore their hair in long and flowing locks, often with a natural curl and accompanied by a beard. By comparison, the Ancient Romans were far more about fashion and artifice. In one of the earliest examples of the masses following fashion fads set by celebrities, men tended to follow the trends of the Emperor. All sorts of styles were seen during the Roman Empire, including curls, sideburns, short beards and wigs. Wearing your hair in a natural style was thought to be somewhat uncouth and demonstrated a lack of culture.

During the mediaeval era, for men it was about simplicity. Beards and moustaches had been banned by Pope Gregory VII, and the trend was for male hair to be in a simple pageboy style – what we might now think of as a ‘bob’ (for women, it was forbidden to cut it, it was braided and hidden under a veil or hood). As the influence of the Catholic church lessened during the Renaissance, men again had beards and moustaches, and hair was longer, generally around shoulder length.

Hairstyle history (3)

Wigs & Wax

Flamboyant was a keyword during the reign of Elizabeth I, with wigs and beards being extremely popular. These were doused in oils and then moulded into all sorts of weird and wonderful arrangements, held in place with starch – something of a precursor to sprays and gel! Meanwhile, during the Qing dynasty in China, men scraped their hair back and tightly braided it, with the forehead being shaved. The trend for wigs continued in the Georgian period, with elaborate, powdered affairs.


By the time we reach the buttoned up, stiff Victorians, this part of their culture was reflected in men’s hairstyles. Grooming was important, with hair, beards and moustaches neatly shaped and then finished with waxes and oils. Practicality took over with the arrival of the First World War, where men were clean shaven and uniformed. Hair was kept short and slicked back out of the way.

Hairstyle history (5)

Razor Blades

Following the end of World War I, the invention of the safety razor brought about a revolution and continued the trend for the clean shaven look. The ease of having a safety razor at home meant that daily shaving was far less of an ordeal than it had been, and men continued to largely shun facial hair, particularly the younger generation. The shadow of war loomed again, and trends saw a return to the military bristle as those serving in the armed forces were forced to have short hair under military regulations.


Longer Hair

Freed from the military demands, and the austerity of postwar life, the sixties saw something of a revolution in self expression and following celebrity trends. With longer hair a possibility again, the Beatles were a popular inspiration for men, along with Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, with their sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Self expression continued into the 70s and led a return to flamboyant styling as the punk era took hold and the brightly coloured Mohawk took its place among famous hairstyles of history. And hair just got bigger and bigger in the 80s, with the arrival of perms for men as well as women! The antithesis of short back and sides, the mullet, also found its home in the 1980s, having been dabbled with as far back as the Aztecs and the Vikings.

Hairstyle history (4)

Hairstyle history (1)


In response to the excess of the 80s, the 90s was back to the natural look. Grunge prevailed, and the ‘bed head’ (the dishevelled and unkempt look) was big. Ironically, this unkempt style took a lot of work and styling products for men became popular again. This trend continued into the 2000s, with spikes with bleached tips, and men embracing hair dye and styling product in a big way. Recently we have seen a return to simpler times, with echoes of austerity to be seen in men’s hairstyling.

Hairstyle history (2)

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