Tattoos – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Mon, 20 Aug 2018 12:16:13 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Temporary Tatts – Pain Free Tattoos Sat, 26 Apr 2014 08:08:12 +0000 The art of tattooing has been around for centuries, all over the world. From Samoan tribes to Native Americans, to China and Japan, to Europe in the early 1700s, to today’s mainstream American culture. People of all walks of life get tattoos for so many reasons, including commemorating significant life events, showing status, being branded by a government, showing an allegiance to a subculture, and as a symbol of being able to endure the pain associated with getting tattooed.

Whether it is palms painted with henna, a permanent or temporary design, people of all ages love them. The website makes mention that, “Temporary tattoo designs may have first been offered as surprise gifts in boxes of Cracker Jack at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.” Painless and fun, they were smudgy recreations that didn’t last long on the skin. With the recent creation of numbing cream that takes the pain out of the process for permanent art, you can’t help but wonder: does a painless tattoo defeat the purpose?

Coming of Age

In many cases, a tattoo not only pays homage to an important life event such as a birthday, anniversary, or death of a loved one, but it may also signify a rite of passage or coming of age. Some tribal cultures mark young women to show that they have reached the appropriate age to marry. Legally, in the United States, like being able to vote, you cannot get a tattoo under the age of 18, or without parental consent. Teens often choose to get inked when they turn 18 as a symbol of coming into adulthood and being able to make a decision without parental supervision.

Allegiance to a Subculture

Tattooing was originally very popular with sailors and other military men. Getting a symbol of the branch of the military under which you served embedded on your arm, chest or back showed your dedication and commitment to that particular unit. Sailors proudly displayed their Navy artwork of anchors, ships and the American eagle to show their allegiance to fellow sailors. Marine Corps members proudly show off their commitment to the United States with the popular “USMC” or “Semper Fi” or “Death Before Dishonor” images and logos.

Tattoos became more popular in America in recent decades, where you did not have to be associate with an elite group of sailors, soldiers or airmen, but simply if you wanted to identify with others in your profession. Hairdressers get tattoos of scissors and combs; hunters get tattoos of deer or their favorite guns; musicians get tattoos of their favorite guitar or band logo; and the list goes on.

Is Pain Part of the Process?

Many experienced tattooed individuals would argue that the pain is part of the process, and taking that away also takes away some of the legitimacy of enduring that pain. With the recent invention of numbing cream, painless tattoos are becoming a reality, and that may prompt people who have always wanted a tattoo but were afraid of the pain level that accompanies the process, to get inked. However, tattoo artists and other “purists” may argue that enduring the pain of getting a permanent design on your body is the only legitimate way to do it. In other words, if you didn’t experience the pain of the process, your beautifully crafted design is actually worth less than if you did feel the pain.

Temporary Tatts: An Alternative

Whether you are a proponent of painful or painless tattoos, one thing is certain regardless of the process – ink under your skin is permanent. If you are not sure of the pain or the permanence, or both, there is another option for people wanting to decorate their bodies. Temporary tattoos, such as ones from the website are high resolution works of art that combine ink and glue. They last for up to a week and a half and are removable by using olive oil, baby oil, rubbing alcohol, cold cream, nail-polish remover, or clear adhesive “Scotch” tape. Henna tattoos, originating from a south Asian tradition and popular in Middle Eastern cultures, may last a month or more because they stain the skin.

temp tattoo 2

temp tattoo

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Corporate Fashion – Tattoos And The Boardroom Wed, 05 Feb 2014 16:18:43 +0000 A good friend of mine once said to me ‘I will never take anyone with tattoos and piercings seriously in business’. Following this statement they received an earful from yours truly, nevertheless it got me thinking, this is the opinion of the majority not the minority. However I believe that this is an opinion that is changing.

James Edward Quaintance

James Edward Quaintance

David Beckham & Ricki Hall: Tattooed crusaders

One of the main reasons attitudes are changing towards tattoos in particular is because they are receiving a lot more media attention. A key person who has helped shift the perception of people with tattoos is England’s golden boy David Beckham. Over the past few years David Beckham has adorned his body with a variety of artwork, not only has this brought tattoos into the spotlight for the right reasons but has also shown that those with tattoos aren’t all thugs and ex-criminals.

David Beckham Suit

Another man who is helping change attitudes to tattoos amongst many other things is the style powerhouse that is Ricki Hall. Working with major brands Ricki Hall has shown that not only can tattoos look stylish but down right gentlemanly. Hall is just one example of a new breed of model that are invading catwalks and ad campaigns.

Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoo Model

A Long Way To Go…

Although attitudes are changing, they have not fully changed, which is something worth considering when going for your next tattoo. I would suggest getting your ink in a place that can be concealed by your work attire, as many companies do still have reservations about hiring someone with visible tattoos or piercings.

If you are considering a tattoo that may be visible when you’re wearing your work attire it may be worth asking your employer their feelings on this. I have worked in environments where visible tattoos were acceptable and environments where people have lost their jobs over their new ink, so it is definitely worth checking.

Another thing to consider is how appropriate your tattoos are, you will have heard for the saying ‘dress for the job you want’ well I propose a new saying ‘ink for the job you want’, if you know that you want a job in a corporate environment, it is likely that they will not appreciate expletives tattooed across your knuckles.

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Ricki Hall – His Obsession With Beards & Tattoos Tue, 14 Jan 2014 15:07:38 +0000 Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoos Male Model

Ricki Hall

For me Ricki is going to be huge if not already as he has the right attitude towards what gets thrown at him. He is the right guy to break down boundaries for all to understand that fashion and who you sleep with, should not reflect who you are are. Listen to what he has to say about breaking down the barriers between the straight man and gay guy. Brace yourself it’s going to get pretty.



Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoos Male Model

Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoos Male Model


Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoos Male Model


Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoos Male Model


Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoos Male Model

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Tattoo & Beards – Interview – Who Is Ricki Hall? Sun, 12 Jan 2014 08:40:04 +0000 Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoo Model

Ricki Hall

It is one of my best interviews to date. Who is Ricki Hall? What are the pressures he endures now being one of the most influential models for beards and Tattoos. How powerful will Ricki Hall be for Britain this year? What makes Ricki Hall so powerful that one of the most famous male style icons has worked with him. This is part one of a very impressive interview, a must listen to if you want to get into the industry.

Video Credit: Definitive Video Productions

Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoo Model

Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoo Model

Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoo Model

Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoo Model

Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoo Model

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Tattoo Tips – Consider Your Permanent Message Fri, 27 Dec 2013 06:00:18 +0000 Ashley the circle tattoo at hentsch man

Tattoo Tips

Whilst at the Hentsch Man event, I took a special interest in the appearance of the men attending and I liked what I saw in regards the guys modelling and their tattoos. It occurred to me that I needed another story concerning our perception of tattoo’s. Unbeknownst to me Ashley Jagdeo, owner of, was exactly what was needed regarding what it takes to embrace a tattoo. There is a saying that; reputation is one perception but character is really where one is at. So my presumption of a man having a tattoo, is of him to be hard and reckless – this was soon eliminated thanks to Ashley. His honesty, respect and integrity towards tattoos is very admirable. His practical steps in describing why you should think very carefully about getting a tattoo, are not to be ignored.

Not Sure What Tattoo Suits You

Ashley explains that people come in for all the right and wrong reasons. He encourages his clients to come up with a design of their desired tattoo and then to go away for a week to get use to the idea.

Don’t let your raw emotions decide whether you should get a tattoo and what design you want. If you are heartbroken, depressed or absolutely hammered drunk, Ashley and his team will guide you in deciding whether it’s the right time to get this permanent art work and what you should get done. He has turned people away because his honest character recognizes that you may regret getting the tattoo.

Tattoo London The face man

Your Message is a Permanent One

Once you’ve considered the design of your tattoo. Always remember that it’s a reflection of your life at that moment. There is no turning back and regretting it is going to be a painful process, emotionally and physically.

Ashely says that getting your tattoo removed, takes about two years and a lot of patience (it hurts too).

Tattoo London The Circle. laser treatment

The Interview

This interview contains everything you should know when considering getting a tattoo. It also explains why you should get it for the right reasons. Most importantly Ashley has no problem turning you away if he senses that it is a decision you will regret. I’ve never wanted a tattoo but if I change my mind I know where to go. Ashley recommended that I get one on my ribs. For now though I think I’ll just get him to just draw one on me and when I have had enough, a delicious chocolate body scrub will take it off nicely.

Hentsch man featured

Ashley on the left modelling for Hentsch man

Tattoo London The Circle Barbie

Barbie rocks her tattoos

Tattoo London The Circle tattoo images

Their newly refurbished bathroom

Tattoo London The Circle ink tubes

Once it’s on your body it’s permanent.

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Tattoo Tips – Video – Arabella Drummond Tattoo Model Thu, 21 Nov 2013 10:46:16 +0000 Arabella Drummond - Tattoo Model

Tattoo Tips

Our most popular article to date is hairstyle and tattoo – take it seriously. Now whilst at KTZ press day, I happened to interview what I would call the best informative tattoo tips given to MenStyleFashion. Who is Arabella Drummond? She is the co-founder of a tattoo saloon called  ONE BY ONE  She is a professional tattoo model and she knows her tattoo genre inside and out.

Why should you be listening to this interview? What is the link between KTZ and Tattoos? If you are contemplating getting a tattoo then you need to be inspired and listen to the reasons why the next time you want a tattoo or contemplating getting one.

You can find the Saloon on 70 Berwick Street, Soho W1F 8TA.



Arabella Drummond - Tattoo Model


Arabella Drummond - Tattoo Model

Gracie Opulanza - KTZ INTERVIEW

Gracie Opulanza - KTZ INTERVIEW

Gracie Opulanza - KTZ INTERVIEW


Gracie Opulanza - KTZ INTERVIEW

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Ricki Hall – Interview – Model Famous For Beards & Tattoos Fri, 09 Aug 2013 15:11:28 +0000 Ricki Hall - Tattoo and Beard Male Model blue trousers

Ricki Hall

Last year I wrote an article about the Sons of Heroes brand and collection. What I could remember from the photos we posted with the article was a bearded rough looking full tattooed model, it was Ricki Hall. As he is a very unconventional male model I decided it would be interesting for our readers to interview Ricki.

You’re not the conventional model. Why and how did you get into it?

I got scouted whilst I was having a weekend with my friend in London. I was walking out of Topman, as just got myself a plain white tee (default attire), and I got approached as I was walking out. I got sent to Nevs, my model agency, and the rest is history.

Tattoo trends are bigger than ever. Talks us through how you go about choosing your tattoo. Can you recommend any products you used when getting them done and places you go to. What messages do they have if any?

Yeah, tattoos are massive in the model industry right now, my mate Ash Stymest and also singer/model Josh Beech pretty much started the whole tattooed model look. However I was the one with the beard and its served me well. I was with Ash and Jimmy Q (another tattooed model and close friend) at the converse party at the circle tattoo in soho. It got pretty naughty pretty quickly, a fun affair, give models a free bar and its game over!

In regards to tattoo care I just use a good nappy rash cream to rub on them, I’ve always used that and it’s done me just fine! As for how I choose my designs….I can be daydreaming on the tube and come up with a fun design etc and give it to my tattooist and he will incorporate into my ever growing collection. I mostly go to Zibi Dombek who is my main tattoo artist. He knows exactly what I’m into and always comes up with ideas that I’ve given him so it fits in with what I already have, he is a great friend too!

Most of them don’t really mean anything, I have a lot of girlfriends names covered up, never get your partners name tattooed on you, it’s a tattoo curse (in my opinion) I have a dinosaur and a coffin covering up a couple of ex’s names.

You have a rocking beard & lots of hair. Talk us through the steps you take to grow it, maintain it etc

I just grew my beard, no trimming or sculpting, that’s a mistake most people make who are growing a beard, they shape it or trim bits, just grow the fucking thing, you’ll know when it’s time to trim, leave the bitch alone. Always put a beard oil or lube on it, I use a lot of the bearded bastards gear and Mr King’s Wax, it’s top shelf stuff. Can’t go far wrong with that naughty gear knocking about your chops.

I get it cut by my good mate Kevin Luchmun ( @kevinluchmun ) he is a wizard with the fucking scissors and clippers. I use Uppercut deluxe hair pomade ( @uppercutdeluxe ) it’s a proper on point hair pomade, can’t praise this stuff enough.
Some key staples pieces a man should own in his wardrobe

Key staples : 5 white tees that fit you perfectly, a good quality pair of brogues, a hand made suit, John Lancaster does mine ( @jlsaicons ) some fitted indigo denim jeans, I wear Nudie or flying Horse, some battered up Dr Martens, Brixton Beanie, Donkey jacket and some Adidas Sambas. You can’t go wrong with any of that racket.

Does a man have to relate fashion to his favourite vehicle or sport. What’s your take on this?

I don’t believe so, I had a 1997 BMW E36 328i and loved it like you couldn’t imagine, but with BMW’s there is something universally magical that you don’t get with any other vehicle, I want a BMW M3 2003 model, such a slice of a car, people automatically think you’re gangster for driving that kind of car, especially as I live in Brixton, fuck it, I’d look dangerous!!

What tips would you advice guys wanting to come into modelling at your level. What struggles have you encountered in modelling. How have you handled it.

You have to be thick skinned and need to deal with rejection! You need to realise that you can’t get every job that your agency sends you to! The quicker you learn that the better. It took me a while to get noticed, but I stuck with it and I have great bookers, they look after me at Nevs, they have an amazing team. I Have a lot of time for them.

How do you stay in shape?

Haha, erm, I drink and smoke quite heavily but I do run a lot, I just use my local park to work out. I don’t go to fancy gyms or classes, a pull up bar, some logs and a large field and that’s enough for what I need to keep trim. I’m pretty lucky in the sense that I don’t put weight on easily, my day will come though where I just explode and will be a big out of shape monster ball crying into his sausage and beans.

Underwear any brand you like? Are you a fan of men wearing lace underwear if so why or why not.

I’m very open minded, if men want to wear lace underwear then why the fuck not! I’ve never participated in this practice but I can’t say anything negative about it as one hasn’t tried it. If and when I do, I might be able to answer this more directly. Knowing me I’d probably like it. I do love Diesel, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood Underwear. It’s just pretty fucking awesome. You never know when you have to get your jeans off, and when your displaying a fresh pair of Vivs it always makes the medicine go down easier.

What do you think about men fashion right now?

This is a hard question for me and I don’t think it’s something I can really answer, I’ve never followed men’s fashion, I just wear clothes that I know and am comfortable in! You can’t go wrong with the original brands, Fred Perry, Dr Martens, Levi’s, Wrangler, Farah, Ben Sherman etc with a few later ones thrown in! Men seem to be upping the game now, I’ve seen some absolute slices knocking around lately, what suits someone may not necessarily suit you, it’s knowing your game and look, if you’ve got that covered then you’re on fire.

What painting would you like to have been a part of?

I’ve already been involved in a few paintings, and one I really wanted to be apart of was my friend and Artist John Lee Birds collection, it was such an honour for him to paint me, you can check his work out here it’s fun and outrageously cool.

Ricki Hall - Tattoo and Beard Male Model
Ricki Hall - Tattoo and Beard Male Model

Image Credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce
Ricki Hall - Tattoo and Beard Male Model

Ricki Hall by Ram Shergill for Ziad Ghanem Couture AW13

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Hairstyle and Tattoo – Take It Seriously Thu, 30 May 2013 13:26:54 +0000 Men having his hair washed before a haircut

Olly Clarke Photography

Running about the East Side of London I was excited to stumble across a group of men with long hair and tattoo’s. I was impressed by the way they dressed and the time they took to do their hair. But more so the tattoo art work was impressive. Get a tacky tattoo and it will kill you overall image in seconds. No need these days to make hasty decisions about your tattoo. Take your time, do your research and be inspired. When your tattoo is done well. Everyone will adore it, even me. By the way I don’t like tattoos much they scare me?

Tattoos Take It Seriously

This is a permanent art piece on your body. And just like buying art work the same mentality, research and view needs to be taken. Your tattoo if chosen right like these guys have, just will complete you. The message is simple, what does your tattoo state about you? What is the purpose of going to all this effort? Why get a tattoo? Why have you chosen to put that image or art work on your body? These are very relevant questions you need to ask yourself even before you have one done. Get it wrong and it looks cheap and nasty, you will hate it.


These guys complete look was just simply awesome. Well groomed hair with certain attention to detail in the products they used.Their fitted clothing suited their life style. It was stylish street wear comfortable and certainly worn in confidence. Every bit of detail worn was well thought out and chosen. There is no excuse men because your choice of men’s clothing has just simply exploded this year. Be inspired and live the men style and fashion lifestyle.

Long hair for men 2013

Hairstyles for men 2013


Hair Styles for men 2013 with nose ring


Long curly hair for men 2013

Yes this is a guys hair.


Tattoo of a skull on a man's stomach


Tattoo for Men - Shoreditch 2013


Tattoo for Men - Shoreditch 2013


Tattoo for Men - Shoreditch 2013


Tattoo for Men - Shoreditch 2013


Tattoo for Men - Shoreditch 2013 - Mickey Mouse tattoo

Mickey Mouse tattoo


Tattoo for Men - Shoreditch 2013


Tattoo for Men - Shoreditch 2013


Tattoo for Men - Shoreditch 2013 - Hand tattoo


Tattoos for men London - Hand Tattoo

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Hentsch Man – Video – Models Talk About Love For Tattoos Wed, 09 Jan 2013 09:57:00 +0000

MenStylefashion talks after the presentation of Hentsch Man with the models. They share their love for tattoos and talk in great detail about it.London Collections: Men - Jan 2013

For more information about the Autumn Winter 2013 Collection of Hentsch Man check the following article. Hentsch Man – London Collections: Men AW 2013 Collection

Hentsch man - London Collections: Men AW2013 - 6

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Tattoos – The Permanent Fashion Accessory Sun, 07 Oct 2012 10:29:56 +0000 tattoo, armando branco

Being happy with the skin you’re in

Skin … our biggest feature, from our big head ‘till our little toes. Skin a feature that is unfortunately also used by bigots to separate groups of people or individuals by the color of their skin. Luckily skin can also be seen as canvas: canvas for broadcasting different kinds of art. Yep, from the crappy to the real art. No, I am not writing an article about freaky Jame Gumb (from ‘the Silence of the Lambs’), but want to dedicate this monologue to the world of tattoos.

Nowadays tattoos are no longer linked to sailors, gang members or the male cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore. No longer regarded as pure trailer trash art, having or wearing a tattoo is almost fashionable & main stream. You see people on the streets, social media or TV that use this kind of body modification as the biggest personal visual statement. Some go for sleeves, body-suits or turn themselves into a full walking 3D painting (e.g. Rick Genest : artist & model).

Tattoo Artist

Tattoos …. you’ll find them all over the world in all different shapes, patterns, colours etc. Since the old days tattoos had a personal and/or work related and/or religious and/or even ethnic background. In these fast modern times where visual art is managed like a world war the work related, religious or ethnic history behind the tattoo is overshadowed by people that follow the flock. A few years ago having a Tribal Tattoo was the best next thing … and the mindless crowd followed. The whole Tribal Tattoo Culture & History was shamefully ‘abused’ by the trade.

A tattoo is something that sticks to your skin … it’s even a part of your skin. I myself am easily bored, that’s the reason why I don’t wear or have any tattoos. BUT … if I would want to have a tattoo ; I would think about a place somewhere on my body, a spot where a tattoo means something . I would ask people where you can get the best tattoo (in the style/shape I desire). I would save some good money to spend it on a TRUE tattoo-artist. I would go for a tattoo-artist that can spell & has an opinion of his or her own.  The final design most be something that has NOTHING to do with trends or hypes… it should say something personally through it’s visual design & should have the right shape and position.

Yep …. because you wear a tattoo as permanent sticker glued to your skin (almost) kind of forever … I am rather clueless why some peeps go for the budget-kind-of-tattoo. Of course you bring a nice black and white photo of your oldest daughter. A picture you want to cherish on the fleshy part of your shoulder. But after such a small budget trip your tattoo, representing your daughter, looks like a Smurfette in heat. Also most peeps think that they are ‘forever young’ … but an ugly tattoo that was created on your chest can end on your belly if you don’t keep that firm youthful figure.

And let’s not forget those exotic words or sentence tattoo’s in e.g. the easy readable Chinese language. You may think your fabulous tattoo says : “Stay true to Yourself”, but if you go to order in your local Chinese restaurant and the waiter says with a smile on his face, after reading your new tattoo visible on your arm ‘Oh, you like hot & steamy green tea’ …. you know you are screwed.

Also don’t forget : most colors, like most good things in life fade through time. A good tattoo artist will explain how you can try to maintain the best quality as long as possible.

Photos :

Malcolm @ Fic Models

by Armando

tattoos, armando branco

It’s all down to what you want to represent

tattoo, armando branco

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Tattoos – Why Are We So Obsessed In Getting One? Fri, 06 Jul 2012 07:11:10 +0000 David Beckham - showing his Tattoos for Elle magazine uk


We are the generation that are celebrity obsessed. Who started the tattoo trend for the 21st century? I have to say David Beckham’s embrace of fashion and his love for tattoo body art has kicked it all off. He is the master of the new modern tattoo. On the front cover of Elle magazine UK  July edition, has clearly highlighted that David Beckham is one of the sexist men alive.

This football star has  a great look. A man who has a gorgeous body and is not afraid to embrace male grooming. Therefore  by flexing those muscles with his numerous tattoo’s David shows that his reputation is nothing but daddy cool, tough, sexy and unique.

Tattoo Origin

The first written reference to the word, “tattoo” (or Samoan “Tatau”) appears in the journal of Joseph Banks, the naturalist aboard Captain Cook’s ship the HMS Endeavour: “I shall now mention the way they mark themselves indelibly, each of them is so marked by their humor or disposition”.

What Tattoo To Get

Remember once you’ve got it there is know turning back. Research the reputation of the place you are going to get your tattoo.  Hygiene is so crucial, swapping needles can cost you your life. Meditate on why you want one? Think about the meaning behind the message you want to communicate.

Love is a powerful emotion. Lot’s of people get their partners name as a tattoo. Children’s name are sweet. You certainly can be daddy cool here.

The unfortunate emotion about a tattoo is it can be impulsive and sometimes we do it for the thrill. Most people get one after a traumatic event in their life. When on holidays people tend to get one. Do your homework before you fly out.

Tattoo – Body Art

Tattoos are a personal thing. Make sure when you decide that the person and place is of high standard and look at their work. Try and get someone who has been there before.

Try Before You Buy

My partner keeps harping on about getting one. So a fake tattoo is a perfect way to embrace the concept before the real thing. One thing is for sure if he decides to go for it. We are off to Miami straight to David Beckham’s tattoo artist.

Tom Cruise - Rock of Ages Fake tattoo

Tom Cruise in his latest film Rock of Ages and boy does he look amazing with his fake tattoos.

Tattoo, Woman face by Jacob Pedersen

Tattoo by Jacob Pedersen

London Tattoo - Butterfly Image

A highly skilled tattoo artist will make or break your tattoo image

tom hardy and tattoos

Tom Hardy – Every tattoo I have means something to me. Each one is something that I’ve been through in my life or I’ve done or I’ve been…So I map that out on me, where I’ve been and where I’m going.”

Tattoo - Muppet show


tattoo muscle men

Get the right tattoo that suits who you are.

tattoo side torso of a sailing boat

This tattoo is on the side of his torso and boy it looks great.

Horimyo JapaneseTattoo - tiger

Tattoo by Horimyo Japanese

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