Models – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Thu, 16 Aug 2018 16:52:31 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Male Model – Reputation & Portfolio Tips Wed, 21 Jun 2017 06:02:54 +0000 Over the years we have interviewed top male UK models. Reputation and a top portfolio is why they have been so successful. The male model can have just as exciting a career as his female peer, providing he is willing to subject himself to the same regime and public scrutiny. Most models will tell you that like acting, it’s a continuous round of auditions, headshots, measurements, diets and real world disappointment. But the rewards can be there if you are blessed with looks, the correct height and physique and are resilient enough to pursue your dream. Photographers and creative directors are part of this circle of life, so we present some common sense advice for all concerned both young and naïve and for the ‘old lags ‘in the industry.

Watch The Birdie

It’s important for the potential model to develop a good, varied portfolio. Any model worth his /her salt should be able to show a wide gamut of facial emotions as well as being able to show in a wide variety of poses. Like actors, male models should not be surprised (Within Reason) to be working with a varied number of photographers and although both photographer and model may have their favorites they enjoy working with, they should both be equally flexible and professional in their approach to their prospective assignment. Remember, everyone had to start somewhere and the more you work and gain experience the more your confidence will build whatever side of the lens you are on.

Be A Good Role Model

Bad news travels fast and so do bad references so its important to stay professional, be on time, don’t cancel at the last minute and don’t be startled in front or behind the camera like a rabbit in headlights. Crudely at the basic level, its all about a job of work, albeit more creative and you are simply exchanging goods and services .If both model and photographer has built up a wide reaching portfolio they will be more than likely be hired by an agency and word of mouth is just as important as a good book of work .Its a very intensive business and models should use every professional opportunity to become established and secure representation with a reputable agency, photographers likewise.

Being The Right Tool For The Job

Creative’s usually have a specific ‘type’ in mind when they are sourcing a shoot or campaign. Do they need a high fashion editorial? Is it lifestyle marketing or a swimwear image? Whatever the role there will be a predetermined set of criteria that is sought, it could be height, physique, age range, skin tone or ethnicity. Its important to discuss with your agent and potential photographer what ‘niche’ your creative image fits into. Like acting you may not fit the requirement of a particular creative director now but next time round you could be eminently suitable. Learn to cope with the inevitable disappointments in a cool and professional manner and relish the success as you expand your contact sheets.

Current Issues

As a creative, you may stumble on a model portfolio that is out of date. If that happens respectfully request to see recent work. This could be on social media sites and could be the only way their clients gain exposure so don’t automatically assume the model aunt’ working. The most important aspect of being a model is staying current with the work and if a model cannot produce recent images or evidence then beware the time and investment in a shoot unless by mutual arrangement. Time really is money in the fashion industry and if a model doesn’t have a recent digital image without it being edited or retouched professionally it’s a sure sign to treat with caution.

If you be model, photographer or creative heed the expression ‘Buyer beware’.

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Stephen James – The New Breed Of Male Models Thu, 07 Jan 2016 15:31:27 +0000 To succeed in the model industry today takes skill. Long gone are the days when a tall, toned body and perfectly symmetrical face would guarantee work (let alone, fame). Although perfection is welcomed, cutting edge editorials and magazines are looking for that little bit more these days. There are Cara´s eyebrows and Bianca´s teeth gap. Even the boys have their calling card, with Jon Kortajarena´s ultimate bed head hair and David (Dandy) Gandy´s piercing blue eyes. Having a ripped body with an 8 pack also gets you noticed. In 2014 MSF was one of the the first to explore and interview Ricki Hall Britain’s Beard and Tattoo model. It was already then we began to notice a new trend for menswear.  Therefore it comes to no surprise that one up and coming model is re-writing the rules of fitness modelling, quite literally.

Stephen James

Former professional footballer, Stephen James body is somewhat of a living canvas. His perfectly sculpted physique is encapsulated from head to toe with intricate tattoo art. From portraiture to icons and geometric patterns, James´s body is more than a showcase for ink. Under the guidance of his agency, Storm models in London, the Hammersmith born beauty has become somewhat of a modelling sensation both in and out the studio, having worked with clients such as Philipp Plein and Calvin Klein sitting alongside a social media fan base of well over a million followers plus.


When he´s not in Barcelona, Milan, Paris or New York, Stephen candidly says that he would ´much rather be at home listening to The Smiths´. His hard edged image strikes a real juxtaposition against a soft spoken voice and shy personality, which are not the two most common attributes today´s models possess. Scouting for fame and fortune were never top of his criteria. In fact, he quite literally fell into modelling. ¨I was living in Barcelona and playing soccer there when I got hurt, and I was scouted while in rehab for the injury. So modelling was bit unexpected, but I had thought about it prior to that. As I travelled for soccer, I would always pick up modelling cards from different agencies, but it wasn’t until I had the problem with the injury that I decided, why not give this a try. Luckily it’s worked out so far.¨

The biggest thing about me is that I’m actually very shy. I’m not confident in certain situations. But with the success I’ve been experiencing, I have learned to be a bit more approachable and open – Stephen James

Instagram Sensation

Having recently achieved over one million followers on Instagram, Stephen never really took the power of social media seriously until he was influenced by some friends. ¨Getting used to sharing so much was different for me since I’d never had Facebook or Myspace, any of that.¨ After having Instagram for a few months, he was contacted directly and given the chance to be in a music video with singer Victoria Daineko. The coverage and response he achieved from his convinced him of its worth. ¨ From that moment I saw the power of social media. It has the pull to bring in jobs, income and to let people discover you. After that, I started putting in the effort and taking it seriously as a platform¨.


Stephen enjoys an almost constant interaction with his followers, but building a solid platform has taken a little time. ¨One day you get 10 comments, another you get 100, and suddenly you find you’ve built a following.¨ Travelling frequently means that sometimes he does not have the time to reply to every comment, but does make a conscious effort to update his fan pages reguarly.¨I try to stay in touch with my fan pages, because at the end of the day I’ve gotten this far thanks to their help¨. This gives him a good feeling to know that people from all over the world are devoting their time and energy to his career, plus the fact that fans can post photo´s from editorials that he hasn´t seen before.


Several years ago, whilst playing soccer in Prague, Stephen got his first tattoo, a Star of David on his right elbow. Having had several friends who were tattoo artists, he used to hang out in the studios, but never had the urge to get inked. ¨My friends would never give me a tattoo. They’d always tell me that I’d regret it, so I got my first tattoo at a random shop. After that, my friends were all fine tattooing me. I think they just didn’t want to do that first one.¨

It gives me a good feeling to know that people from all over the world are devoting their time and energy to my career as well as tagging me in editorials that I haven´t seen yet – Stephen James

A fascination for fine arts led him to have his whole arm tattooed when he was in Barcelona. ¨I started studying Salvador Dali´s life and works and I became fascinated with his personality. I found a lot of similarities between us, given the way he was perceived as being eccentric¨ something which James had experienced a lot of, playing soccer. On his right arm, a striking image of Morrissey takes pride of place ¨I grew up listening to him and The Smiths. I have a big connection to that sort of music and their lyrics. I used my left arm for my artistic inspirations, and my right one for a British theme.¨ Music clearly made its mark on his skin as all his favourite artists from youth have been immortalised. Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees, Ian Dury from the Blockheads and Robert Smith from The Cure are some of the acoustic nobility that feature. ¨Some of the tattoos are very intricate, so it’s not like I could go to my local shop and get them done. There are a few where I’ve had to travel, or wait months and months in order to get them done.¨ Luckily in the end, this has all come together.



Having currently modelled for two and a half years, Stephen has noticed a real change in the industry and how tattoos and body art are perceived. During his first assignments in Spain, he noticed the market was more conservative and close minded than in England.¨ They don’t like a lot of edgy stuff, so I had to prove myself two or three times over. Now I find going to jobs is so much easier as tattoos have become the norm, but my neck, head and hand tattoos were hard for people to accept, especially for the more conservative brands in the market.¨

With a sustained international success and several new campaigns in the pipeline for 2016, Stephen is turning his attention from tattoos to fitness.¨ I was just able to do my first Men’s Health cover in Spain and that was a big deal for me. I’d love to one day create my own fitness label and get more involved with that industry as well.¨ Having attended the most recent Mr Universe competition as a guest fuelled his fascination for the sport, but clarified the problem of how heavily dominated the industry is by steroids. ¨It would be great to challenge that perception and show that all it takes to have a career in fitness is hard work and dedication¨ something that Stephen clearly has in abundance, as well as tattoos.

MenStyleFashion already in 2014 was talking about the rise of the Sportstars coming into the world of male modeling. Whether retired or not it seems the male modeling is coming into its own for menswear.


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Tips On How To Embrace Your Inner Male Model Fri, 27 Nov 2015 05:06:42 +0000 Louis Smith - London Collections Men 2014

Tips On How To Embrace Your Inner Male Model

You probably won’t admit it but we’re pretty sure there has been at least a few times you’ve “striked a pose” in front of the bathroom mirror, maybe even turning around looking back at yourself. Guilty? We thought so. Let us be the first to congratulate you on discovering your inner male model; now all you need to know is how to bring it out of the bathroom.

The first recommendation to bringing out this inner male model is having confidence. There’s a saying that goes something like this “a man should wear confidence as he wears his watch or tie” which means you should be confident daily or as often as you wear these items. Do you feel confident after you get dressed for work? What about when getting out of your car? Or walking into the office? If not, it’s time to evaluate what is preventing you from feeling good about your presentation to the outside world.

Next you must have something to say, without actually saying it. In other words, your clothing and style will speak for itself. If you’re wearing items that fit you well, are cleaned, properly pressed and look great on you, people will notice without you having to say or do anything. It’s always a good idea to do regular closet assessments to determine what items still work for you and which ones need to be tossed to keep your style up to date.

How often have you heard attitude is everything? It really is. Be positive as much as possible and don’t hold back in flashing those pearly whites if something deserves a smile. Women love that sort of thing!

Last, the real key to bringing out your inner male model is to walk calmly, be considerate of others and bask in all your model glory.

Sam Way- JIGSAW Menswear 2014

Ricki Hall - Beard & Male Model

Savile Row - London Collections Men


Savile Row - London Collections Men 2014

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Craig Green – The Trend For 2016 Tue, 16 Jun 2015 14:19:00 +0000 Craig Green explains his own collection.

A neo-romantic scene bounding with chemical energy carries the Craig Green vision on through spring/summer 16. Imagined as a single, improbably picturesque image, a spectrum of figures appears with a collectively emboldened sense of possibility. Here joy is found in the familiar, as carefully 

developed signatures are freely re-imagined with an almost naïve exuberance.

Central to this approach is a continued play between real and imagined utility. Whilst some garments are stripped back to their barest components, others are invested with an exaggerated level of detail intended as cultish and seemingly symbolic.

You the fashion jury decide. Click here to vote.


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Menswear Models – Is Fifty Too Old? Tue, 21 Apr 2015 18:26:36 +0000 Is the menswear fashion industry interested in the older man?

I started writing Grey Fox Blog in December 2011 to describe my search for style as an older man. I’m now 60 years old but, like most men, had found that, from around 40 years of age, choosing clothes became increasingly difficult. I don’t want skinny cuts and waistbands round my backside, nor do I want the shapeless designs sold on our high streets to men with little interest in how they look. What I’m looking for as an older man is stylish, well-made, well-designed and properly-fitting clothes that enable me to reflect my personality and even maybe look a bit cool.

I found that such clothes exist, but they have to be searched for. I suspect that the reason I had to look so hard was that brands simply don’t think of advertising and selling to the older man. The evidence for the fashion industry’s lack of interest is clear. When did you last see a menswear advert featuring a model over 25 years of age? I’m not talking about the old folksy models used to sell boxy tweed jackets and corduroy trousers in Sunday papers or about the images of grandfather figures used elsewhere; I mean cool, stylish older men used in a non-patronising way to sell quality menswear.

Too many men give up on style after 40. They may feel they no longer have to compete for jobs, love, a partner, so the need to look good is less pressing. While these are no doubt factors in reducing their desire to dress well, the complete lack of role models, inspiration or influences to show them how well they could dress does nothing to encourage them. The clothing industry has given up on them, and the rarity of advertising images of older men looking good in designer menswear is symptomatic of the problem.

I’d like to see the menswear industry wake up to the fact that the older man is the most affluent and fastest-growing demographic. Retailers are losing money by failing to market themselves effectively to him. If they sell to the older man, he will buy.

With some reluctance, I decided to start showing images on the blog of myself wearing clothes I like. I wanted to show that older men are interested in style and to encourage other men to explore the possibilities. This has snowballed recently and I’ve arranged or been invited to take part in a number of photo-shoots. If this encourages other older men to look again at their wardrobes and to recognise the power and importance of dressing well, I will be a happy man. If it encourages menswear brands to use images of older men in their sales and marketing, I will be even happier.

To read more about my search for style and the menswear brands that work for all ages, please visit



Shot taken by Nick Maroudias


Shot taken by Daniel Pryce

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John Halls – Male Model Talks About Football Career Thu, 05 Mar 2015 08:52:00 +0000 Whilst at Barcelona Fashion week I noticed John Halls a British male model. He had just modeled for Desigual and with a smile like John’s he is hard to miss. As you know in the world of fashion we do judge a book by its cover. I yelled at him to give me a smile for the camera and John did more than that. He came over to me and said I know who you are. Gave me a kiss on the cheek and the rest was history.

Now any man that treats Gracie like a lady is very wise indeed. So after a little while we connected again and little did I know that John Halls is the very role model I am looking for. You know I am all about working with the Sport Stars and when John shared he use to play football I was not going to let him go.

John Halls Football Career

In the world of football more so than ever to be accepted is the most thrilling and toughest race of your life. How does one handle being at the top of their career and then loaned out to be then told that it’s all over! Sports depression is something a man finds very hard to admit let alone talk about. Listen to what John has to say about his football career.


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Juan Betancourt – Interview The Male Model For Tom Ford Thu, 26 Feb 2015 05:57:03 +0000 Juan Betancourt

Whilst at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week I was told the man to meet was Male Model Juan Betancourt. Now I have been on the beaches of Barcelona many times but my goodness how did I miss Juan?  Juan Betancourt is from Havana Cuba, and was scouted on the beaches of Barcelona back in 2011. In no time at all he became the face for Tom Ford during its Fall Winter 2013 campaign.

Enjoy the interview if not for anything else to see why Juan will continue to dominate the male model scene.

Traumatic shots taken by Gracie Opulanza.

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Andres Velencoso – Male Model Style Tip Interview Fri, 13 Feb 2015 09:08:47 +0000 andre-velencoso

Andres Velencoso

During a short break at the backstage at 080 Barcelona Fashion we observed a guy playing with a cute pet dog. We noticed the tall handsome Spaniard  is one of the best worldwide top models: Andrés Velencoso. He is best known for ad campaigns such as Chanel Allure Homme, Sport fragrance and Louis Vuitton campaign with J-Lo in 2003.

Gracie and myself immediately thought we have to interview him. And that’s how we finally met Andrés Velencoso. He is extremely kind, funny and so natural, that the interview flows easy. Andres Veloncoso has an amazing background about fashion. More than catwalks, covers, posing, … he is the kind of person who goes deeper into each designer, piece and industry. So, he is obviously a MenStyleFashion guy.

Andrés strongly supports the 080 Bareclona Fashion week: ‘Barcelona is my city. So it makes the 080 so special. And we have really good talents’. He is still working playing the roll as Ruben Barahona in TV series ‘B&B’. Andrés expresses his respect and admiration towards his colleagues.

While filming him, we notice how expressive Andrés is and his flare with the camera. Well, dear Andrés Velencoso, you have a challenge with Grazie Opulanza. And, ladies, holding a camera in front of Andrés Velencoso and Grazie Opulanza defines what two characters can be all about!


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Ricardo Dominguez Interview – Models For Custo Barcelona Thu, 12 Feb 2015 11:12:34 +0000 An Interview With Model Ricardo Dominguez

Inside Barcelona´s Museo Martitmo, the 15the edition of Barcelona fashion week was awash with new talent. One such ´up-and-coming´ face was 21 year old Columbian model Ricardo Dominguez, who will be one of the beautiful faces headlining the main desfile for Custo Barcelona.´ I think he saw something special in me, and that´s why he wants me in his brand´ said Ricardo.

Having been on the runway for around 5 years now (3.5 years in his home soil of Columbia, then Paris and now onto Barcelona), Ricardo has ran up a lot of miles. ´I was very lucky to be sent to Paris, as for me that is the capital of fashion. The agency there saw me on-line, spoke to my mother agency, and away I went´ he said enthusiastically. Also, he is one of the newer trend of models working on the ´Androgyny´ element which we have been seeing on the runways with increasing frequency over the last few years within Europe.

Different cities have different criteria in the fashion world. High end fashion (and all its associations) is still firmly rooted within Paris, which attracts a high end editorial look. Whereas Barcelona, which is up and coming for fashion, to me will always be commercial platform, which is not a bad thing.

Social Media

Due to social media and Instagram, in many cases your profile can be your CV. Today, the model management market is highly competitive, like never before. Due to social media and Instagram, in many cases your profile can be your CV. Agencies like Select are now scouting on-line alongside designers such as ´Hedi Slimane´ and his infamous ´boy-safari´ castings. ‘I feel very special as I have to work beside, and against a lot of very talented people. With regards to Barcelona, I came here directly. I did not attend any of the official castings, but from what I have seen of the city, I will be sure to do so for next season´ he  commented.


Ricardo currently is the first ´new breed´ of Androgynous model to come out of Columbia, which has earned many positive fashion points of recent thanks to the current Miss Universe winner and top design Haider Ackermann. ´ I open doors for a lot of Columbians, and that´s the good thing about it. There are some really talented people out there looking for their dreams. We have a lot to do. ´ Judging from Ricardo´s currently popularity, I am sure we are going to be seeing a lot more of him in the future, as Barcelona fashion goes from strength to strength.


Model Ricardo Dominguez 080 barcelona custo barcelona (2) Model Ricardo Dominguez 080 barcelona custo barcelona (3) Model Ricardo Dominguez 080 barcelona custo barcelona (4) Model Ricardo Dominguez 080 barcelona custo barcelona (1)


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Walk the Walk – A Step By Step Guide to Male Catwalk Choreography Mon, 05 Jan 2015 08:36:14 +0000 Walk the Walk: The First Steps to Being a Successful Runway Model

They say if you ´walk the walk´ then you have to ´talk the talk.’ In modelling, it is the other way around. Walking the runway puts models on the spot. Pure and simple. While you may only be as good as your last ´turn´, choreography routines can help to give confidence and direction to new ´up and coming models´, or established models looking to ´perfect´ their craft for high end campaigns or events.

Modelling is as old as art (when it started on the Spanish Steps in Rome in the 17th Century) but in the advertising driven culture of the West, modelling has recently made a place for itself as a fresh, high profile and highly lucrative career. In simple terms, models wear the fashion and accessories of designers for runway and catwalk shows (and in print campaigns), but in a culture where big names mean big money, some models become brands of their own. Realistically, no one has any real interest in your opinion, personality or dialogue (unless your Jon Kortajarena, Andreas Velencosco or Tyson Beckford.)

These, coined ´supermodels´, not only strut and pose along the catwalk in new fashion, but become icons themselves; earning fame and renown as the models every designer wants to hang their clothes upon. As Gianni Versace on famously said;

Wear the clothes, hang the clothes, feel the clothes, sell the clothes and be the clothes.” – Gianni Versace

First Steps to Being a Runway Model

So, what are the first steps to being a runway model? Well, there are many steps and manoeuvres, literally. Complete an honest self-assessment to ensure you have the physical qualities necessary for a male runway model. Most runway models are at between 5’11” and 6’2″ and weigh between 140 and 165 lbs. Your physique should be lean, yet strong (never muscular, because that can affect the models performance on the shows and their fit to the clothing. This is the body type that designers look to display their clothing. However, as trends change, your body will have to depending on the designer and his philosophy.


Create a modelling portfolio or ´book´. This compilation should include professional standard head shots, as well as photos that highlight your body. You should have at least two photos wearing jeans and a casual t-shirt, as well as some wearing business suits. It should also include your height, weight, measurements and clothing sizes. Hire a professional photographer take care of this as it will be an investment in your future career.

Study the runway walk. From my experience, you should record and watch a runway modelling show to see how the professionals do it. For example, watch where they focus their eyes, how they hold their arms and hands and their shoulder and chin positions.

Practice your runway walk. While female models usually must walk with one foot in front of the other, such as they are walking on a line, male models do it a little more differently.

Find a modelling agent. Call local modelling agencies and book interview appointments with bookers. Bring your portfolio and dress to impress the agent. Just now, the current trend for the male model look is slightly long hair and  facial stubble. Mail copies of your portfolio photos to agencies if they cannot see you or do not have open call appointments.

So, if you meet the above criteria then you can perfect your craft by following my rules of male choreography for the ´runway´ and the ´catwalk’. Which you should adopt and when?

A ´catwalk´ describes a narrow, usually elevated platform used by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show. The term probably derived from the catwalks that connect adjacent buildings. The term may also be derived from a more literal meaning, as the models on the ´catwalk´ often use a walk which is like that of a cat, placing one foot directly in front of the other to produce an alluring swagger in which the hips take on a more exaggerated movement. A ´catwalk´ is also commonly  misunderstood as a ´runway´. A ´runway´ is where the model walks at ground level, not on a stage or elevated level. ´Catwalks´ can be of various shapes, sizes, and materials so the choreographic strategy will be different for every single one.


Perfecting The Walk

With regards to perfecting the ´walk´, the best advice in a nutshell is to copy the professionals and take note of the various ways the models walk. No two models walk the same and as you get more experience, you’ll be able to develop your own style or throw in a little nuance that will set you apart from the other guys. Of course there are a few basic rules of thumb; What will ultimately make you stand out is not only how well you can move your body but also how much of your own personality you can inject into your performance to make it memorable. The best way to create your own unique style is to experiment, practice, and get feedback (even if it means taking some constructive criticism.)

The key points to look for are;

  • Posture
  • Poise
  • Rhythm & Timing
  • Symmetry
  • Composure
  • Confidence

Your facial expression and make up will depend upon the theme of the show and will be determined by the clothing, lighting and music. You should always look past the audience without eye contact or interaction, unless instructed to, and in addition to this, your body should always be in alignment, with uniformed movement, again determined by then theme of the show and the creative direction. These who principal factors will be discussed in detail a little later.

You may be instructed to stop and pose at certain points along the catwalk. Again determined by the theme of the show. This will dictate how long or in the shape of your pose in addition to the fact that you may have to turn at some point on the catwalk.

With the above features of a show you will have specific choreographed instructions as to where and when they all take place. They may differ between men and women, again dependent upon the theme of the fashion show and the rational of the creative direction team.


There’s nothing glamorous about a runway model that is hunched over. Anytime you set foot on that runway, your whole body needs to be upright and alert but not so rigid that you look like a robot. While walking, keep your chin tilted down slightly but not in a way that your whole head is looking down. The audience sits below you during a runway show and you don’t want them completely looking up your nose the entire time.


It’s All In the Eyes

Any time you watch a fashion show the model’s eyes are always focused straight ahead and rarely look anywhere else. When you’re on the runway, find a comfortable spot where you can stare straight ahead and don’t let your eyes travel all over the place. Make sure you don’t look down! It’s a bad habit to continuously look down to see where you’re stepping.

Try to break this habit and learn how to look ahead while being able to see where your feet are landing. To lift things up a little, when you reach the end of the runway, do your pose and let your eyes slightly look down and make contact with the audience. But do this without your whole head looking down and limit it to the eyes.

Keep Your Mouth Natural

Never smile. Keep your mouth closed and learn to relax your lips and you’ll be fine. The audiences are there to pay attention to the clothes, not the model (unless their famous.) A smile detracts from the clothes and draws attention to the models face. More often than not as well, the designer wishes ´attitude´ to be portrayed in the show, which runs parallel with this idea.


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Mick Rock – Men On The Catwalk Why Are They So Feminine Tue, 16 Dec 2014 06:45:54 +0000 I had the pleasure of doing my first ever phone interview with Mick Rock. Mick Rock is a British photographer best known for his iconic shots of rock and roll legends such as Queen, David Bowie, Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and many more.

Mick talks through about why men look so feminine on the catwalk and much more.

@prettygreenltd @menstylefashion #mickrock maria Scard photographer 000651

@prettygreenltd @menstylefashion #mickrock maria Scard photographer 000599

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The Top Ten Calvin Klein Male Models Tue, 02 Sep 2014 12:51:46 +0000 The Top Ten Calvin Klein Male Models

Yesterday, Calvin Klein launched its newest campaign around its famous underwear range. Kellan Lutz was named the new face of the super brand and the ads will be modelled after the not-so-tame Marky Mark ads from the early 90´s.

“He’s going to be their new Mark Wahlberg,” the press release stated. “Kellan has been signed to Calvin Klein for a huge campaign that will feature him in our underwear all over billboards and magazines across the world.

Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz

This latest instalment from Mr Klein continues on from his highly successful previous “Show Yours” campaign which had famous faces like model Miranda Kerr and singer Trey Songz, alongside social media personalities like Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller and Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad posting selfies in their undies tagged with the hashtag #mycalvins.

From Marky Mark’s famous tighty whitey campaign to Michael J. Fox’s “That is your name, isn’t it? Calvin Klein, it’s written all over your underwear” moment in Back To The Future, that ubiquitous Calvin Klein printed elastic underwear band has become ingrained in our pop culture brains.

Below you can see some of the most memorable campaign images which have influenced everyone from Baptiste Giabiconi to David Beckham and many more in between.

Vladimir Ivano

Vladimir Ivano

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Instagram’s Top Ten Male Models Mon, 01 Sep 2014 14:25:43 +0000 Instagram´s Top Ten Male Models

The sight of Clark Bockelman in Calvin Klein Collection’s just-dropped fall campaign (Bockelman’s second for the label) got us thinking: There’s a whole new crop of male models in the mix and atop the ranks, and, thanks to the powers of modern-day media, we’ve been lucky enough to witness their ascent firsthand. Here, check out’s top ten male models of the moment to follow on Instagram (and, if you can tear your eyes away from all of the perfect hair and washboard abs, there’s also some fashion insight in the captions—but we understand if these somehow go overlooked).

One – Clark Bockelman

Instagram Handle: @clarkbockelman

This former University of Denver co-ed has made quite a splash of late, namely via a star turn in Calvin Klein Collection’s spring 2014 campaign. He was also tapped exclusively for the label’s fall promos, and recently landed a V magazine cover.


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Shaun Ross – First Male Albino Model Thu, 17 Apr 2014 13:42:43 +0000 Whilst at Dubai Fashion Week we noticed Shaun Ross.  The simple reason he is the man that does not fit the bill when it comes to pre conceived images on a catwalk. But that is what  I adore about male fashion there are no rules to who ends up promoting your brand.

Shaun Ross is an American professional fashion model, actor and dancer of African descent. He is best known for being the first male albino model. So how encouraging and empowering to everyone watching from a  fashion world perspective. That finally we are displaying God’s beauty in a different way.

His Stage Presence

For us Shaun’s  stage presence took the show to another level. He gave a unique look to Velsvoir collection which left a long lasting impression.  Among-st the other models Shaun was powerful because  of what he looks like.  it was this uniqueness that gave a  positive and refreshing perspective to all those around him.  Off stage he is fun too.

Ross recently became the face of Ford Vehicles with the slogan “Be Unique”.

I say God’s beauty, God’s Creation.  Take it from me. We are all unique.





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Jesus Palacios – The Modern Male Model Fri, 28 Mar 2014 15:48:07 +0000 My name is Jesus Palacios I am from Malaga(Spain) and  I am 21 one years old. I’ve been modelling for 2 years internationally. I became a model because of my mom. She loves the fashion world and she encouraged me to put my face and body out there. And let the world decide. I applied for magazine shoots and I decided to give it my all. I am now a professional model, I love to travel and it’s who I am for now.

Some of the highlights for me so far has been working in Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Istanbul. I am currently working in Hong Kong for three months and then will be heading over to London. Some of the house hold names I have been collaborating with are CK, Dior and Armani.

Get The Body

For me to get this kind of body it’s really easy, train dirty and eat clean.  I workout often and the most important thing is eat good healthy food. I have so many friends that are personal trainers who have taught me how to train effectively. I would highly recommend spending some cash on a personal trainer.

 My Style

My style is always like a skaterboard guy, street style like old school. I love to skate and surf and hence hip hop  fashion is for me now. I’m young and I have a lot to learn when it comes to personal style.

Follow Jesus

Jesus Palacios - Spanish Male Model 2014 (1) Jesus Palacios - Spanish Male Model 2014 (2) Jesus Palacios - Spanish Male Model 2014 (3) Jesus Palacios - Spanish Male Model 2014 (4) Jesus Palacios - Spanish Male Model 2014 (5)

 Jesus Palacios - Spansih Male Model  (2)Jesus Palacios - Spansih Male Model  (3)Jesus Palacios - Spansih Male Model  (4)Jesus Palacios - Spansih Male Model  (1)

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