Style Guide – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Sat, 18 Aug 2018 04:45:52 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 What It Means To Be Stylish Online Fri, 27 Jul 2018 05:05:40 +0000 As we spend and share more and more of our lives on social media, the way in which we present ourselves online is increasingly becoming a matter of style. In the following article, we’ll explore just what it means to be stylish online.

With the ever increasing importance of social media in our daily lives, being stylish is no longer simply a matter of dressing well, it’s also a question of effectively using social media to convey an impression of our real selves. We receive up to 80 per cent of all sensory impressions through our eyes, which in part explains why users on Facebook are more likely to interact with an image than a chunk of text. In fashion, as on Facebook, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

When we create an online profile, we’re presenting the world with a version of ourselves. How we present our digital selves determines at least in part other people’s perception of us. We’re all aware of the signals we send with our Facebook profile pictures or should be and employers really do check potential employees social media profiles.

So your image is important and finding the best deals on-line such as Sello, makes shopping ever so fast and painless.

Presentation Is Key

Increasingly, companies and start-ups are offering services that reflect the importance of our digital selves and how we wished to be perceived online. There are a variety of services out there that cover everything to do with online presentation, from reputation management to private photo shopping services. Today, dedicated followers of online fashion can even get their own vanity URLs  the digital equivalent of a personalised number plate.

Instagram, for instance, is a medium that absolutely depends on presentation. The difference between a bad Instagram post and a good one is simply a matter of aesthetics and, as we’ve said before, the best instagram users no and understand how to best present themselves.

On Instagram, users filter, frame, and edit images of themselves to create and curate stylish online versions of themselves.

Lucky In Love

If fashion is partly a matter of making ourselves attractive to others then Tinder is perhaps the ultimate test of online style. With the potential love of your life or at least a casual hook up at stake, stylish presentation in the app’s condensed digital form counts for a lot. The contradictory dynamics of online dating have long been around, but Tinder has concentrated them even further into four compressed photos, a short bio, and swiping. Users are both physically near to one another, yet remote; potentially recognisable, but – with an easy swipe – also instantly forgettable. Of course, given that we’re talking about aesthetics, what one user finds attractive may not apply to the rest.

Summer, Sun & Fun! Tomorrow Berlin Fashion Week.

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To be stylish online, you need not only the right clothes and a sense of style, but to also understand the aesthetics of social media.

Whether you do it yourself or enlist the services of a professional, it pays to exercise some style online. As we edit, filter, and frame images, we exert control over the way we’re perceived and that’s what it really comes to down to.

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Your Summer Guide to Denim Wed, 16 May 2018 01:22:19 +0000 You might think that because it’s nearly summer, you have to say goodbye to your collection of denim. After all, surely it’s too heavy for the summer sun. Well, you can change your mind and keep those denim clothes at the front of your wardrobe because denim is actually the perfect choice for your summer style.

When it comes to men’s denim clothing, it’s an incredibly versatile style that can see you through the whole year. But how do you pull off denim in the sunshine? Here are some key styles to help give you a summer guide to wearing denim.

Choosing The Right Jeans

Jeans are a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe, but when it comes to the summer months, you might want to try something different to your usual black or blue style. The increasing temperatures and sunshine might put you off wearing jeans altogether, but by choosing the right pair you can remain both comfortable and stylish.

Looking at alternative options to your standard pair of jeans could be the winning item in your wardrobe this summer. The likes of white jeans or sand-coloured jeans are the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of sunshine; plus, the science behind light colours keeping you cool is a bonus!

You should also consider extra detail like rips or distressed patches that can double up as extra breathing room for your legs.

Your Summer Guide to Denim

Invest In Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are one of the best alternatives to jeans if it really is too hot, or if you’re on holiday. Denim shorts offer a great balance of smart casual, making it easy for you to dress smart or keep it informal. Style with a short-sleeved shirt and loafers, or stick to trainers for a casual appearance.

Men’s ripped denim shorts are a must-have for your denim collection, offering a cool and effortless look that can take you from the beach to the bar very easily. Keep it classic with a traditional blue or opt for the summer-friendly shades again like white, sand or even a lighter blue colour.

Your Summer Guide to Denim

Layer With A Denim Jacket

When it comes to the British summer, it’s safe to say that we’re not always promised blazing sunshine and rising temperatures all the time. For the days when it’s on the cooler side, layering is key. This summer, opt for a denim jacket to finish off any look perfectly whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual affair.

Ideal for throwing on over a t-shirt and jeans or even a shirt, denim jackets for men are a guaranteed way to look stylish while you’re out and about. Choose embellished designs with embroidered motifs or go for a retro look with bleached denim.

Whatever your personal style, denim is perfect for any occasion and will see you through summer with no problems!

Your Summer Guide to Denim


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The Ultimate Guide to Wool Sweaters This Season Wed, 20 Dec 2017 15:29:19 +0000 Cooler weather is here and wearing sweaters is back in style once more. It’s easy to think of sweaters as accessories, but the truth is they are a pivotal piece of your wardrobe and wearing the right sweater can mean the difference between being seen as Old Man Parker of A Christmas Story and John Robie in To Catch A Thief. In order to help you keep looking sharp, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to wearing sweaters.

Picking The Material

The first thing to do is choose the right material for you. There are many different types of wool. Here’s a list of the most popular types.

Sheep’s Wool

This is the traditional material made from sheep’s fleece. It’s the most common and inexpensive material to make a sweater.

Merino Wool

This is a specialized wool from the Merino Sheep. The most defining characteristic to this type of material is its resistance to pilling. It’s quite expensive and rare.

Mohair Wool

This wool is taken from the Angora goat. It has a characteristic stiffness and when worn next to the skin can be itchy.

Angora Wool

Not to be confused with the above, Angora wool is from Angora rabbit hair. It tends to be fluffy and soft to the touch. Because it tends to be an unstable fabric, it’s often blended with Nylon.

Alpaca Wool

This fabric is usually made from the hair of Peruvian alpacas is a luxuriously soft material that is warmer than usual wool as well as being less prickly. It also doesn’t contain lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic.

Cashmere Wool

This fabric is silky soft, easy to care for, and versatile. It comes from the Kashmir goat and is known for its comfortably lightweight and silky feel. Cashmere wool is like fine wine, it gets better with age.

Choosing The Style Of Sweater


A Cardigan sweater is an open front sweater with buttons and long sleeves. It’s best worn over another shirt, sometimes a t-shirt. It’s best for casual to semi-casual occasions.

Crew Neck

These are the typical sweaters most men wear during the colder weather. It is versatile and depending on the occasion, can be used under a dinner jacket or with a pair of jeans on the soccer field.

V Neck

Bill Gates made this a type of sweater a household name in the nineties. It’s still a staple for those occasions where you want to channel their inner tech geek.

Roll Neck

On the opposite side of this spectrum from V Neck is the Roll neck, made famous by the other tech mogul in the nineties, Apple’s Steve Jobs. His signature style conveyed high end tech with edgy forward thinking.

Polo Sweater

The Polo sweater is perfect for those days when you are teed up on the first hole of your favorite golf course. The five o’clock tee time can be chilly in the fall so be sure to wear this staple of high class menswear.

Final Thoughts

Choose the most comfortable and affordable material for you. Finally, don’t forget to fill your closet with different styles to round out the season and you’ll be ready to tackle.

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6 Celebrities Who Nailed Their Casual Look Mon, 31 Jul 2017 23:31:17 +0000 Right from the red carpet to the jogging track, the personal style of the celebrities never fails to give us the fashion goals. Not just the stunning ladies, but even the handsome hunks of Hollywood holds an untapped treasure of style. Their effortless, cozy and on-trend look is an inspiration to us all. It is not just their attire that’s a head-turner, but the way they pull off the look gracefully is something that every man can take away and apply to their wardrobe.

The write up has compiled some of the best celebs who have set their style quotient, not only when they were at any social gathering, but even when they were strolling the street in casuals. Have a look.

Ryan Gosling

The effortlessly sophisticated and breathtakingly masculine hunk has already won hearts with his acting skill in movies like La La land. He is now setting an example for other to follow by the way he pulls off the cool and relaxed look all too well. His poise style is a show stealer whether he is in a dress jacket or just a simple t-shirt. Probably, it is his look and personality that does the magic for him.

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Wedding Jackets – Our Nine Top Picks Sat, 24 Jun 2017 02:39:25 +0000 For those of us who are naïve enough to think formal dressing is throwing on an ill fitting suit you wore for a relatives wedding a decade ago, you’re in for a shock. There is a certain set of protocols that every chap should Endeavour to follow so not to offend the sensibilities of the host who invited you. It’s very easy to think the world of formal wear involves watching a 40’s Bet Davis movie, but if only life was that simple! Let’s explore some of the basics of occasional formal dressing rules and save the mud slinging for the completion of cocktail hour.

It’s A Formality

Fashion experts pull no punches about getting it right.

¨ Traditional red carpet dressing has been around for decades of years, and has not really changed at all in its set-up. These dress codes have rarely changed over the sands of time because of demands from (or to pay respect to) the more traditional establishments and hierarchies. Anyone seen to be straying from these many not be invited back, or even worse, sent away at the door. ¨

As a rule of thumb the socially aware gentleman should wear suits for cocktail events but not always involving jacket and tie. For formal events the gentleman should sport suit and tie or for the all-important black tie bash its recommended to sport a good tuxedo. However, the good news is that in the world of fashion rules are made to be broken albeit subtly in these examples.

The Emmys: A White Dinner Jacket

It can bring out the rebel in you if you’re confident enough to be different and enjoy the attention of standing out like a sore thumb. It’s frequently thought of as a safe half way house between casual and formal, but choose the shade carefully avoiding both the cream shade and the lumpy gravy! If it’s good enough for Bond its good enough for you, but don’t be surprised if you get asked for the wine list.

The Academy Award: Vintage Burgundy

Leaving the black tux quite literally in the Hollywood shade, braving a burgundy tux is easy if you’re a powerful celebrity and used to risking reputation with the latest movie turkey. The consolation of primal earthy colors making you look good on national television is some comfort for coming third with a frozen grin.

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Wrist Strap Trends – Our Top Four Summer Picks Wed, 14 Jun 2017 10:06:46 +0000 Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the ability of man to choose a wristwatch. Although frequently and sometimes disposable advertised as a fashion item, the humble watch can say and reflect more about your style and taste than many other daily wearables. We maybe less than keen as we walk respectfully two steps behind in the supermarket as our spouses enthuse about the coleslaw; but give us the chance to window shop the horological delights in the shopping mall and we will drool indefinitely with gay abandon.

If you don’t own a Cardassian sized accessory area and are particularly keen for style or sentimental reasons to wear the one timepiece lets have a look at some sensible and stylish ways to accessorize the old ticker.

NATO Strap

I’ve lost track of the number of times as a lad I’ve watched telly and seen the hero of the hour synchronize his military style watch before a time when synchronize just meant iTunes back ups. The stalwart of the boot and braces watch strap is the NATO version. It surfaced during the 1970’s for the military and I can long remember longingly drooling over a NATO issue version complete with basic clockwork watch before Swatch was a twinkle in the Swiss designer’s collective eye.

Traditionally a sturdy nylon band in green or khaki and easy to change out from spring loaded watch bars, it’s now available in a rainbow of colors that means its easy to mix and match with most timepieces and will save damage to the original strap especially if you have man of action characteristics.

Leather Strap

The leather strap is the classic choice being soft, smart calfskin and available in a host of colors these days; but as with the clothing color wheel and depending what you are wearing at the time, a darker more sophisticated shade of leather strap in either plain or alligator finish may be advisable so as not to detract from the bling of the timepiece itself.

If you don’t want to compromise on style but have ethical considerations, jewelers will fall over themselves to substitute for you leather like product that wont offend your beliefs or sensibilities. If you own a high-end watch we’d strongly recommend you to consult your specialist dealer rather than blunder into strap changing yourself and causing unwanted scratches with parts flying akimbo.

Rubber Strap

Rubber or sometimes-treated silicone straps have been the new darlings of the industry for a while now, being cheap to produce with a maximum eye for profit. A stalwart of divers watches and enthusiasts who only take a dunk in the local pool it’s a fine if chunky accessory to the watches that are the size of an escape pod. Again if you own a prestige brand, most manufacturers will have their own take on the designer band and a 10 quid strap will not necessarily perform well for a watch costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds, so don’t skimp if you’re changing the watchstrap out whatever the occasion. Think luxury watch and luxe watchstrap and you won’t go far wrong.

Metal Bracelet

The metal bracelet is usually part of the overall design of a classy timepiece, allowing the esthetic line of the watch to flow seamlessly through the strap it’s attached to. The metal has the added attraction of being strong and smart but has the downside of attracting scratches in daily use if you are not careful. A good quality steel bracelet looks great with navy and gold finishes that dinner jacket off nicely. Good metal banded wristwatches have removable links and by getting your friendly jeweler to adjust the band to your wrist you’ll be able to flash the bling like a good un’.

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Wedding Suit Tips – Here Comes The Groom Mon, 22 May 2017 14:05:55 +0000 My wedding day couldn’t have come sooner, with months of planning, making, organising, amending, purchasing and stressing it had come to the point of near burn out for both myself and my wife to be. My one wish was that the day of itself went to plan with no hiccups and surprises. The majority of the vision for our wedding was by my wife to be, who I suspect had been planning this day for many years, down to the tiniest of detailing. We both met 20 years ago while studying fashion design at university and now both work as professionals in this demanding industry.

It was logical therefore to have a sewing related theme running through, from the invites, favours to the table numbers. Coupled with floral inspiration and by adding our own personalities the theme evolved to become our own unique creation. I had little say in the majority of the planning, I was more the labourer than designer and was the one who turned the ideas into reality. The one area where I did have my own say was the suits.

Specialisng in graphics and tailoring, it was one area where I felt I had more experience and control than my better half.

Skywall Photography

Navy Was Dictated To Me By My Future Wife

Navy was dictated to me by my future wife as the suits needed to compliment the bridesmaids and floral décor/graphic. I knew I wanted to stand out from the bestmen (Of which I had 2 of)  and ushers (4) and  to be viewed “an upgrade” to rest of the groomsmen. Due to time, logistics and budget constraints the option to hire the bestmen and ushers suits was a practical solution, with a 3 pieces fitted suit the preferred choice, complimented with dark tan brogues and pink accessories. To distinguish the bestmen from the ushers a pocket watch accessory was added. For my suit I went that extra mile, and opted to make my own, choosing a wonderful Dugdale Royal Blue flannel cloth, that looked deep in colour with low light and more vibrant in sun light. Still a 3 piece suit, I opted for peak lapels over the notched hire versions, detailed edge stitching, flash cuffs, slanted pockets and contrast lower button holes. I was after a semi formal look, but still very smart and figure enhancing. The lining I designed and printed on a polyester twill, combining the floral graphic from the invitations, bouquets, a drawing of my 1907 vintage Singer sewing machine and contemporary colour blocking to give a masculine touch to the otherwise femine aesthetic.

As my wife to be had difficulties finding the right pink for the flowers and bridesmaids, I decided to play safe and vary the colour blocking in the hope that the range of colours worked with her final decision, even if only one of the colours matched.

The lining panels varied in scale and pattern to give a very  personal and energetic feel, one of surprise and the unexpected. My waistcoat back was also printed and complimented the suit lining, with my 5year old son having a mini waistcoat to match his daddy and a Spiderman pocket watch to match his daddys steam punk version. Myself and the groomsmen all had pink cufflinks, ties, pocket hankies and pink pattern socks, (although these all varied). To complete my suit I opted for tan shoes and belt to compliment the lighter shade of blue my suit cloth went.

Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Suit

  1.  Make sure you look better than your groomsmen – you don’t want your wife to be to wonder if she has picked the right man!
  2. Go that extra mile – it is all about the detailing – contrasting button hole thread, personalised undercollar, monogramming, carefully selected buttons all add up to make a difference.
  3. Make sure your suit fits the theme of the wedding – don’t deviate too much as if you stand out like a sore thumb in your wedding photos, your new wife wont like you forget it.
  4. Make sure you are comfortable in your suit, it needs to fit and work with your size and posture. Don’t try it on for the first time, the morning of your wedding.
  5. Hire or buy new shoes for you and your groomsmen. Take a look on Pinterest at groomsmen shots, you are bound to find many where one person is wearing battered or the wrong coloured footwear.
  6. Add a bit of fun to the outfits – individual patterned socks for your party can create a great photo. There are some great cufflinks, lapel accessories etc all of which can give a joyous and playful element, doubling up to make great groomsmen gifts.
  7. If hiring the groomsmen suits encourage your groomsmen to get themselves measured by the store and not to phone through what they think their measurements are. What you actually measure and what you think you measure are not the same.
  8. Check your pockets before the day, if hired or new they will come with the pockets sewn shut, so you need to carefully unpick the stitch to allow it to open. You don’t want to be doing this in the church with dark lighting.
  9. Give one of your groomsmen a lint brush – make their job to ensure you are bit and hair free – aim to keep your suit like new as long as possible.
  10. Wear your suit with pride and confidence. How you stand and present yourself will only help to convince others that you are the MAIN MAN!

David Morrish – Senior Design Lecturer




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5 Original Lifestyle Products – For Your Man Cave Mon, 22 May 2017 08:59:48 +0000 A man cave is a sacred space and a sanctuary for men that want to get away from the daily humdrum of life and indulge in hobbies or hang out with their friends. Most man caves or manspaces more or less look alike. You have your standard television, a couple of comfy bean bags, your Xbox and maybe even a cool pool table. But why keep it boring and predictable when you can spruce up the décor and really make it your safe haven?

There are lots of cool man cave ideas and products available that will not only enhance your masculinity but even set it apart from your friends’ man caves. Forget the classic bean bag and pool table. Here’s a list of gadgets and furniture you should use to decorate your man cave and make it truly awesome:


EdgeStar Ultra Low-Temp Kegerator

Switch that dull fridge for a seriously cool full-sized kegerator and beer cooler. The EdgeStar Kegerator and beer cooler is a full-sized one that keeps beer cool to temperatures as low as the 30s to mid-40s degrees Fahrenheit. Which means you can keep your Heineken as cold as you want while watching the semi-finales. It’s also one of the coldest kegerators in the market today.

Additionally, the EdgeStar Kegerator is equipped with dual integrated drip trays which minimizes spills and eliminates the need to clean those pesky trickles of condensation.

It holds the standard half kegs and comes with a one-year warranty and it comes with everything. You just need to put the barrel inside. Up your beer game and kiss those cans and bottles goodbye by purchasing it here.

Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Fridge

If you’re not a fan of kegerators, why not buy a mini-fridge to keep your liquor chilled? If you’re a Star Wars fan, this Dark Vader mini-fridge, which can be plugged into your car as well, is a must have. This is also a good bargain if you have space constraints in your man cave or cannot afford a kegerator right now.

Get it here and let the force be in your manspace.

The Turbo XL700 by Octane Seating

Forget those over-sized bean bags and that dull couch. They really don’t give the feeling of stepping into a home theatre – but a three-seater reclining leather unit certainly will.

The plush three-seater recliner has everything you dreamed of while watching that important baseball match – A place to put your feet up, luxurious upholstered arms and cup holders and there’s a string of LED lights illuminating the bottom. The middle seat reclines too.

Investing in a good reclining leather chair will take the comfort level up a notch. It’s perhaps one of the most essential man cave products in the market.

Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV

You’ve invested in a super comfy recliner and added a cool beer cooler but no man cave is complete without a really good TV. Those Manchester United football matches will look so much better on a big screen TV. Unfortunately, sometimes you could be faced with a lack of space. Which means, fitting in a large television can be difficult.

However, there is a solution to this problem: The Samsung 4K Ultra HD television. You can even buy a curved one or a standard rectangular one depending on how much space you can work with. Moreover, the viewing distance doesn’t matter with 4K Ultra HD TVs. Fit it in your wall and get the viewing experience you’ve always dreamed of.

The 4K Ultra HD uses High Dynamic Range or HDR picture to significantly boost clarity. It also comes with a smart TV user-interface and a smart remote controller equipped with voice navigation capabilities. Get more information on this swanky TV here.

Logitech Harmony Home Control

Ideally, you shouldn’t move a muscle while spending time with your buddies in your sanctuary or watching your favorite game. The good news is that this ideal can become a reality with the Logitech Harmony Home Control. This smart remote control enables you to use your phone to operate your devices and we mean all your devices. Be it your TV, Xbox, Blu-ray, Apple TV, Wii, Roku, Sonos or Philips Hue lights – this piece of device works with more than a whooping 270,000 devices.

You can control your entertainment system through an app on your smartphone or set it up on your computer. It has a simple setup process. Create custom schedules or simply say “goodnight” to dim the lights. The Logitech harmony home control is worth having. Buy it here.

Of course, there are a variety of man cave products to choose from. It’s time to customize your space and make it a place that reflects your personality, style and comfort.

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Colour Trends For 2017 – How To Embrace It Thu, 09 Mar 2017 05:07:54 +0000 Continuing with our second part on how to decompress any doubting gentlemen out there into having the courage of their own convictions and try color palettes that they might not necessarily have considered . By using a variety of colorful accessories as part of their capsule wardrobe, any gent out there can revitalize their outfits and reenergize sartorial confidence at the same time.

We’ve already explored the colors green, purple and pink to wear with the holy trinity base colors of Blue, Black and Gray/white; so now we go a step further with exploration of some more unexpectedly useful weapons in the armory of men’s colour.

Yellow – Color Application

Pair with: Yellow, greens and orange (Easy Peasey)

Contrast with: Mauve, blue and pinks (Contemplation required)

Compliment with: Violets (Get head scratching again)

Classic: Neutrals in white, charcoal, grey and navy blue (Luverly jubberly)

It used to be said if you have a sallow complexion avoid yellow and I often remember my own fashion ´faux pax´ wearing a yellow cheese cloth shirt (Yes such things existed, but now are fortunately banned) and a pair of bright red trousers and white shoes. My own then pale complexion made me look ill and after several not too complimentary comments by so-called ‘friends ‘.

I quickly dumped Burtons finest in the bin. Yellow can be used sparingly but only with neutral schemes in white, grey, beige, and blue and charcoal. The bottom line is doing be overpowering with yellow or risk being diagnosed with jaundice! Using darker hues in gold and mustard will help give you a stronger complexion.

If you are blessed with olive skin don’t wear anything close to your color such as green as it will look draining. Separates in T-shirts, polo’s and light sweaters look great in yellow when teamed with blue or grey flannel trousers. Avoid falling into the golfer trap by selecting some quality shoes or designer trainers to finish.

Orange  Color Application

Pair with:  Reds and Yellows

Contrast with: Blue greens and Mauve (Easy Peasey)

Compliment with: Blue violets (Rinse that thinking cap)

Classic: Earthy hues, navy, grey and black (Top Of The Class)

Orange has been around for several seasons but now is more toned down in hue these days making it more suitable for use as a flash of interest as a tie or pocket square next to a smart grey or navy suit. Brighter hues reflect well with darker complexions and orange rust shades can be worn with light skins to give a refreshing appearance; just ensure to balance what you wear with a selection of neutral colors as your main look.

Brown Color Application

Classic blue and earthy tones

Previously thought of as an undesirable color, brown has been shaking things up a bit in the fashion houses of late with fabrics such as shearling surfacing again after a significant absence. Using earth colors with classic blue will always look good giving mild and interesting contrast with the brown appearing more luxurious. Extra interest can be added with the use of green, khaki, burnt orange, mustard and beige to accessorize or counterpoint shirt, jacket or sweaters.

Raid your winter wardrobe and see what shades of brown is already present and pair with chinos or tan corduroy trousers. Chocolate brown leather jackets and camel merino crew sweaters team well and you can finish off with quality boots or brogues for the complete coordinated, fresh and up to date look that designer Tom Ford couldn’t fault. Enjoy!



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Date Dressing – Our Top Casual Tips Tue, 21 Feb 2017 19:00:15 +0000 Its that first flourish of love, your eyes have met across a crowded chat room and you’ve cultivated a like minded friendship that hasn’t made you look like a stalker and you’ve decided to take things a step further by indulging in the most dreaded of internet actions, You’ve proposed (no not like that, well not yet) a date and the prospective lucky person has accepted. The big question now is what to wear.

 Summer in the city

A full on daytime urban exploration is likely to see you in and out of several locations whether it is park or art gallery and clever layering is important. A classic cool white shirt teamed with casual well fitting jeans or chinos can hide a multitude of sins especially teamed with stylish leather trainers or slip no’s and a casual mid length jacket or lightweight trench coat. Let’s be honest if the weather turns inclement, you’ve an intimate cover under which to cultivate a romance to rival ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’.

Dinner Forget

You’ve carefully researched the venue, polished up the credit card and ready to sally forth confidently with the feedbag on .A nice meal for two and some pleasant conversation. What could possibly go wrong? Well, you could show up in cricketers whites and pads, but not recommended so how about a classic fitted suit? Classic two-button notch lapelled in the de rigor colors of navy, black or grey teamed with white button down shirt and smart shoes. Note: Just don’t cramp the image by loosening your belt for the after eights.

It’s not a contest, just by looking smart you will hopefully inspire confidence in your partner to relax and feel less tense when you finally get around the small talk and discuss the merits of last nights darts match. If the weathers too warm the favorite chino and blazer combination can come into play. With a blue oxford shirt and brown brogues or loafers and plain knitted tie just in case. A good quality pocket square and slim profile quality watch will add some bling.

Theatre Or Cinema? You Choose

If dodging the chewing gum and spilt cola is your thing dodge the mess by looking good yourself. Casual dates comprising of blue jeans or chinos and button down shirts can look very smart especially in this environment teamed with good boots in brown or black. If not venturing too far from the car park or subway maybe a cheeky neck cardigan would be an idea for brownie points especially if your partner has ventured out into the chilly evening with a shorter sleeved blouse, shirt or dress. Think ahead and be the wrap around hero of the hour.

Groom With A View

Don’t panic it´s not that kind of groom! Ensure your personal hygiene regime is as impeccable as your manners with hair, beard and nails neatly trimmed and don’t travel with a vapor trail behind you; use subtle fragrances that are not overpowering and if in doubt asking a brutally honest friend for their opinion isn’t a bad idea either you don’t want your date retiring to the powder room to don a gas mask. Good luck, be confident and above all be your sartorial self.

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Trousers – Seasonal Styles That Make You Smile Sun, 25 Dec 2016 08:20:34 +0000 Winter warming clothing can be something to look forward to with the launch of new seasons Jackets, shoes and sweaters. They can provide a reassuring sartorial hug to the weather beaten man. The oft passed over item is the humble trouser that has an overlooked role in balancing out the rest of the gentleman’s outfit .A badly chosen trouser can at best ruin the flow of your look and at worst make you look like you’re searching for scraps in the local dumpster; so lets consider some sensible and stylish alternatives that will have you feeling like you could dine in the Ritz.

The Wool Trouser

The lovingly spun wool trouser has been a favorite for a couple of centuries if we’re honest, no matter if you are shooting pheasant or shooting JPEGS.Wool is comfortable, easy to manage and can blend with a whole host of gents fashion looks, casual or smart. Pure wool or wool blend thanks to today’s dye sublimation technologies are available in a host of colours; they are a classic piece that if maintained properly and subject to girth maintenance on the part of yours truly will last a lifetime and bring a warming to your cockles.


Smart and beloved of military movies since talkies were invented. Quality, hard wearing cotton twill based style screams practicality here. Looking great in tradition muted neutral colors they have a reputation of being as indestructible as Captain Scarlett and you can look good equally fighting the Mysterons or taking tea with your Aunt. Classy, semi formal when required and truly timeless when matched with similar classic pieces such as chunky darker sweaters and good quality brown or black brogues. Timeless.

Relaxed Leg

If you need welcome relief (Both physical and mental) from the skinny jean syndrome, Frankie says look for the comfortable alternative of the relaxed leg jean and trouser. Its literally a warm welcome back to the Levi 501 is as good an alternative to a classic trouser as anything .You can set about matching virtually everything your winter wardrobe can throw at em’ with total confidence and it’s a great opportunity to experiment with heavier boots and shoes complimenting the look.


OK, no stuffy professor jokes, just a warm and inviting quality trouser, which has the strength and integrity to match with classier garments. Its heavier and best for winter wear. Traditionally hardwearing wool is best, is reassuring to the touch and also looks good in autumn muted colours. Match with a similar muted tone jacket and heavier winter shirt and you’ll find yourself getting an automatic pass to the best gentleman’s clubs in the land.


Cropped Style Trousers

Fitting well around and allowing many a shapely ankle to swell a partners heart; cut length trousers can showcase socks and shoes eminently providing they are warm enough to wear with confidence in the winter months. Careful tailoring will ensure a good fit, as there’s nothing worse than a dearth of material at half-mast. Just ensure your legs can carry the style!

Slim Jogger

The ‘sport luxe’ look knows no bounds at the moment, neither summer nor winter can halt its run at dominating the casual athletic wear market in the western world. If you don’t suffer from hyperthermia wintertime, sweat pants and figure hugging components can compliment each other for the complete look. Take solace that if skimpy materials are your winter things, even risking pneumonia, you’ll at least look good in the ambulance.














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Accessories For Winter – Under Cover Agent Thu, 22 Dec 2016 00:01:31 +0000 To ski or not to ski, that is the question; it differentiates between those that have a genuine love of the white stuff and the beautiful people who think “Gstaard’s so last century darling.” Whatever camp you broadly fall into there’s no doubt the skiwear syndrome is coming off piste with street cred clothing that fits the bill in both Croydon or Courchevel.Lets try and get maximum points.

Crag hoppers  Nosilife  Sherman Gilet

If poaching rather than pole weavings your thing then this poacher pocketed Gilet is just the thing and you’ll have somewhere to stash a noggin or two.

Ellis Brigham     £70.00

The North Face Nupste Jacket

A brand beloved of journo’s everywhere a lovely warm creation that arrives through the lodge doors a full minute before you do. Looks great with jeans or joggers.

Foot asylum      £70.00

 Volcom Pat Moore Insulated Snow Jacket

Fabulous jacket for the worst Switzerland or Snowdonia can throw at you; if you take a tumble falling out the bar after last orders you’ll be wearing your own instant orange distress flare.

Surf dome       £175.00

O’Neill Retro Ski Jacket

Getting all Lee Majors on your elegant Asses with a black color stripe that’s an elegant throwback with a twist.

O’Neill      £190.00

Fendi Bad bugs Hooded Ski Jacket

Audition as a bond henchman in style with this stretch fabric fancy with a lovely lined fleece too. A quite superb offering from the house of Fendi.

Matches Fashion     £1,220.00

Fila Heritage Bormio Roll Neck

And speaking of Bond, boss the henchman around with this classy roll neck from Fila. The dual stripe works with both sportswear and jean genie’s everywhere .Not just world domination but worlds end pub too.

Yoox       £56.00

Planks Shred Base Layer

Base layers although utilitarian have now, thanks to Planks, the verve to wear on the street and not just for the chalet snow stuff. Sensible and stylish.

Surf dome    £35.00















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Muscled Men – Seven Top Style Tips Sun, 18 Dec 2016 13:49:42 +0000 For the chaps out there with an intentionally sculptured muscles or bigger frame, it’s difficult to dress as sartorially as you would if you had been not so blessed with a smaller profile. With off the peg fits tending to favor less well-proportioned individuals, looking good can be something of a fashion nightmare.

The body sculpture business can lead to all sorts of enhancements physically leading to larger toned thighs and legs to upper body strengthening of chest, neck and shoulders/back. Whatever your own preference lets have a look at some of the alternatives to get you less track suited and more suited and booted.

Basic Instinct

There are a lot of clothing items that work well with the larger framed gentleman. Knitwear, polo shirts and even the humble T-shirt will all look good with a little bit of give or stretch over a well chiseled chest. Such items will get admiring looks for both taste and physique from the contemporary and admirer alike. Blazers and bomber jackets can look not just smart but highlight chest and shoulders. Relaxed shirt fabric materials in chambray and soft cotton are good staples to count on and will hang correctly.

Be Brand Aware

Sadly most fashion houses don’t cater for the larger proportioned gentleman and I personally think they are missing a trick here .If you seek out specific specialized brands catering for your needs its as well to get on their mailing list and stick with them. There are a number of new start up brands catering for everyone’s needs not just the waif generation and a quick internet search will turn up distance shopping lines that frequently offer free returns so you can try before you by. Remember being large doesn’t mean you have to miss out on style.

Not So Loud And Proud

Bright colors matched in summer are fine but don’t fall into the trap that something that looks good in bright sunlight will look as equally good out of season. You don’t want to stand out in a crowd for being too loudly dressed. Turn down the volume and let neutral colors work for you. Strong beiges and blues in summer while blacks and browns can look classy and rustic in autumn and winter.

Don’t Skimp With Skinny

To be brutally honest, slim fit shirts and skinny jeans are the enemy in this case plus may well make you look like you’re unintentionally sand dancing with Wilson and Keppel. Don’t be a victim of trends and ensure you avoid skinny jeans like the plague they will do no favors. Find your own style and experiment with a few interchangeable well-made pieces that you can wear confidently.

Size Up Or Down Your Needs

There’s no hard and fast rule on sizes any more .In one house size you may look fine yet an identical garment from another house may make you look like you have relatives in the parachute regiment. If standard or large sizes don’t work then don’t just settle for convenience, experiment with a smaller size. They may be more flattering and may just pleasantly surprise you.

Tailor Your Response

Don’t break a tailors heart like the late Roger Moore did in  ‘Moonraker’, ask around, trawl the internet and ask like minded friends for recommendations on seamstresses, and tailors who can adjust and custom make solutions for your particular frame. Don’t compromise on the fit and don’t settle for second best just for the hell of it .You deserve to exploit your god given features to the max as much as any catwalk model.

Enjoy Being Big In The Trouser Dept

Don’t settle for being the toothpaste in an ill fitting tube, if the goods don’t fit then experiment with straight, regular and tapered fitting more classic styles of jeans, winter trousers, cords and chinos. Most chain stores will have larger classic styles to attract specific customers and personally bigger framed items are usually available to take advantage of the jackets, trousers and jeans launched for the winter season so its possible with some clever purchases to stockpile classic buys and use them throughout the year. Elastane featured products are worth seeking out and with a little research you can be as fashionable as the next man, so go for it!

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Over Coat – It’s A Man’s Class Fri, 16 Dec 2016 13:47:57 +0000 The overcoat is a garment that it is designed to be worn over the jacket. The overcoat was used by the higher class indicating social status. By the 80s, overcoats started to become mainstream being essential to business dressers. Nowadays, it is considered to be a key-piece for the well-dressed gentlemen.

On today’s post, we had a beautiful walk with Christos Niflis from Christakis in Kolonaki, talking about one of the most iconic pieces. The overcoat.

The Style

The overcoat can be either single or double breasted and it usually has a single vent at the back. It should be full length, which is a dressier option, or 3/4 of full length, which is usually preferred by younger men. It shouldn’t be short because it doesn’t protect the legs from cold. A long overcoat has also a pretty nice movement as you walk, upgrading your style on the spot.
The overcoat should be comfortable on top of a shirt and suit jacket and doesn’t restrict movement. It shouldn’t also make x-wrinkles when buttoned.

Quality Comes First

An overcoat is considered to be an investment. It is a piece of clothing that should definitely be quality in order to be timeless. It should be 100% wool or cashmere or wool-cashmere blend in order to keep you warm, be durable and look flawless. When purchasing your first overcoat you should consider getting it classic in style and color in order to be timeless and easy to match with most of your suits. Classic colors are navy, black, charcoal and camel.

The Look

The camel single breasted overcoat that I am wearing is made of cashmere wool blend. It is 3/4 of full length and has a raglan sleeve. I combined a navy 2-button blazer with a pair of grey flannel trousers, a stripped light blue handmade shirt with contrast white collar and a pair of classic black oxford bespoke shoes. I embellished my outfit with a solid grey tie, a floral pochette a pair of yellow socks and Longines Conquest Heritage watch.

Get The Look

An over coat garment is stylish, yet warm. A classic piece that every gentleman should own. Total look of Christos and me by Christakis | Shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos | Watch by Longines

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Unemployed – Our Style Tips Wed, 14 Dec 2016 01:57:46 +0000 Although always causing consternation, little did anyone know that the traditional job interview would evolve into such an onerous task with individuals not just doing their homework on prospective new employers but thinking of new ways to get ahead of the pack to snag that most elusive of prey the new career.

Men these days particularly of a certain age are always looking over their shoulder to ensure they are not falling behind both in terms of being a team player but also ensuring they give off the right vibe personally as well as professionally.

The Moore’s law of technological change isn’t just applying to the technology; there are certain rules that must be applied by the individual seeking acceptance in the workplace or prospective workplace too. The first is to be competent or excel performance wise at the desk or in the boardroom; the second is to look good while you are doing said tasks.

First though you have to get your elegantly shod foot in the door and that will mean making the extra effort in the dress stakes. Here´s how you do it;

Suits You Sir

No matter what the industry, nothing shouts competency louder (As long as it isn’t an excess of color) than the traditional suit, at home in both the boardroom and the sales floor of numerous companies and the same rules apply worldwide regarding it.

A good quality presentable suit worn to an interview conveys an obvious message to prospective employers, firstly you are keen to be respected as an intelligent motivated individual and secondly and more importantly you have respect for the good taste they have shown in singling out you to shine as a prospective employee. Let’s be honest, if you sat behind the desk, whom would you take more notice of? Jeans and sweatshirt guy or tailored fit Armani man?

Remember you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to look good with most men’s retailers carrying offerings that if fitted well can make you look good and feel confident as you walk into the lion’s den. A classic sharp blue or grey suit always looks the part and can also double for future less formal outings as part of your capsule wardrobe. Don´t go for the three piece or double breasted look unless you’re past references involve selling nylons and petrol coupons from a suitcase.

Understand The Fine Prints

Although eager to get it right it is possible to show a little more acumen with the traditional suit. Tailored and subtly modified mass produced suits will still carry some commercial weight if it fits well and don’t exacerbate your own girth, so ensure it still fits well if the last time you wore it was at aunty Enid’s 70th Birthday party .If it doesn’t fit replace or have the offending item corrected before its critically needed for the interview.

Suits with a small amount of subtle patterning are acceptable in traditional weaves but if in doubt stick to plain colors, as we’ve previously suggested.

Avoid slanted pockets, half or no break trousers and loud or non-traditional shoes and pocket squares. Don’t wear loud socks, think black or grey. With ties don’t let it enter the room before you do! A plain white shirt and blue tie with a matching pocket square always talks the business. Happy Hunting; Remember you don’t want Blogs & co. to know you’re a rebel ….yet!


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