Serviced Apartments – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Thu, 20 Sep 2018 08:28:40 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Vinpearl Phu Quoc – Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc reviewed Thu, 14 Jun 2018 21:06:51 +0000 Nestled on the soft white sands of Vietnam’s largest island Vinpearl Phu Quoc is an ideal tropical escape for those who wish to gain the peacefulness of mind and the balance of body and soul. This resort has dominated endless acres of land as well as private access only too guests here on the Northern part of  Phu Quoc island. The collection of contemporary rooms and suites, most of them with gorgeous ocean views, provides everything for a romantic getaway or for those looking forward to spend some time with the family. The massive resort also has an area with a total of 340 private villas which I will review in detail. The private villas all come with balconies and private swimming pools, all enhanced with soothing views of the lush tropical gardens and a lake which cocoons the resort of the silvery sands and azure warm waters.

 Let’s imagine a quality time at Vinpearl being well spent by indulging in a complimentary morning yoga by the beach, followed by a sunbath next to blue pastel sea umbrellas or pamper one’s self with beach aromatherapy, and then immerse in the crystal clear ocean. 

All villas have a sense of French nostalgia when it comes to interior design, it is place where people can come as a large family and find shelter from the tiredness of their crowded city and leave it behind.


My arrival to Phu Quoc was with a short flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc International Airport. The international airport which was only opened in 2012 will see an expansion coming soon due to the increased popularity of this island. Tui now has direct flights from the UK to Phu Quoc. Outside the airport is a dedicated Vinpearl desk where the staff take care of the complimentary transport. The drive from the airport to the resort takes about 30 minutes.

Surrounded by idyllic beaches and exotic tropical gardens the Vinpearl reception boasts a natural feeling with a large open space and endless teardrop chandeliers. There are various seating areas to take in the views of the beach and gardens. The reception area also where the main resort hotel is housed and the Nemo restaurant where breakfast is served. Outside here is a massive pool area which is next to the beach.

I got transported with an electric buggy to my three bedroom private villa, some villas have beachfront access and some or on a lake with views accross the lake towrads the see.

Three Bedroom Villa

The three bedroom villa is just massive, a total of 340 m2, I almost felt lost. Me and my family were treated with stunning views over the swimming pool and lake. The villa was surrounded by tropical and prestine gardens.

The journey to perfect wellness for me is having my own privacy with views to die for. Listening to the sound of nature to ease stress and help with my inner healing. To be able to take in one of the most amazing sunset’s I have seen in a very long time. A natural private terrace allowed me to relax in a comfortable lounge chair and enjoy a cup of tea whilst reading.

I continue my peace seeking mission, indulging myself on one of the three massive rooms, sliding into a nice comfy bed for a good night’s sleep. I liked how I was greeted by boxes of chocolates before I went to sleep.

The villa has some cutting edge technology with guests comfort in mind, when I woke up I could turn on the 65″ TV and catch up on the worlds news, this villa came with a total of four 65″ TVs. The rooms are French inspired with a white decor and all rooms have ample of space as well as storage. It’s really home away from home experience, or in my case I wish my home was like this. I liked how each room had its own dedicated working desk too for the children to do their homework or for me to catch up on my work.

Kitchen Dining Area

There is a big focus on open concept within this villa that revolve around the kitchen so everyone can be together. As with any modern design trend, clean and simple styles have become favorites for luxury resorts, with natural light becoming an essential aspect of the overall look and function of the kitchen space. Technology integrated kitchens are becoming more popular as holiday makers want to experiment with novel technologies. This is one of the biggest trends going into 2018 for luxury villa stays. Not that I was cooking as the Vinpearl resort has an excelent and affordable in room dining menu. There are three other distinctive dining venues throughout the resort if I chose it.

The lighting fixtures throughout this area and the lounge created a relaxing atmosphere. There was another huge lounge area where I could relax on the French inspired lounges with pillows and cushions which are very comfortable, this lounge area also has the huge 65″ TV which is great.


The three oversized bathrooms with double sinks and endless amounts of large mirrors make my stay relaxing. The French inspired decor along side a separate bath gives it a modern contemporary chic feel. The towels were large and fluffy with plenty of bathroom amenities to make my stay a comfortable one.

Private Pool

Each villa comes with a private swimming pool from where you can see the lake. This is the perfect pool to dip in and cool down and have private time with the family.

Resort Swimming Pool

With a full day of sun and fun with the family the Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort has also a massive pool to have fun in. Overlooking the sea it is truly a perfect leisure way for the kids and even me to indulge in. There are security guards on watch at all times which is reassuring as a parent. I opted to swim at the sea to continue my tranquillity and noticed there were several lifeguards on duty here too which is good to have.


The buffet style breakfast which is served in Nemo restaurant displays its fresh produce and Vietnamese food on large different islands. Vietnam is known for growing amazing cashew nuts and there was sufficient nut varieties to choose by as well. While there were regrettably dishes left untried, I thoroughly satiated and have most definitely gotten a variety of tastes when it came to Vietnamese cuisines. Staying here for a few days allowed me to head out already planning, my next assault on this most decadent of Vietnamese food buffet.


Wellness is not an easy concept to define in 2018. Wellness definitions are as diverse and unique as each individual human being. Luxury Wellness, resorts stays now are universal and understood cross culturally and inter-generational just as the arts,music, dance and love. At Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort my stay was unique, private and very quiet. The access to the shallow warm beaches and white sands was divine. This was luxury and wellness in excess.


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Oakwood Studios Singapore – Millennial Luxury City Living Tue, 17 Apr 2018 12:11:34 +0000 Since 2015 I have been experiencing the world of luxury. In 2018 the world of luxury is undergoing a transformation in which the most astute consumers have disavowed mass luxury and turned their back on following the mainstream trends of travelling. Instead, they have turned to the concept of unique, bespoke travel experiences as an expression of their inner selves.

Today people are travelling for work as well as leisure, incorporating the lifestyle they wish to choose and live. I am finding people are wanting to take their personal belongings with them and feel home away from home. Oakwood Studios in Singapore creates an urban city space for those people seeking to experience Singapore on a long or short term basis. Its location is only a stone throw away from Orchard road, the hub for luxury brands around the globe. This is an affluent area of Singapore, what I call the Mayfair of luxury accommodation and lifestyle trends. Residents and guests here are ushered into a lifestyle haven amid tranquil environment of manicured greenery surroundings and modern smart home features.


The pursuit for perfection continues to hold true to the design ethos which has now ventured into more overseas projects in Asia. From the colour scheme, the lighting and the careful curation of the space, down to pictures frames, social media digital walls and the art including a stylish piano which is available to rent and take into your suite. The reception area including its overt messages is a refreshing change to what I call accessible luxury without the intimidation factor. The outdoor area with its sharp lines and a semi industrial feel comprises a colourful seating area with a minimalist sanctuary area with a compact seating zone. It is enough for me to liaise and interact with other guests if I choose. This new millennial approach to sharing space through out the studios is an increasing trend that I like. Sharing is caring after all. In this world where our family is where one resides, it’s a concept that will increasingly command a new way of luxury stays throughout Singapore and the rest of the globe. Oakwood Studios has done a great job here.

The staff were very welcoming and very accommodating with a young fresh approach to serving their guests.

Swimming Pool

This lap pool, gymnasium, lounging corners, an alfresco dining area, including a barbecue area are just some additions to make the notion of millennial’s modern living. A brilliant location right in the heart of a prestigious area of Singapore, makes this stay a promising and irresistible one.

The roof terrace had ample seating space which was decorated with a cosy ambience in mind, combined with an infinity pool overlooking this luxury part of Singapore. The earthly palette united the decor scheme of this spacious communal area, thus creating a cosy sanctuary for all guests.

Laundry and Complimentary Parking

In this Millennial lifestyle era sharing is caring and therefore being able to park your car let alone do your washing with others is a great way to meet new people. Conversations and networking has been a key element in my success both personally and within business. This has on many occasions forced me out of my comfort zone which has resulted in me reaping many fruitful rewards, even whilst doing my laundry here at Oakwood studios.

Studio Apartment

I had two studio apartments to explore where I felt at home away from home. This clever compact usage of space combined with different types of yarn and weave structures amongst the colouful rigs as well as the lounge gave the apartment a modern spacious feel.

The kitchen was small but with the state of the art technology where clever use of space was used, made the kitchen an efficient working space. Being able to hide the sink covered with dirty dishes is a lazy way to keep the flat pristine and clean.

I liked how I could peer through a looking glass full of essentials, that being wine glasses. I liked the design plates and cutlery, combine this with a balcony which allowed me to bring outdoor space into my apartment and I had some alfresco dining close by. The balcony also allowed me to see and experience how the locals live.

The king size bed was huge and very comfortable, combine this with the flat screen TV situated on the wall and it was no wonder I rarely left the apartment. I had to see I was coming to an end of my three months travel. The natural light thanks to the ceiling to floor sliding doors was wonderful too. The studio had sharp lines and a semi homely feel along side discreet mirror storage units running along the wall. I felt this space felt a lot bigger than it actually was. Round tables have softer lines and in this case it created a more intimate and friendly atmosphere. The furniture throughout the apartments had a quiet elegance that becomes a natural extension of the interior that I would create as my own den.

The Nespresso machine and rice cooker were an added bonus to accommodate my stay. In 2018, where less is more this is a perfect example of combining a luxury stay with a minimal amount of stuff.


Keen to ensure that Oakwoods Studios residence was sympathetic to it surroundings this modern way of living is why these studios run on high capacity. The pale grey exterior and the design gives it a nostalgic and contemporary feel to the place. Singapore is a pristine city and therefore, the usage of ground to floor ceilings windows, throughout the apartments is a brilliant way to bring a tropical oasis of paradise right into my studio. The area is actually very quiet and nestled in the lush greens of central Singapore. Combined with the access to Orchard road, famous for it’s luxury shopping just around the corner, this combination is perfect to Singapore’s flourishing lifestyle market.

Waking up with this modern skyline is a reminder that Singapore is now rated one of the most sought after cities in the world for nomads, millennials to both visit, reside and explore.


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Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore – Apartments Reviewed Sun, 18 Mar 2018 02:26:19 +0000 Singapore is often called the ‘The Garden City’ for its constant pristine, manicured tree lined streets, tropical plants and beautiful flowers. The Citadines Mount Sophia sits just at the edge of the business centre with a lovely park Mount Emily close by. It is perfectly located to explore Singapore’s cultural heart “The Bugis” on foot and also the shopping street Orchard Road is only a 15 minute walk away. It’s for this reason I stayed at Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore, which was located centrally overlooking some of the skyscrapers. The architecture around the area is a fusion of combining the latest designs, along with regal looking heritage buildings that date as far back as the early 1900s, reminding me of the colonial associations with the British. It is such a brilliantly organised city, and from this location it is so easy to travel to any destination within Singapore.


This is really an apart hotel with serviced apartment sizes from 36sqm studios to 74sqm two bedroom executive apartments. The reception area is small modern and quirky, with a message that says we are open for all types of clients, from businesses clients, to families with small children. It’s a nice meeting area for outside guests to be welcomed in.

The use of wooden furniture within this area with a provencal style decor added a dynamic interplay of colour and texture which made it a place like no other. I liked how there were rocking horses for the children to play on. The reception area had a mixture of colours that didn’t always match, but with its interior design of mixing and matching gave this area a nice warm welcome.

Two Bedroom Executive Apartment

This modern contemporary apartment is perfect for the global business traveller or a family of three or four. The two bedroom executive apartment is spacious and with ample of mirror sliding doors it feel larger than 74 sqm suggests. The instant wow factor here is that the apartment is fitted with wall to wall windows, giving me an unforgettable view of this dynamic city. These views could be enjoyed at almost each level of this hotel including the corridors.

View over Singapore by night

The apartment was also decorated with modern comfortable furniture, and the clever usage of space is why I felt right at home. Each apartment is also fitted with a queen size bed in the master bedroom, a single bed in the second bedroom and a twin sofa bed in the living room. So it gave me an option to have four guests and on this occasion extra room for unexpected fluffy guests who were seeking a view of Singapore. I liked how there was ample of bench space along the windows for extra playing space for my two children.

Queen size double bed room

I loved the assortment of cushions which worked well when placed on the plain sofa, and added a colourful layer while bringing in the flavour of Singapore culture. I also liked the use of natural fibre fabrics where possible, to give it an overall modern but cosy ambiance.

Plenty of bench space near the windows.

The Wi-Fi connectivity was fast and easy to access as this is important for anyone here on business. I liked how there was a dedicated working desk in which I could work.

Kitchen/ Bathroom

The kitchen had the basic essentials, equipped with modern appliances, enough for a short term stay here. It was nicely tucked away from the rest of the apartment near the entrance. The two bathrooms, although small were modern, and the finishing lines added a cosy touch to this space. There was excellent usage of storage space for my clothes and shoes including and the storage included a steam iron and ironing board.

The apartment does not come with a washing machine. The Citadines Mount Sophia has a dedicated laundry area with washing machine and dryers, both requiring tokens. Its simple easy to access and very easy to use.

The individually controlled air-conditioning in each room was a clever idea and I liked how there was a dedicated slot on the wall where I could put the remote back easy to find. The complimentary housekeeping comes three times a week to keep the apartment in pristine order.

Breakfast – Residents Lounge

The Citadines Mount Sophia has a residents lounge where breakfast is served on weekdays. As I stayed over the weekend I did not experience the breakfast.

Part of the residents lounge


Citadines Mount Sophia is a no frills apart hotel in the centre of Singapore. Its location makes the cultural heart of Bugis and the Orchard Road shopping area easily accessible on foot. The apartments have all the mod cons to make your stay in Singapore comfortable. Across the apart hotel less than a 30 second walk is a small shopping centre with plenty of food options available. If you are looking for a comfortable stay in your own apartment without the frills of a Spa or Swimming pool this is a great option in an excellent location.

In house gym


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The Gerald Apartment Hotel – Contemporary Luxury In Western Australia Mon, 12 Mar 2018 06:49:34 +0000 The Gerald hits all the right spots for a contemporary, modern luxury apartment hotel stay in Geraldton. Located in the heart of Australia’s Coral Coast and Mid West Region, Geraldton is the first major town north of Perth. Residing in the heart of down-town Geraldton, The Gerald is the perfect place to stay for those wanting apartment style accommodation and walking distance to Geraldton’s flourishing shopping, cafe and restaurant scene, and town beaches.

Growing up in Geraldton in the 1980s and 1990s, the building which now houses The Gerald was always know as the office block called Town Towers. I remember buying my Year 8 school ball dress from the shopping arcade on the ground floor. How things have changed with the complete transformation of the building in 2017 into The Gerald Apartment Hotel, with its distinctive blue and grey exterior. Upon arrival at the Gerald Apartment Hotel, the lobby area provides a cool, modern respite from the summer heat and the famous Geraldton wind swirling down Cathedral Avenue. Definitely worlds apart from my past experience of walking into the old Town Towers building.


The reception area is small yet spacious with floor to ceiling windows running the length of the reception area and Lobby Restaurant. Check-in was a breeze with the friendly, knowledgeable staff. During busier times guests checking-in (or out) can relax in the contemporary, blue velvety lobby chairs and admire the lush wall garden behind the reception counter. Or have a coffee and cake and watch the world go by outside (or blown on by down the street by Geraldton’s notorious summer wind).

Clever use of space abounds in the apartment hotel, like the black sheer curtains separating the reception lobby from the Lobby Restaurant. And personal items from the owners home collection make an appearance in the hotel decor, like the statue greeting restaurant diners. It’s these personal and friendly touches that enhance the stay for visitors and add to The Gerald’s small town welcome vibe. If you have the chance, chat to the hotel’s owner and General Manager – Grant, who is gracious with his time and passionate about making The Gerald the most successful hotel in Geraldton.

The Room – Premium King Corner Apartment

The Premium King Corner Apartment on level 6 is wonderfully spacious, and decorated with luscious beige, grey, dusty pink, white, and dark wood tones. The first word to pop into my mind entering the room was a clichéd  ‘wow’ in reference to both the sumptuous room and breathtaking 180 degree views of the Geraldton harbour, ocean and hills. Dragging yourself away from the windows, you will find a well equipped kitchenette (think microwave, cook top, kettle, toaster, crockery, cutlery, drinking glasses) with a small bar fridge with enough space for groceries in addition to the mini bar snacks/drinks.

Four massive pillows, with a blue G embroidered on the corner, adorn the large king size bed. The linen is white and crisp as expected for a luxury experience. Four windows allow plenty of natural light to stream into the room; and from the comfort of the bed or plush dusty pink armchairs you can sit back, relax and take in the surrounding Geraldton skyline and harbour views. The ambience of the room is enhanced by beautiful artwork from internationally renowned professional artist, Erica Faith Lansley who lives locally to Geraldton; and are available to purchase.

For guests catching up on business work or writing postcards to loved ones back home, the room has a good size desk and comfy chair; with double glazing and sound proof walls providing minimal external noise from the street below. Unless you have the windows open, such a treat for those wanting to breath the fresh ocean air. The room also comprises of free wifi, large flat screen tv with on-demand movies and sport.

The Bathroom

Spacious is a word repeatedly used for the Premium King Corner Apartment, and the bathroom ensuite is no exception. The rectangular walk-in rain shower provides plenty of room for one or two, and the complimentary bathroom hair and soap products smell divine. A decent size hairdryer is provided should you wish to save room in your suitcase. And the cute little orange ‘The Gerald’ fish adds a pop of colour and happiness to the bathroom.

The Gerald Lobby Breakfast

Being an apartment hotel, The Gerald provides a light continental buffet breakfast for guests, served from 6.30am in The Lobby restaurant. There a small selection breakfast items to choose from, such as fresh fruit, toast, granola, yoghurt, pastries, cold cut meats, juice, tea and coffee. For those wanting a more substantial breakfast, the hotel staff are more than willing to share their favourite Geraldton cafe spots.


The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Geraldton, and the luxury apartment style accommodation gives guests the option to cook and prepare their own breakfast, lunch and dinner should they desire to do so. Otherwise, The Lobby restaurant is open for a light continental style breakfast, coffee and cakes all day, and full service lunch and dinner. The vibrant west- and east-ends of Marine Terrace have funky cafes, shops, restaurants and beachside dining/take-out options. And the hotel is a very short walking distance to the Geraldton foreshore with playground activities for kids, walking pathways, town beaches and harbour views.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at The Gerald Apartment Hotel, so much so I could have moved into the Premier King Corner Apartment forever. The views of the Geraldton port, Champion Bay and surrounding town are breathtaking.

The apartment hotel has a contemporary yet warm ambience, with friendly staff providing that small town Geraldton welcome. Perfect for weekend getaways from Perth, for locals wanting to indulge in a luxury Geraldton staycation, and for tourists heading north to explore the vast, sparse and beautiful country beyond Geraldton.


  • Room: Rates from $230 AUD
  • Website:
  • Address: 25 Cathedral Avenue, Geraldton Western Australia 6530
  • Phone: +61 (0) 8 9918 0100

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Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review Tue, 20 Feb 2018 05:55:41 +0000 Singapore is a modern city that has embraced the latest technology and architecture trends from around the globe. In 2018, Sigapore is about finding out and exploring hidden luxury experiences around the city. It seems turning your apartment into a home sweet home is something that Frasers Suites has mastered in the last twenty years. Situated in an upmarket part of the city, these serviced apartments take a canny mix of colours and textures to help create a chic, cosy interior that has withstood the test of time. Celebrating twenty years Fraser Suites has hosted international clients and families around the globe on a long and short term rentals.

The area is surrounded by Singapore river which has many restaurants and coffee bars to explore. The paths are great for walking, riding and running around the city. Plenty of public transport and shopping areas around to take advantage of when ever it suits. In this part of the city, it felt spacious and it was very quiet considering I was almost in the CBD.

Services And Facilities

Fraser Suites has ample of facilities like a gym, dedicated children area, and retreat zone in where I could have endless massages thanks to electric massage chairs. I thought this was a lovely addition especially for those here on business. The retreat room has a relaxed atmosphere and there are three massage chairs with amples of magazines to just be able to zone out and rest. I spent a lot of time here whilst waiting for my Penthouse to get ready.

The outdoor swimming pool area, is located on the 6th floor is well maintained and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere to it. The lounges are very comfortable and I liked how they had a dedicated play facilities for children next to the pool. The city view is wonderful and again not so loud at all. Plenty of fluffy towels and drinks on hand to make my stay a cosy one. Most of the guests I spoke to, range from long to short term stay and were very welcoming and positive about Fraser Suits. Some guests have resided here for ten years.

Kids pool, large pool and dedicated gym

Penthouse Apartments Interior Design

Situated on the twentieth floor are the Penthouse Apartments. These three to four bedroom apartments offer all the dream amenities and features needed for a cosy and stylish stay. I stayed for one week in the three bedroom Penthouse Apartment which has a homely yet luxurious feel, with a mix of different design elements to make it a unique stay. Being well travelled, I adore neutral colours and areas that are functional and comfortable, and the overall Penthouse looked modern and chic. At Fraser Suites, they have been selective about the decorative pieces for each space, the unifying colour in this case was beige. The grouping of furniture, neutral coloured textiles both on the wall and throughout the bedrooms gave it a unified ambience. This overall gave balance to what is naturally outside in Singapore a tropical green environment.

Sense Of Place

I love the anticipation when I entered the Penthouse, for me first impression counts. The material choice matters, especially when you’re dealing with furnishing with dramatic finishes that instantly command your attention.

In entering the Penthouse the paring of materials such as marble tiles and natural inspired finishes such as wood veneer throughout the apartment gave an instant modern feel. Colours such as grey, beige, dark brown and white allowed for a furnishing scheme that created a balanced decor.

I loved the long corridor that opened into a large room. The ample storage space around the apartment is pleasing to the eye as well as functional.  The beige textiles used throughout the apartment gives a cool and warmth feel throughout the Penthouse.

Desk area in the corridor

The lounge area has a thick pile of carpet and comfortable furniture combing, textiles such as leather and cotton to give a very relaxing stay. The furniture throughout the Penthouse is of high quality and this is reflected on how pristine it stills looks after many extreme wear and tear.

The final result is a contemporary abode that’s worlds away from Singapore itself. The sense of continuity of natural colours and contemporary furniture throughout the apartment makes it very chic. This floor area 189 sqm (2,034 sq ft) feels much bigger and there were ample of areas around the apartment that I could hide away and enjoy my private oasis.


The soft furnishing adds a cosy feel to the bedrooms, there are dark wood desks in the two larger bedrooms.  The bedroom is kitted out with oversized bed side lamps, a docking station and a wall art lighting feature. I had an uninterrupted night sleep, the best in months. The state of my bedroom, is the state of my mind. Each bedroom had beautiful white linen and fabrics for a divine sleep. In harsh concrete environments such as inner city living, it is important that the Penthouse is a balanced contrast to what I am seeing outside.  Therefore natural wooden objects along side, fresh green flowers that were presented in each room worked perfectly.

Master Bedroom with ensuite


Bathrooms in 2018 are about crafting a soothing space where I love to linger, and create a personal place to captivate materials and finishes. I like how Fraser Suites used bigger pieces of marble stone and granite to reduce grout lines. The use of granite and black tiles throughout the bathroom combined with a designer double sink and bath added to a stylish ambience.

The main bedroom had a wonderful en suite with a large bath to soak up all the stress of a hard days work. It’s uncluttered decor paired with white and veneer finishes gave a huge sense of space. The walk in wardrobe had ample of clothing space and was nicely tucked away to create flowing energy. The second bathroom has a dedicated rain shower. This bathroom is perfectly situated in the corridor area great to be used by the guest staying in the other two bedrooms. The huge fluffy towels with gender neutral products from Malin and Goetz were the perfect detailed touches needed to reflect this luxury penthouse stay. The attention to detail here throughout the apartment reflects the passion the staff and overall company ethos prides itself serving its clients.

Personal Curation

Fraser Suites, restrained itself by selecting decorative pieces for each space to make sure that the attention is squarely focused. By using the contrast oxidised metal with soft fabric, throwing a rug and furnished linen chairs here and there is why I felt an instant cosier feel throughout the Penhouse. The choice of using massive floor to ceiling dark mirrors within the lounge area gave an illusion of an open air museum. This clever use of space and material was a subtle message of contemporary functional art. I had plenty of time for me to keep looking at my own reflection within the mirrors and being mindful of my personal fashion style. I loved playing dresses up here and so did my family.

Key Features And Services

The Key features and services of this penthouse apartment was of the highest quality, and important for me, easy to use. Fraser Suites teamed up with reliable and robust state of the art German brand, Bosch.

Expensive Modern and well-equipped kitchenette products by Bosch made my Kitchen dining experience a memorable one. Especially when entertaining my business guests it was important for me to leave a luxury impression. I liked the comprehensive home entertainment system with Bose speakers which allowed me to watch endless amounts of movies.

The kitchen comes with a Bosch coffee machine with freshly ground Illy beans from Italy. It was a coffee experience I loved and having it on demand and hearing and smelling the coffee beans was bliss.

The Bosch Microwave, Bosch Oven and Bosch Dishwasher were very quiet and easy to use.I loved the separate washing machine and dryer which was in a dedicated large room right next to the kitchen. This practical use of space meant the house keeping could work there without interrupting or let alone anyone seeing clothes drying.

There were three fridges and for those wine lovers. It was great have a refrigerated wine cooler. It is the best way to ensure your wine is stored properly. Tucked away in the room, was a personal safe which came in handy for my valuables.


I happened to build a nice rapport with the staff and met one in particular, who stood out. This person has been working here since the beginning, 20 years ago. I asked why she stayed so long.

Fraser Suites, is a family who value what we do as staff. They make us feel important and part of a happy family.

The Fraser Suites penthouse is a characterful sanctuary offering an environment that is home away from home. It is great place for those in need of a luxury staycation or looking for a longer term serviced apartment.

Fraser Suites is located in a fabulous area where I could walk, stroll, ride or run around the Singapore river, making it the perfect place for living in the city. There is a complementary shuttle bus throughout the day which allowed me to explore different parts of Singapore and shop till I dropped. My kids loved the pool area and the dedicated play room and play ground located on the third floor. This has been my ultimate staycation experience with my family to date.


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Sathorn Vista Bangkok Marriott Executive Apartments – Passport To Comfort Sun, 31 Dec 2017 04:27:02 +0000 I am travelling with my family throughout South East Asia for several months and over the course of time I am starting to miss some of my home comforts. I am referring to space, modern kitchens and doors that allows me to have some privacy. So it is nice to have experienced the Sathorn Vista Bangkok Marriott Executive Apartments, which are five star luxury apartments situated in the heart of Bangkok’s business district.

Fully Serviced Suites

These executive apartments offer apartment style living combined with the full services you can expect at a hotel. Many people staying here are working or visiting Bangkok for a long stay, which can be a few weeks all the way to years. In fact I joined the long term residence Christmas party and found that the longest staying guest was there for more than 3 years. You can also stay for one or two days like I did. Sathorn Vista offers travelers services like grocery shopping, daily upkeep and upon request an array of luxurious services specific for the individual.

When I entered the reception area I was greeted by a simple, clean open spaced modern room. There is a residents lounge in where long stay clients can meet up or if I wanted to have a business meeting or catch up with friends, this was the perfect environment to do so. In the morning this room services breakfast for long term residents only.

Two Bedroom Suite

I stayed at a two bedroom luxury suite with two bathrooms overlooking the heart of Bangkok. This view is really brilliant to watch all the traffic and understand the electric atmosphere this city has to offer. The kitchen offers top appliances and is well supplied for cooking and entertaining guests if I chose too. The granite service is of high quality and it has a microwave oven and a dishwasher which is fantastic. Behind closed wooden doors, there is a washing machine and dryer of a high standard which is very useful too. This was followed by a vacuum cleaner if I was up for cleaning, but once again the hotel offers a daily cleaning service.

The spacious lounge and furnishing is why my stay was very comfortable. There was a dedicated working desk alongside a dining table with very comfortable seating options. Therefore the space overall is is functional, practical and spacious. The huge TV which is one of three allocated in the apartment, was a warm welcoming to catch up on some of my favourite TV series.


The bedrooms are spacious and have lots of natural light. The bed is big and the bed linen is lovely to sleep in with plenty of pillows to make my sleep a very cosy one. In the master bedroom there was an ensuite which was large and I loved how my bath was overlooking the city. It’s wonderful at night to soak up some city lights and actions without the noise. There was another dedicated working desk here too once again making my stay very practical.

The second bedroom which has a queen size bed was also very cosy and has a second bathroom which is separate. This is very good for those outside guests wanting to join me. In the corridor there is also separate large extra storage room for my luggage and anything I wanted to tuck away including an iron and an iron board.

The suites all have hard enduring wooden flooring which are well maintained and give an overall a lovely ambiance. The art work throughout the suites and the hotel is modern and has a feeling of being away from home.


Just a stone throw away within the building is a cafe called MOMO, which has a variety of food for all the guests. This is where breakfast is served and it is a great way to get the day started. For me that starts with a coffee and in Thailand that means an iced latte, which the cafe does to perfection. Besides coffee there are a lot of beverage options to choose from including plenty of fresh juices. The food is fresh and well presented which reminds me that I am actually in an hotel without knowing it.


I also dined at the MO MO Cafe which was a seafood buffet which runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there were plenty of food options which catered for all sorts of pallets including non seafood. The atmosphere was wonderful and the staff made us feel like family. MOMO was packed and fully booked so make sure you reserve.


On the 5th floor there is a huge outside pool, jacuzzi and a smaller kids pool. Do not get turned of by the green colour as it is the tiles that are green. For refreshments there is a bar and for the gym fanatics there is a fully equipped gym and sauna. For smaller kids there is also a kids club.


The Marriott Executive Apartments, is located in a fabulous street which offers plenty of wining and dining around. Just next to these apartments is the Australian embassy and therefore the street also offers, plenty of cafe opportunities and very funky eating places to cater for the expat community. There are plenty of places to get your hair done as well as Spa treatments and the prices vary. The street has a great atmosphere at night and there is also a market in where fresh produce is sold daily. If you choose not to cook, the food here is endless.

I met a lot of long stay clients here who speak very highly of the service, staff and these luxury apartments. Thanks for making us feel welcome and we had a great stay.


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Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok – Reviewed Wed, 06 Dec 2017 03:56:26 +0000 Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok is located in Soi 24 an alley of the main Sukhumvit road. It is located very close to two luxury shopping malls, the Emporium and the new EmQuartier mall on the opposite. There is a complementary drop off and pick up from the Marriott every thirty minutes that stops at the Emporium.

I was impressed with the EmQuatier which houses a whopping 400 fashion labels in total and is spread out over 4,000 square metres of floor space. Also in the Em Quartier there is the Helix Quarter its dining extravaganza, with over 40 restaurants and an impressive rooftop garden with a 100-metre long rain forest. The views of Bangkok from here were brilliant.

View from the Helix Quarter


This Marriott is all about Executive apartments but with services you would expect from a normal hotel. In total there are 300 suites across 34 floors and there is a mix of different room types.

  • Studio (45 sqm)
  • 1 Bedroom Suite (65 sqm)
  • 1 Bedroom SkyLine Suite (65 sqm)
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment (85 sqm)
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment (130 sqm)
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment (180 sqm)


In entering the Marriott the first impressions was like entering a luxury hotel with the five star service which was fabulous. The reception area is spotless and had a warm feel to it and there was plenty of space to check in and for children to run around whilst sorting myself out. The lobby area was grand with an Atrium and plenty of sofas and chairs to chill out on. The second floor of the Atrium connects to a total of 6 meeting rooms. Also on the ground floor is the Bistro M which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and the M2 go for coffees, snacks and take away items.

Pool & Fitness Area

As I was waiting for my room to get ready I headed to the 3rd floor where the outdoor pool and fitness centre were located. The fitness centre is large and popular with the long term guest, it has all the latest technology equipment to keep guests fit. Outside there is a 1.2 meter deep and 25 meter long outdoor pool perfect for doing laps whilst enjoying views of Bangkok. There is also a smaller 50 cm deep pool which is perfect for the little ones. There are plenty of sun loungers around the pool area not to have to fight over it and there is also a Jacuzzi, which unfortunately was not heated. Bar on 3 offers all sorts of drinks and has a small food menu as well. The 3rd floor also has a pool table, a kids playroom and houses the Thada heritage Spa.

More Sporting Facilities

If you thought this was all that the Marriott Executive apartments had to offer, there are more sport options in a separate building above the parking garage. There is an indoor golf as well as an outdoor golf practice area, one tennis court, one badminton court, one squash court and one dance practice area. Plenty of options to keep guests entertained and fit.

Two Bedroom Apartment

I stayed at the two bedroom apartment which has a living room, a twin bedroom with two queen size beds, a super king size bedroom and an open plan living room with kitchen, lounge area and dining area. What amazed me immediately is the huge size of the rooms, yes the total space is 130m2.

Open Plan Kitchen Lounge Area

The kitchen dining area is a fabulous area for entertaining and the feel good factor here is excellent. The fully stocked kitchen is of a high standard and the cutlery, plates, cups knives etc are excellent quality. I am a big fan of granite kitchen work tops as they are easy to keep clean and have a posh feel to it. The splash back is a nice modern glass which is easy to keep clean. The cooking facilities are perfect.

The lounge area has also a dining table for four, a leather corner sofa, flat screen TV and desk area. As I was with my family this area had ample of space to chill, work and play. On either side of the lounge is a bedroom with solid wood doors and when closed so the sound goes. I could be loud and not wake anyone up whilst working early in the morning.

Next to the entrance is plenty of floor to ceiling storage with one of the cupboards housing a washing machine, dryer and ironing board. This room caters for long term guests as there is plenty of storage everywhere, more on that later.


My huge king size room had a lovely wooden floor and the space was almost endless. The view overlooking the city was wonderful and I loved the big windows. The bed had six pillows and was super comfortable, in fact my whole family could sleep in this one bed easily. There is also a working desk with another large screen TV.

The bathroom is en-suite and has a large separate shower offering lots of space to shower. The bath was large and perfect to soak in. Overall the bathroom was of a high standard. The 2nd bathroom attached to the second bedroom is a mirror copy, so my children were equally spoiled. What I liked when entering the bathroom was the huge amount of storage available again with three floor to ceiling double door wardrobes available in each bedroom. This hotel can cater long term guest, in fact I spoke to some of them that have stayed already for two years in a row.

The other bedroom is equal in size and also has a flat screen TV and desk area. This room is configured with two Queen sized beds. Everyone was fully entertained and therefore my stay was so relaxed, I didn’t want to leave.

Restaurant Area – Bistro M

Tucked away on the ground floor is the large Bistro M indoor and outdoor dining area which is clean and modern. There is ample of food to choose by and wine too. I noticed long term clients would dine here during the evening and the food is fresh and fabulous.


Breakfast is a buffet style and offers plenty of fresh food and the variety caters for all clients. The staff service here is excellent and with a 90% occupancy rate at the Marriott the staff manage to cater for everyone’s demands including mine. They do a great ice coffee and I loved the sushi option for breakfast. There is plenty of fresh eggs options and bacon to choose by as well.

Buffet With Free Flowing Wine

Every first Friday of the month the Marriott Executive Apartments has a dinner buffet with free flowing wine. Wine in Asia is not cheap so this is excellent value for money and it showed as it was busy. Make sure to book in advance as its popular with outside guests.


Whether you here alone, with friends or a family the Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park will make your stay so more relaxing. Having a spacious room for me makes my life so much easier. The location is excellent and combine this with a 5 star service and it is easy to see why the occupancy rate is high throughout the year. The staff are brilliant and nothing is too much to ask. It was my daughter’s birthday and the staff went out of their way to choose a cake and sing to her. It was for her home being away from home and she felt like they were her family too. The location, the quality of these luxury apartments and the access to the latest in food and shopping is why my stay here ticked all the boxes when it comes to luxury lifestyle experience. Thanks for a wonderful stay.

Sunrise at the pool area


  • Room reviewed: 2 berdroom apartment
  • Website:
  • Address: 90 Sukhumvit 24 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Phone: +62 (0)2 302 5555

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Cape House Serviced Apartments Bangkok – Reviewed Mon, 04 Dec 2017 01:01:51 +0000 Bangkok is a vibrant city that has so much to offer regarding, shopping, eating and partying. It is a city that consumes me with its endless entertainment and for this reason, I decided to stay at Cape House serviced apartments. With so much to take in right in the heart of Bangkok, I wanted space, and a place I could doing my own cooking, washing and reflect on 2017 and what I have achieved.

For me as a business client, the Cape House Bangkok is in a great location. The Cape House serviced apartments are located right in the heart of the Ploenchit neighbourhood on the vibrant Soi Langsuan, which has restaurants and street food stalls. Cape House provides easy access to Bangkok’s major business, entertainment and shopping districts as well as several embassies and beautiful public parks like Lumpini Park.

A three minute walk got me to the Chidlom BTS station from where the public transport network awaits. It is also the start of the R Walk where there is a large raised and covered walkway that connects all the major shopping centres.


In entering the reception area there is a simplicity and efficient atmosphere that greets me. Which makes perfect sense as most customers are here on business and wanting to embrace their own private den at their own pace. On the ground floor is also the restaurant the Italian Bistro on 43 which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dining area has an Italian bistro feel to it, with its split-level, balcony and stalls configuration it makes dining relaxed and easy to chat with people.

What I liked about the Cape house that it also had an affordable and extensive room dining service. It allowed me to stay in the hotel in the evening when I did not feel like going out for dinner.


Breakfast was a buffet, which had enough variety on offer. With fresh tea and coffee and plenty of international cuisines to choose by it was enough to get me started for the day. My favourite food were the huge muffins that could be eaten by two people, unfortunate they were so good I could not share them. Part of the buffet was an egg station, where eggs were served made to order.

Executive Lounge And Swimming Pool

I loved the decor of the executive lounge on the 5th floor which was white and bright and offered views over the city of Bangkok. It was the perfect place to meet other guests or do some business talk. There was a small buffet on offer which changed throughout the day and the lounge was perfect for an afternoon tea. The lounge felt classy and clean and the interior design reminded me of France. There were plenty of newspapers and magazines on offer to read in a quiet and comfortable environment.

The swimming pool and gym were located one floor higher on the 16th. Also here the standard was high and once again the views overlooking the city were perfect making it a lovely place to wine and dine either during the day or in the evening. The Jacuzzi was large and super warm and I loved being in it after a hard day of work and shopping. The swimming pool was big enough to do laps and deep enough to tread water. The gym also had enough equipment to use and work off some weight.

The pool area is a nice entertainment area for family and friends. The lounge chairs were very comfortable and the staff were always on the ball keeping everything in pristine order.

One Bedroom Suite

In entering the One Bedroom suite I loved the white decor and dark wood flooring which was perfect for the city of Bangkok. It had a modern Asian feel to it. Boasting at 55 sqm, this  elegant one bedroom suite featured a spacious comfortable bedroom. The bedroom was separate to the lounge and the bed was huge and very comfortable.

The lounge area was big and had a comfortable sofa, chair, desk area, TV, sound system and dining table for four. I liked how it had a small balcony from where I could overlook the city.

The suite offered every convenience necessary for a comfortable stay. It was clean, cosy and spacious. I liked how the small kitchenette included a washing machine, microwave oven, fridge and stove. If I really wanted to cook it was possible.

The bathroom offered a separate shower and bath and was big enough to cater two people. The bedroom was spotless and had a great feel to it. The room even though in the centre of Bangkok, was quiet and I slept very well. The room came with plenty of storage place for long stay clients, and for me as I was shopping, I had plenty of  extra wardrobe space to store my latest purchases.


Cape House offers luxury serviced apartments consisting of studios, one bedroom and two bedroom suites, all under hotel style service. It’s a place where you can feel home away from home with the extra bells and whistles. For me in my observation there were mainly, long term guests and business clients. It is a place where business meetings can be held and also a place to chill after a hard days work. Guests are well looked after and are served well. There are plenty of places near by to eat, shop till you drop and go out partying as well. I recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a bit more than a hotel room and wants a place centrally located in Bangkok.


  • Room reviewed: One Bedroom Suite
  • Website:
  • Address: 43 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
  • Phone: +66 (0)2 658 7444

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Haas Op Het Vrijthof Maastricht Reviewed – The Famous Vrijthof Square Thu, 15 Dec 2016 07:26:59 +0000 Maastricht is a town and a municipality in the southeast of the Netherlands. It is one of the most gorgeous cities in Holland. Maastricht is also known for the Maastricht treaty, the treaty that started the process of creating the Euro. Today I am reviewing the Haas Op Het Vrijthof a luxury guest house, which is over looking the famous Vrijthof square. Het Vrijthof is a beautiful square in the center of old town Maastricht, paved with old cobblestones and surrounded by trees. There are many nice restaurants and there is a lovely atmosphere in where you can sit outside and watch how the locals live.

I have been told that, the people from Maastricht dream of spending a night at the famous Vrijthof square. I walked from the train station to Vrijthof Square and if weather permitting I would highly recommend this. It gave me an instant feel of this fantastic city and what it has to offer.


River Meuse, I crossed this river to go from the train station to the Maastricht city centre.



Vrijthof Square with view towards the Basilica of Saint Servatius

Basilica of Saint Servatius

My view from my large salon room was the Basilica of Saint Servatius, which is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Servatius. This architecturally hybrid but mainly Romanesque church is situated next to the Gothic church of Saint John, backing onto the Maastricht’s Vrijthof square. I am a lover of church bells so it was for me the perfect sound to fall asleep to. And as for a wake up call, what an amazing alarm clock.



Basilica of Saint Servatius at 5 am



Basilica of Saint Servatius at 3 pm – taken from my room


Superior Suite With Terrace And Kitchen

The Superior Suite in which I stayed was huge, 120 square meters to be exact. It consisted of a terrace and kitchen and it was the largest of the 6 guest house rooms. I did take a look at the others rooms and they were just as gorgeous, it just depends all on the budget.

The salon living room gave me panoramic views of the famous Vrijthof square. The interior design was of an Art Deco style and I loved the old 1920’s copper fireplace, it gave the perfect cosy feeling. I loved the ceiling light which displayed paper notes about guest writing down their experiences about their stay at Haas op het Vrijthof. It was a nice personal touch and I took the time to read what the guests had to say about their stay here. As we know tobacco brown is trending in both fashion, cars and also in the Haas op het Vrijthof, it is a timeless colour with furniture too.

haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-10-jpg-messages haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-11-jpg-1920-copper-fireplacehaas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-1-jpg-black-leather


Tobacco brown trending in fashion and cars for 2017

The Superior Suite contained a separate room with fully-equipped high specification kitchen, including a dish washer and microwave oven. The kitchen is connected to the private green terrace. For those that choose to cook, there is a supermarket (Albert Heijn) literally 5 minutes walk away. If you can’t be bothered going out for a drink there was a well stocked mini-bar.

haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-22 haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-21 haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-16

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

The two bedrooms were prepared with three comfortable beds in total. There was one double master bedroom and one single bedroom. The double master had lots of space for my clothes and shoes. The attention to detail was simple and it matched will within this gorgeous suite. The ornaments and a combination of hardwood flooring and stone is why my stay was delightfully relaxing. I just loved waking up at anytime and appreciating how it would feel to live here. Because the bedrooms were completely tucked away at the back of the suite, it was dead quite. So even during peek summer time,  you will not hear the locals and tourists late at night enjoying what the Vrijthof square has to offer.

haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-5 haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-12 haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-11 haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-10 haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-6

There were two high specification fitted separate bathrooms, which was fabulous. I could see they have used high quality materials, throughout the suite. There was one dedicated shower and one dedicated big bath, and a separate toilet. Having good bathrooms really made stay so relaxing.


The Superior Suite had a private elevator which is great for those that have lots of luggage, you can avoid the stairs and no one else can use the elevator but you.



I could choose my breakfast time, I just had to let the staff know the night before. I had an option whether to eat in the main reception or in my salon suite. With such an amazing place, I chose to stay in and soak up the morning with my breakfast. Breakfast was freshly made including a freshly squeezed orange juice and a wealth of choice regarding cheeses. What a lovely way to wake up.


Wine Cellar & Marble Art

I loved the Wine Cellar as it was experiences like this that make my stay worth coming back for. I was given a key which allowed me access to a small selection of wine in the cellar. There was a wine menu in your suite to choose by. I opted for Alpostelhoeve/ Auxerrois 2014 Maastricht. It was very nice, a perfect beverage for summer. Also what was amazing was walking down the staircase was the marble effect paint. Marble was very expensive to purchase and therefore to cut costs they learn the art of painting the replica. This is now a very rare skill to find. Haas Op Het Vrijthof outsources this to the locals to maintain. Regarding the wooden floors, I love the sound it made throughout the corridor and my salon suite, it reminded me of the history I was experiencing.

haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-11-jpg-marble-art haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-1-jpg-wodden-floor-staircase haas-op-het-vrijthof-the-famous-vrijthof-square-menstylefashion-maastricht-10-jpg-wine-cellar


Maastricht was a beautiful city worth visiting. The boutiques and shops with their interior design were stunning and is what made this city that extra special. The restaurant choices were endless and the squares are why I love Europe so much. I walked around the city including the river for hours and I did not get tired of this gorgeous European safe city. For those choosing to stay here then, the Haas Op Het Vrijthof is perfect because you get a real experience of how the locals live here. For me my stay was extra special because of where the Haas Op Het Vrijthof location was. The salon suite was spacious and had a gorgeous feel to it. Do to its seize it makes the perfect place to come with a group of friends to chill and appreciate the Dutch culture. I was also impressed how the men dressed in the shops. If you are looking for a photo shoot opportunity this salon suite ticked all the boxes and the lighting was perfect. You can never overdress here in Maastricht.



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Grosvenor House Apartments London Jumeirah – The Mayfair Darling Wed, 16 Dec 2015 13:15:39 +0000 london-luxury-week-2015-300x120A few months back MenStyleFashion was invited to a Rugby event which was held at the Penthouse of Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living. This event was held at the start of the Rugby World Cup and featured Damian Hopley and Kyran Bracken, two ex England international rugby union players. MenStyleFashion decided to periscope this event in this luxury penthouse because we wanted to include our followers into the world of a luxury penthouse, yes a £6,000 a night penthouse. We had an amazing response and as part of Luxury Week London, we decided to feature Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living.

The Edge of Mayfair

Grosvenor House Apartments is located on the corner of Park Lane and Mount street, on the edge of Mayfair overlooking the beautiful Hyde park of London. When returning to stay, I turned to my colleague and said: “Mayfair Darling, here we come”. Mayfair is one of the most exclusive areas in London, together with Belgravia and Knightsbridge. The shops are divine and it’s all about luxury lifestyle, flashy cars scooting around with luxury bags and everyone looking very stylish indeed. I had the pleasure of staying here for three days and reviewing the Mayfair Penthouse.


Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living

So what better way to end our Luxury Week London than to pull up in a Bentley GT Speed Convertible at Grosvenor House Apartments? The valet parking chauffeur’s eyes looked impressed with my attempt to pull into the parking bay. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the fabulous Robert who was just adorable. Any man putting up with my demands is a man after my own heart. During my stay, there was never a moment where I felt I could not ask for help. I even requested some masking tape at 1am in the morning and it was delivered without hesitation.
The reception is huge and very quiet. It has a relaxed feel about it and one that I could and would call home. I always felt welcome and the unusual combination of being a luxury hotel with the privacy, comfort and generous living space in Mayfair was indeed amazing. In fact, I never felt I was in central London until I stepped outside the door. Living in London like a true local is what is called “At Home with Jumeirah Living”. The hotel wants you to feel at home in Park lane. They can even organise things like dinner parties or get you the finest groceries.


Parking the Bentley in front of Grosvenor House Apartments London

The Mayfair Penthouse

Grosvenor House Apartments has four penthouses, the 448 m2 Grosvenor, the 400 m2 Kensington, the 370 m2 Mayfair and the 368 m2 Knightsbridge. I was excited to experience luxury on such a grand scale, and when taken to the Mayfair penthouse, my excitement was an understatement. What was behind those black doors?
This is luxury living on a grand scale. The size of the space was incredible and the décor was grand with beautiful art pieces everywhere. I just have to let the photos do the talking. The 4 bedroom Mayfair penthouse has four double sized bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and a fifth guest bathroom. It can easily accommodate 8 adults and 4 children. As a true penthouse it has generous living and dining areas and also a built-in kitchen.

Technology wise, there is everything you could need and want. The icing on the cake were the two large balconies with views overlooking Mayfair and Hyde Park; you get what you pay for in this case.

Throughout the course of the day, we used our social media to invite our readers and followers in the world of luxury.


Beautiful view over Hyde Park from the Mayfair Penthouse

Living Area

GROSVENOR HOUSE APARTMENTS MenStyleFashion Mayfair (7).jpg nas abraham

Artist Nas Abraham created an art piece about penthouse living.

One of the many bathrooms

One of the many bedrooms


Breakfast Anyone

The English breakfast was yummy and the staff were very friendly and helpful. The huge fire was a centre piece in the main atrium and really oozed a feeling of cosiness and relaxation. It is a wonderful eating area as well as a good luxury drinking pad for visitors and 1 on 1 meetings.



Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living is the perfect base to stay for anyone who wants to experience London in an ultra luxury environment and still feel at home. The location is perfect as it is within walking distance of both Selfridges and Harrods. We experienced the ultimate Penthouse but there are plenty of other apartments with similar attention to detail.
The Mayfair penthouse suits large families that want the best in Luxury and comforts in a top location in London. The size of the Mayfair penthouse makes it also useful for events or a corporate meeting place.


  • Apartment reviewed – Mayfair Penthouse – From £6000 + VAT, minimum stay 7 days.
  • Website:
  • Address: Corner of Mount Street and Park Lane, London, W1K 7TN, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 (0)20 7518 4444

Want to know where you can get your hands on the Blue Ben Sherman Suit shown in the video? Head over to where you can get anything 10% OFF with the code: SUIT10. We were very impressed with the versatility and quality of the suit. It completely suited the types of luxury environments we were in! It’s well worth looking at for your next suit.

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Gorki Apartments Berlin – Luxury Style Trendy Area Wed, 25 Nov 2015 05:30:52 +0000 trendy-week-berlin-and-Leipzig-smallGorki Apartments are centrally located in Berlin’s trendy Mitte district, surrounded by numerous bars, cafés, galleries and shops. The Weinbergsweg, where Gorki is located, is a real funky street with plenty of young people dining or lining the terraces of various restaurants. From the first moment you step into Gorki Apartments, you instantly know you’re going to be in for a real funky stay. The beautiful hallway with chandelier leads you through to the inner courtyard where at the end of it, you find the reception.


Hallway leading to the inner courtyard

Gorki Apartments has 34 individually designed apartments and two expansive penthouses. The Gorki is a unique place that reflects the character of Berlin. Instead of standing out, the Gorki blends into the neighbourhood, housed within an historic residential building built in the early 1900s. It is discreet, yet personal. Subtle, yet luxurious.


The Apartment

I stayed in the apartment with the name Schultz. It was a category 2A apartment with a size of about 50m2. It was located on the 2nd floor overlooking the inner courtyard, so I was guaranteed a quiet stay. The entry area of the apartment had a beautiful blue built in wardrobe which provided me with plenty of storage for my stay


Entry area

The apartment has two areas, the bathroom area and the bedroom / kitchen area. The apartment is in immaculate state and the decor and attention to detail is lovely. The kitchen is a fully functional kitchen so if you decide to cook you can, but who would when you have plenty of nice restaurants around the corner? I did have breakfast in the kitchen, there are so many lovely bakeries and the kitchen had a small table for two to enjoy good German nutty bread. Like in almost any hotel now, there was a Nespresso coffee maker and a tea kettle.
The lights and the additional interior furniture just completed this luxury apartment atmosphere. The double bed was huge in size and had plenty of pillows to choose from, for me to have a good night’s sleep.

Gorki-Apartments-Berlin.jpg-chair Gorki-Apartments-Berlin.jpg-bedroom Gorki-Apartments-Berlin.jpg-kitchen Gorki-Apartments-Berlin


My highlight had to be the bathroom, a gorgeous and perfect place to chill. I just love free standing baths, and I loved the size of the bathroom where the bath was located. The Victorian style tub with its massive cast iron claws, the black and white tiling and the chandelier at the ceiling just made this room. During my one night stay, I topped up the bath twice, to just soak it all up with a nice glass of German Sekt. The additional bathroom products made this whole bathroom experience even more exciting. Oh, and for those of you that want showers, there was a lovely shower too.

Gorki-Apartments-Berlin.jpg-bathroom.jpg-victoria Gorki-Apartments-Berlin.jpg-bathroom Gorki-Apartments-Berlin.jpg-sinks


Berlin is a fantastic dynamic city and where the Gorki Apartments are located, you have access to some great restaurants and local culture at night. The atmosphere in the local Kiez (German for neighbourhood) is fabulous and it gives you a real insight in to what the locals experience. You are also only a two-minute walk away from the Roshenthaler Platz U-Bahn station, which gets you to Alexander Platz in two stops. If you are needing a place and want something bigger than the usual hotel room, than Gorki apartments is a must stay for sure. It is the perfect place for both business people or anyone needing a romantic weekend away. All apartments at Gorki are super individual in their designs and you will not be disappointed.


  • Appartment: Categorie 2A, price from €199
  • Website:
  • Address: Gorki Apartments, Weinsbergsweg 25, 10119 Berlin, Germany
  • Phone: +49 30 48496480

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