Ultimate Guide to Getting Your First Tattoo

Ultimate Guide to Getting Your First Tattoo

Do you want to get your first tattoo?  Check out the following tips from the best tattoo artists to know what to expect and how to be satisfied with your first experience.

Choose the ideal design!

One of the things to take note of when having a first tattoo is taking your time to think over the design you want to be inked on your skin.

What’s that symbol, image or text mean to you? Do you have an inspiration or someone that motivates you to do well?  Do you have a favourite artist that speaks the truth about your life or personality? Do not burden yourself with this too much, can always remove the tattoo if you decide you don`t like it anymore

Another thing to remember when choosing an ideal design is not letting anyone decide what a good tattoo will look good on you is.

Being inked is a personal decision.  Do not let anyone influence your choice on the design.

Your choice of design matters because it is your self-expression, anyway. like Ricki Hall.

Plus, it will help you prevent any regret later. For this reason, take your time, think about the design carefully and decide alone.

Ricki Hall Tattoo

Choose the right tattoo artist for you

Make a good decision in choosing the best tattoo artist for you. Sure, there are so many cheap tattoo artists out there, but the tattoo will live on your skin forever.

Good tattoos are not cheap, anyway. So when deciding for an artist, you should select one that will fit your personality, someone whose work fits you.

So when trying to compare your options, you should research the shop by reading online reviews about the tattoo artists and the clientele.    Doing the research ahead of time, you will be able to pick the artist with who you are comfortable.

In addition, you should be able to ask questions, and do not hesitate to do that.  A professional tattoo artist will be willing to answer your questions and ensure you’re comfortable before they will do the tattoo.

Ricki Hall Tattoo

Cope with fear and pain

Certain things can help you deal with the pain and fear when getting a tattoo for the first time.

One of the simplest ways is to take breaks every hour if needed.    Drink water, check social media or stretch out – or doing anything to distract you from the fear or to calm yourself especially when dealing with pain.

Breathe deeply to stay calm and relaxed in the entire process.  Plus, distractions can be your friends when it comes to dealing with needle pain. You can listen to music to filter out the buzzing needle sound if the tattoo equipment is getting to you.

The Tattoo Process – Step by Step

The tattoo process starts with the design selection. But then, you might want a unique tattoo. Talk to the artist about it.

Consider where the tattoo will be placed.  It might come before or after the design selection.

For example, know that larger tattoos will need more space, such as the shoulders or thigh top, unlike a small design, such as a rose, that will fit along the ankle.

You will then get the tattoo. At this point, the artist has prepared the equipment and inks for the design.

He/she will prepare your skin – cleaned and sterilized.   When done, he/she will place the picture’s outline on your skin.

The artist will start the work, taunting and inking the design on your skin.

This process will take a couple of hours or days, based on the size/complexity of the design.

How To Care For Your New Tattoo?

Take aftercare seriously because healing the tattoo is very important.  Cover the new tattoo with a bandage, and then remove it after a day.

  1. Wash your tattoo using gentle soap and water. Dry the skin before applying antimicrobial ointment twice a day.
  2. Wash it a couple of times daily.
  3. Apply moisturizer on skin after cleaning in order to keep it moist.
  4. REPEAT the above process for up to four weeks.


  1. Do not wear tight clothing.
  2. Stay out the sun.
  3. Don’t swim for about two weeks.
  4. Only take cool showers.
  5. Don’t worry if the tattoo develops a hard layer. Do not pick, peel or scratch it. Otherwise, you might suffer from an infection. See the doctor if you tattoo develops an infection or not healing.

Ricki Hall Tattoo

How To Keep It Fresh For Years?

Certain things can keep the tattoo fresh for years.  For one, you should follow the aftercare instructions closely.  Aside from that, you can check out these tips.

  1. Avoid the sun and soaking the tattoo in water.
  2. Consider long-term UV protection. Choose clothing that will cover and protect it from direct sunlight.  Avoid tanning beds because they can cause the fading of the tattoo.
  3. Moisturize daily to keep the skin elastic and hydrated.


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