Dunfanaghy (Dún Fionnachaidh, fort of the fair field, Gaelic dún ‘fort’, fionn ‘fair’ and achadh ‘field’. Dunfanaghy is a small town, former fishing port, and commercial centre in County Donegal, Ireland. It lies on Donegal’s North West coast, specifically the west side of Sheephaven Bay, on the N56 road (the West Donegal Coastal Route). Before the Plantation, Dunfanaghy was part of the territory of the McGinley clan, a clan of the Cineál Luidhdheach, a branch of the greater Cineál Chonaill. The McGinley clan, in Gaelic Mag Fhionnghaile, held their territory here under the guardianship of the powerful McSweeney clan.