I love staying at W hotels around the world, so what a fantastic way to start 2017 than to be hosted by W London at the famous Leicester Square. This hotel is truly in a WOW location. Situated in the city’s entertainment district you get prime views of Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Soho. Whether you’re here for shopping, eating or wanting to be part of exciting London, the W London is the perfect luxury stay to explore this fantastic city.

Regent Street

Leicester Square view from WOW Suite



The W London has many playful messages for me to take in during my stay. The crystal balls are a symbol of the iconic nightclub history that once dominated Leicester Square. When I first came to London in 1997, I always came out to party in Leicester Square. The relaxed atmosphere is what I love about this place. The wall to ceiling views of the city outside and that party atmosphere in a luxury style is why I also enjoyed my stay.

WOW Suite

I stayed in the WOW Suite. WOW suites are situated on the higher floors and come with rooftop views over Leicester Square, Piccadilly and Soho. The views over Leicester Square were excellent and through the night and day I was just people watching as it was so much fun.

The room space of wow suites are between 77 – 82 m2. The room had a lovely feel to it and throughout my stay I had business meetings to WOW my clients.  The dedicated desk was perfect to catch up on work. It was lovely afterwards to slip into the signature king-size W bed which was elevated on a raised platform and topped with a pillow-top mattress. For those that want to know, the 350 thread count sheets and a goose down comforter and pillows is why I  slept for hours.

Separate Bathroom Space

This was a WOW factor during my stay. A mammoth separate bathroom space with mirrored doors to reveal shower and wc. The huge bath overlooking  Leicester Square was very unique. The storage space for my clothing and double sinks were excellent. The dedicated mirrors for putting on make up were all the luxury touches to make my stay so much more special. I am a big lover of Bliss® Spa Bathroom amenities and in this case the bottles were extra big compared to the standard rooms. I also liked the shoe shine tin as I love my leather boots and they were dirty at times. So when meeting important clients I would give them a quick shine. I adored all the plate art work, very different indeed. As you can see great photo opportunities to showcase both your boots let alone your style.

Upon request, the Wow Suite can be booked with a connecting Fabulous Room to create a two-bedroom suite.


Part of the WOW Suite is complimentary access to FIT Fitness for the duration of your stay. I was asked to experience the Away Signature Facial and body massage. This unisex treatment was a great way to introduce my body to the new year. Exclusive to the W hotel’s, is that at the beginning of each treatment they ask you to choose the colour of the treatment room. Don’t over think your choice, what stands out to you is the right colour for your treatment at the stage of your life. I chose orange which signified creativity. Building a brand is all about being creative and thinking outside the box.

I am very experienced in the area of Spa treatments around the globe. What I liked about this treatment was for those people who have never had a facial let alone a massage. This was a nice introduction to the world of male grooming. Throughout the treatment I was explained what the treatment was all about. After my treatment I had a business meeting back in my WOW suite. This person had never met me before. They instantly said. “Gracie you look 25 years old.” The products used on my face were from Barcelona, called Natura Bisse.

WOW, I can assure you I am far from being 25 years old.

Meet The Insider

Jamie Rowsell is a well traveled guy. Trending every knowledge there is to know about what is new in London and what is coming up next. In his own words, I open the door to what they never knew existed! I can be a very intense and over powering woman and Jamie handled me more than fine. On this occasion he entertained me in the lounge bar with a few cocktails. Below you can see what is trending for men at the W London. This is a hotel I noticed where you can dress up and you car dress down. It’s all about your own personal WOW style.

At night there was a DJ, playing some very cool edgy music and all I had to do was literally lounge around. This is what I loved about the lounge area. You can literally feel like you are at home. The decor was inspired by the English gentleman cigar rooms of the past. In this case with a very modern edge to it.

Breakfast Wow Suite

There were two options for breakfast and I chose to order mine in my WOW suite as I had a very early photo-shoot. I was so impressed with the breakfast I have to say it was one of the best room service experiences to date. The food was fresh, warm and WOW presented. The service was warm and friendly and made me feel so special at 8:30am on a Sunday morning. The healthy options were very refreshing to see.


From the moment I walked in I received the WOW welcome. Most of the staff were young and energetic and nothing was too much to ask for. Jamie, was always there when ever I needed inside information. His work colleagues were very helpful at anytime of the day, even at 2am in the morning when I ran out of tea. What a lovely way for MenStyleFashion to start off 2017. Don’t forget to share your favourite experience when you choose W London Leicester Square on social media. Thanks for a WOW experience.


  • Room reviewed: Wow Suite
  • Website: www.wlondon.co.uk
  • Address: 10 Wardour St, Leicester Square, London W1D 6QF, UK
  • Phone: +44 (0)20 7758 1000