Event Space Rationalisation: The Master Plan

Why then is there a need for runway or catwalk, with TOIL formations and struts, pivots and turns in all their uniformity? Well, this is where it gets a little technical. More often than not, there is a substantial amount of detail that is put into these ´live event´ preparations. Event production is a mine field of detail, it is also very exciting. It’s the ultimate way to inject the wow factor into your campaign. If a picture tells a thousand words, then an event will tell a million. The camera can lie in a studio or editorial shoot, but fashion  is at its most unforgiving on runway. There are no margins for error or compromise within this extravagance of visual theatre.

¨ Throw the model running down the runway wearing something fabulous, Pats. There´s not much more to it than that.¨ – Absolutely Fabulous

Last year at the Chanel show site visit in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld changed the location venue as the height difference between the model and the roof was 1.5¨ less than he desired. This was with a window of two weeks until the show. In addition, Valentino has a custom architectural model to scale of every single element including the lighting strategies before the set designers commence the final construction of the space. The three dimensional massing, viewing angles and architectural sections of the building are analysed from every possible angle so that the models and clothes are viewed in their entire entirety and an optimum visual experience is afforded (And sometimes with couture designs going into six figures for a suit, can you blame them?) Both these notions cost hundreds of thousands of euros. The fashion houses leave absolutely nothing to chance. Neither should you.

Walk-The-Walk-3 Walk-The-Walk-4-(1)

The design philosophy or ´rational´ of these catwalk events and spaces can be used to satisfy three main criteria. To capture the mood or aesthetic of the designers collection (Typical examples are; slow and severe for Armani, whilst Diesel opts for urban, hip and clean.)

Armani-Male-Model Diesel

They can act to showcase the fluidity and movement of the fabrics within the collection (Haider Ackermann) or they can pay homage to the space or location for the show (Chanel and their world famous Grand Palais where the marriage of Coco´s iconic logo continues to integrate seamlessly into Parisian culture.)


So to conclude, when you next watch a show on TV or indeed absorb yourself within the real event, take a moment to think about some of the factors above. It takes much more than a model and lights to make a successful fashion show. The spaces may frame the models, but it´s the models that frame the clothes. And that’s what everyone wants to see, isn´t it?

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