Wallpics Photo Tiles – What Is Wallpics?

Parents are someone who was there when you needed the most and so it is important to make them feel loved and blessed that they have you who care about their feelings. However, doing this is not easy as you also have other responsibilities and a busy life to meet your needs. You have a job, a partner, children who also need to be taken care of. In all these things somewhere unconsciously you forget about your parents whom you do love but trapped in your life hardly get time to show it. Perhaps that is why it is important to take time out on some special days, such as mother’s day, father’s day, festivals, birthdays, etc. and show them your love and concern.

You may either give your parents gifts or decorate their home or your home with something, which makes them feel that you miss them and enjoy their presence. Wallpics is one such way, as it offers you both the gift card for a special occasion to present it to your parents as well as offer you the opportunity to decorate your home with pictures that make them feel that you love them and want their presence to be felt in your home.

What Is Wallpics?

With time every concept is changing. A few things are changing for better while some changes are disheartening. Wallpics is also an altered way of placing your photos on the walls. These are customized photo tiles that you stick on the walls to improve the looks of your abode. You can choose any image of any size and get it developed as Wallpics of 8”x8” square photo tiles stick size. You may also try putting it in different patterns, such as zigzag, horizontal way, vertical way, etc. It depends on you how many photos you want to group together and in what style, but one thing is certain that these photos will make your home lively.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallpics

Benefits of Wallpics

Wallpics is a wall décor which has many advantages and some of these have been discussed here: iTunes are another example of how it works.

It Is Easy To Stick

You wouldn’t want to gift wall decors to your parents which will take a lot of time and effort in order to get placed on the walls. That is why you are advised to gift your parents Walpics gift card. With the help of this card, they can order Wallpics and when it is delivered, they just need to stick it on the wall. Your parents will be free from taking any extra pain to place these customized instragram pictures.

It Is Customized

You can select your favorite snaps of your parents or they can choose their special photos and place it on the wall of their home and it will look perfect as you already know that Wallpics is customized photo tiles. This way it meets your expectation more than any other wall décor of its price range, great examples are on Facebook.

It Is Cost-Effective

You can order Wallpics easily as it is not very costly. You will have to spend only $35 for a set of three photos and $9 for each additional photo. Furthermore, it can be reused repeatedly, so this means that you have to spend money once and can take the benefit of these tailor-made pictures for a long time. Google Play offers other options.

It Will Not Damage The Walls

Interestingly, Wallpics are made of special sticky double-sided adhesives that make sure that your walls remain damage-free. When you take off the images or you try to move it from one room to the other, it leaves no mark on the wall or doesn’t peel off the wall paints. This way the walls of your home remain good and require no renovation afterward.

How To Bring A Smile To The Face Of Your Parents With The Help Of Wallpics?

There are many ways in which you can make your parents feel good. Wallpics is one such way. You can do it in two ways and these are:

If you really want to make your parents happy with a gift, then Wallpics is a good option for you. You just need to purchase Wallpics gift card and you can gift it to your parents. This way you give them an opportunity to make their home beautiful with the photos that are close to their heart. These photos will keep them motivated and will remind them of the memorable moments of their life.

Celebrities Love Wallpics

Tamra Judge: https://www.wallpics.com/celebrities/tamra-judge


Lydia Mclaughlin: https://www.wallpics.com/celebrities/lydia-mclaughlin


Todd Chrisley: https://www.wallpics.com/celebrities/todd-chrisley


Mark Jansen: https://www.wallpics.com/celebrities/mark-jansen


Place Wallpics On The Walls Of Your Home

The second way is to select some photos of you and your parents together and place it on the walls of your home. You can choose the photos of your parents when you were young or even the snaps that you took of them recently. After selecting these photos, you just need to place the order and stick these special photos on the walls. When your parents visit you they can see how much you love them. Undoubtedly, this will make them feel special and loved.


There are many ways to make your parents happy, but something so simple and innovative like Wallpics is hard to find. It makes your parents relive the time they had once and now it is gone. These pictures are a way with which you can make them understand that you remember them even when you are busy and you want to make them happy.


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