Shoes are the defining accessories of our outfit. Most studies suggest that footwear is the primary thing that people notice in a person. Today, you can choose from a wide range of colors and designs for the shoes. One of the most popular preferred shoes is the wingtip shoes from the Oxford genesis.

These are highly sophisticated footwear that can add suave to your look if styled appropriately. In this article, we will talk about things you need to know about wingtip shoes and how to style them.

What is a wingtip shoe?

A lot of people are negligent when picking out perfect formal shoes for their professional outfits. The most common mistake is mixing Full Brogues with Wingtip shoes. While similar in look, Full Brogues shoes are perforated, which may not be entirely true with Wingtip shoes.

The wingtip brogue shoes originated in Scotland, where holes or perforation were given to drain out the rainwater.

Wingtip shoes don a ‘W’ shaped pattern starting from the toe and going all the way to the centre of the front tip. The ‘W’ design is referred to as the wing caps, which is a signature look for these shoes.

However, these shoes may have different wing cap designs depending upon the brand. You may see more zigzag or gimping patterns in the country-oriented look.

Are wingtip shoes casual or formal?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Wingtip shoes with zigzag or grainy effects fall on the formal end of the spectrum. While the ones with gimping effect and heavy leather sole tilt towards the casual outfit.

To summarize, wingtip shoes are less formal than their Oxford cousins, and they provide flexibility in planning your outfit. You can wear these to your office on Fridays and then conveniently switch to evening parties without worrying about the look.

Which is the best colour for wingtip shoes?

Since wingtip shoes fall under the broad formal outfit category, only two colours, black and brown, are the best suited. However, you can expect different shades or a blend of black and brown when shopping for wingtip shoes.

The completely black shoes are formal and suited for weekday offices and meetings. In contrast, the brown or dark brown shade falls under the semi-casual category, where you can wear it to family functions or style it with chinos for an afternoon of brunch. The choice is all yours.

How to style your wingtip shoes?

For a strictly professional look, you can wear these shoes in a full-black outfit. However, these shoes are very versatile and can add grace irrespective of what your topwear is. Just remove the blazer and put on a black leather jacket, and you will be good to groove in a concert. Moreover, these shoes are all-season and durable.

With proper care and attention, they can last you for years, which means good value for money. Get a wax kit for your leather shoes to restore their grace before any major event.