Over the years, we have witnessed significant strides in the gaming niche. Technological advancements have played an essential role in furthering the betterment of gaming. From the internet to mobile devices and cryptocurrencies, gaming is now more immersive and easily accessible.

This article will focus on cryptos, decentralized virtual assets operating on a blockchain, and how they have improved gaming generally. Read on to gain more insights on the best crypto gaming platforms.

My Neighbor Alice

Developed by Antler Interactive, My Neighbour Alice is a blockchain-based game that attempts to recreate society virtually. It is based on an island where players can engage in various societal activities like building, acquiring, and personalizing virtual land.

Interactions are a prime activity in the game, as participants can visit each other’s land parcels and communally participate in activities like building structures and planting gardens. You can enjoy this game on multiple platforms, from PC, mobile devices, and Virtual Reality headsets.

Like most blockchain games, they use NFTs to ensure virtual assets. This element provides proper ownership, preventing any discrepancies in operation.

Americas Cardroom

Poker is undoubtedly one of the most popular card games globally. Americas cardroom is an online poker game that offers you convenience by allowing you to enjoy your game at the click of a button.

The game is part of the Winning Poker Network (WPN), a collection of online poker sites famous for offering a variety of poker games, events, tournaments, and rewards. Americas Cardroom is renowned for integrating crypto into its operations, making it suitable for gamers using digital currencies.

It ranks as one of the best Bitcoin poker sites in the US based on its promotions and rewards, with the most notable being the Bad Beat Jackpot which awards participants who lose with a robust hand.


This game is one of the earliest launches of a blockchain-based collectible game. CryptoKitties was made by Canadian blockchain company Dapper Labs and launched in 2017, making it one of the pioneers of games of its kind.

The game revolves around pet collection and breeding. These Cryptokitties are virtual cats manifested as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. These pets possess unique characteristics ranging from fur color, pattern, and eye shape.

Players breed these cats to form unique high-value offspring that fetch a decent price in the digital marketplace. The pets’ uniqueness can’t be altered due to the representation as an NFT, which also doubles down on ownership.


If you fancy games that demand strategy and skill to win, Skyweaver offers you an excellent platform to showcase your prowess. It is a blockchain-based reading card game that integrates former card trading gameplay with blockchain technology to create a customized player-owned user experience.

The game has captivating gameplay around players forming card decks used in combat. To outwit your competitors in Skyweaver, you need to move strategically and tactically plan a few steps.

Players can also conjure special characters and place spells on opponents to secure wins. Some cards are extremely valuable and rare, making the game more fun. Additionally, Skyweaver offers various play-to-earn activities where gamers complete specific tasks and receive rewards like essential cards or in-game currency.

Gods Unchained

This is another popular blockchain-based card trading game developed by Immutable. The game combines traditional card trading and blockchain technology elements to create a fun platform where games can play and trade virtual assets.

The gameplay revolves around players forming card decks representing various creature characters, spells, and materials. Players assume the position of demigods who combat in a match overseen by the gods.

To win, opponents must ensure they defeat their enemies totally. When playing, each card has unique abilities, some being extremely rare and valuable. Additionally, players can play various matches to earn rewards like in-game currency. However, it is essential to note that tournaments are highly competitive, but you can play the leisure version.


This game is no stranger to the concept of the metaverse. It offers players the chance to tour, create and maneuver virtual realms. Additionally, players can monetize these digitally created artifacts by trading them in the digital marketplace.

It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and facilitates purchasing and selling virtual assets like land parcels. To maneuver this digital dimension effectively, it is advisable to use virtual reality headsets.

Social interaction is another feature offered by this platform. You can communicate with various characters and attend in-game functions. Unity game engine mainly manufactures this game and incorporates its interactive features.


Gaming is a popular form of entertainment that has rapidly scaled due to technological advancement. Numerous inventions like the internet, mobile phones, and cryptocurrencies have aided this revolution. Cryptos particularly improve the financial element of gaming, allowing players to transact easily. Furthermore, the introduction of NFTs and blockchain technology ensures security and prevents tampering with ownership.