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How To Spend 24 Hours in Mumbai

A long layover may not be a pleasant experience for most travellers especially if you’ll be stuck at the airport. That is why when I found out that my flight to Dubai would require a layover in Mumbai for less than 24 hours, I decided to venture into the city and explored Mumbai’s attractions in less than a day.

Tips to Exploring Hong Kong On a Budget

As a budget traveller, I always make sure to plan my trip well especially if I’m travelling to expensive countries like Hong Kong. Shop on a Budget Shopping in Hong Kong may not be the best thing to do for budget travellers like me but I was lucky enough to find a lot of great deals at the city’s street markets, factory outlets, and wholesale malls.

3 Areas In Ireland To Visit NOW

Ireland gets a great influx of tourism from all over the world, particularly visitors from the UK and the US. The area has become a true hub of the arts scene in Ireland so expect endless craft shops, art galleries and bespoke boutiques.

Alta Badia Italy – A World Beyond Skiing

Winter in the mountains means pure, clean air, wide-open spaces and snow-covered landscapes and peaks. If you’re looking for adventure, in close contact with the surrounding nature, then Alta Badia’s local mountain guides can offer a range of outdoor activities, such as ice climbing or winter mountaineering. You can also do toboggan runs, horse-drawn sleigh rides, cross-country skiing and snowshoe walking.


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