6 Pairs of Shoes All Men Should Own!

Blue Brogue shoe

6 Pairs of Shoes All Men Should Own

Every year, we all ask ourselves the same question; what shoes am I going to wear? There are so many events that all need different types and styles of shoes; receptions, casual coffee’s, formal drink – the list is endless. And when considering you shoe choices for the year, on question that should be at the top of the list is: what kind of material should they be?

Fake leather shoes (otherwise known a pleather, aka plastic leather) can be clammy, they brake easily and you don’t want wet feet when the heavens rain down. Real leather is the way forward when it comes to a lasting shoe. It breathes, it can be made waterproof and by using the right protection and conditioning, it can be in perfect condition for years to come – what I call an ‘Imperative Investment’.

6 pairs of men's shoes you should own

All the cool men’s shoes above can be purchased from House of Fraser.

Going out shoes

For nights when your casually sipping cocktails, pair number 1 fits the bill. Classy, slightly vintage-looking and in a dark blue colour, makes this shoe perfect for that smart-casual image. We advise that you pair them with a tweed blazer and some dark jeans – you’ll be rocking at the bar.


If you are more of the sporty type or are just running a few errands for the day, then a good pair of trainers is essential. The wrong type of trainers could give you both back and knee pain. If you are planning a hiking trip or even a city weekend abroad, which may include lots of shopping and sightseeing some walking trainers could be a life saver.


The casual pair should be comfortable everyday shoes; converse never go out of fashion and can be worn with so many outfits!

3 pairs of casual looks to match the shoes


A pair of nice black formal shoes is a good investment, if the dress code at work is smart this would be your most commonly used shoes, and it might be worth getting an extra pair for the more formal events such as weddings and client meetings. The pair shown in window 4, are a nice formal shoe with a fun twist in the combination of Suede and shiny leather. Formal doesn’t have to be boring!


Slippers are highly underrated! A pair made with sheep wool, will have you melting into your couch -plus they will keep you warm during the cold winter nights!


Every male should own a good ol’ pair of boots. First of all when the temperature starts to drop, your converse might not cut it when it comes to keeping you warm. A pair of leather boots with a thick sole would keep you warm and dry during the winter and rainy seasons. Tall black or brown boots are also timeless, and if you invest in some particularly nice ones, you don’t have to worry about buying another pair for years to come.

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  1. Nick

    Slippers? Really? Hahaha. I own 42 pairs of shoes and not one pair is slippers, nor trainers. My advice is always buy the very best quality you can afford. They will be more comfortable and last longer. And never wear a pair of shoes two days running. Let them breathe!

  2. alpha man style

    Trainers????? No, please. Aaaaargh. Were you recommending shoes for boys or for MEN? No trainers, never, except in the gym

  3. Modern British Gent

    You know, this article seems to be aimed at guys in their early 20s, and for that it is commendable. Too many young chaps seem to just own casual shoes / trainers so it is good to show them what else is out there. I think that is also the problem though as Converse and trainers are too similar. A better example of a casual shoe might have been a desert boot or loafer. True, you can’t dress like a rocker in a loafer (you could with desert boots!), but the relaxed look probably doesn’t need to be encouraged (plus that is surely what slippers are for). A casual shoe just needs to be smart enough to cover most occasions and sit well with jeans, shorts, chinos etc – a deck shoe could even be a player, not another type of sports shoe.

  4. mickystar19

    A GOOD PIECE OF COLLECTION fashion keep the man upto date … If we have too work with modern world we will have too fashioned up too date EGYPTIAN COTTON SHEETS in this modern era everybody want too be look nice and these collection helps them
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  5. Jeff

    3 pairs: work, play, athletic. Done.

    Work can be formal, work, or going out. Casual is for going to the grocery store. Athletic for… athletic stuff. The rest are a waste, especially boots and slippers. Haha. The only reason you give for boots is warmth… Well, some good wool socks + converse are pretty warm!


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