Tassel Loafer – How to Wear This Shoe Type

Tassel Loafer – How to Wear This Shoe Type

Tassel Loafer shoe made by Ralph Lauren

Tassel Loafer

The appeal of Tassel Loafers for men this season is apparent. Loafers are an adaptable shoe to both casual and formal outfits. So if you are wondering how to wear Tassel Loafers here are some tips:

The variety available to you now is devine.

  • Seasonal wear – Loafers are designed for summer so they’re acceptable at picnics or relaxed evenings out.
  • Casual attire – Whether you buy black, brown, or suede, we suggest you bare some ankle for as long as possible.  Then pull on a pair of socks and roll your loafers straight into fall.
  • Socks  – With shorts, loafers should be worn without socks. 
  • Mistaken – You would be mistaken to think that tassel loafers cannot be worn with a suit. Tinie Tempah is the master of this. He even goes a step further and chooses to wear them with out socks.

Pants, trousers and anything Skinny

  •  For me gentleman the tassel loafer looks great with tight fitted trousers. In other words skinny cut pants in every fabric.The loafers look great with striped socks. If you are wearing skinny trousers make sure your contrast your loafers with outrageous socks.


Tassel Loafer shoe with Jeans and stripped socks

Great socks the jeans here need to be tighter around the ankle

Tassel Loafer shoes with Jeans and Belted Cardigan

These trousers are not perfect for Tassel Loafers

Tassel Loafer shoes with Jeans combination

Sockless with loafers are down to personal choice

Tassel Loafer shoes with Suit combination

Need louder socks. Suit trousers rock

Brogued Tassel Loafer shoe black

Brogued Tassel Loafer

Suede Tassel Loafer shoe

Suede Tassel Loafers perfect for summer

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