Facts and features you might not know about Moldavite

If you are looking to bring a new type of healing crystal into your life then you should consider purchasing some Moldavite.

This is a type of naturally occurring glass that is a similar colour to Jade and some green-toned Opals. However, Moldavite has some unique properties that no other gems on earth have. These unique features make it a very powerful crystal but also a very expensive one.

1. Moldavite was discovered in 1786

While many of the popular resources and minerals of the world have been mined and used by humans for thousands of years – Moldavite wasn’t discovered by scientists until 1786.

Since its discovery people have been fascinated by the properties and the colour of Moldavite – particularly because of its connection to the extraterrestrial.

2. Moldavite can be found in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic

While some gems and minerals can be found all over the world – Moldavite can only be found in a few areas in Europe.

For reasons that we will explain later, Moldavite was formed on earth in only a few locations. All of these locations are very close to each other. They can be found in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

3. Moldavite can be used as a healing stone

Moldavite has long been used as a healing tool.

It is believed that Moldavite can be used to draw toxins out of the body and that doing this will encourage the body to heal itself.

Many believe that the transformative power of the Moldavite stone comes from its connection with space.

4. Moldavite works well with other gems

There are some crystals that do not mix well with others – Moldavite is not one of those.

Quarts – both Clear and Rose – can be used to focus, elevate, and amplify the powers of Moldavite.

It has also been said that Jade and Moldavite make a great pair – thanks to their similar colours. They can be used together to purify the body.

You can learn more about Moldavite by pairing it with other gems.

5. Moldavite is very expensive

Like many other crystals and gems, Moldavite comes with a hefty price tag. But why is Moldavite more expensive than most?

Well, it is thanks to its rarity and how difficult it is to mine.

As we mentioned before, there are only two craters in which Moldavite can be found. There is only a limited amount of it. It is also hard to get to and grows in a way that makes it difficult to remove from the ground.

6. Moldavite is said to bring balance

We mentioned earlier that Moldavite is believed to be a transformative stone because of its extraterrestrial origins.

Many believe that this stone can be used to bring balance into someone’s life. It does this by removing toxins from the body, bad energy from chakras, and warding off bad luck.

7. Moldavite is also said to be aligned with the heart and third eye chakra

Moldavite is a stone of transformation and removal, so it makes sense that it is so often associated with the two chakras that get frequently clogged – the heart chakra and the third eye chakra.

It is also believed that Moldavite provides spiritual protection and can help to keep negative energy away from the heart and third eye chakra. A clear and well-balanced heart chakra can make you a happier person.

8. Moldavite was made after a meteorite hit the earth

We mentioned earlier that Moldavite can only be found in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic – well, this is because Moldavite was created when two meteorites hit the earth in those areas.

The chemicals that were found on the meteors were superheated and when the rock smashed into the earth they fused with earth-based chemicals to form what we now know as Moldavite.

9. Moldavite’s benefits can be felt with it is jewelry

The process of being made into jewellery can strip some crystals of their power. But this is not the case with Moldavite.

Many people chose to wear necklaces with Moldavite pendants because the jewellery can physically rest against the heart chakra and protect it.

10. Moldavite is often counterfeited

Because Moldavite is so rare and so expensive, a lot of people try to make money by counterfeiting it.

When you are buying Moldavite you should be very careful. It is best that you do not buy it online, but if you have to you should only buy it from a well established and well-respected crystal seller.