10 Thoughtful Gifts to Light up Someone’s Life

10 Thoughtful Gifts to Light up Someone’s Life

Giving gifts has been around for as long as humans have existed. It wasn’t until the second century BC that ancient civilizations began to wrap gifts to each other, officially creating the concept of gift wrapping, and giving as we know it today.

Since then, human beings have used random gifts to show love and affection towards each other, communicate, and commemorate important dates or seasons. If you’re thinking about giving your friend or loved one something, these simple tips might get you started. Read to learn more.


1. Affirmation Cards

Get them a set of 50 affirmation cards to give your friend or loved one a pick-me-up every morning when they wake up. These cards have meaningful messages to affirm the individual without going too deep into the cheesiness. They’ll find them timeless and useful for setting a positive tone on the day.

2. Winter Coat

Friends don’t let friends freeze in the winter chill. Get your friend a faux-fur winter coat that is both warm and stylish. Your single friend won’t die of the cold, but they also won’t look like an overstuffed snowball when walking around in the frigid winter airs.

3. Health and Wellness Goodies

Subscription boxes are gifts that come to someone periodically (weekly or monthly) with goodies related to a particular interest or hobby. You can get your loved on a subscription box that delivers organic health and wellness goodies such as loose-leaf herbal teas, essential oils, body butter, handmade soaps, tea towels, and bath soaps. Let them spoil themselves every day on your account, and walk around feeling extra-good about themselves.

4. Thermal Clothes

Winter is the same for everyone, and heat-technology shirts and leggings under the clothes will offer excellent protection from the biting chill. You can get these thermal under-layers in various colours and sizes for both men and women. Be sure to confirm the right sizes before making your purchase. If your friends are often going for long hikes, there is plenty of outfit ideas or gadgets you can give them. There are also kids’ and babies’ sizes for your friends with little ones.

5. Photo Book

Photo book - gift item

Get your friend a curated book of their favourite pictures from social media moments, so that they have a tangible record of their online lives. This solid memory book can be kept as family valuables and even passed down from generation to generation. Look for that friend who still prefers physical books over Kindle versions; they’re likely to appreciate this kind of gift!

6. Long-Distance Touch Lamps

Long-distance touch lamps are the literal idea behind lighting up your friend’s life, especially if the miles have separated you physically. They come in a set of two – one for you and the other for them. Tap yours to let them know you’re thinking of them, and their lamp will light up to show them.

You can also gift your loved one with both of them, so they can give the second one to someone they are separated from. In this era of blended families, a father may appreciate getting a lamp to give their child in another state

7. Tickets to Favorites

You friend may welcome tickets to their favourite concert, band, event or even theme park. What kinds of activities do they like to do in their free time? Buy them the next one. Is their favourite band coming to town, give them tickets (and offer to go with them if they won’t have company).

Tickets to disneyland

Alternatively, find your nearest theme park and snatch up some tickets and offer to go with them and one or two other friends. If they’re going through a hard time, they will appreciate the distraction of spending the day with friends at a place they love.

8. Skin-care Kit

A set containing skin-care products is always a popular option for friends who have skin troubles. Get your friend their favourite brand of cleanser, toner, moisturizer, scrub and lotion with the scents they love the most. Most of us need a little TLC for the harsh conditions our skins bear as we go through life, but few can afford to splurge on designer brands.

If your friend favours makeup, makeup brushes and starter kits with lippies in their favourite shades also make beautiful gifts.

9. Oil-Diffusing Necklace

If you have a friend who is obsessed with essential oils and scents, they will appreciate an oil-diffusing necklace. You put a few drops of your favorite essential oil so that you can walk around smelling all day.

No need for them to spoil their clothes or carry around tissues under their shirt with that scent they can’t live without. The necklace is practical, discreet and stylish – no one will know what it is!

10. Fragrances

Fragrance parfum gift ideas

Get your friend a designer fragrance subscription to help them find their signature scent, or allow them to try out different scents before settling on the one they like. Few people will finish a bottle of fragrance before getting sick of it. Most of us wish to change up depending on our mood or the occasion, and the scent subscription will help with that.


Whether you’re gifting a friend, romantic partner or a coworker, putting some thought and doing a little research goes a long way. Find out what they’re like so that they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and time along with your gifts. Remember always to add your personal touch so that they’ll never forget who gave them the gift.

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