4 Types of Jewelry Men Will Actually Wear

4 Types of Jewelry Men Will Actually Wear

Women sport jewellery on a daily basis, but men tend to be more hesitant about wearing certain types of jewellery. Some styles and materials are associated with more feminine energy, but there are plenty of options if you’re interested in spicing up your accessories. When looking for or creating jewellery for men, there are some guidelines you want to keep in mind to make sure that your pieces look great and not gaudy. Check out our rules for wearing men’s jewellery and some tips on styles you can pull off.

Keep It Classy and Simple

Sometimes, women’s jewellery can be flashy with big sparkling diamonds or colourful gemstone beads, but when it comes to jewellery for men, understated is the way to go. This means you want to seek out gemstone beads in darker colours or opt for jewellery made from other materials like metal and leather. These tend to have a masculine appeal but can add an interesting touch to your wardrobe. If you’re thinking about wearing jewellery in a professional setting, you definitely need to consider how classy the piece looks. The higher quality materials you use, the more dignified the jewellery will appear.

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Find Pieces That Have Meaning

Jewellery that has some type of personal connection tends to be more powerful and special to us. A wedding band is the most obvious example of this type of jewellery for men. You wear a classy wedding band on your left ring finger to symbolize your love and commitment to each other. Military pins and class rings are two other great examples of meaningful jewellery. Of course, your pieces don’t always have to have this deeper symbolism, but purchasing items on vacation or at a meaningful location can give your jewellery a greater significance that may shine through in different situations.

Match Your Style

Your jewellery should never feel out of place with your outfit. We recommend steering away from bright, flashy pieces if you want to look classy and professional, but if your style tends to be bolder, you might want to find jewellery for men that is a bit more eye-catching. Metal bracelets or even necklaces fit this category because the shiny material can pop against a bright shirt or uniquely patterned pants. If you’re more low-key with your style, jewellery made from leather or dark-coloured gemstone beads is better suited to your attire. Professional silver jewelry photography will help you choose the best item that enhances your look.


Rings are actually one of the most types of jewellery for men because so many guys choose to wear their class ring, a wedding ring or a sports achievement-related ring. This is a great way to integrate jewellery into your daily wardrobe because rings can be a bit flashy (like a large class ring) without drawing too much attention to the piece. Plus, it can be a great conversation starter with others if you’re wearing a class or championship ring. For men, we suggest avoiding rings that feature large gemstones as these tend to have a more feminine style. Instead, bands or affiliation rings are the way to go. We also recommend not going overboard with the rings. One or two is perfect, but any more than that and your accessories may start to look out of place.

4 Types of Jewelry Men Will Actually Wear


Bracelets are an underrated type of men’s jewellery. This can be a great, masculine accessory when created with leather or metal. Even small, dark-coloured gemstone beads can work on men’s bracelets. Chain-style bracelets tend to be more feminine, so if you’re going for a manly look, steer away from these styles. Any kind of dangling feature on a bracelet is usually an unpopular look for men and can be inconvenient as it’s easy to get stuck on your shirt sleeve or cufflinks. If you’re going to opt for a leather bracelet, be sure that it matches any other leather items you may have on. Sporting more than one colour leather at the same time can appear tacky. Matching your metals is important, too. If you’re wearing multiple metal items, they should be about the same shade or they’ll look out of place on your outfit.

Pandora bracelets

Pandora bracelets


Watches have long been a staple in men’s accessories. These timepieces have a classic appearance and can be used to dress up any outfit. But, there are some guidelines for wearing men’s wearing properly. Your watch should match the level of formality of your outfit. If you’re wearing a nice suit, don’t opt for a cheaper, everyday watch. Leather strap watches look more stylish while some metal straps are considered more casual. A watch with a plastic strap is perfect for a laidback outfit, but always make sure you have your waterproof watch on if you plan on swimming. Another general rule of thumb for men’s watches is to match darker-coloured timepieces with darker-coloured outfits and vice versa for lighter-coloured attire.

4. Breitling Navitimer – Crazy Watch

Breitling Navitimer


There are several different styles of necklaces that can work for men. Though men do wear flashy chains, these are not considered to be professional accessories. For a casual look, necklaces made from wood or bone can make for an interesting statement piece while still remaining classy and masculine. If you are going to opt for a chain, keep it thin and don’t incorporate a large pendant—if you wear a pendant at all. Rosary beads can work as jewellery for men but only in the right setting. For example, a homemade rosary piece may clash with a very professional or formal outfit. If you want a truly unique piece, you can learn how to make a rosary yourself and incorporate your favourite gemstone beads.

Faux Leather Necklace With Feathers

Faux Leather Necklace With Feathers

Keep Your Jewelry for Men Looking Stylish

As long as you follow these guidelines, your men’s jewellery can be an excellent accessory to dress up an outfit or add an interesting piece to your everyday look. Watches are a classic type of jewelry for men, but why not try experimenting with other options like rings or leather bracelets? Find a style that appeals to you and start integrating jewellery into your daily outfits.

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