Europe is one of the best holiday destinations, just for the fact that there is something fitting every traveller! Whatever you expect from your vacation, whether it may be good food, rich culture, or grand natural grounds – it has it all. Another super important aspect of Europe being so popular is, of course, the high-end architecture, both modern and historical. 

So, if this is of particular interest to you, visit some of the best European castles! If you are still trying to figure out where to start, check out our list of the top 5! 

1. Rosenborg Castle, Denmark

Rosenborg Castle

If you are planning your Scandinavia trip, make sure to include Denmark and one of the top palaces there. 

This Renaissance castle is located in Copenhagen and is one of the most gorgeous architectural masterpieces in all of Scandinavia! Initially built as a summerhouse at the beginning of the 17th century, the castle has overcome some events and changes since then, eventually expanding into the one you see today. 

Rosenborg Castle was used as a royal residence until the 18th century, and there is still plenty of stuff from that time. You can tour the Royal Collections of artifacts and monumental pieces significant to the Danish culture and history and enjoy the striking display of Renaissance architectural style in the gardens and the long hall. 

2. Prague Castle, the Czech Republic

prague castle

The most important historical and cultural monument in the whole of the Czech Republic, Prague Castle is its main organ and the seat of the head of the state.

There are plenty of reasons to visit the castle. For example, you will be entering a Guinness World Record winner! According to the latest research, Prague Castle is the largest ancient palace in the world! However, it also carries vast historical baggage in its wake. You see, the court was the seat for the mighty kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia. 

The castle is also an exciting sight in terms of design and architecture. While it is not uncommon for ancient palaces to display two or more styles, Prague Castle wins at uniqueness. It has very noticeable features of both Baroque and Mannerism, and at some point, was even remodelled into a Gothic one! 

3. Belvedere Palace, Austria

Belvedere Palace

Continue with your search for the most beautiful castles in Europe, and take the train from Prague to Vienna! There are more than enough stunning palaces here! 

Belvedere is actually much more than just a palace. It is a mighty complex of historical buildings, all wrapped up in one giant kingdom! With two Baroque courts, the Orangery, and the Palace Stables, it gives you a lot to explore! 

See the gardens and the gentle contrast between wild plants and tamed cuts, Baroque sculptures, beautiful designs, and decorative facades. The inside is just as impressive, by the way! You can tour collections of the Ottoman Empire, the heritage of the Prince Eugine of Savoy, and Austrian art. 

4. Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Balmoral Castle

This is one of the better-known names on our list. Popularized by the public watching the British Royal Family, Balmoral Castle is one of those legendary places everyone wants to see for themselves. 

The first royals to ever visit Balmoral were Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, who purchased the estate in the 19th century. Since then, it has been a summer residence and a wholly enjoyable space for the rest of the generations. Though technically, the castle remains the private property of King Charles III following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Meaning Balmoral does not belong to the whole family. 

See the Scottish Baronial architecture, years of history, and the most beautiful sights of the Scottish Highlands from afar! 

5. Schonbrunn Palace, Austria

Schonbrunn Palace

Yes, we are coming back to Austria, but we warned you – there are simply too many gorgeous estates here. So, lastly, let’s talk about Schonbrunn! 

Once upon a time, it was the summer residence of the royal family of Habsburgs, a name you probably know quite well. Its vast historical and cultural background deemed Schonbrunn Austria’s signature mark and one of the most important monuments. 

Upon taking a personal or guided tour of the palace, you will see many well-preserved features of the Rococo architectural style and centuries of history. Everything is bound to impress, starting from the artsy facade, impeccably trimmed gardens, and light interior. 

If you are in for a whole experience, you can even get tickets to one of the many concerts here! Schonbrunn loves Mozart’s music, and you will too! 

Follow our suggestions, and you are guaranteed to have a good time! These palaces ooze history, culture, and art, so it would be a shame to miss them. By the way, guided tours are always recommended. Best of luck exploring, and have fun on the rest of your Eurotrip!