5 Reasons Why Ruby Gemstones Make the Hottest Engagement Rings

5 Reasons Why Ruby Gemstones Make the Hottest Engagement Rings

Alternative gemstone engagement rings used to be quite rare. The classic colourless (clear) diamond engagement ring has been the most popular engagement ring style for centuries. Fast forward to the 21st century though, and alternative gemstone engagement rings are not only becoming more popular, but their sales are surpassing diamond rings in some cases.

The market for (non-diamond) gemstone engagement rings has exploded in recent years. Emeralds, sapphires, and even garnets are all becoming more widely used in engagement rings. If you want to be really unique, you can consider a ruby gemstone engagement ring. One of the main reasons for buying an alternative style of engagement ring is that your partner will appreciate the thought, and creativity of your choice.

The History of Rubies

The ruby has a rich and storied history stretching back thousands of years. Known as the birthstone for the month of June, the ruby has been (and currently is) one of the most sought-after gemstones (and for good reason). They’re incredibly beautiful, vibrant, and stunning precious gemstones (that actually have one of the highest per-carat price points in the industry – yes, even compared to diamonds). Ever since they were discovered, rubies have had a special place in the minds of kings, queens, warriors, and everyone in between.

Rubies have long been prized for their precious (and dazzling) beauty. They were even mentioned in the bible (as well as many other historical documents dating back thousands of years). Across numerous cultures, the ruby represents fiery passion (making it absolutely perfect for an engagement ring). In this regard, the ruby is nearly unmatched.

From ancient Burmese warriors to medieval kings and queens, all the way to Indian culture – the ruby is without a doubt one of the most in-demand gemstones of all time. If you’re looking to buy the perfect gift for your significant other, consider buying a loose stone and having a jeweller design a custom ring for you. You can design your own ring by choosing a loose ruby gemstone at Leibish (one of the largest and most respected gemstone retailers on the web).

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The Four Quality Factors of Rubies

Like any other precious gemstone, rubies are graded according to four quality factors: colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Before you start looking at loose ruby gemstones to purchase, you should familiarize yourself with these four quality factors.


The most important quality factor when it comes to the ruby is colour. The deeper the colour, the more expensive the ruby will be. Deep, dark reds are the most sought-after colour, followed by a mix of dark red/purple.


Clarity can have a significant impact on the overall value of a ruby. The main thing to worry about when it comes to clarity is whether or not the stone has any imperfections that affect how clear it is. If the stone is cloudy or has a lot of inclusions (i.e. blemishes), then it won’t be worth as much (compared to a very clear, pure ruby gemstone).


When you’re shopping for loose ruby gemstones (or looking at rings), take the stone’s specific cut into consideration. We recommend consulting with your gemstone dealer (or jeweller) to figure out which cut/style you should go with.


The carat-weight of any gemstone will directly affect how much it will cost on the market. Generally speaking, the higher the carat, the higher the price tag. When it comes to rubies, anything over one carat is considered to be rare (if the stone has high clarity levels and optimal colouring).

Final Takeaways For Ruby Engagement Rings

Like many other gemstones, the ruby is becoming a majorly popular choice for pendants, brooches, and especially engagement rings. Rubies are known for their bold coloring, storied history, and brilliant looks. Ruby engagement rings are on the rise, and they are a fantastic alternative to the traditional (and rather plain) diamond engagement ring.

Purchasing a loose ruby gemstone (or engagement ring) isn’t as complicated as buying a diamond, but you should still keep the four quality factors in mind when doing so. Clarity, cut, carat weight and colour are all incredibly important when choosing a ruby. It’s also important to choose a jeweler (or gemstone dealer) with a respected reputation (such as Leibish). Leibish has one of the largest selections of loose gemstones and gemstone jewellery on the internet (especially when it comes to rubies).

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