Life is unpredictable. No matter how much you plan your day to the letter, life will always have other surprises. Fortunately, you can stay ahead by having insurance, medical aid, and lawyers. You don’t want to be in unpredictable situations without the proper cover or representation, especially on the road. If you need legal representation why not check out the services of a Fort Myers car accident lawyer.

As such, here are five scenarios where having a car accident lawyer on speed dial will come in handy:

1. You’ve Just Experienced Your First Car Accident

The aftermath of auto accidents can be quite traumatic, and you may find yourself very overwhelmed. Because of this, you may be confused with all the details and processes that take place with insurance companies and the other people involved in the accident, if there are any. If you fail in getting down information or filing the right paperwork on time, you may lose any compensation owed to you, or your case could even get dismissed.

Having an experienced car accident lawyer Las Vegas  at your service can take the edge off as they will know exactly what to do. The car lawyer will handle all the paperwork, deadlines, and insurance information required so that you can just focus on healing from the trauma and any physical injuries.

2. The Insurance Company is Questioning Who’s at Fault

If the car accident is someone else’s fault, that person’s insurance company will try to poke holes in your story to avoid paying out a claim. This can add extra stress to the trauma you have already experienced from the situation. It can be very difficult to deal with it alone, especially without any representation.

An experienced car accident attorney knows all the steps to take and will be able to navigate the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you’re well-compensated. They can get evidence for your claim and the other person’s negligence.

The lawyer will also make sure that you don’t admit to something that is not true and will be your primary communication with the insurance companies. So, you don’t have to deal with insurance companies at all.

3. The Car Accident Has Given You A Permanent Injury Or Disability

Insurance companies pay claims depending on the type of injuries or damage to property that occurred. They also look at whether the injury or damage is temporary or permanent, as well as your current and future bills. The way they calculate this figure, though, can be very complicated to follow and needs assessments from your doctor and other relevant professionals.

A professional car lawyer will be able to break down and calculate the costs of your claims so that you are not cheated out of your rightful compensation. They will also be able to find the right doctors immediately to assess your injuries. Discuss a payment plan with your lawyer, as some are amenable to waiting until you win your settlement. So, you can rest assured knowing that someone has your back during the ordeal.

4.  You Get A Settlement Offer

Sometimes, insurance companies give you a settlement offer once you file a claim. Most people usually accept the offer in these situations because they just want to put the ordeal behind them. However, these settlement offers can, at times, be a mistake. Insurance companies know that most people do not want to go through the bureaucracy of claim settlements and accept whatever they offer.

Having an attorney will mean that you will have access to professionals who will be able to calculate the cost of the accident, especially if you have received a permanent injury or liability. The lawyer will be able to negotiate on your behalf and can get them to offer you more than they were initially offering.

5 Situations You Need A Car Accident Lawyer

5. You Need Evidence From The Crash Site

When filing for your claim, you want to be armed with anything that can prove your case. This can be anything from dashcam footage to acquiring the film of nearby surveillance cameras. You will need to get these quickly before they are removed or doctored against your claim. You also need to preserve any evidence on the road, like debris, skid marks, or photographs of the cars involved.

An attorney can make sure to get the relevant warrants needed to obtain security footage and photographs of the crash scene. They can even get in touch with an accident reconstruction professional who will be able to break down exactly what happened by looking at all evidence at the crash site.


Make sure you have a car accident lawyer on speed dial, so you are fully prepared the next time life throws you another one of its unpredictable curveballs. Your car accident attorney will defend your claim, get you the right professionals, and obtain all the evidence needed. They will be the sole communicator with insurance companies so that you can just focus on healing and getting over the trauma.