Father’s Day will be here before you know it, making it important that you get your plan in place now. You can show your dad what he means to you by planning a day that highlights all of his favourite things. Here are five ways to make this Father’s Day perfect for that special man in your life.

Let Your Father Sleep In

Chances are, your dad will appreciate the opportunity to sleep in on his special day. Dad works hard all year to get things done for the family. This is a great chance to let him take the morning off and sleep in before starting the day. If you know he will be up early anyway, take the extra step to have a cup of coffee waiting for him.

Surprise Him with Breakfast in Bed and Other Food Goodies

Once dad awakes from his slumber, you can surprise him with breakfast in bed. You can cook up something special for his meal or go with one of the many themed father’s day food gifts. For example, grill up a mouth-watering Tomahawk ribeye steak to go along with his eggs. Or gift him with an assortment of premium sweet and salty nuts. Finish the meal off with a delicious mini pie topped with whipped cream.

Give Him a Handcrafted Father’s Day Gift

Everyone knows that handcrafted gifts are always the best. A gift that comes from the heart cannot be replicated by anything that you find in the store. Little kids make the best homemade gifts. Dad will feel the love when he sees the time and effort that everyone put into creating a personalized gift for him this year.

Do Something He Loves

All of the gifts in the world do not replace quality time with dad. To commemorate Father’s Day, consider planning a special activity with dad. Be sure to choose something that he loves since it is his day. Maybe that means the family heads out for a round of golf followed by a steak dinner? Or perhaps you want to plan a BBQ with his favourite dad pals? The goal is to choose an activity that brings him joy so that he knows how much he is loved.

Make Father’s Day Cake

Cakes should not be reserved for just birthdays. Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to bake up one of dad’s favourite desserts. You can even decorate it to honour his contribution to the family. If you do not consider yourself to be a baker, there are many bakeries that will allow you to order a custom cake curated exactly for dad’s personal tastes. Be sure to choose his favourite flavour. After all, this day is all about him.

These five ideas are all fun ways that you can celebrate your dad this year. He will definitely feel the love and appreciation when you shower him with gifts, food, and love.