Going to different places does not only mean getting to explore the area. You get to explore the culture, too. Israel is one of the places people go to for devotion, but for others, it is the place to go to get to know more about culture. It’s like an intricate tapestry that bridges then and now.

When it comes to shopping, there are a lot of things one can possibly get in Israel. Among them are certain items that can only be found at that place and nowhere else. But, “unique” doesn’t only refer to that. “Unique” also refers to the stories that these items hold. And that is where Israel goes differently. So, here are unique things you can purchase in Israel as a souvenir and reminder for a trip to another place and culture.

  1. Wine. Israel is rich with its advanced water drip system, so fermentation is better than in any other place you can think of. Paired with their perfect climate for the said process, Israeli wine is quite distinct from all the other places you’ve probably been to. So, whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, Israeli wine is not too shabby to bring back home.
  2. Jewellery. If you went online before going around in Israel, you’ve probably already read many articles urging you to purchase accessories from Israel. Well, you can’t blame them, though. The diamonds are adding to the formula of every artisan that makes gold, silver, and even natural hardware in the country.
  3. Ceramics. As Israel is one of the places where culture is bridged from then and now, there are notable pieces that make you want to take them all home. For instance, Armenian pottery is distinct from all the other ceramics sold in Israel. Its output ranges from traditional design from metallic oxides to intricate, hand-painted design that resembles modern times.
  4. Antiques. If you are someone who loves to collect anything vintage, then Israel is the place for you. And, you wouldn’t want to miss their unique items that date back from even before you were born. In certain places around the world, bartering for antique items is forbidden because of the stories they hold. But, Israel is one of those that allows you to embrace these stories and even bring them home.
  5. Books. If you are looking for a book worth reading that is in line with your beliefs, Israel is the place that you should not miss out on. Besides, the oldest bookstore chain is found in Israel. So, if you are a geek for books, it’s a great place to explore, too.

Apart from the amazing food and delicacies that you can certainly try when you go to Israel, there are more items left for you to see even when you think there are no more. Israel is like a country that is a reflection of historical events and a mixture of different cultures. So, for a country that size, its stories are really abundant.

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