No matter if you’re a pro motorcycle rider or just a beginner, picking out the most suitable motorcycle is always a challenge. Also, purchasing a new bike is a big investment which is why it’s important that the motorcycle you opt for is the right one for you. Many factors come into play when making a purchase, so read on to find out what exactly you should consider when going bike shopping.

1. Size and weight are crucial

When choosing a bike, it’s important to consider its size and weight. Firstly, it’s all about the size. Make sure your bike’s dimensions, such as the distance between the handlebars and pegs and the height of the seat, are a perfect fit for you. Because the bikes considerably differ in size, it is crucial that you make an informed decision when purchasing one. Similarly, the weight of one’s bike is quite significant too. Look for a bike you can safely control, even when it starts to sway.

2. Compare the models you’re interested in

The best strategy to choose a motorbike is to compare and contrast many models that are currently on the market. The agents at the dealership are there to assist customers in making decisions about the motorcycles they wish to buy and they’ll happily tell you the difference between your two or more favourite choices. For example, the difference in the bike’s power can be a determining factor for some riders. The power comes into play when a motorbike accelerates, climbs a hill, merely cruises at a steady pace, overcomes air resistance and friction, and more. Therefore, if you’re planning on using your motorcycle for city cruising, you don’t need the most powerful bike on the market.

3. Sport bikes for the races

sports bike

A sport bike is an ideal vehicle for anybody who is active and enjoys racing. Racing is the only focus of the design and construction of these motorcycles. Most of them can reach the speed of up to 200 mph easily putting them in the same basket as sports cars and other high-performance vehicles. If you’ve never driven a bike before, make sure you’ve completed the necessary training for a sports bike. Since these bikes can reach quite an impressive speed, it’s highly important that everyone operating the vehicle knows what they’re doing in order to prevent car accidents and ensure ultimate road safety. These bikes are lighter in weight and are high in power. If you’re a beginner rider, we urge you to get a smaller sports bike since they’re much easier to handle.

4. Standard bikes for newbies

naked bike

In the pre-specialization period, the majority of motorcycles were manufactured in the same fashion, with a neutral riding posture and limited or no fairings that may be damaged. These bikes are called standard or naked bikes and the smaller models are a perfect choice for beginners. They’re less expensive because they’re not specialized which is why this may be a fine choice if you’re on a budget.

5. Cruisers for the easy-goers


Comfort is more important than speed when it comes to cruisers. Cruisers are characterized by a low seat, mid or front controls, and high handlebars. They are a perfect choice if you want to ride your motorbike around the city since they’re specifically designed for this purpose. First-time bike owners and riders should choose one of these models because of how smooth they are to ride. Because cruiser bikes are designed for leisurely cruising rather than highway speeds, they are a better choice for first-time riders. In addition to being the most popular kind, they also look quite stylish. So, if you’re looking for a motorbike for leisure and strolling, go no further than this model.