6 Common Myths About Sex

6 Common Myths About Sex

Although the sex education that our children receive is progressively getting better, there are still many misconceptions about sex that are present in the minds of the youth. It is mostly the knowledge that they could acquire on the internet, as they might be too afraid to ask. In a second, you’ll learn what the popular myths about sex are. Let’s go!

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

When it comes to sex, the most common myths concern various methods that could help you avoid getting pregnant. One of such popular methods is pulling out before the climax arrives. Unfortunately, it is not a great idea. A precum can contain some semen, which could well lead to pregnancy. It is not always the case, and urinating before sex could make it less likely, but there are more effective methods, like using a condom. Showering right after the act won’t bring the expected results as well. And no, it is impossible to get pregnant from anal or oral sex. Even if you use condoms, you can’t be 100% sure that you won’t get pregnant or get infected with an STD. Unfortunately, condoms sometimes break.

She Should Be Wet!

If a woman is aroused, then certainly there shouldn’t be any issues with adequate lubrication, correct? Not really. You can hear it surprisingly often than if a woman wants to have sex, her vagina should be properly lubricated without any additional measures. It is not the case; otherwise, there wouldn’t be any need for lubricants. In reality, using lube is not rare among life-long partners. It’s not about the power of love, but about something much more mundane – physiology.

He Should Be Hard!

Another common myth is similar to the previous one, though the roles are inverted. Not being able to get erect doesn’t mean that a man doesn’t feel arousal. There could be multiple reasons, such as lack of physical movement, age, or even erectile dysfunction, which could be caused by stress or depression. It can be treated, but if you want to make it easier, you shouldn’t be blaming this on him. It would probably add to the stress and make it even harder for him to get hard. You shouldn’t be afraid to talk about this subject, as talking about erectile dysfunction can make the stigma less harmful.

Older People Are Not Having Sex

When we think of two people having sex, both of them are usually 20 or 30 years old. Older people have other responsibilities, sex not being one of them, right? Not exactly. Though you won’t find a lot of intimacy between seniors in ads and in movies, it doesn’t mean that older people aren’t sexually active. It doesn’t happen as often, and sometimes it might even be quite difficult, but it happens. As men get older, maintaining an erection will become more challenging, but with ages comes the experience. There are other ways to pleasure your partner than with a penis.

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It’s So Tiny!

Though the size of the penis has always been something that occupied the minds of men and women alike, it is only relatively recently that it became much more serious of an issue. In the past, people used to boast about their penises as well, but they didn’t have access to pornography. All the other potential adverse effects aside, it causes many young men to be under the impression that their penises are unusually small. If they aren’t particularly sexually experienced, they might think that their peers are different in this regard. In reality, the average penis of a caucasian male is around 13/14cm long when erect. It might not be the average size of a penis that you’ll notice in porn, but the real world is unlike the one presented in porn.

Penetration Is Not Always Enough

Another common myth is that every woman will orgasm from a vaginal penetration if you try hard enough. It is not true. We would love to have ready “recipes” for orgasm, but the truth is that everybody is different. For some, penetration might be enough to reach orgasm, but other women will find it impossible to orgasm unless their partner focuses on their clit. Human bodies are complex, and the only way to find out what works and what doesn’t is through experimentation.

The Mysterious World of Sex

Human bodies are weird. If you aren’t sexually experienced, then both pornography and your friend’s stories might give you the impression that sex is an extremely serious enterprise. In reality, it is full of weird noises, and you shouldn’t be afraid that your performance might be suboptimal. Apart from the fear, though, there are also myths and half-truths that can make this experience much more stressful. If you aren’t sure whether your assumptions are true, you should contact a specialist or check online sources.

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