7 Best MBA Programs In Europe

7 Best MBA Programs In Europe

If you are somebody who harbours ambitions of being a prominent and well-regarded figure in the world of business throughout your career, it is incredibly likely that you are going to want and need to gain an MBA from a reputed establishment as a foundation.

First of all, what is an MBA? An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a type of degree program that covers various areas of business administration and practice, equipping participants with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in a modern business environment.

As with all other degrees and institutions, some names are more highly regarded and better recommended than others. If you are looking to complete an MBA yourself and are open to traveling somewhere in Europe to do so, then there are several great options available to you. If you need help with a professional motivational essay for your MBA, but unsure of your writing skills, consider getting help with editing and proofreading from essayservice.com. After that, be sure to check out a list of the best rated MBA programs across Europe compiled from education league tables.

7 Best MBA Programs In Europe


The European Institute of Business Administration, INSEAD, was founded in 1957. The school currently ranks as the number two school for MBA studies in the world, and the number one in Europe. INSEAD graduates earn an average salary increase of 104% over graduates from other schools. Paris is the school’s European base, with branches in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and San Francisco.

London Business School

Coming in a close second in the European rankings is the esteemed London Business School. Since it is the central hub of business and economy, there is no better place to study the art of business than in London. With an average of a 102% salary increase with an MBA degree from the London Business School, the competition for places is high, with only the most astute and ambitious applicants being awarded a spot.

IESE Business School

The IESE Business School is ranked third best in Europe and twelfth best overall across the world. The school, established in 1958 in Barcelona, Spain, offers an extensive range of different course options. Degree levels range from standard MBA to Executive MBA to Global Executive, all the way up to PhD. With connecting campuses across the world in Munich, New York, and Sao Paulo, IESE Business School is a degree that is recognized and respected in every business corner of the globe.

University of Oxford: Saïd

The Saïd Business School in the heart of Oxford has long been a top choice for an MBA study in Europe. With a staggering 118% salary increase thanks to a degree from this specific institution, it is no surprise that places are sought after, and competition is fierce. Studying at the Saïd School set you up for a flourishing career, but the experience of being an Oxford student is one that not many business people will be able to boast of as they move forward with their careers.

University of Cambridge: Judge

Of course, where Oxford University leads, Cambridge University will inevitably follow. Not to be outmatched by their historic educational rivals, Cambridge has an esteemed business school of their very own. The Cambridge Judge Business School was established in 1990. The school has a student body of around 420, and salary increase percentages are up to 98%.

HEC Paris

HEC Paris, established in 1881, is the second Paris based business school on the list, and nineteenth best overall in the world. With a 6% admission rate and 4,238 students, you can see how competitive the fight for places at this esteemed institution is. In the past, the HEC Alumni has been ranked by The Economist as the second most powerful business school alumni network. This goes to show how important and powerful business contacts and connections really are.

IMD Business School

Switzerland is another European country that has a rich history in business, industry, and commerce, and boasts a world-class business institution to prove it. The IMD, or International Institute for Management Development, was founded in 1990 and is located in Lausanne. The school specializes in MBA programs with various wide-ranging course focuses, helping nearly 9000 students to achieve degrees in business that can be tailor-made for their future ambitions.

What is clear to see is that Europe is overflowing with stellar business school options. The prospect of attaining a life-changing and career-enhancing MBA degree has never been more realistic for people across the world and continent than it is today. The options are abundant and plentiful across the board, and each of these schools above is in a fabulous city that guarantees a rich cultural experience during a student’s stay.

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