The Spanish love eating a variety of Spanish rice dishes, and they prepared such dishes by following a range of recipes and ingredients. So the cooking strategies of Spanish dishes can vary from other regions. When we talk about Spanish rice dishes, there is a lot of variations in it. Some dishes are baked in the oven, and some are cooked on earthenware casserole. In this blog, we have mentioned the most delicious Spanish rice dishes that you can choose for an exclusive dinner.

1. Arroz Caldoso

Arroz Caldoso

Arroz Caldoso, also known as brothy rice, is a popular Spanish rice dish throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Chicken and seafood are the most common ingredients of the dish with plenty of versions. This Spanish dish is cooked in a deep pan with a lot of broth. It looks like rice soup in dried form, and the dish is made of the same type of rice that is used for Paella. The basic ingredients of the dish are:

  • Rice
  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Garlic
  • Green beans
  • Artichokes
  • Potatoes

2. Arroz Con Leche

Arroz Con Leche

Arroz Con Leche is a historical dessert dating back to the time when Spain was under the influence of the Moorish. Now, the dish is famous as rice pudding in Spain and America. The key ingredients to make this dish are:

  • Cooked rice
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Sticks for flavouring
  • Orange or lemon peel

Some people bake it in the oven, and others make it on the stovetop. You can serve the dish cold or warm, and cinnamon can be perfect for garnishing. It is one of the ideal sweet Spanish rice dishes that is typically infused with cinnamon and bright lemon flavours. You can also use eggs to give it an extra sweet taste.

3. Paella Valenciana

Paella Valenciana is a flavorful pot rice dish that is easy to make and ideal for casual weeknights, entertainment, and romantic dinner. The recipe includes rabbits, chickens, and snails alongside onion, garlic, saffron, and tomato. Paella Valenciana is one of the traditional recipes, and it is an iconic Spanish rice dish. You can serve the dish with sausage, seafood, and saffron. You can also make it with only chicken if you don’t like seafood. Paella Valenciana is praised for its combination of local and flavorful ingredients that illustrate the heritage of the region. The dish is cooked in a special pan “Una Paella”, and sometimes it is referred to as “Paellera”.

4. Fideuà

Another typical dish from Valencia is noodle paella. The dish can be prepared with fish and noodles in a paella pan which are boiled in fish broth. The dish is often served with aioli garlic sauce and lemon. You can also add a variety of seafood with rice depending upon your taste. Fideuà is particularly famous in Catalunya and Valencia. Recipes can vary from region to region, but cuttlefish, monkfish, calamari, and shrimp are common additions.

5. Arroz Negro

Arroz Negro

Arroz Negro is one of the most famous Spanish rice dishes. It is known as black rice that is mostly found in Catalonia and Valencia. The dish is associated with two regions, castelló and Tarragona. The squid ink is used to give rice black colour, and the dish contains calamari and other seafood. It is served with garlicky mayonnaise and aioli sauce. Arroz Negro is the most stylish and unique Spanish dish. The ingredients of the recipe can vary which reflects the humble and beautiful roots of Spanish cuisine.

6. Cuban Rice

Cuban rice

Cuban rice is a traditional Spanish rice dish with fried eggs. This dish is cooked in different regions, and it has a unique recipe depending upon the area. Some people cook the rice with garlic while others love to eat it without garlic. The dish might include tomato sauce with olive oil and onion or peppers sauce. Cuban rice contains six ingredients, and you can make it in less than an hour. The dish is a favourite among children throughout Spain, and it is also served with bananas and plantains. Cuban rice is the same as Arroz Al Horn. It is a mixture of chickpeas, sausage, and garlic.

7. Arroz Al Caldero

Arroz Al Caldero

If you are craving a juice Spanish rice dish, you must give it a try at Arroz Al Caldero. This dish is prepared in a black, deep cauldron-like pan. Arroz Al Caldero gives a luxuriously creamy texture and intense flavour. The secret of the dish is it contains almost 15 different types of fish and smoky peppers. Moreover, the dish is similar to Arroz Caldoso with plenty of moisture. This rice dish originated from Murcia, south of Valencia. You can use fresh seafood to make this delicious food with distinctive colour and flavour. Arroz Al Caldero is the way to give a warm and welcoming appearance to the dining table with local culture.

The Bottom Line

Spanish rice dishes are huge in range depending upon the variety of rice, pan used for cooking, and ingredients it contains. The greatest thing about Spain is its authentic versions of rice cuisines. You can find tasty and famous rice recipes throughout the country. In this guide, we have mentioned the top seven Spanish rice dishes, and you can try any of them.