There are over 275 million cars in the United States. Unfortunately, there are also a very limited number of makes and models. To make their cars stand out or perform better, many car owners make modifications to their cars. Modifications can serve several purposes, from making the car go faster to improving the sound system to make it look personalized. 

Not all mods are created equal, though, regarding the car’s resale value. Some will help increase the price you can ask for; some will have no impact or even actively harm the resale value. If you are looking to make changes to improve what you can ask for, then seven mods will increase the value of your car. 

New Rims

There are a few reasons why new rims might increase the value of your car, but you have to get the right ones. Steel rims can bog down the car due to their weight. Alloy rims are lighter and allow the vehicle to move more freely when you press down on the gas. They also work to keep your brakes cooler than steel does, which also helps with your resale value. You can get rims that match the look and feel that you can for your car and have them protected to prevent chipping and other damage. You can also install rim strips that match your car’s color or provide a bold accent to draw the eye. 


Air Intake System

You might have the best-looking car in the universe. However, if it doesn’t run well, no one will want to buy it. Luckily, you can make a few modifications to improve engine performance and make it more efficient. An air intake system will allow your engine to bring in more oxygen, which will add more horsepower to your drive. It will all make your vehicle more fuel efficient, which will help you immediately as well as when you decide to try and sell. 

Interior Lights

interior lights

It’s very common to have lights installed by the tires to help give a modern and edgy look to a car. However, those exterior lights will not likely help with resale value. However, interior lights can help maintain a car’s value. That’s because often, the interior lights are either too dim or even too harsh to use comfortably. Installing custom interior lights can create a welcoming glow inside the cabin while also looking sleek and modern. In addition, many people do not like driving at night because of the darkness, and the right interior lights can make them feel safer. 

Interior Upgrades

You can do much more to an interior besides add lights. Buyers want a car that looks great on the inside as well as the outside. They also want to be comfortable when they drive. Installing leather seating is a very popular modification you can make that will immediately pay dividends, for example. You can also upgrade the dash by installing inverters for plugging in devices like phones. Custom car mats that are of durable quality will also be attractive. Finally, even something as simple as adding cup holders in the back seat can increase a car’s desirability.

Ceramic Coating 

It’s one thing to get your car looking great on the outside. It’s quite another to keep it looking that way. As you put miles on your car, debris, dirt, and the elements can all do a number on your paint job. By getting a ceramic coating in Charlotte, NC, you will keep the great color you want but also have protection against anything that might be able to damage it. It keeps your car’s finish resistant to scratches, and anything that gets stuck to it can be easily washed away by hand or by rinsing. This helps to increase the value of the car because it will look like new when you go to sell it, no matter how long you’ve had it. 

High-Quality Tires

0Car tires

A great paint job might be the first thing that a prospective buyer sees. The next thing they will notice and examine is the tires. If your tires are worn out, then it will not just affect the whole look of your car but also make it less sellable. If you have tires that need to be replaced, then the buyer can infer that you do not take proper care of your car. They then might wonder what else has not been maintained. Make sure that you have high-quality tires installed on your car at all times, and replace them when necessary. Poor tires can also cause the engine to work harder, adding wear and tear over time. 

Rear-View Cameras

People like bells and whistles, but they also like to feel safe. A rear-view camera is a little bit of both. It looks futuristic and makes backing up and backing in easier. You can also install sensors that will alert the driver if the car gets too close to any other objects. You can also install a front-view camera. These have been getting more popular every year as they allow the driver to record as they go. In addition, they will have recorded proof of the incident to provide to the police if anything happens. People also like them as they can record scenery they otherwise miss while focusing on the road. 

Your car will depreciate as soon as you drive it off the lot. However, there are some things you can do to mitigate the financial loss. Consider these mods to help keep your car’s resale value as high as possible.