Are you the proud inheritor of a treasured heirloom timepiece? Or perhaps you’re considering investing in that coveted Rolex watch for yourself this holiday season? Whether you are a novice or a veteran collector, having an adequate storage system for your cherished timepieces is essential. As Christmas approaches, now is the perfect time to ensure that your watch collection is kept safe and sound.

The best ways to store your watch collection

Watches are intricate and delicate pieces, requiring proper storage to ensure their condition is maintained. Investing in adequate storage not only bolsters their aesthetic appeal but can also extend their life and monetary value for years to come. There are a variety of options available on the market to suit any kind of watch collector, from novice to expert.

MenStyleFashion has listed the following 8 tips on how to store your watch collection.

1. Store your watch in the original box

Store Your Watch Collection - Original Rolex watch box

When investing in a luxury watch, quality should be expected not only in the timepiece but also in its packaging. Watchmakers go to great lengths to ensure the box is made with visual appeal and displayability in mind. From a practical standpoint, displaying both the watch and its box together can create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Original boxes are often constructed from robust and high-quality materials, making them highly collectable and desirable. Consequently, they can fetch a hefty price tag if they remain in excellent condition.

Given that boxes may be susceptible to environmental conditions, including moisture and direct sunlight, careful consideration should be given to where certain items are stored. If any risks are present, investing in an alternate storage solution may be prudent.

2. Go for style and get a watch box

8 Tips On How to Store Your Watch Collection - watch box

Watch boxes are an ideal choice for those looking to properly maintain and showcase their timepieces. Whether you are looking to store one watch or a full collection, these boxes provide the perfect storage solution. Their design ensures each piece is kept secure and well presented, creating a stunning display for any admirer.

When selecting a watch box, individuals should consider two types: windowed and non-windowed. It is essential to ensure that the chosen option is adequately lined and padded for protection, with felt linings providing additional scratch-resistant qualities.

When selecting a windowed box for storage, it is important to ensure that the collection is kept away from direct sunlight in order to prevent potential sun damage. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid areas with high levels of moisture, such as bathrooms, in order to prevent the accumulation of moisture.

3. Travel a lot?  – Try a watch roll

8 Tips On How to Store Your Watch Collection - Watch Roll

For those who have limited space or who are frequently travelling, watch pouches or watch rolls offer a great solution for storing a timepiece. An individual watch can be securely stored in a pouch, while a collection is best suited for a watch roll. With exteriors that are highly durable and interiors of soft materials such as felt or calves skin, watches are well-protected from scratches.

These products offer an optimal solution for those looking to save space, as their lightweight build allows for convenient portability and storage. Whether it be a table, draw or safe, their versatility makes them a great option for frequent travellers looking to maximize their luggage capacity.

4. Add inserts & trays to your drawers

8 Tips On How to Store Your Watch Collection - drawer insert for watches

Those looking for an unobtrusive way to store their watch collection may want to consider watch display inserts and trays, designed to fit in the majority of drawers. Those who require a customised solution can also request this service.

Watches can be stored and organized in specialized trays constructed with various compartments. These compartments make it easy for collectors to include watch boxes, as well as straps and bands for customizing the look. Materials used to construct these trays range from soft leather and felt to foam, dependent on a collector’s storage needs.

Furniture companies have begun offering bespoke watch draw options, making them an excellent option for those looking to add a sophisticated touch to their home.

5. Get a watch stand

8 Tips On How to Store Your Watch Collection - Watch stand

A watch stand is a great way to display timepieces and appreciate their visual appeal. Bases for the stands can be composed of various materials to match both the watches and one’s interior decor, ranging from natural woods to metal and even marble.

Watches can be easily damaged when placed on hard surfaces such as bedside tables or dressers. To reduce this risk, buying a watch stand is an ideal alternative, as it offers a secure and convenient place to store watches.

It is important to ensure that a watch stand is placed in an area which is not subject to environmental factors that could cause damage. It should be kept away from bathrooms and other areas where direct sunlight can reach it. Choosing a spot in which the timepiece can be enjoyed is highly advisable.

6. For safety try a home safe

8 Tips On How to Store Your Watch Collection - home safe

For those concerned with security, a home safe may be the ideal solution for storing valuable collections. Home safes can be purchased at most large do-it-yourself home improvement stores or with the assistance of a specialized service provider. While small to medium-sized safes could seem like a good option, they are not always secure enough, and can easily be removed by a determined thief. To ensure optimal safety, it is recommended to choose either a larger and heavier safe or one that is securely affixed to its location in the home.

When using Safe, it is important to ensure that the product is suitable for a range of safeguarding needs, including the organization of collection paperwork. Consideration must be taken to ensure Safe is adequately secure and its features are suited to the individual’s needs.

To reduce the risk of accidental damage to their collection, collectors should ensure they have a dedicated, temperature-controlled safe that is also safeguarded from potential fire and humidity build-up. To ensure the utmost protection, it is recommended that the safe be located in a temperature-controlled environment.

7. Get the ultimate – a watch safe

Investing in a watch safe is an ideal way to protect a watch collection, as it provides optimal protection from environmental and accidental damage as well as heightened security. Watch safes often come with individual watch winders, allowing for accurate and precise preservation of the timepieces.

For watch collectors seeking maximum protection, some watch safes are equipped with bulletproof glass, allowing the collection to remain visible while safe. These high-end safes are both intricate and luxurious pieces of art and provide an essential element for those wishing to preserve their watches for generations to come.

Watch safe

This watch safe from Wolf will set you back a cool £26,215. This model includes 8 watch winders to keep your automatic timepieces wound up.

8. Storage Advice

Store your watches with the face up

Proper placement of a watch can be essential for accuracy and longevity. For optimal performance, the watch should be stored dial up, or face up. Not only does this maximize precision, but it also makes handling more manageable and helps to reduce the risk of accidental damage.

Try to avoid magnetic fields

Watches are intricate pieces of machinery that can be negatively impacted by strong magnetic fields. This can lead to damage, decreased accuracy, and even the complete halting of the watch. While most modern watches have some measure of resistance to magnetism, vintage pieces are still at risk. To reduce potential harm to these timepieces, it is advised to keep them away from large electronics. If a watch has been adversely affected by magnetism, it is not a permanent condition and can be remedied with specialized attention.

Not using a watch for a while – remove batteries

Over time, batteries can break down and pose a risk of damage. In order to avoid this, when placing a watch into long-term storage, it is advised to remove the battery beforehand. The battery can be safely removed using an appropriately sized jeweller screwdriver. For extra security, it is recommended to take the watch to jewellery or watch specialist for removal.

Great for automatics – a watch winder

Automatic watches stay wound by utilizing the wearer’s body movements. If these timepieces are not worn on a regular basis, their performance may be affected. To avoid this issue, individuals with multiple luxury watches or those who only wear theirs on special occasions can invest in a watch winder to keep the automatic watch functioning while in storage.

The best watch winder is one that meets your specific needs and budget and there is a winder for any automatic watch, so you can easily find one for your unique model.

designhuette watch winder

designhuette watch winder

Individual watch winders can be purchased to suit individual needs, or multiple-slot watch winders are available for larger collections. Many watch safes feature built-in watch winder options. For optimal protection of watches, an investment in a winder that utilizes synthetic leather is recommended, as this prevents the accumulation of static electricity which can potentially be damaging to the internal mechanisms of watches.

Leave gaps

When storing multiple watches together, it is important to ensure there is some space between each timepiece. While the gap does not need to be large, it should be sufficient to avoid contact between the pieces and minimize the risk of scratches. If possible, consider investing in dividers to protect and display each timepiece securely.

Moisture is a watch enemy

When it comes to watches, water resistance is an important factor to consider. Certain luxury or vintage watches may not be waterproof and contact with moisture could cause internal and external damage. As a precaution, any watch that has come into contact with water should be completely dried before being stored away in an environment with low humidity and temperature control – this is especially true for quartz watches.

The importance of keeping watch collections away from areas with high moisture levels cannot be overstated. Not only can moisture lead to internal and external damage, but it can also create fogging on the glass. To ensure optimal protection for your collection, use silica gel packets in your storage. These packets can be placed in inconspicuous spots, preserving the aesthetic beauty of your collection without compromising its safety.