A Man’s Guide to Investing In His 30’s

A Man’s Guide to Investing In His 30’s

As you establish yourself in your career and make some good money, you may consider investing it into different funds. You can start preparing your retirement by saving money and getting ready to live after your career, but how do you do that? We have a few suggestions for investments that you can make to prepare for your retirement.

401k Plan

Many jobs will offer 401k plans to help you prepare for your retirement. In essence, it’s a plan that you put a portion of your income into so that you can use it during your retirement. Some employers will even set up deals with you to add money to your 401k plan as you build it up.

At this point, you might be working for a job that you plan to stay at for the rest of your career. If this is the case, then look into creating a 401k plan so that you can save money.


Roth IRA

An individual retirement account (IRA) allows you to store money in it, build up interest and use it after you finish working. Many IRAs require you to pay taxes when you pull money out of your account, but a Roth IRA takes the opposite approach. You pay taxes when you put money in so that you don’t have to pay them when you take money out. Goldco states, “A gold IRA rollover can take assets in 401(k)s and protect them from this future recession.

Compared to paper assets like stocks, gold is a relatively safe investment for your investment portfolio.” In other words, during a recession, your money invested into an IRA is protected and the value of it is the same if not more.

You can learn more about IRAs as you look at a gold IRA guide alongside guides for Roth IRAs. They will help you save more money.

Look into Stocks

Many people like to invest in stocks since they can help you make money short term and long term depending on your strategy. When you place money in stocks, they represent a portion of the business that you own. As the business succeeds, those stocks increase, meaning that you make more money.

Remember that stocks do have some potential losses since stocks don’t always increase in value. Always play it smart with stocks if you want to start investing in them.

Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a fairly new, potentially-lucrative avenue of investing. Cryptocurrency is a digitized currency that is not governed by any centralized authority, but is rather based on a largely decentralized system that employs cryptography. Basically, cryptocurrency has exploded these past few years, appearing poised to keep growing.

A lot of investors shy away from cryptocurrency for different reasons. For some, the concept of digital currency is still in its infancy and thus still has kinks that need to be ironed out. For others, it might be the new complexity that comes with filing a crypto tax return. After all, anything deemed decentralized will likely be subject to centralization in some form or another.

However, the thought of coins going “to the moon,” and overnight millionaires has proved too tempting for some. Plus with all the free tools available to crypto investors, it would be a shame not to consider investing. Even if you’re not the next overnight millionaire, the prospect of holding cryptocurrency long-term is promising to many investors.

Get a Home

This might take you by surprise, but a home is an investment. Over time, you pay to get full ownership of the home so that you can live there for as long as you want. By investing in your home ahead of time, you can have a place for retirement so that you don’t have to worry about paying off the home when you no longer work.

In short, you can make your life easier later on if you invest in a home for you to live in after retirement.


As you continue to work, you may want to save money to prepare you for the future, so investing in savings accounts, stocks and homes can help you. Look through your different options and find some investments to make so that you can live a comfortable retirement without worrying about money.


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